Top 12 Best Australian Shepherd Breeders In Missouri (MO) State

Are you wanting an Australian Shepherd puppy as your herding dog? If you’re looking for the best quality Australian Shepherd puppy breeders in Missouri (MO) state, then you’re in the right place!

Australian Shepherds are a popular breed around the USA. So, you can find Australian breeders in almost every state.

There are also a handful of Aussie breeders in Missouri state. I have selected the top 12 reputable breeders who are absolutely best at their job and breed standard Australian Shepherds. Let me know what you think about them.

Find An Australian Shepherd Breeder Near Me In Missouri State

Top 12 Best Australian Shepherd Breeders In Missouri (MO) State

#1 Maubach Ranch

Maubach Ranch is located in Falcon, MO. They produce AKC Australian Shepherds. Their dedication and perseverance have led them to a place where they are producing Aussies with a combination of the best genetics, dispositions, and conformation that the breed has to offer.

Their dogs are beautiful, loyal companions, and low maintenance. Their dogs have amazing dispositions & are completely health tested. They research countless pedigrees making sure that the dogs they breed are from a proven lineage that adheres to the AKC Australian shepherd breed standard.

If you want to get an extraordinary dog from Maubach Ranch, you can visit their website to know more about them. They have pictures of their available Aussies on their website. You can contact them for pricing details.

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#2 Briar Brook Australian Shepherds

Located in Carthage, MO state, Briarbrook Kennel was founded in 1970.  Linda Wilson, the owner, has been very active in the sport of dogs over the past 40 years. One of their first great dogs was CH Field masters Three Ring Circus.

In 1991 Linda and Kimber were instrumental in getting Australian Shepherds admitted to AKC. In 1993 the first year with their Aussies were full status they finished 26 CHs.

Their puppies are wonderful and grow up in a loving environment. Their quality Australian shepherds are health checked and trained. They do deworm, dew claws removal before preparing a puppy for their forever home.

They are currently taking reservations for their available litter. If you are interested in one of their quality puppies, you can visit their website for more information. Their contact details are available on their website.

Australian Shepherd Puppy Breeder Details:

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#3 Cedarwoods Aussies

Cedarwoods Aussie‘s kennel is located in Lakeside Lane, Wright City, MO. The owners, Debi Cocciola-Wofford and Gary Wofford’s hobbies are training and competing in agility, obedience, and herding and their Australian Shepherds enhance the sport with their eagerness and talent.

All of their Aussies are AKC and ASCA registered, OFA excellent or good, and eyes checked regularly. They breed about one litter a year and enjoy raising them in their home with a lot of interaction, socialization, and some potty and clicker training. The owners love seeing them later excelling in the ring with the puppy’s new owner and handler.

When choosing a cross for a litter, they are mostly wanting to produce happy, healthy, athletic Aussies with good structure, temperaments, and drive. If you want to get one of their adorable puppies for yourself, you can contact them through their website. You can also call them for pricing details.

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#4 MMA Kennel Australian Shepherds

MMA Kennel is located in NW, Missouri state. They take pride in their AKC & ASCA Australian Shepherds. They breed purebred Australian Shepherds. They have health-tested Australian Shepherds.

All of their puppies come with a breeder’s health guarantee. Puppies are wormed at respectively 2,3,4,6 & 8 weeks of age. The puppies also come with their first 2 vaccines given, microchipped, first heartworm prevention, and first flea and tick prevention before they leave to go to their new homes.

All of their puppies are priced with limited or pet registration. You can contact them if you want full rights of the puppies. Their contact information is available on their website. They also have a Facebook page, you can follow them there for regular updates.

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#5 Beachin’ Aussies

Beachin’ Aussies are breeding quality, loyal AKC/ASCA standard Australian Shepherds. All of their available and upcoming litters are AKC registered. They take pride in their well-bred quality Aussies.

Beachin Aussies raise “working dogs”. Their Aussies are raised on their family farm and spend a lot of time herding cattle, swimming, and playing. The puppies are very socialized and make great companions. They grow up to be your ideal and are very good protectors.

When you get a puppy from them you will be provided a record of vaccinations, deworming schedule, and registration papers. They also provide a health guarantee. You can pay a $300 non-refundable deposit to hold a puppy until they are of age. You are encouraged to contact them for more information, puppy availability, and pricing details.

Australian Shepherd Puppy Breeder Details:

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#6 Rockytop Hearts LLC

Rockytop Hearts LLC is located off Truman Lake in Central Missouri. They are a small professional breeder, Pet Groomer, Trainer, and AKC K9 Fitness Club.

The owner’s main interests are Agility, K9 fitness, and conformation. Connie Watson has been involved in the sport of purebred dogs since 1989 and has been breeding Australian Shepherds since 2008.

Connie Watson, the owner’s objective as a breeder is to produce sound, quality & healthy dogs that are versatile enough for any venue. His dogs are OFA certified and have been Genetically tested through either Gensol, AnimalGenetics, and Paw Print.

The owner currently competes on a regular basis in AKC & NADAC agility trials, with the occasional ASCA & AKC conformation show. If you want to get a quality Australian Shepherd from Rockytop Hearts LLC, you can keep an eye on their website for litter availability.

Australian Shepherd Puppy Breeder Details:

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#7 Spurin A Mini Aussies LLC, TM

Spurin A Mini Aussies LLC, TM is located in central Missouri. The kennel is owned by Brenda Arnett. Their business was established in February 2002. They started this journey with Spurin a Cash and it has continued to grow and prosper over the years. They breed standard-size Australian puppies alongside their mini Aussies.

For the owners, this is the best job in the world. At their farm, they raise puppies that become part of their families which gives them great pride. Their hard work and countless hours are all worth it when they see the smiles and hugs given to their puppies by their new owners.

If you want to get one of their loving Australian Shepherd, you can check out their website. They also have their contact information available on their webpage.

Australian Shepherd Puppy Breeder Details:

#8 Trouvaille Kennels

Trouvaille Kennels are a small hobby show breeder located in Missouri. They love sharing their life with their dogs. They find happiness and treasure their role in helping others experience the joy of owning an Australian Shepherd. They fell in love with Australian Shepherd several years ago. They especially love how caring, affectionate, and loyal they are.

They are proud of their breeding program and show their dogs in AKC conformation events. The owners invest a lot of time establishing a solid foundation for their puppies so they can thrive in their new forever home. Everyone in their family is invested in this process and provides unconditional love and support to their Australian Shepherds.

They have many happy customers and they regularly share that they feel so lucky to have found Trouvaille Kennel. If you are also eager to get one of their Aussies for yourself, you can contact them through email or directly call them for more information.

Australian Shepherd Puppy Breeder Details:

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#9 Ironwood Ridge Kennels

Ironwood Ridge Kennels have been raising Australian Shepherds for almost 25 years now.  They strive to produce healthy, well-rounded puppies with stable temperaments that are true to the breed standard and maintain the work ethic, loyalty, and biddability the Australian Shepherd is known for.

Kaity and Janine are the owner and breeders of the kennel. They start with healthy pedigrees, healthy individuals, stable temperaments and their dog’s good looks are a big bonus. They love staying in touch with their puppy owners and being able to watch their pups grow with their new families.

They have between 2-3 liters of Aussies a year. They have a current litter section. You can click on that to see if they have available litters or an upcoming one. There are also contact details available on their website. You can contact them to know more about their puppies.

Australian Shepherd Puppy Breeder Details:

#10 High Prairie Australian Shepherds

High Prairie Australian Shepherds are small hobby breeders located in southern Missouri. They have 2 female Aussies and recently got their first poodle. They got their first Aussie 4 years ago and fell in love because the breed is so smart and loving.

Their aim is to give healthy, well socialized, and beautiful dogs to loving and deserving homes. The puppies see a vet within the first 3 days of being born. their tails are docked and dew claws removed. They are dewormed every 2 weeks and receive a first round of shots at 7 weeks. They will see the vet again around 7-8 weeks old to be completely checked over.

There is a $100 non-refundable deposit to hold or claim a puppy. If you want to get your Australian Shepherd from High Prairie Australian Shepherds you can visit their website and contact them. Their contact details are also available on their website.

Australian Shepherd Puppy Breeder Details:

#11 Honey Creek Aussie

Honey Creek Aussie’s owners are a lover of the breed and strive for nothing but to have their puppies to be in the best health and comfort as they can possibly give them. They do not classify themselves as Breeders. They are 2 people that enjoy the breed and enjoy loving their puppies.

So, they want to endeavor to bring out the best in the breed that they can.

No Aussie on this farm is kenneled. They have free roamed of the entire farm to play and do as they desire. Their Australian Shepherds are raised with love and proper health care. The owners do not breed for quantity but only top quality. They have 4 Aussies named Rusty, Daisy, Molly, and Brandy. They are all AKC registered.

If you want to get one of their puppies, you can visit their website. They update their website whenever they have available puppies or upcoming litters. They have provided their contact details on their website.

Australian Shepherd Puppy Breeder Details:

#12 Sky Creek Aussies

At Sky Creek Aussies, their goal is to produce healthy, structurally sound Australian Shepherds with the correct type and outstanding temperaments. Brandi Sutton, the owner strives to be transparent. That is why you will find all health testing on each of their Aussie’s pages along with their certified pedigrees and titles earned.

All of their dogs have earned a title in either conformation, performance, or companion activities. They strive to produce the best Aussies out there. They have done extensive research on health and temperament on the pedigrees of all of their dogs and choose their mating based on their extended knowledge to produce the best puppies.

If you want a quality Sky Creek Australian Shephard you can visit their website for more information. They are currently accepting deposits for their upcoming litters. contact them to save your spot today!

Australian Shepherd Puppy Breeder Details:

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Over To You

Australian Shepherds are intelligent and loyal dog breeds. They make amazing home pets. It is only natural for any dog enthusiast to love this wonderful breed.

Did you find a good Australian Shepherd breeder from this list? Are you getting an Aussie for yourself? Why do you love this breed?

Let me know in the comment section.

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