Top 3 Best Pug Breeders In Arizona (AZ) State

If you are looking for the best quality Pug breeders in Arizona state, then you have come to the ideal place.

Finding a decent Pug breeder may not appear to be a big deal at first, but believe me when I say it is. Whether or not your future family companion or show dog is a good fit for you is largely determined by the breeder.

Before taking such a significant action, I strongly advise you to think about it carefully and conduct thorough research. I have already done my research to help you with this.

I have created a list of the top 3 reputable Chinese Pug breeders in Arizona. Only the most experienced, reputable, and high-quality Pug breeders were chosen. Examine the list and make your own decision.

Find A Pug Breeder Near Me In Arizona State

Top 3 Best Pug Breeders In Arizona (AZ) State

#1 Ymmartin

Ymmartin owned by Yolanda Martin, it is a hobby-based dog breeding program. It is located in Phoenix, Arizona.

Besides raising dogs, the owner also takes pleasure in painting and capturing pictures.

Yolanda started breeding Pugs in 2019. Before that, she was a Pekingese breeder for over 20 years. The period of breeding Pekingese ends in 2015.   

The pups are no less than children to her. She takes full responsibility. The choice of breeding Pugs came to her from wanting family companions.

She believes a pet is capable of bringing a joyful and fun life to a home and a family. She has good knowledge of fitness, diet, exercise, and the wellbeing of the canines.

Being interested in psychology, Yolanda observes behavioral shifts in the pack and in the individual Pugs. This helps her to understand their behavior and mental health. She then compares them to human psychology as well.

The next breeding is dated in 2021 spring in March and April and puppies are expected in May and June.

For more information on the Pugs, visit their Facebook page ‘Pug Place Phoenix’. It is created to feature the Pugs with the latest news, videos, and art.

The website mostly contains beautiful pictures of fur babies. The owner is very careful in choosing homes for her Chinese Pugs. So make sure to complete your adoption application to get a response from them.

Pug Puppy Breeder Details:

Pug Puppy Smiling


L & B Classy Puppies is a family-based Pug breeding Program. It is located in Arizona.

Gay Bennett and John Lawson, owners of L & B Classy Puppies have been breeding Chinese Pugs for over 15 years.

Along with Pugs they also breed red or white and lilac Boston Terriers, Hybrid ACHC registered Boss Bulls and Frenchtons. They have rare-colored Pugs. They come in silver, dark silver-grey, white, silver-white, apricot, black, and fawn colors.

Being raised in a family environment, the pups are friendly and have good healthy bodies. All of them are AKC registered. They ship their puppies all over the United States and Canada.

The pups are potty trained, worm free and checked by a vet at 7 weeks old. The owners provide a vet shot record, teething chew, personal blanket, and a contract of the dog’s health guarantee if you purchase Pugs from them.

Prepare to get your heart melt by seeing the adorable pictures of the male and female Chinese Pugs given on their website. Visit their Facebook page to have a look at the wonderful reviews of the previous buyers.

For more information contact Gay Bennett at his telephone number or email address at your convenience.

Pug Puppy Breeder Details:

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Pug Dog

#3 Blecker Pugs of Arizona

It is a home for Chinese Pugs located in Arizona. Blecker Pugs of Arizona breeds Pugs with outstanding quality.

The dogs are well socialized and well-mannered which gives them an opportunity to be on good terms with the kids.

Check out their Facebook page to watch pictures of beautiful fur babies. You will find many pictures of the Pugs being held by their new family members. They also have a video of the pups.

To be on the safe side, visit the review section of their Facebook page. You will come across many wonderful reviews from previous buyers. According to the customers, the owners of Blecker Pugs of Arizona are very responsible and friendly. The costs of the puppies are reasonable as well.

If you are interested to know more about them, the prices of the dogs, and the system of purchasing you are more than welcome to contact them on their Facebook page. You can also give them a call at their given telephone address.

Pug Puppy Breeder Details:

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Pug Sitting Down

How much does a purebred Pug puppy cost in Arizona?

The average cost of a Pug puppy in Arizona varies depending on a variety of factors. However, be ready to pay around $600-$1500. It might cost as much as $1900-$6000 for Chinese Pugs with outstanding ancestry.

The canines you may buy from reliable breeders usually have lesser pricing. Experienced or well-known breeders would most likely demand greater prices. Of course, the type of Pug you desire will always be the main factor.

Given the cost of the puppies themselves, you will also need to budget for other expenses. For this, it is wise to create a budget beforehand so that you don’t get startled seeing the expenses after buying your pet.

Why to avoid puppy mills and backyard breeders while choosing a Pug Puppy in Arizona?

When it comes to adopting puppies for a family, puppy mills and backyard breeders should never be regarded.

Puppy mills strive to make the greatest profit by spending the least amount of money on the canines. They don’t give a damn about the dogs, their needs, or their state. As a result, the puppies frequently experience health and behavioral problems.

Since the 1980s, the Humane Society of the United States has attempted to shut down these institutions. In order to avoid them, you need to do proper research on them as they may try to sell their dogs by calling themselves breeders.

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How to find a good Pug breeder in Arizona?

It may be tough to locate a reputable Pug breeder. Many dogs are now being raised in terrible conditions by unskilled breeders. There are, however, some steps you may take to discover the right breeder for you. These are given below.

  •  Reach Out to Friends

Do you have a Pug-loving buddy or acquaintance? Inquire about their knowledge and breeder information.

  • Use Social Media

Do you have a particular Chinese Pug that you keep up with on Facebook or Instagram? Try to find out about them and inquire about their breeder.

  • Attend Dog Shows

Breeders can be found wherever there is a dog show. Attend one to learn more about litter.

  •  Look for Awards and Titles

Look for the breeder’s website or Facebook page. There you can find a great deal of information about the puppies and their accomplishments.

Besides, as it is a big decision to take, there are many questions you should ask a breeder before deciding whether you want to purchase from him/ her. This includes- asking about their experience, asking about the parents, how and where they take care of the pups, about their contract and many more.

Pug Laughing

What is the Maintenance cost in Arizona to raise a Pug Puppy?

There are a few items you must have on available as you greet your puppy or adult dog into their new home to make situations much simpler for both of you.

Essentials for a tiny dog like a Pug will most likely cost $150 to $650 the first year and $55 to $260 per year after that.

Food and water bowls will cost around $5- $20, dog collars around $10- $20, leash around $5- $20, dog bed (24″ or 30″) around $15-$65, dog crate (24″ or 30″) around $20 – $80, plastic poop bags around $15 – $110,  pooper scooper around $10 -$30, toys around $15 – $50, brush and shampoo around  $10-$65, tooth-brushing kit around $5- $15 and toenail clippers around $5- $20.

Besides, there will be medical costs as well. According to licensed veterinarian Dr. Leslie Brooks, healthcare costs for a Pug should be roughly $590 during the first year (plus a potential $50 to $300 one-time price to spay/neuter the pup) and roughly $465 for each subsequent year.

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Are Pugs good for first time owners?

Every dog breed was created with a distinct set of requirements and objectives in mind. The Pug is a popular dog breed with a large following. Because they are friendly, humorous, loyal, cute, and reasonably easy to care for, they are an excellent choice for first-time dog owners. They make excellent pets for homes and anyone with the ability to raise a stubborn breed.

Their main drawback is the numerous health issues that stem from that lovely short snout, so make sure you have the funds to cover any potential health issues as well as the heart to care for a dog that may not live to be ten years old.

What do I need to know about Pug puppies?

The Chinese Pug is a unique canine that may be found everywhere from the laps of royalty to many American homes. If you are thinking of getting a Pug, there are a few things you should know beforehand. Some important facts about this dog breed are given below.

  • Pugs Shed a Lot

Pugs shed a lot. Some Pugs have double coats, which means they have a fur undercoat and a fur topcoat. Make sure you have more than enough lint rollers and a powerful vacuum cleaner.

  • They Crave a lot of Attention

Pugs adore their owners and are constantly eager to spend time with them. While you are using the restroom, you can put it on your lap, in your bed, or even at your feet. Forget about your own space and get used to never being alone again.

  • They Do Not Like Hot Weather

Pugs, like many flat-faced breeds, can have breathing problems. They don’t like it when it is hot and humid outside. Temperatures that are neither too hot nor too chilly are ideal for them. Make sure your Pug has a comfy place to rest and does not spend a lot of time outside in bad weather.

  • They Suffer From Many Health Issues

Pugs are susceptible to a number of health problems. Their large eyes can cause corneal ulcers or dry eyes, and their smushed face can cause breathing problems. Their wrinkles also need to be cleansed.

  • They Are Very Stubborn

Whether it is food, or their owner’s attention, a Pug will always go to extremes to acquire what they want. As a result, they are not necessarily the most compliant.

Pug Playing With Ball

Are Pugs Good With Kids?

Pugs adore children. Pugs are known for being the clowns of the dog world. The Pug is a suitable breed choice for families with children. Despite their small size, they are not as fragile as certain toy breeds. They are among the most adorable canines you will ever meet, and they are irresistible playmates and pals for kids. Besides, they are also calm canines who get along well with children.

A Pug, on the other hand, will disappoint children who want an energetic companion to play with. Encounters between children and dogs should always be supervised by adults.

Over To You

Thank you for taking the time to read through the list. Do you find the information and list above to be helpful? 

Pugs of how old are you looking for? I prefer 7-8 month old Pugs for adoption. Let me know your thoughts on this matter. 

Besides, if you know any good Arizona Pug breeder who is not on my list, please share your knowledge with me. I am always open to new ideas.

Do not forget to leave your useful comments in the comment section. I hope you find luck in finding a reputable Chinese Pug breeder of your choice.

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