Top 4 Best Pomeranian Breeders In Illinois (IL) State

If you are looking for the best quality Pomeranian puppy breeders in Illinois state, then here’s a list of top breeders who only focus on maintaining the breed standard to preserve the quality and perfect disposition. This will help you to decide who to choose for your future pom which will light up your life! 

Pomeranians are crazy cute fluffballs with a smiley foxy face which will make your everyday great! Pomeranians are great family pets and crave constant affection from the people around them all the time.

This breed originated in the Pomerania region of Northern Europe which is why they are widely known as Pomeranians. These pom poms make great companions and leave no scope to entertain people around them.

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Find A Pomeranian Breeder Near Me In Illinois State

Top 4 Best Pomeranian Breeders In Illinois (IL) State

#1 Char’s Pomeranians

Char’s Pomeranians are there to save you! If you’re planning on getting winner poms at your home, The Char’s Pomeranians started as a small dream of a young girl who was determined to preserve the standard of the breed she loved.

Char, the owner of this Pom household, purchased her first pom in 1994 and was hesitant about breeding or showing up in the shows till 1998.

She dedicated a decade to improve and preserve the breed standard which resulted in the sweet victories of Char’s Pomeranians in numerous shows. Char believes 8 weeks is not enough for any puppy to get all stable as it may need its mother every now and then.

So, Char gives every pom a little more time to socialize with other pets, children, and people till it finds a new owner.

Char offers two completely different breeding programs for pomeranian enthusiasts. Those are: 

  • Pedigree with no parti-color. This includes orange, cream, sable, black, black & tan.
  • Pedigree with parti-color. This includes all of the above-mentioned colors and chocolate.

Char’s pomeranian breeding program is famous worldwide. All their puppies are AKC registered. The pups have a sound temperament and well disposition.

The puppies and parent poms are surprisingly friendly and have maintained the streak of winning shows back to back. The Char’s are now proud owners of top winning parti-color in the world, First grand champion parti-color, first parti-color to win dual championship titles, and youngest, fastest finishing parti-color.

All of the puppies and dogs are well-trained and get the chance to stay in a very healthy and safe environment. The well-groomed poms are trained to be good with tooth brushing as well. The Char’s breed pomeranian to protect the standard quality and believe every puppy is the star of the hearts.

So, if you are looking for a pom breeder in Illinois; you know Char’s is the answer!

Pomeranian Puppy Breeders Details:

  • Owner: Char & family
  • Website: Char’s Poms
  • Email:
  • Phone number: 906-466-9048

#2 Dreamy poms

Dreamy Pom breeder is impeccable at her service, Having more than 13 years of experience in Pom breeding. This breeder is a mother of 3 children and lives her life to the fullest around the Poms. The owner of these dreamy poms loves her every pom and makes sure they find a safe home to live a happy life.

Dreamy Pom is a small hobby breeder and dogs are not kennelled here. They live right inside the house and are spoiled babies of this lovely home. Dreamy Poms breeder breeds standard color exotic Pomeranians. The poms are AKC registered and are maintained according to the AKC standards.

The puppies and their parents are kept in a clean environment where they get constant care and affection and are free to do various activities. This owner believes her dogs are a part of her family. She puts emphasis on the topic of returning dogs to her if anyone is not eligible rough to maintain a pom anymore.

This breeder is a pom enthusiast and takes much interest in keeping as many poms around her as possible. If any female pom retires, it is not given to any pet store or to anyone else. The dog stays and lives out its life at Davis family farm along with other members and pets of the family.

All the puppies and dogs are up-to-date on vaccines, deworming, and flea preventives. The dogs are well trained and love to be around people all the time. All their poms come with huge baskets of toys and surprises along with a blanket of familiar smell which helps them to adjust to a new environment.

The owner is very passionate about her poms and asks everyone to call for inquiries even if it’s 2 am in the morning. So, if you’re looking for an affectionate pom baby that will light up your life, Dreamy Poms is your solution!

Pomeranian Puppy Breeders Details:

  • Facebook Page:
  • Email:
  • Phone number: +1 812-205-4569
Pomeranian Standing Up

#3 Sweet P Poms

You should keep Sweet P Poms in the best breeders list of the Illinois state If you’re looking for trusted breeders for your future pomeranian. These breeders take nothing for granted when it is about Pomeranians. Pomeranian is a very loyal and friendly pet as a companion. You can not take your eyes off the dog as they’re just adorable. 

Pomeranians actually fall under the spitz group for their small appearance and size. They are very energetic and enjoyable when it comes to outdoor activities. They are amazing watchdogs and are very well with children. So, a pomeranian is the right choice if you want a canine companion which attentive and attractive at the same time.

Sweet P poms breeders take good care of their Pomeranians as they believe these fluffballs bring tons of joy to the lives of their owners. Based in the “Beautiful Ozarks County” Sweet P Poms focus on raising poms with amazing temperament and sound dispositions that are best fitted as family pets.

They have a variety of colors and sizes as they closet work with the Pomeranian breed only. These breeders request everyone not to get offended if they as too many questions to the potential customers- as they are just concerned about the well-being of their lap pom babies.  

Pomeranian Puppy Breeders Details:

Pomeranian Sweet Puppy

#4 Lakeside puppies

Lakeside Puppies is located in rural Minnesota, 1hour west of Minneapolis, Lakeside Puppies are passionate about Poms and Beagles. They have experience in breeding Pomeranians since the 1960s.

The Beagle breed was added to the breeding home shortly after 2001. The owners have a long history of breeding quality Pomeranians as they love the breed from the heart.

The breeders at Lakeside focus on breeding purebred Pomeranians in a family environment. The breeders have 4 children and stay in their 200+ acre farm with the beagles and Pomeranians. The poms get enough time and space to fulfill their need for exercises and activities.

The poms are all up to date on their shots and get constant care and affection from the family members. All of their pups come with a written health guarantee as they are examined thoroughly by their vet.

If you adopt a pom from these breeders, they provide AKC registration papers and proof of spat/neutering prior to 8 months of age. They do not ship their puppies by air or ground as they believe it’s for the puppy’s safety. They deliver the puppy in person and hand-deliver the pup on fees based upon the customer’s location.

So if you’re looking for a good breeder to get a healthy pom for your family, just contact Lakeside puppies right away!

Pomeranian Puppy Breeders Details:

  • Address: 528 2nd St N, Brownton, MN 55312, USA
  • Website: Lakeside Puppies
  • Email:
  • Phone number: 320-296-3561

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How to choose Pomeranian in Illinois

It is always better to go through some considerations before choosing a Pomeranian right away. Pomeranians are natural head-turners and need a lot of care and affection than other breeds. There are few things to consider before choosing a pom in Illinois as your pup:


Be sure to check your budget before you’re choosing a Pomeranian as your pet. Poms are famous for their cute size and distinct features. This breed has been a “Royal favorite” which automatically makes it stand out from the crowd.

The budget increases when it comes to the standard Pomeranians. The toys and teacups cost lesser than the standard ones. Male Pomeranians are slightly expensive than female ones. The rarest in Pomeranians is the Lavender Pomeranian.

The maintenance of this breed costs many bucks as something special requires special prices. So, make sure you check your pockets first!  


References from friends, family, family friends, neighbors, colleagues will always help you to reach the perfect and authentic breeders. Ask the Pomeranian enthusiasts around you.

Ask them everything you want to know about poms. Talk to people, tell them you’re looking for a good breeder for poms, ask the vets if you know any. Being inquisitive will save a lot in the long run!

Pomeranian On Table

Medical history

Check for the medical history first. If you’re adopting a Pomeranian from breeders, then make sure you give double-check the papers and documents related to the puppy.

Ask the breeders if they are vaccinated to date or not. Vet bills from maintaining a pomeranian get expensive at times, so make sure to keep some bucks as a backup in blues. Depression is a common issue in the pomeranian breed as it asks for a lot of attention, affection, and care 24/7. SHLS (Severe Hair Loss Syndrome) affects Pomeranians very often which makes them lose their coat soon.

Tracheal collapse is harmful and can cause a pom’s death as their windpipe is narrow and the cartilage rings start to collapse inwards. To avoid such a condition, it is recommended to use a leash instead of a collar for a pom.

Besides, Hypoglycemia or sudden drop of sugar levels, Luxating patella which compels a Pom to walk on three legs are severe conditions in the case of Poms as well.

So, If you’re fond of poms, make sure you know and stay aware of every kind of possible disease that may attack your pooch.


When you’re getting yourself a pom pup, be sure to look for the registered papers first. Good breeders keep their puppies and dogs registered with renowned clubs such as AKC, CKC for legal issues and safety.

These registered papers are made based on the puppy’s or the dog’s health, temperament, and disposition which assures you a good puppy.

If you are a standard Pom enthusiast, then ask for the pom’s pedigree or check the history line to make sure your pup has come from dogs with great health.

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Pomeranian Laughing

Things to consider before choosing a breeder

Now that you’re sure about getting a Pomeranian to your home, there are steps to watch for when you’re choosing a breeder for your pup. These criteria will help you to choose the best breeder for your future pom after proper analysis.

Do your research

Researching will save you from falling into the wrong hands. By this, I urge you to look into everything thoroughly.

Do you like a breeder? Check their website. Are you still hesitant? Call the breeders. Ask them questions about everything you want to know.

One thing to avoid is buying Pomeranian from online shops as there are numerous scammers out there waiting for people to fall into their traps. Always contact the breeders and ask if you can visit them as you want to check the puppies and their mothers in person.

This helps you not only to understand the puppy’s health condition but also saves you from getting duped. 

Ask questions

Asking questions to breeders assures them that you really are interested in the puppy. These questions will help you to dive deep into the pup’s history and state which will keep you aware all the time.

Ask the breeders about the pup’s parents, ask them if you can meet the parents or not, ask about the preferred exercises, the food habit, the playing time, the temperament, the habits, and features, ask them if the pups are registered or not, check if they are vaccinated or not, ask how they socialize the puppies.

Just keep asking till you’re satisfied. It’s always better safe than sorry! 

Previous achievements

Breeders love to attend puppy and dog shows as it helps them to earn recognition amongst dog lovers. If you’re choosing a breeder, ask them about their previous victories, how many shows they attended, how many they won.

It’s totally up to a breeder whether they want to take their dogs or puppies to shows and competitions or not. If your breeder never went for a show, then it’s alright. You can ask them about the document and other certificates for credibility as well.


Reviews are never fake. Reviews and testimonials from previous customers and buyers will help you to get an idea about the service of any particular breeder. If someone recommends you the breeders who are new but provide good quality service, make sure to take a look over there too.

References, recommendations, and reviews will only lead you to the best breeder around you.  

Happy Pomeranian

Over To You

Pomeranians are puppers that require constant attention. They know how to keep you on your toes. These poms are the perfect fit as family pets and loyal companions. Owing to feisty temperament, they are bold and quick to take actions whenever it needs to.

If you’re looking for a good Pomeranian breeder in Illinois, then above are the best 4 breeders who produce standard poms with sound temperament. I researched it as I am very passionate about Pomeranians and love to share my knowledge with all.

What do you like about Pomeranians? What is your favorite type? Let us know in the comments below!

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