Top 3 Best Pug Breeders In Massachusetts (MA) State

Are you finding it difficult to locate a reputable and best quality Pug puppy breeder in Massachusetts state? If that is the case, I have got some exciting news for you. That is, in order to help you, I have done thorough research on this subject.

I have compiled a list of Massachusetts’s top 3 authentic Chinese Pug breeders. Only the most skilled, well-known, and quality Pug puppy breeders were selected.

Besides, apart from the list, I have also provided some information so that you get a better understanding of this breed. Read below to know more.

Find A Pug Breeder Near Me In Massachusetts State

Pug Breeders In Massachusetts State

#1 is a well-known home for AKC Chinese Pug puppies. They are located North of Boston in Massachusetts on one-acre wooded land.

The puppies are raised indoors in a family environment. However, they are also given much space to play, walk and roam around. They have Pugs in fawn and black colors.

The owner, Renee, is not just concerned about the betterment of the Pug breed, but also with the health, well-being, and security of the canines.

Apart from Massachusetts, they also sell their dogs in Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and New York. Once the doggies turn 8 weeks old, they are ready to be adopted. You need to spend $2500 to get a Pug from them.

The owners of are careful to send their lovely Pugs to suitable homes. They make sure the pups are vaccinated, dewormed, dew claws removed, puppy pad trained before sending them to you. They also provide a toy and a sweater for the fur baby.

Visit their website to have a look at the beautiful little Pug babies. It will melt your heart just like it did mine. You will come across the reviews of the happy Pug owners who are grateful to Renee for their new family companion.

If you have any questions about them or their current available dogs, send them an email or contact via telephone.

Pug Puppy Breeder Details:

  • Name of the owner(s): Renee
  • Address: North Boston, Massachusetts
  • Telephone: (781) 231-6895
  • Website URL/ Link:
  • Email:
Pug Standing

#2 is a home for Chinese Pugs. They are located in Boston, Massachusetts.

It is a unique program. Unlike most Pug breeding programs, you can get Pugs from them immediately. So, you don’t have to be on the waiting list or reserve any Pug beforehand. It is for those who are in a hurry and can’t wait to have their new companions.

The owners take good care of their fur babies. They provide potential pet owners well-groomed and healthy Pug puppies.

Apart from Massachusetts, they have sold their canines also in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Maine.

Visit their website first. They may currently have one black male, one fawn male, and one fawn female Chinese Pug available. To know more, contact them on their given email or telephone address. 

Pug Puppy Breeder Details:

  • Address: Boston, Massachusetts
  • Telephone:  (781) 808-4953
  • Website URL/ Link:
  • Email:

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Pug Dog

#3 Gifford Pugs

Gifford Pugs is a family-oriented Pug breeding program. It is located in Chicopee, MA.

The adult dogs and puppies are raised indoors in a family environment. The owner is very much dedicated to taking care of her lovely fur babies. They show their Pugs in AKC and UKC conformation shows on the East Coast.

The puppies of Gifford Pugs will come with AKC paperwork and a health guarantee. The canines will be vet checked and micro-chipped as well.

Visit their website to have a look at the lovely doggies. Information and pedigree of three of their Pugs are given there.

Although according to their website they do not have any available Pugs at this moment, you can still send them an email directly from their website.

Pug Puppy Breeder Details:

Pug Sitting Down

How Much Does a Purebred Pug Puppy Cost in Massachusetts?

The cost of Pugs varies depending on a lot of factors. If you want to have a Pug from a reputable rescue center in Massachusetts, the price will usually range from $150 to $500.

However, you have to spend more if you want to adopt a Chinese Pug from a reputable Massachusetts breeder. In that case, be mentally prepared to pay around $1,200 – 2,500. Your Pug may cost much more if it comes from a champion line and is show quality.

The price will be determined by a variety of factors, including the quality of the dog’s lineage, age, gender, and so on.

Why to Avoid Puppy Mills and Backyard Breeders While Choosing a Pug Puppy in Massachusetts?

When it comes to selecting canines for a family, puppy mills and backyard breeders should never be chosen.

Puppy mills are professional breeding facilities that mass-produce puppies for sale in pet shops, advertisements, or on the web. Over 90% of the dogs sold to animal retailers are produced by puppy mills.

Animals die of malnutrition or hunger due to insufficient or unclean food and water. Besides, kittens and pups are taken from their moms at such a young age, and many of them have major behavioral issues as a result. Further, there is little or no veterinary attention to the sick or dying animals.

Profit is also an incentive for breeders of the backyard. Backyard breeders might appear to be your friendly neighbor next door. However, breeding pups for years in order to generate litter for commercial purposes endangers the animals’ health.

How to Find a Good Pug Breeder in Massachusetts?

In Massachusetts, finding a reputable Pug breeder may be challenging. You will need to be patient in order to find the perfect Pug breeder. Here are some tips to help you through the process.

  • Reach Out to Friends

If you have a friend who has a Chinese Pug, talk to them about how they found their pet. Another option is to immediately contact an obedience or training school. Find other Pug owners and approach them too.

  • Use Social Media

Is there any particular Facebook or Instagram page that you follow to keep in touch with this dog breed? If the answer is yes, make an effort to learn more about them and their breeders. Pug lovers can benefit much from social media, particularly Facebook. For many potential purchasers, this method yields outstanding results.

You can also follow sites that are dedicated to assisting you in finding the perfect Pug breeder.

  • Attend Dog Shows

Wherever there is a dog show, breeders can be found. To explore more about Pugs, go to one of these events. If you live in the United States, the Pug Dog Club of America and local Pug groups relevant to your state/region can also help you find a list of breeders.

  • Consult Your Local Veterinarian

Speaking with your local veterinarian is a great way to be sure your information is coming from a trustworthy and knowledgeable source. Consult your veterinarian for information on what to look for in a breeder.

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Pug Playing With Ball

What is The Maintenance Cost in Massachusetts to Raise a Pug Puppy?

You will need to budget for a variety of expenses in addition to the puppy purchase. So, it is a good idea to plan ahead of time so you are not caught off guard when the bills arrive after you have bought all the necessities.

Necessities for a small canine like a Chinese Pug will most likely cost $150 to $650 the first year, and $55 to $260 the following year.

You will need to stock up on snacks, which will cost anywhere from $5 to $10 a bag. Dog collars will cost between $10 and $20, leashes between $5 and $20, dog beds (24′′ or 30′′) between $15 and $65, dog crates (24′′ or 30′′) between $20 and $80, plastic poop bags between $15 and $110, pooper scooper between $10 and $30, toys between $15 and $50, brush and shampoo between $10 and $65, tooth-brushing kit between $5 and $15, and toenail clippers between $5 and $20.

Aside from that, you will need $250-$500 to spay or neuter your doggy.

Are Pugs Good for First Time Owners?

Pugs are affectionate, have a cute appearance, are faithful, and have a laid-back attitude. They have been nicknamed the “clowns of the dog world.”

Pugs thrive on human attention and are best suited to those who can give them a lot of time and attention. They are a fantastic option for first-time dog owners. They adore being hugged and patted, and if your affections are concentrated on someone else, they may grow envious or offended.

Their main downside is the significant clinical issues that result from that beautiful small snout, so make sure you have enough money to handle any future medical expenses.

What Do You Need to Know about Pug Puppies?

Pugs, which were bred to be lap dogs in the first place, thrive in human companionship. There are a few things to think about if you are thinking about adopting a Pug. The following are some important details about this dog breed.

  • Pugs Shed a Lot

Despite their attractive appearance and friendly attitude, Pugs shed a lot. Fawn Pugs have been found to shed substantially more than black Pugs. The reason for this is because fawn Pugs have two coats whereas black Pugs only have one.

  • They Suffer From Many Health Issues

Pugs have a variety of health issues that might have a detrimental effect on their well-being. The Pug is a brachycephalic breed, which means it has a small and compressed face and nose. This can lead to breathing difficulties, which is why Pugs snore a lot even while they are awake.

Besides, Pugs are prone to skin disorders, respiration problems, vision problems, tail problems, and other health issues as well.

  • They Crave a lot of Attention

Pugs adore their owners and want to be with them as often as possible. They were bred for companionship and would be completely content to spend their days curled up on the couch with you.

  • They Are Very Stubborn

While each dog is different, it is safe to say that Pugs are stubborn and strong-willed. A Pug will go to tremendous lengths to achieve what they genuinely desire, whether it is meals or affection from their owner.

  • They Do Not Like Hot Weather

Pugs don’t like it when it is hot and humid outside. Temperatures that are neither too hot nor too chilly are preferred by them. Ensure that your Pug has a comfy place to sleep and that she does not spend too much time outside during inclement weather.

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Pug Laughing

Are Pugs Good With Kids?

Pugs are excellent pets for families with children since they are usually kind and like playing games with them. They are pleasant to be around and enjoy being cuddled. Because of the shape of their mouth, which prohibits them from biting successfully, they are basically harmless.

Pugs will soon become your children’s greatest pals if you have them. This is due to Pugs’ joyful nature, which allows them to play comfortably and happily with children both inside and outside the house.

How Long Do Pugs Live?

Knowing how long your fur baby may live is important to a dog owner. This is significant because it will help you estimate the number of years your pet will be there by your side.

The average lifespan of a Chinese Pug is between 12 and 15 years. As a result, they are one of the longest-living dog breeds. Male Pugs have a life expectancy of 12.8 years, while female Pugs have a 13.2-year life expectancy.

You can help your Pug live longer by making her happier and healthier.

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Pug Puppy Smiling

Over To You

Do you think the above information and list will assist you in your research? Which part of Massachusetts State are you from? Have I mentioned the area you are from? If not, who was the nearest breeder to you?

Pugs of which color do you like the most? I like the black ones.

If you know any Pug breeders in Massachusetts that I have not listed, please let me know. I am always open to new suggestions.

Please share your valuable ideas with me in the comment section. Wishing you luck in your search for the ideal Pug breeder.

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