Top 7 Best Pomeranian Breeders in Missouri (MO) State

If you’re seeking for best quality Pomeranian Puppy Breeders In Missouri state, then don’t worry you’re in the right spot!

Hey there, Pom Pom lover buddy! I know it is a lengthy process finding a good Pomeranian breeder, while you are searching through the internet, scrolling down the website page to know their policies, and many more. And after some time it gets quite confusing whom to choose. 

That is why I have done my own research to make a short breeder list of some top breeders in your area. I have listed down the top 7 genuine Pomeranian breeders in Missouri just for you. This list of breeders has their own personal breeding experience, purpose, history, breeding philosophy

I have made this list so that you can choose a good pom breeder without spending much of your time and strength. Hope this reading journey will please you and help you. 

Find A Pomeranian Breeder Near Me In Missouri State

Top 7 Best Pomeranian Breeders In Missouri (MO) State

#1 Palm Pom Babies   

Palm Pom Babies are a small home kennel located in northwest Missouri. Jann the owner is more of an active pomeranian lover than a breeder. While looking around her website I noticed she likes to claim herself as a maid for her dogs as she treats them with utmost love and care.

Jann has been running her Pomeranian breeding program for more than 10 years. She started breeding pom dogs, not from a breeder perspective. She started breeding to give you a cute little source of happiness. 

Palm Pom Babies currently breed Pom puppies. They like breeding Pomeranians for their well socialized and active nature. The main focus of their breeding program is to ensure you a pomeranian puppy that is healthy, happy, and well socialized. 

Jann likes to play with the puppies and pamper them in a good way like they are her kids. So your puppies are growing in a family living environment. 

Your puppy comes with:

  • Dew claw removed. 
  • Two doses of shots.
  • Dewormed.
  • DRA registration. 
  • Medical records and health certificate. 
  • Professional vet checked. 

Each Pom costs 800$ or up with breeding rights included. You need to pay 200$ deposit money as required to put your hold on a pom baby. They also offer shipping services in the continental USA, Alaska, and Canada. You need to pay the required additional charges for shipping. 

You can visit their web page or contact them to know more about their program and policies. You can also fill up a contact form on the website. 

Pomeranian Puppy Breeders Details:

Pomeranian Sweet Puppy

#2 Rozin Kennel 

Keith, Joann Rozin, and their daughter Anna have been running Rozin Kennel for over 20 years. It is a local reputable kennel situated in Lebanon, Missouri. 

Rozin kennel started their Pomeranian breeding program in 1998. They started their breeding program out of their love for dogs. They work on Dachshund, French Bulldog, Lhasa Apso, Pomeranian, Shih TZU. 

Keith and Joann work to produce you a loveable Pom Pom pet or companion. The Rozin couple spends most of their time taking care of their dogs. They believe that only your dog will love you more than anyone else. 

Rozin Kennel is a USDA and AKC-approved and state inspected Pomeranian kennel. They only strive to produce good and healthy Pom dogs for you and anyone. 

If you want to get a puppy from them you can contact or email them. But they prefer to meet you in person. You can make an appointment to see them and meet their puppies in person. 

Pomeranian Puppy Breeders Details: 

Pomeranian Walking

#3 Cory’s Cuties 

Cory’s Cuties is a family-owned purebred Pomeranian breeder based in Missouri. Cory Mincey is a state-licensed, inspected breeder and the owner of Cory’s Cuties. She is a Passionate pomeranian lover and loves sending her babies to you as your lifelong companion. 

Cory has been raising pom puppies for over 19 years. She started this breeding program as a commitment to ensure you a purebred, quality pom dog. 

Cory’s Cuties works on Pomeranian dogs. They also raise Miniature Pinscher dogs. The main focus of their breeding program is to produce healthy, happy, and well-socialized pom pom for you. 

You can request to have your puppy shipped or can pick up your puppy on spot. They keep the puppies up to date to their checkups. 

Your puppy comes with:

  • AKC registration
  • 1st dose of vaccination
  • Deworming
  • Microchipped
  • Pedigree
  • Puppy food
  • Shot record
  • 1-week health guarantee & 1-year genetic guarantee. 
  • A full vet exam with a health certificate. 

If you want to put your hold on one of the puppies you need to pay non-refundable deposit money. They require full payment 1 week before pick up, shipment, or transport. 

Cory does not accept visitors due to some security issues. She only allows serious buyers who have made a down payment for a Pom puppy.

You can email or contact them to know better about them and their Pom Pom. You can also fill-up the form given on the website.  

Pomeranian Puppy Breeders Details:

#4 Sweet P Poms 

Sweet P Poms is USDA & MDA licensed breeders and breed pet & show quality ACA registered Pomeranian puppies. They are located in Lebanon, Missouri. 

Clint And Cherry started Breeding Pomeranians for quite some years. They work only to produce high-quality Pom dogs. This couple loves to spoil your puppy in a good manner. So that she can interact with you better. 

They train your puppy as an outgoing, well-socialized, and wonderful pet. Also ensure you, a healthy and champion pom dog of good nature and disposition. Each and every pom gets plenty of love and care as they grow up.      

Sweet P Poms has a large variety of puppies available of standard colors for you. You can choose your desirable pom pom from the range.  They do not provide any shipping service. You need to pick up your puppy on the spot with full payment. They prefer postal money orders or cash only as payment.

You can claim you hold on a puppy upon giving Sweet P Poms a deposit of 200$. Your puppy can go home when she is 8 weeks of age. You puppy is up to date on all shots and deworming.  Your pom dog comes with an ACA registration.  

Pomeranian Puppy Breeders Details:

Pomeranian Stare At Something

#5 Emily’s Pups

Emily’s Pups is a small family-owned breeder located in Memphis, Missouri. Emily is a passionate dog lover and small breeder who raises high-quality Pomeranians for you. She loves sending her babies to new loving homes. 

Emily’s Pups raise Maltese, Yorkshire Terrier, Maltipoo, Shih Tzu, Pomeranian, and Toy Poodle puppies. Their target is to produce the highest standard breed of pom dogs. All of their parent dogs are selected carefully and many of them are of champion bloodlines. 

Your Pom puppy gets well trained to adapt to your environment. The Pom Pom puppies grow up in a loving and caring family environment. Emily wants you to be sure about your puppy’s health and vaccination as they are annually vet checked. 

Your Pom puppies are properly taken care of and come with some other following facilities:

  • Current on all vaccination
  • Microchipped 
  • A full veterinarian check on departure 
  • Health Certificate and one-year health guarantee

Emily’s Pups demands a nonrefundable pay-in of 500$. They only ship puppies in the USA and Canada. You have to pay an extra 400$ as a shipping charge for your puppy. But they recommend picking up your puppy in person for the puppy’s safety.  

If you want to know more updates about their puppy or coming liters you can visit their web page. You can also call or email them for other puppy-related inquiries.

Pomeranian Puppy Breeders Details:

Pomeranian Dog

#6 Prayer Paw Puppies

Prayer Paw Puppies are a USDA and AKC registered pomeranian breeding kennel based in Missouri. Jean Anderson and Sheri Chapman, a mother-daughter team runs this business. They want to share their joys with the world.

Prayer Paw Puppies has been in the Pomeranian breeding business for about 30 years. They started this business out of their love for little Pomeranians and now they want to share their love pets with you. 

This brand bred Pomeranians for love, companionship, loyalty, gentleness, color. They want to produce pom dogs that are healthier and stronger. So that your puppy can keep you company for a long time. Your puppy gets pampered while growing up with love. 

They welcome you to meet them and the puppies upon making an appointment. They offer to help you choose your lifelong friend. You can take your puppy home at 8 weeks of age. 

Your puppy receives approximate facilities such as AKC registration, microchipped, declawed, proper vet checkups, health guarantee.

They also offer you proper puppy care guidelines and also potty train them.  If you are eager to get a puppy from them you need to deposit $250 as guarantee money and need to sign a buyer-seller contract. This contract does not allow you a breeding right. The price of the puppies differs in the size and colors of the pom dogs.  

Pomeranian Puppy Breeders Details:

Pomeranian Smiling

#7 ​Hatton’s Melt Your Heart Pomeranians

Richard Hatton is the owner of this Hatton’s Melt Your Heart Pomeranians and a small USDA and state licensed pomeranian breeder. He runs a pomeranian kennel in northeast Missouri named Elkfork Kennel. He describes each of his pups as the light of his life. 

Richard’s hand raises his pom dogs in his home. He raises them for their loving temperaments. 

He lives on a farm with his dogs. His home and dog kennel is located in the center of the farm with a large yard for his pomeranian to play. 

Hatton’s Melt Your Heart Pomeranians aim is to produce beautiful, healthy, and happy pom pom for you. As an experienced breeder, he focuses more on the health and quality of your puppy. All the puppies get timely and proper health examinations from a professional vet. 

Hatton prefers receiving your call if you are serious about having a pom dog. He offers you suggestions on choosing a pom puppy and proper puppy care for your first-time puppy purchasing. Some of his puppies are APRI registered and some are AKC registered

You can pay a deposit to reserve a puppy. If you want your puppy shipped you have to pay $350 other than the total pom puppy price. Your puppy will only have a new pet carrier in case of shipping. Your puppy comes home when it is 8 weeks of age. Hatton reserves the rights of the first pick for future breedings.

Pomeranian Puppy Breeders Details:

  • Owner: Richard Hatton 
  • Address: 528 E Maple St. Shelbina, MO, USA
  • Web URL:
  • Phone NO: 573-470-2633

Pomeranians Characteristics

Pomeranians are known as toy dogs as they can be confused as beautiful fluffy toys.  They are beautiful, little lovelies with an elegant demeanor. They sometimes even think of themselves as big dogs and even try to challenge other big dogs. 

But they are quite intelligent and easy to train. If you train them properly they can be more obedient and friendly than other breeds. They can also be good watchdogs as they are alarmed all the time. Poms are more suitable for kids to play with than larger sturdy dogs.   

Over To You

Hope the list above was helpful to you. Then from the above list, Are there any breeders who live near your area?

Do you know any of the breeders from this list? Have you ever purchased a Pomeranian from any of the breeders?

Are there other breeders in your area whom I have missed to feature? Or, do you know any other good Pom breeder in your area whom I can feature? 

Please comment below on the comment section to let me know about them. I would also like to feature them as well.

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