Top 4 Best Australian Shepherd breeders In Wisconsin (WI) State

If you’re looking for the best quality Australian Shepherd puppy breeders in Wisconsin state, then I have got you covered.

I have created the top-ranked 5 reputable Australian Shepherd Breeders in Wisconsin list to help you find your future Aussie.

The below-listed breeders have Aussies available from there you can choose whichever size and color you want.

Find An Australian Shepherd Breeder Near Me In Wisconsin State

Australian Shepherd Breeders In Wisconsin (WI) State

#1 Driftless Australian Shepherds

If you are looking for an Aussie to be your pet then it is the place you were searching for. This organization is a small program located in Southwest Wisconsin of breeding Aussies. They are dedicated to producing high-quality, registered Australian Shepherds. They actually focus on the 14″-18″ size range but smaller and larger sizes are also available.

The owner Jordan Burke runs it because of his passion and love for these velcro dogs. He does his best to ensure the mental stability and physical health of the dogs he breeds. Because he believes that having these qualities in a dog can thrive in practically any family environment and play whatever duty is put upon.

They are enthusiastic about Aussies. Their Facebook page has reviews of how they use this enthusiasm to communicate with people and educate about these furry friends. Their website shows they are always researching and studying the newest science in order to improve their program.

One of the most important things is that their puppies are born in their home and nurtured alongside their four children on a small farm. They take the environment in which puppies are raised very carefully from the moment doggos are born until they get a new home.

If you are getting your new fur friend from them you will have all of its vaccines up to date and their deworming program is done.

You also get a complete examination of your doggy from their veterinarian. Their puppies are also covered by a one-year warranty on genetic health. I love the owner’s researching mindset and how he actually loves Aussies.

Australian Shepherd Puppy Breeder Information:

#2 Starck’s Miniature American Shepherds

Starck’s Miniature American Shepherds take their breeding program extremely seriously and take great care in selecting the ideal adults to bring into their program. Their adult dogs are known for their great temperament, structure, movement, and working capacity.

Starck’s, as a Miniature American Shepherd breeder, is dedicated to supplying first-rate, healthy minis to all of its customers. You’re guaranteed to find the dog of your dreams among our lovely and lively puppies. They have years of experience which is shown in their Facebook reviews.

We want to breed healthy, family-oriented puppies with decent temperaments and structural integrity. Their Miniature American Shepherd puppies are in great physical and mental health, having been bred from high-quality, genetically tested adults. They have all of their vaccines up to date, and comprehensive health records are provided upon purchase and also provide lifetime breeder support. They look forward to receiving updates and pictures of your puppy as it matures.

All of their puppies are guaranteed to be free of genetic problems and come with a health warranty of 26 months. When it comes to selecting the perfect adults for our breeding program, Starck’s are very picky. All of their adults, both male and female minis, have outstanding temperaments, perfect structure with a focus on mobility, and limitless training opportunities.

To ensure that our puppies enjoy healthy, extended lives. All of their adults undergo genetic testing. If you don’t want to raise a puppy, they also offer to sell an older pup or adult.

Australian Shepherd Puppy Breeder Information:

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Australian Shepherd With Flower

#3 Diamond Aire ​Australian Shepherds

Diamond Aire ​Australian Shepherds is a program owned by a mother and daughter named Marie Murphy and Tammi. Marie met the first Aussie in 1973, who was enrolled in her obedience class. She liked that puppy with a blue merle with white trim.

They became excellent friends. She started out with Aussies and she had her first litter, a blue merle bitch in 1974. That litter produced two puppies, one black tri male and one black tri bitch.

Someone was keeping an eye on her since those two puppies turned out to be Ch Diamond Aire O CD, ATDd, OTDs, and his sister Ch Diamond Airebell CD, STD,d, both magnificent dogs and the foundation of Diamond Aire Kennels.

Their children, grandkids, and great-grandchildren, who are all line bred on primarily Coppertone dogs, have excelled in all categories of competition. For nearly 40 years, her  ambition for Diamond Aire Aussies has been to live up to the reputation of the “versatile Aussie.”

In addition to their sound conformation and temperament, her dogs have excelled in conformation, obedience, and stock, earning Diamond Aire ASCA Hall of Fame and Hall of Fame Excellent accolades.

Australian Shepherd Puppy Breeder Information:

  • Name of the owner(s): Marie Murphy and Tammi
  • Address: N3029 945th St., Hager City, WI 54014
  • Website url/link:
  • Email:
  • Phone number: 715-792-5174
Australian Shepherd Puppy

#4 Towerview Kennels

Towerview Kennels breed miniature Australian Shepherds in Rhinelander, Wisconsin. Their puppies are swiftly adopted, so you need to contact them as soon as possible to secure your forever companion or even to ask questions. You can get added to their waiting list to get your fur friend.

Towerview kennel’s Facebook is full of good reviews. Purchasers posted about their puppy pictures along with the captions of how healthy and playful dogs they got from here. Two of them say they won’t purchase from any other breeders.

Towerview also has Aussie-doodles, in case you change your mind while visiting them. Those cute little pups are so adorable to ignore. I will still choose an Aussie because of them being enjoyable and full of energy. They adore their pets and will do so for the rest of their lives. They don’t want any of their puppies to end up in a shelter. Towerview Kennel is extremely dedicated to breeding.

Puppies are given a starter puppy pack, which includes a bag of the food they are currently consuming as well as a toy to soothe and remind them of their littermates. They will be examined by a veterinarian, their tails and dew claws will be removed before handing them over to you.

When you get your fur-ever friend they will have already received their first immunization and have been de-wormed. If something happens and the pups need to be returned for any reason they promise to assist you in re-homing them or returning them to you.

Australian Shepherd Puppy Breeder Information:

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How much does a purebred Australian Shepherds puppy cost in Wisconsin (WI)?

In Wisconsin, the typical cost of an Australian Shepherd puppy from a licensed breeder is from $600 to $800.Australian Shepherd puppies are less expensive than other breeds, but they can still be expensive, especially if you purchase one from a renowned breeder. Female puppies are usually slightly less expensive than their male counterparts.

However, there isn’t much of a difference. But tri-colored Australian Shepherd puppies are in high demand. As a result, they may be more expensive than the others. Depending on the facilities and credibility of the breeder prices may vary.

Designer dogs are expensive because the breeder bears the majority of the expenditures. The breeder must first purchase healthy, well-bred parent dogs before they may breed puppies. Screening tests on breeding animals are required to identify intrinsic health abnormalities.

Vaccination fees range from $100 to $500, depending on the number of shots required. Puppies require toys, collars, leashes, and other accessories, which can range in price from a few dollars to approximately $100.

The puppies and their parent(s) will require feeding and supplementation. This can cost up to $100 each month.

How do I choose a Australian Shepherd puppy in Wisconsin (WI)?

Looking for an Australian Shepherd puppy can be a thrilling experience, but there are some factors to consider before rushing out to find an Australian Shepherd breeder. You have to determine which characteristics are most essential in a dog for your family.

Most breeders will selectively breed their stock to improve a specific trait, such as herding aptitude, show quality, or flexibility. When you’ve decided on the characteristics you want in your Australian shepherd, look for a breeder who appreciates and selectively breeds for those characteristics.

I will prefer a breeder who has a variety of Aussies and knows about what characteristics they possess. If you live in a small city apartment, selecting an Australian shepherd bred for herding instincts may result in problems. Talk to the breeder to ensure he is knowledgeable about the breed.

You must ask to see the puppies and look at their overall health, energy, and structure. Among the puppies with the best structure, choose the sex you prefer along with the type of coloring you like best.

Depending on the breeding, Australian shepherds may exhibit a variety of colors including black merle, red merle, and black or red or without white or tan accents. 

Australian Shepherd Look back

What is the Maintenance cost in Wisconsin (WI) to raise a Australian Shepherds Puppy? 

The higher end of the pricing spectrum represents better quality products and services, especially if you live in a more costly area, whereas the lower end of the spectrum represents costs in less expensive places. As Wisconsin is a less expensive place the cost can be lesser than mentioned.

An Australian Shepherd puppy will most likely cost between $400 and $1,500, with an average price of $800. The first year’s cost is approximately $2,725 and will be approximately $1,545per year or $129 per month after that. The average cost of having an Australian Shepherd is $22,810 throughout the course of the dog’s life. Supplies, training, medical expenditures, food, treats, grooming fees, license, and microchip are all included in these figures.

Furthermore, optional fees such as insurance or dog walking services are not included. If you spay/neuter your dog, get pet insurance, use a boarding facility for one week every year while on vacation, and need a dog walker 50 weeks out of the year, your total cost of ownership is likely to be in the $70,125 to $142,255 range.

This includes vet fees, training costs, food-related expenses, supplies, grooming, and much more.

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Is it a good idea to get your Australian Shepherds puppy from a rescue Center in Wisconsin (WI)?

Although there are many respectable Australian Shepherd breeders in Wisconsin, the puppies they offer may be out of reach for some would-be Aussie owners. There are low-cost Australian Shepherd puppies available, but if the price is low, it should raise a question that you may be dealing with a puppy mill or a rescuer.

A shelter rescue dog will provide you with just as much love and delight as an expensive puppy from a breeder. But Rescue animals can occasionally cause issues that are not always obvious to those who adopt or rescue them.

Medical problems, hostility, and other behavioral difficulties may not manifest for weeks, months, or even years. Along with all of their excellent attributes, these dogs tend to have a lot of past traumas, which typically lead to one or more difficult-to-correct behavioral disorders.

These can include anxiety, aggression, destructive behavior, leash reactivity etc. You can always decide to have your puppy from the rescue center which will be a charity too. But you will always have to be more careful with the pup and keep in contact with vets to know about the health state.

As the rescue center keeps all dogs together, dogs who have been mistreated or stray for an extended period of time become protective of their food. They may have gone from day to day fighting for food or not knowing when their next meal would come. These can cause dogs to develop traits that aren’t suitable to keep them with family.

Last but not least you should have a full check-up done on your puppy by the vet if you are taking your furry companion from a rescue center.

Australian Shepherd Smiling

How long are Australian Shepherds in the puppy stage?

Puppyhood is usually the cutest stage for certain dogs, but it is a limited phase that lasts only 18 months. Though some dog breeds will remain in puppyhood for a longer period of time. Among them, one is the Australian Shepherd. Your pooch will be more active and lively along with being adorable for a longer period.

Puppies are typically inquisitive and relentless, which is also an Aussie’s personality. Most Australian Shepherds should start calming down around the age of two. They will tone down at this age.

Male dogs in this breed tend to outweigh their female counterparts, though this is dependent on their parents’ genetics. Males can weigh up to 10 pounds and are normally approximately an inch taller than females. Their brains mature along with their sexual maturation. They will act like puppies until they are at least a year old.

This is the age when you may observe them figuring things out, and by the age of two, they will be acting like adults.

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Australian Shepherd Look Up

Over To You

Australian Shepherd is a great choice to have as a companion. I am gonna get myself an Aussie after deciding which size I want. Which size do you prefer?

Do you want an energetic mini Aussie running and playing all over your house or a regular size Aussie? Which color will you choose? The rare reds or the shades of black?

Let me know in the comment section below.

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