Top 2 Best Rottweiler Breeders In Alaska (AK) State

Finding a dog breeder is not an easy task but if you are looking for the best quality Rottweiler puppy breeders in Alaska (AK) state, then I have got your back. There are not many breeders of these Rott dogs in Alaska state.

After searching a million times I have found the top 2 reputable breeders who are best in their field and raise their puppies with love and care. Also, I think they are the ones who can serve you with a high-quality pooch.

They are selected based on their champion quality bloodline, attitude towards the pets, popularity, and authenticity. Moreover, I always suggest that you buy pets after proper research and analysis. Let’s see if you can find the best Rottie breeder for you and your family

Find A Rottweiler Breeder Near Me In Alaska State

Top 2 Best Rottweiler Breeders In Alaska (AK) State

#1 Birch Creek

Birch Creek is a reputable breeding program run by a wonderful owner, Tanya Tresino. It is located in Wasilla, AK. They only breed Rott doggies with good health, temperament, and also meet breed standards in their program. The Rotties are well socialized because they raise their dogs at home with love and care.

They are very much concerned about their pups’ health and safety. The breeder offers a typical 30 days health guarantee once the puppies get to the new homes.

And, if it is sold as a show dog then they come with a 2 years health guarantee for any type of disease or disorder. The first two sets of distemper shots, deworming, vaccination records, full veterinarian check-ups to ensure health, and others are also provided by them.

Additionally, they give benefits like a small bag of food, a toy with a little mate’s scent, and other goods. The Rottweilers cost around $1500 and $2500 or more. I could not find any contact information about them. However, I recommend you to visit their “Good dog” profile, the link is given below.

Rottweiler Puppy Breeder Details:

#2 Kodiak Rottweilers

Kodiak Rottweilers is a Rottie breeder who is located on the remote West Side of Kodiak Island, Alaska (AK). They breed world-class champion bloodlines Rott doggies. The business is mainly operated through their Facebook page. It has an amazing owner, Kimberly Cove Kodiak.

They raise their dogs at home and that’s why they are very social and friendly. The breeder provides various facilities with each of their canines. Moreover, they have 1026 followers on their official Facebook page. Their page has 5 out of 5 reviews based on the opinion of 7 clients. 

The owner is really very helpful and their customers are very satisfied with their service and Rottie. The puppies are AKC registered and also come with different benefits. It is not clearly mentioned on their Facebook page about what kind of facilities are provided by them.

Also, if you want to have a great champion pet or show doggy then you can contact them.

I am giving all their contact details to make your work easy. You can visit their Facebook page as well. I suggest you take your time before buying a pup from them or any breeder. Do contact them through email or messenger. 

Rottweiler Puppy Breeder Details:

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How much does a Rottweiler canine cost in Alaska (AK) State?

Rottie dogs are wonderful pets because they are obedient, attractive, and affectionate. It is said to be one of the most costly breeds in Alaska (AK) State. A Rott mutt will cost around $1200 and $2500 if it is taken from a reputable and popular breeder.

However, you can get different other facilities with the canine-like license, insurance, health guarantee, vaccination, and others which is why those breeders charge more. The breeder decides the price depending on colors, type, age, and quality.

If you want a pup at a cheaper cost then you can consider purchasing a doggo from puppy mills or rescue centers and without papers but remember they will come with some health concerns.

Often it is seen that purebred pooches are more expensive than hybrid or mixed breeds. I always advise you to get a pet from reputable breeders with legal papers.

What is the most popular Rottie color in Alaska (AK) State?

If I talk about the most popular color of Rottweiler dogs then it will be the black-colored ones in Alaska or any other state in the world. The Rotties are not completely black, they have a brownish shade to them as well.

Whenever you see a Rottweiler pup in Alaska then it must be of a black and brown combination. Except for the brown mark the doggies have black eyes, noses, and nails. These dogs are highly attractive and active with great personalities and nature.

I personally have a soft corner for these black Rott mutts. Thus, I will suggest you have a Rottweiler puppy because they are widely available everywhere in Alaska. 

What is the rarest color of Rottweiler in Alaska (AK) State?

Rotties come in a variety of colors or textures but the red-colored dogs are the rarest and uncommon ones. It is very difficult to find a red-colored Rottweiler. These red doggies are the result of cross-breeding.

When the breeder cross-breeds the mutts of one color with any other breed or different colored Rott doggo then the newborn pooch will be red. I really like the red shade of this breed because they are very attractive and gorgeous.

If you are desperate about having a red Rottie then you need to start doing your research to find one or you can also ask your friends and breeder to find one for you. I would say, except for the color, every other character is the same in the black-colored ones, so you could just have a black one if you love the breed.

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Are blue Rottweilers rare in Alaska (AK) State? Why are they rare?

Blue Rotties are extremely uncommon but not as rare as Rott dogs. It is seen that blue two-colored Rottweilers come with a lot of health diseases or disorders, which is why they are unfortunate to keep as a pet in your family.

The blue color is caused by the dilute recessive gene which is rarely seen in parent dogs. In addition, these puppies look grey, slate, or even silver in some special cases. It is not even found in some of the states also.

If you love this rare color then find the breeder who can breed this tone pup for you. I never recommend you to buy a blue shade Rottie as they are unavailable and may come with illnesses. 

Rottweiler Puppies

Why is Rottweiler So Popular in Alaska (AK) State?

I have noticed that the Rottweiler dogs are very popular in Alaska State. This breed is known because of its spreading happiness nature. The Rotties is a smart, good-tempered, loyal, and friendly companion dog which makes it the perfect dog for you and your family.

There is no doubt that these German dogs are the best pet that you can have. They are very good with children and other animals. Rott doggies are popular for their loyalty and socialization. People like them for their cuteness and calm nature.

However, these puppies are so adorable that you are bound to love them. I think you can definitely have this puppy if you are really passionate about dogs. 

Why are Purebred Rottweiler puppies expensive in Alaska (AK) State?

The purebred Rott dogs are expensive compared to the mixed breed doggos. As you know, Rottweilers are wonderful pets, companions, and guard dogs for this reason they are pricey but among them, true-bred pups are more costly.

The pure ones are more flexible than other dogs which is why they cost more. I have seen that the purebred Rottie is more healthy than hybrid or mixed breeds. Also, they are more adaptive in both apartment and house life and can cope with cold and hot temperatures.

Purebred mutts are also more beautiful, healthier, and simpler to maintain. The most significant benefit of owning a purebred dog is that it is less susceptible to illnesses and health problems. Because of its unique characteristics, I recommend that you purchase a purebred Rottweiler dog.

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Rottweiler Dog

How much is a Rottweiler puppy in Alaska (AK) State without papers?

A Rottie without the paper is less expensive. They are costly when you get a puppy with papers from a popular breeder. While purchasing a mutt without a license then it is affordable but all other prices remain constant. A Rott dog without papers might cost anything from $500 and $1000. 

Regardless, I am sure they will suffer from health problems or other losses. You will have to pay additional money if the puppies have health problems or any other concerns.

It will be more expensive to get a puppy from a reputed breeder, but you will gain certain perks. Purchasing a dog without a license or papers is not recommended since it might be harmful. I do not advise purchasing a dog without papers.

What do you need to know about Rottweiler doggies?

There are some important things that you must know about a Rottweiler puppy so that you can handle them easily. The information that you should know are given below:

  • They require extensive socialization and training at a very early age
  • Rott mutts need at least 20 to 30 minutes to walk in a day.
  • You have to control their food intake or else they will be fat and overweight.
  • Most of the Rotties snore.
  • They are very intelligent and highly trainable.
  • You always should supervise your Rottie dogs around children.
  • Take proper care of their cleanliness and hygiene.

Thus, remember these details if you want a Rott doggy in your family.

Rottweiler Doggy

Are Rottweiler dogs good for first-time owners?

If you are a first-time dog owner then Rotties are a fantastic choice. These doggos are energetic, and feisty doggies who are very social and friendly with other people and they are the best pet that you can have in your family.

Rotties also give an excellent outlet for their pent-up energy, making the environment more pleasant. Also, they are lovely and adorable, and they are able to reduce your stress and anxiety.

I would say Rottweilers are one of the best dogs that you can have as a first-time owner if you have a lot of patience and time. In my opinion, these German dogs are gorgeous, friendly, and helpful and that is why I recommend you to have this dog as your first doggy.

Why avoid puppy mills and backyard breeders while choosing a Rottie pup in Alaska (AK) State?

I have seen some people wanting to purchase their new pooch from a puppy male or backyard breeder. But, I think you should not consider having a doggo from them because they are not safe. Most of the time they sell dogs without legal documents, at a cheaper price. There may be different reasons to avoid pup mills and backyard breeders. Some of them are given below:

Pet mills usually offer doggies at a lower cost. Because, they are often selling mutts with health disorders, injuries, and other difficulties which can cost you a lot of money afterward.

Backyard breeders are even more dangerous because they are untrained and breed pets unethically. As they breed only for profit so they do not care about the canines at all.

However, I suggest you stay away from pooch mills and backyard breeders because they are not very much trustworthy.

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How to choose your Rottweilers in Alaska (AK) State?

It is never easy to find a perfect Rott canine. People take a lot of time to select their pet and do all the necessary research to get their puppies. The process of selecting a pup may be very challenging. The most straightforward method for locating the ideal mutt is to perform the following:

  • Firstly, find all the essential data about the breed and also find the list of top breeders of that doggo breed.
  • Secondly, visit the pooch and visually inspect the pup.
  • Thirdly, do a series of temperament tests on each puppy that you have shortlisted.
  • Fourthly, ask the breeder about the mutt’s nature and characteristics.
  • Fifthly, also make sure that the breeder asks about you and your family in detail.

Therefore, I hope you can find your perfect canine by following this procedure. 

Rottweiler Looking At Up

Over To You

What is the thing that you love about Rottweiler dogs? I like that they are energetic and calm. What was your first ever pet? I am very curious to know.

Do you think that the purebred Rott canines are healthier than any other dog breed? However, I think they are. Please please feel free to express your views in the comment box and also you can ask any question about the breed of the breeders.

Also, tell me if you know any other breeders in Alaska?

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