Top 6 Best Dachshund Breeders In West Virginia (WV) State [2022]

If you are looking for top-rated Dachshund puppy breeders in the West Virginia area, then you’re in the perfect place!

As West Virginia is a large state, you need some extra bits of help to find your doxies from the perfect breeder.

I eliminated all the backyard breeders and puppy mills and after dozens of research, I found the top 6 best Dachshund breeders in West Virginia who can provide you best quality furry friends. I considered the grower’s reputation, price, and services they offer.

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Top 6 Best Dachshund Breeders In West Virginia (WV) State

#1 Wittsend Kennels

Wittsend Kennel welcomes you to become a perfect family for their lovely Dachshund puppies. Their love for animals made them start this business in 2004, in Short, Gap West Virginia state.

They are members of The National Miniature Dachshund Club and the Basenji Club of America. They will help you to get comfortable with the new furry member of your family before you take them home.

Apart from Miniature Smooth Doxie breeds, they breed another breed and that is Basenji. All these puppies are updated with current shots, worming, and vet checks so that you can enjoy your valuable time with them instead of worrying about their health. Moreover, they guarantee the healthiest and highest quality puppies.

These breeds are specially selected for you because they are easy to maintain at home. Weiner dogs show the capability to give birth to 2 to 3 puppies every 4-5 months which will fill your heart with joy. 

If you are willing to get your Dachshund from Wittsend, you need to make an appointment through a phone call. As this is a private area, you can visit the place and try to pick the best puppy for you.

Dachshund Puppy Breeders Details:

#2 Brody’s Doxie Den

Brody’s Doxie Den is a Dachshund breeder located in the West Virginia area. They started this business as a hobby and now they can be enlisted as a perfect grower for you due to their work pattern.

They are specialized in smooth and long-haired AKC registered miniature doxies. They chose this breed because it is overloaded with cuteness and they can enlighten your mood anytime. They built a  zone inside the home for these puppies where they can grow comfortably.

Just like the other sausage dogs, these babies can give birth twice a year. They even offer you a health guarantee and lifetime breeder support.

They usually leave the grower’s home knowing their names and are familiar with common phrases, such as:  “No”, “Go to bed”, etc.

To get a puppy from them you need to fill up a form available on their website. They will arrange an appointment for you to visit the place. You can see the puppies and choose one of your choices. They will go through some formalities and paperwork to ensure they are giving their babies to a better family.

Dachshund Puppy Breeders Details:


#3 PenDachs

PenDachs which is located near West Virginia state, Marilyn Pence is a reputable breeder and owner. She started their program long back and started this breeding function at home to produce Happy, Healthy, and Fun-Loving puppies for you.

PenDachs are fond of different high-quality breeds like AKC and UKC standard smooth doxies and treat them equally. They consider themselves as “All Natural Dachshund” growers where they feed raw meat to these beautiful puppies to maintain a natural diet habit.

Marilyn allows her pups to live a natural life like their ancestors. She even prefers to treat her dogs homeopathically and holistically as much as possible.

According to her, if a puppy receives home treatment rather than vaccination then the puppy will live a long and quality life with you.

As they are concerned about the health of puppies, they will update you with the recent photographs of your desired puppy to help you in purchasing.

To buy a new puppy you will need to contact them through email. If you want to know more about their service you can visit their website. 

Dachshund Puppy Breeders Details:

#4 Birch Hill Doxies

Birch Hill Doxies is a truly small heaven in West Virginia for the little Dachshunds organized by Kim Kwiatkowski with lots of warmth and love.

Kim felt strong affection for this breed and gradually started to breed doxies and now they produce the most beautiful and healthy puppies for your happiness.

They are dedicated to Weiner pup breeding which makes them a more suitable choice for you. They breed miniature smooth and wirehaired and standard longhaired doxies, from both European and American champion bloodlines.

They give 4-5 puppies in each litter but they try to manage them all by themselves. Most importantly they try to maintain the original bloodline so that you can get the best puppy for yourself.

Kim loves her puppies more than anything else for which she does not allow any kind of shipping. Instead, she meets people within a reasonable distance and also offers the Birchie Express Transport Service where she will be happy to meet you at the airport of your choice.

If you are willing to adopt puppies from her then you need to contact Via phone or email. They will like to interview you and if they find you perfect they will let you have their puppies forever.

Dachshund Puppy Breeders Details:


#5 Loop Creek Dachshund’s

Loop Creek Dachshund’s is a small breeder In Southern West Virginia where they are exclusively raising sausage puppies just for you. They always want you to understand that this is not just a purchase rather it is a lifetime commitment for your new puppy.

These puppies are fond of too much love and attention and they believe you will love these puppies as much as possible. All of their breeding dogs are CKC or AKC registered.

Robin Mitchell breeds long hair, smooth coats, and wire-haired doxies of all colors and patterns including dapples and piebald. There is no specification of the number of puppies in every litter but they always tend to give birth twice a year.

They are perfectly dewormed and vaccinated so that you do not need to worry about all these while having fun with these little puppies. Firth 3 weeks after their birth is very sensitive so they are kept in a very comfortable zone. At the age of 8 weeks, they are ready to be a part of your life.

Robin is very careful and selective about his puppies. If a deposit is done and the buyer is found unfit to care for the puppy the deposit will be refunded. Loop Creek Dachshund’s will relist the puppy as available, and find a more suitable home environment.

If you settled your mind to buy a Weiner puppy from them then you need to email them for an interview. If you are selected then they will allow you to visit their home and see your puppy if your puppy reaches an age of 3 weeks by then.

Dachshund Puppy Breeders Details:

#6 BlueMoon Dachshunds

BlueMoon Dachshunds is a small home breeder of doxies in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia area. They came to this breeding profession out of love for this beautiful breed a few years back.

They find the Dachshund as the most interesting breed which can be raised properly in a home environment. 

All of their dogs are registered with the CKC which makes it easy for you to adopt these beauties without worrying about any legal issues.

They like to breed different colors and types of Weiner dogs so that you can choose your new buddy according to your choice. All of them belong to lines having champions in their past. 

They aim to keep puppy families a bit short so that they can take proper care of each and every puppy equally.

You will be glad to know they regularly try to maintain vaccinations, worming, and flea prevention of these puppies if they reach an appropriate size.

Your little darlings will come with the food they are used to eating, which will last about a week. The package includes dry food, wet canned food, and burger as a treat. You will also get a little information packet and a new toy for your puppy.

If you are ready to have a new member of your family then you can contact them via phone or email.

In addition, you can also visit their website where you will find an adoption contract and you can fill it up to reserve your desired puppy.

Dachshund Puppy Breeders Details:

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Why to avoid puppy mills and backyard breeders while choosing a Dachshund Puppy in West Virginia?

Backyard breeders and puppy mills cannot provide you with quality Dachshund puppies. Even they are not registered by AKC as they are well aware of the fact that they produce low-quality pups and sell them at low prices.

The word “backyard breeder” is often used to identify dog growers with no expertise or experience. They usually breed dogs without having the time to make suitable genetic matches, or with the proper kennel club or breed club to get dogs registered.

Owing to bad breeding and treatment conditions, puppy mill puppies with parasites, kennel cough, and diarrhea, will end up in pet shops and new homes. They may also show behavioral difficulties, apprehension, and anxiety from being so easily isolated from their mothers and littermates.

Moreover, puppy mills are based on making profits, dogs are also bred without regard to genetic standards. This refers to dogs, including heart disease and respiratory diseases, who are vulnerable to congenital and inherited problems.

These pets may sound less pricey, but as health problems arise, you may end up paying more for these dogs in the long run. In certain ways, if anything goes wrong, these growers will not take their puppies out.

How much does a purebred Dachshund puppy cost in West Virginia?

The cost of owning a purebred Dachshund varies widely and relies on multiple aspects, such as the position of the breeders, prestige, litter size, puppy pedigree, the popularity of the breed, grooming, attempts to socialize, race lines, and much more.

On average, it costs £ 1200-£ 2000 or $ 1500-$ 2500 for a Kennel Club Licensed Doxie. You may find well-trained Weiner dogs better, but the dachshund may not have been responsibly bred or the puppy may not exist at all if the price looks too good to be genuine.

Licensed doxies from the Kennel Club normally pay a little more than registered puppies from outside KC, although that’s not always the case. And, even though they do cost more, there may be a remarkably small price gap.

Over To You

Dachshund is a very popular breed of dog and if you are truly willing to get one for yourself then you can definitely go through my list keeping all your doubts aside.

I did well-organized research just to ease your process of finding a quality Dachshund in West Virginia. 

I believe the Top 6 Dachshund breeders mentioned in our list will save your time and help you to make a quick decision.

If you know any grower near your area that I may have not mentioned do let me know in the comment section. I will love to feature them. 

Yet I highly recommend checking the credibility of my listed grower and then make a purchase of your choice.

Which Dachshund Breeder attracts you most from West Virginia State? Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section which is always yours.

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