Top 4 Best Golden Retriever Breeders In West Virginia (WV) State

If you are looking for the best quality Golden Retriever Puppy Breeder in West Virginia state, then you are in the right place!

I have ruled out all the backyard breeders and puppy mills for you. I really hope this list will be helpful for you to find your preferred tail-wagger which will bring happiness to you and your family.

After researching for a long time I have made this list of the top 4 reputable Golden Retriever Breeders in West Virginia state.

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Find A Golden Retriever Breeder Near Me In West Virginia State

Top 4 Best Golden Retriever Breeders In West Virginia (WV) State

#1 Maplewood Kennel

Maplewood Kennel is the first breeder on my list. They are located in West Virginia state, the beautiful Appalachian Mountains of North Central which is a short drive from Morgantown and Oakland, or an enjoyable afternoon trip from Pittsburgh or Cumberland.  All their puppies are bred for country or city life.

The breeders have been working with dogs and other animals for over 30 years. She is a retired Veterinary Technician and her family and she owned & operated a pet supply store and grooming salon for many years. Now they have started devoting their time and hearts to their favorite dog breeds.

The Breeder’s daughter is also a registered handler now. The Breeder and her husband share their home and lives with their dogs. They are dedicated to producing healthy, happy, Well adjusted puppies for family homes.

They have 14 acres of fields and woods where the pups can run and explore with 2 large ponds to swim in and a warm cozy lap to curl up to take a nap. Their puppies are well socialized and raised in their home since birth. They are given lots of love.

All of their babies are examined by a licensed veterinarian and given a written health certificate and guarantee. They Pride themselves on producing Loving, Happy, Healthy, well-adjusted puppies.

They do not breed just for pets. The owner also has to work and show dogs also.

Golden Retriever Puppy Breeder Details:

  • Owner: Rhonda Kelly
  • Location: Preston County, West Virginia
  • Contact: +1 304-329-4138
  • Website: Maple Wood Kennel
  • Email:
  • Facebook page link: Maplewoodwv 

#2 Newman Goldens

Newman Goldens is the second breeder on my list. They are located in Fairdale of West Virginia. Newman Goldens is committed to producing top-quality English Cream Golden Retriever puppies from world-class bloodlines.

After the breeder got married, he along with his wife decided immediately that they wanted a family dog. They began researching, shopping, and asking around about different dog breeds to choose from.

It was no surprise to hear about how great Golden Retrievers were, so they decided to give them a try. They are very happy about their decision now. Their first Golden was Daisy, and right off the bat, she proved all the hype to be true.

They were hooked and decided to gather some information about breeding Goldens and share this same feeling with others.  They took their time researching and contacting breeding programs across the world. That is how they first heard of English Cream Golden Retrievers.

The canine dad was told that not only were English Cremes different from American Goldens in color, but also in size, shape, and temperament. Then his wife and he finally came to a decision for their stud.  After that, they purchased their very second Golden, but their first English Cream.

Now it’s their mission to give happiness to others which they have got. They are fully committed to producing the very best quality puppies. Their goal is to share their wonderful experiences of owning high-quality Golden Retrievers with all of you.

Golden Retriever Puppy Breeder Details:

  • Owner: James Newman
  • Location: Fairdale, West Virginia
  • Address: 1096 Bolt Rd, Fairdale, WV 25839
  • Contact: 304-712-6029
  • Website: Newman Goldens
  • Email:
  • Facebook Page Link:

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Golden Retriever Dog

#3 Safari Goldens

Safari Goldens is the third breeder on my list. They are located in Chester, West Virginia. The breeder breeds champion quality Safari Goldens. 

The breeder says, “It is also one of the best ways for me to help Golden owners with my extensive knowledge of my line of Goldens accumulated over the past 40 years”.

She has always been welcoming people to visit her farm and meet the gang to see if a Safari Golden fits in their lifestyle.

The owner also gives grooming lessons as well as health tips. Breeder gives all the core vaccines for the life of your Safari Golden for free except the Rabies Vaccine. She has found that her Goldens will live longer without vet visits! She microchips all her puppies and activates them for the buyers at her own cost.

The breeder keeps everyone coming back to Safari Goldens because it is a blast but most importantly she can see what she can work on. Along with that, she can also see what she has gotten right in her Safari line of Golden Retrievers.

Owners Safari Goldens live into their teens on her farm. All her tail-waggers are $1,500.00 with limited AKC registration, vet checked, current on all vet care.

Logan, her patriarch lived to almost 18 years old! She wants all of her dogs to live that long and if they don’t she wants to do it better! It will take us all working together to keep Safari Goldens the best they can be!!!

Golden Retriever Puppy Breeder Details:

  • Owner: Betsy McMichael
  • Location: Chester, West Virginia
  • Address: 94 Blue Grass Dr, Chester, WV 26034
  • Contact: +1 724-573-0508
  • Website: Safari Goldens
  • Facebook Page Link:
Golden Retriever Playful

#4 Deer Creek Goldens 

Deer Creek Goldens is the last one on my list. They are located in West Virginia state which is a beautiful cattle farm in north-central. All of their dogs are health tested either by paw print genetics or embark Genetics. 

Breeders have raised golden retrievers for over 20 years. In the first years, they had 2 family pets that they loved dearly and also had a couple of litters of puppies. Many years later, breeders are still breeding their best friends. Now they have learned how to breed healthy and beautiful goldens with wonderful temperaments.

Breeders have both American and European Goldens in their families. All of their dogs are health tested either by paw print genetics or embark Genetics. Owners only breed dogs that are cleared from genetic conditions.

They have two females that are ICT carriers but they will never have puppies that will be affected by the skin condition. They are currently working on having all of their dogs’ hips and elbows cleared by either OFA or PennHip.

Their puppies are bred and raised in their home and are exposed to many sounds, smell and are socialized with many different people.

They come pre-spoiled for sure. They sell their pups with limited registration, full available with approved cases only along with a written contract.

Golden Retriever Puppy Breeders Details:

  • Owner: Danica Ehrin
  • Location: New Milton, West Virginia
  • Contact: 3046251301
  • Email:
  • Website: Deer Creek Goldens
  • Facebook Page Link:

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How much does a purebred Golden Retriever puppy cost in West Virginia?

I have researched a lot and now I think you can expect to pay from $1,000 to $2,000 for your new furry best friend in West Virginia. Within this price range, you can easily get a Golden Retriever from a reputable breeder near the West Virginia area.

The Golden Retrievers almost never have the necessary 3rd-party assurances and veterinarian procedures if you choose the lowest-cost option.

But if you want quality Golden Retrievers from breeders with the utmost quality, care, and assurances in West Virginia it will cost you more initially but you will easily be able to get one within $2,000.

Why are pure Golden Retriever puppies expensive in West Virginia?

Like West Virginia in most places, the cost of Golden Retrievers is high. If you want to buy a purebred Golden with an impressive pedigree from a reputable breeder it will cost you more.

In West Virginia, there are not that many reputable breeders which also is a reason for the high price range. As of the reputable Golden retriever breeders in West Virginia, they are AKC breeders of merit. It is another reason why Goldens are so expensive in Missouri. The reputation of the breeders here also influences the price.

Golden Retriever With Leaf

How do you find a reputable Golden Retriever breeder in West Virginia?

You have to be careful while choosing your furry best friend’s parents If you want to have a reputable Golden. You must need to know who’s taking care of them the first eight weeks of their lives which actually will decide how the Goldens are going to be. 

To find a reputable breeder visit your local golden retriever club’s website which means West Virginia retriever club’s website. Then you can collect their number from there and call them to ask for a referral to a reputable breeder.

After that, you can visit them. You can also ask for OFA clearance to be sure if they are actually aware of their canines or not. The top two priorities that reputable breeders breeding companion (pet) dogs have are temperament and health.

If there is a breeder who seems to prioritize these qualities then they might be what you are looking for.

Lastly, reputable breeders care a lot about their dogs and also consider them as their family members so they’ll be asking you a ton of questions. Before taking any decision do your investigation.

Why are Golden Retrievers so popular in West Virginia?

Golden Retrievers are so popular in West Virginia because Goldens are exceptionally intelligent. One can easily train the pups for acing different skills. Also after doing research I came to know that Retrievers are well suited to country environments and West Virginia is one of the best options for that.

Golden Retrievers are one of the most common breeds for therapy and guide dogs. They are generally kind and gentle, especially with children.

When they are young they are considered to be the cutest puppies and amongst the most comforting companions when they are old. Like most pups, they are, “the gods of frolic”. It’s a joy to watch them play.

Another reason for their popularity is when their fur is properly maintained they are one of the most gorgeous breeds of dogs. These are the reasons why Retrievers are so popular everywhere as well as in West Virginia.

Golden Retriever Doggy

What is the maintenance cost per month in West Virginia to raise a Golden Retriever puppy?

Per month’s maintenance cost to raise a Golden Retriever puppy in West Virginia will be around $500. According to research, a puppy’s maintenance cost is more than an adult dog’s.

After you are done purchasing a Golden retriever, you will have to obtain a license, which costs an average of $50. If you are interested in registering your fido into a club then it will cost you around the $150 mark.

As an owner, you can expect to spend around $70-$80 per month on a retriever’s food. Also, pooches need proper health care like vaccines, deworming and basic care which might cost you around $200. It might seem costly to you but it is worth spending on the Retrievers.

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What is the rarest color of Golden Retriever in West Virginia? Why are they rare?

According to my research Red is the rarest color of Golden Retrievers in West Virginia because breeders there are most likely to not breed Retrievers of this color. So, it is almost impossible to find a red Golden here.

Many breeders prefer Red Goldens due to their attractive and memorable coats. Due to their unusual coat color, the red Golden Retrievers are rare here in West Virginia.

In West Virginia, red-colored Retrievers are rare because breeders mostly believe in purebreds and Golden Retrievers with red golden fur are often mistaken for the Irish setter. So, breeders here don’t prefer to breed these colored Retrievers much.

Golden Retriever Laughing

Why To Avoid puppy mills and backyard breeders while choosing a Golden Retriever Puppy in Missouri?

While choosing a Golden Retriever in West Virginia you should avoid puppy mills and backyard breeders. Puppy mills mostly treat animals like cash crops and on the other side, backyard breeders are only motivated by profit.

Animals are confined to squalid in puppy mills, overcrowded cages with minimal shelter from extreme weather. They are more likely to suffer from starvation or malnutrition. Sick puppies don’t get proper veterinary care at all.

They continuously bred adult animals until they can no longer produce. Most of the time hounds are taken from their mothers at such an early age and that is why the pups suffer from serious behavior problems.

On the other hand, backyard breeders continuously breed animals for years to produce a litter for a profit that jeopardizes the animals’ welfare. This is why one should avoid puppy mills and backyard breeders.

Over To You

I have tried my best to make this list with every possible information. Do you think I have missed any important information or any reputable breeder of West Virginia?

From this list which breeder you are more likely to prefer and why? Which one is the closest to where you live? If you think I have missed anything here or If you have any questions then comment below!

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