Top 6 Best Golden Retriever Breeders In Colorado (CO) State [2022]

If you are looking for the top quality Golden Retriever Puppy Breeders In Colorado State, then you’re in the right place!

Finding good breeders in the state of Colorado is difficult itself, but finding a breeder that is authentic and trustworthy is even harder. That is why to help you with your aim to find yourself your dream Golden.

I have listed down some of the most renowned and authentic top 6 reputable breeders who prioritize producing top quality Goldens.

All the breeders that have been listed here have been selected through meticulous scrutiny, none of them have been selected on a whim which is why you can definitely trust this.

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Top 6 Best Golden Retriever Breeders In Colorado (CO) State

#1 Colorado Finest Kennels and Ranch

Colorado Finest Kennels and Ranch located southeast of Denver, giving their canines a beautiful environment to grow up in, having an exquisite view of the Rocky Mountains and incessant fields. They strive forward with the goal of providing you with gorgeous and healthy Golden Retrievers. 

They specialize in authentic breeding, which results in spectacular, smart, and healthy Goldens who are also socialized from birth which is why they can easily fit right into your home and become a part of your family instantly. 

As they have superior quality and temperament, their dogs are not only used as family pets, they have an outstanding record of having top-notch therapy and service dogs. Many might think that the quality of the breeder is not a priority, but that is a very big misconception.

The diet, environment, proper vaccination, and socialization all play a very big role in the development of Goldens, that is why if you are looking for the best Goldens, you can definitely give this breeder a try.

Golden Retriever Puppy Breeders Details

#2 KL Golden Retrievers

KL Golden Retrievers were established in the year 2015, which makes them one of the recent breeders, but despite their novelty, they are by far one of the best breeders in Colorado.

Located between the Rocky Mountains and Eastern Plains, they are a 5th generation Coloradan farmer family subsisting by running a ranch, which means their dogs are living in a beautiful home with limitless land.

As they have experience with other animals, understanding the nature of Goldens was a secondary instinct for them. 

Their Goldens are handpicked from healthy bloodlines that have a great temperament, they constantly strive to produce better litters from the previous one. That is why with every year, their quality continues to transcend the prior one.

Goldens are intelligent and friendly breeds, and with proper training, they can become the best companion you have ever known, that is why you should definitely look into this breeder as they can help you accomplish your dream of obtaining the best furry friend ever.

Golden Retriever Puppy Breeders Details

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Golden Retriever Smiling

#3 Sweetheart Goldens

Sweetheart Goldens are a family-based breeder, who is immensely passionate about Golden Retrievers. Their journey as breeders was initiated due to the excellent quality of Golden Retrievers as therapy dogs, to aid their two youngest members of their family as they had autism. 

Their Golden Heidi has passed all her health tests and has been certified of having a perfect heath score including an excellent hip score, and her puppies too have been tested and have perfect health. So, all their Goldens are well taken care of which is why just like Heidi they have perfect health.

The companionship of Goldens can mitigate stress due to their outstanding temperament and friendliness, which is why with proper training and socialization, Golden retrievers are a breed that can make your life better. Just like their Golden Retrievers can make your life better, they also expect you to provide the best life for their Goldens.

They will not sell any Golden without the research and scrutiny of the buyer. Their first and foremost concern is the optimum choice for their Golden Retrievers, you are asked to give constant updates of the pupper.

If you do choose to purchase from here then you must deposit $500 before picking up the Golden and then must pay the rest $3000 after you have picked up the Golden. 

Golden Retriever Puppy Breeders Details

  • Owners Name: Melissa Wren
  • Address: Loveland, Colorado
  • Telephone: +1 970-393-0474
  • Email:
  • Website: Sweetheart Goldens
  • Social Media:

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#4 Good Gracious Goldens

Good Gracious Goldens is a wonderful breeder who is located in Denver Colorado. There are countless breeders who are bred in an unhygienic environment, which is deeply saddening. That is why they believe in providing the best environment for their Goldens.

Their dogs are from Champion Bloodlines and have OFA certificates of excellence, Pennhips, and are AKC registered. They have all reassurance you require to prove that their dogs are of superior quality. 

The reasoning behind why they chose Golden Retrievers to breed is because of their love for the breed and the joy this little sunshine can bring upon the lives of others. 

Due to their superior quality, they are immensely popular, that is why you should fill up the application as soon as possible. If you do wish you purchase from here, then you must deposit $500 beforehand, while the total cost may vary from $3300-$4000.

You will also receive a 2-year guarantee for hip dysplasia, heart defects, and other genetic disorders. Either half of your money will be reimbursed or you will receive a Golden puppy from their next litter.

Golden Retriever Puppy Breeders Details

  • Owners Name: N/A
  • Address:  6640 Owl Lake Dr, Longmont, CO 80504, United States
  • Telephone: +1 913-593-7655
  • Email:
  • Website: Good Gracious Goldens
  • Social Media:
Golden Retriever Walking

#5 Golden Girls Kennels

Golden Girls Kennels is located in Eastern Colorado. They specialize in Golden Retrievers and have a lot of varieties of Goldens to offer, such as white golden retrievers, English creme retrievers, red, etc. If you wish to have a beautiful Golden furry friend who is energetic, healthy, and social then you can definitely give them a try.

Their Goldens are constantly socializing and interacting with their five children which is why from birth they have received plenty of love and attention, which is why as adults they will be excellent with children.

They are all about providing you with good customer service, if you are struggling to understand which Golden Retriever you should choose then they are willing to do personality tests and provide pictures to help you find your forever furry friend.

Their dogs have had all forms of tests done, such as eyes, hearts, elbows, thyroid, and hips, they even are doing 11 recessive gene DNA tests. If you do purchase from them, then your Golden will come with a microchip, toys, and a pet ID tag. 

Golden Retriever Puppy Breeders Details

  • Owners Name: N/A
  • Address: 15470 Co Rd R, Fort Morgan, CO 80701, United States
  • Telephone: 970-867-4887 or 970-380-8025
  • Email:
  • Website: Golden Girls Kennels
  • Social Media:

#6 AKC Double B Goldens

AKC Double B Goldens is located in Kersey, Colorado, all of their Golden Retrievers are AKC registered. They are raising outstanding dogs with great temperaments, and they are very cautious regarding the health of their dogs.

They believe that NuVet Plus and NuJoint DS are some of the best vitamins for their Golden Retrievers, and regularly make sure their canines take in these vitamins to grow sturdy and healthy.

They have over 26 years of experience, which makes them a veteran in this field, and that is why they are well informed regarding all the protocols of how to raise good quality Golden Retrievers. 

The total cost of a Golden Retriever puppy will be $3500, and an additional $700 will be charged if shipping is necessary.

If you wish to purchase a puppy from them then contact them and fill up the application as soon as possible, as they are currently brimming with applications, the competition is intense.

Golden Retriever Puppy Breeders Details

  • Owners Name: Lee Barett, Alaina Brenner
  • Address: 25471 Co Rd 50, Kersey, CO 80644, United States
  • Telephone: +1 970-396-8417
  • Email:
  • Website: AKC Double B Goldens
  • Social Media:

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Price of Golden Retrievers in Colorado

Breeding can be very expensive especially when done with care and attention, it may end up causing the breeders hefty money to breed good quality Golden Retrievers. That is why if you find a Golden Retriever that is cheap, you can definitely tell that it is a Golden Retriever of menial health and quality.

So if you wish to purchase a good Golden Retriever of superior quality then it might cost you at least $3000-$4000. Purchasing a good Golden Retriever is always a better choice than purchasing something for cheap and then spending more money on vets.

Sometimes you might find Golden Retrievers on online websites for $500, there is no possibility of a good superior quality Golden Retriever being that cheap.

Goldens who have not received nutritious diets, socialization and undergo the possibility of being born from inbreeding can be that cheap as these Goldens are produced by backyard breeders. 

Total Annual Cost of Owning a Golden in Colorado

Golden Retrievers are like children, they become a part of your family and you are expected to take care of them with love and attention. For a Golden to live a healthy and happy life, there is no doubt that you will have to spend a hefty amount of money to ascertain it lives a good, long and healthy life.

Monthly, it might cost you $50 to buy food, an additional $10 might be needed for treats, again, there are other monthly expenses such as toys for $15, anti-flea treatment for $15, etc.

Other than these monthly costs, you might need additional costs like grooming for approximately $50-$90, Veterinary bills can vary from $50-$1000, depending on the cause and severity, then tooth cleaning also requires $100-$250. Again, vaccination, annual vet bills, and licensing can totally cost up to $200.

If we add up all of it then to give your dog a proper good life in Colorado it might cost you approximately $1500-$2000, this may seem like a huge amount of money but dogs are like our family so if you wish to have a Golden Retriever then you must make sure to take absolutely good care of it no matter the cost.

That is why before purchasing your, understand the responsibility that comes with it. 

Golden Retriever With Jacket

Over to You

Finding a reliable breeder in the state of Colorado is definitely a troublesome task, it’s incredibly unreliable and the authenticity is something you can never be truly sure of.

That is why to help you find the ideal breeder for you, I’ve listed down some of the most reliable breeders in the state of Colorado, but if you think I have missed down on any good breeder then please comment below.

Also, if you think there is any important information regarding Golden Retrievers then please share it with us in the comments for the viewers to see.

Do you think there is any health-related information that I may have missed upon? Please share that as well with us.

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