Top 4 Best French Bulldog Breeders In Pennsylvania (PA) State

If you’re looking for the best quality French Bulldog puppy breeders in Pennsylvania (PA) state, then you are in the ideal place!

So if you have already set up your mind to have a friendly, humble, and sweetest pet but you are still confused about which breed you should choose then just know that I’m suggesting the best kind of breed to you right now.

Which is none other than French Bulldogs! You won’t believe how playful, humble, loyal and sweet they are. They will bring rainbows in your life if you would love to embrace one of them with love.

So here to make it easy for you after a lot of research I have enlisted the top 4 reputable breeders in Pennsylvania state so that you don’t need to rush for it and can choose your preferred one right now!

Find A French Bulldog Breeder Near Me In Pennsylvania State

Best French Bulldog Breeders In Pennsylvania (PA) State

#1 East Coast French Bulldog

I have enlisted East Coast French Bulldog breeder just because of its outstanding features and criteria.

Their pups are AKC registered, have a great temperament, and are way too socialized with humans, children, and other pets. You won’t believe how sweet their Frenchies are. Their goal is to produce Frenchies who will have good temperaments, perfect health, bone structures, and appearance. All of their Frenchies are microchipped and also they provide puppy packages that contain full protection.

They also have a family-owned business with these French Bulldogs. They have been breeding Frenchies for 11 years. They also provide a health guarantee. If after taking pup from them the pup suffers from any congenital disease for this they will provide a 1-year health guarantee.

They put some conditions for taking their pup such as if you want to take their pup you have to give it for a check to a certified licensed vet within 72 hours of buying.

If the buyer takes her/his pup without checking then she/he has to take full responsibility if the pup suffers from any kind of disease or genetic problems in near future.

They also have a replacement policy, if their pup has any kind of disease before going to you then they are willing to replace it, they will replica the pup with a pup of equal or less value and same-sex.

They won’t refund any cash, and if the replacement happened outside the country or city the buyer must have to pay the shipping cost. But the foremost thing is before the replacement the buyer must have given the breeder written proof of the illness of the Frenchie and a letter from a certified veterinarian.

Moreover, If the pup goes through improper medical services, is neglected, is mentally affected, suffers from malnutrition, goes through abuses, or breeding of the Frenchie will void this replacement guarantee.

If the buyer wants to neuter, spay, or euthanize the pup then it’s his responsibility, the breeder won’t take any responsibility for that. They sell every puppy like a pet. They look for a responsible owner who can provide a forever home and take care of their pups like caring and loving parents.

Before buying the pup you must sign a contract paper where all of the above conditions along with some minor conditions will be mentioned. All of their Frenchies are fluffy and have long hair just because of the fibroblast growth factor in their genes.

They breed different colors of Frenchies. Such as having the color coating of blue, chocolate, cream, and spotting. I guess you know how rare it is to find a Frenchie in long hair, but amazingly this breeder will provide you with the real and rare long hair Frenchies!

All of their Frenchies are way too playful, extremely fun-loving, friendly and you can also consider them as the sweetest.

This breeder has amazing reviews on their indoor Frenchies. People love their Frenchies as they are so friendly, humble, and mind-blowing. So here I have got their details so that you can grab your one Asap!

French Bulldog Puppy Breeder Details:

#2 Speedwell Forge French Bulldogs

Speedwell Forge French Bulldogs is the passionate breeder. They breed Frenchies as a hobby and passion. Their puppies are well socialized by individually selected families. They breed with some specific morals and principles. So if you want to take a pup from them you must have to follow all of their principles and morals.

They will get you your preferred pup by their hand. They focus on this very keenly so that you can get your preferred one and your pup also can adjust with you perfectly which makes a perfect match with your pup.

The owner Jonathon and Shawna Steffy have two daughters – Scarlett and Juliet who also play a great role in their breeding program. It is kind of a family breeding program I must say. They highly value customer services, that’s why they have a very smooth focus on every preference of their customer. They exceed customers’ expectations before and after-sale.

Their first litters were a Golden Retriever and a Rottweiler through which they started breeding. Though they started through Golden Retriever and a Rottweiler later on they also started breeding French Bulldogs.

They started their breeding program in 1988. Their Frenchies are like their children. They provide each of their dogs with the best kind of dog foods, vitamins, and supplements. They have kept and raised their pups in a first-class environment so they prefer to give their pups to the owner who can also ensure a first-class environment for their pup. They will ensure this fact before handing over their pup to a buyer. They are in search of a potential and caring buyer.

They follow a lot of processes before giving the pup to the buyer. Firstly they take a screen test, and if the buyer can pass the screen test then they call for the application process, and then by taking an interview they hand over their pups. They are so serious about their pups.

So if you are willing and confident enough to ensure all of these things that they want you can contact them to have your perfect Frenchie.

They give their puppies some first-class facilities. Such as a climate-controlled room, temperature-controlled floor. All of their pups have been kept in such a place, at least the first 3 weeks after their birth. They monitor individual pups every day, regularly. They give the highest quality of food from Heartland Gold to their puppies. They also add probiotics, vitamins, and salmon oil to the food.

They are way too conscious about the hygiene of the Frenchies. They keep them clean and maintain them in a hygienic way. They have a personal vet care service that is available 24/7. They guarantee the proper health of their 9-10 weeks puppies. All of their pups are genetically tested and regularly monitored by a licensed vet.

The genetic test of their individual pups ensures that none of their pups have any kind of genetic life-threatening problem, disease, or effects. Also, they have dames and sires which are calm and sweet and have dispositions.

They choose a similar kind of male for their female dogs which have a similar kind of temperament. All of their Frenchies are having good conformation, championship bloodlines, and the sweetest and calmest characteristics.

The Frenchies are AKC-registered and dewormed. If you want to take a nine-week-old puppy then it will be on its second shot of vaccination. They also provide a health guarantee of 1 year. 

The price of each pup depends on its color and conformation. They also provide a contract for refunding the deposit for each puppy. They also provide air delivery services, and their shipping costs take $450 inside the USA. But the delivery charge mainly depends on the price and location and the chosen airport from the buyer. 

I guess you can contact them if you want to take one because I found their services so amazing and praiseworthy. You should check their details and website if you want to have one, I am attaching their details below-

French Bulldog Puppy Breeder Details:

French Bulldog Laughing

#3 Lily and Tobie Frenchies

Lily And Tobie Frenchies breeder offers high-quality care for each French Bullies. All of their Bulldogs are from Champion Bloodline and maintain the highest breed standard. This breeder is state-licensed. All of their Frenchies are vet inspected and approved in perfect condition and also AKC registered

They throw some conditions before selling their pups such as if you can’t keep their pup for any reason you have to give it back to the breeder, you can’t or you are not allowed to throw their Frenchie anywhere. They also have the right to refuse any sale, anytime they want.

The breeder started breeding 5 years ago with their first Bulldog Bella. The breeder considers herself as a new breeder though she has been a registered veterinary technician and also has 10 years of experience.

Her first dog Bella had encephalitis and meningitis which caused severe health issues and had been through chemotherapy but still couldn’t survive, she passed away.

After that, the breeder also educated herself in dog breeding, learned a lot from other professionals and she intended to make this breeding program her number 1 priority.

To the breeder, the health of each pup is way too important. Each of their puppies has a captivating personality. But if you are sure that you can spend most of the time with the pup in your home then you should take one from them because their pup can’t stay alone for a long time.

So they want to give their pup to such a person or family who can spend quality time with their pups and can give them proper attention, care, love, and a forever home.

So if you are confident about all of the features as a buyer they have asked for surely you can contact them for getting your preferred Frenchie. Their details have been given below so that you can catch them up easily.

French Bulldog Puppy Breeder Details:

#4 Acre Lake Frenchies

Acre Lake Frenchies breeder ensures that all of their Frenchies are purebred. They breed puppies that have varieties of markings and colors. Also, their parents are genetically tested which ensures the proper bloodline along with perfect health. They also give a one-year warranty which ensures the highest quality and perfect health.

There are some things that they have included in their health warranty such as – short records of the health of their pups, birth certificate of their individual pup, and all of the paperwork by a vet for each puppy. For their outstanding performance on breeding, they have been awarded the ‘Rank of ACA 5 Star Breeder’.

All of their pups are well socialized and very friendly. They provide their pups an A1 environment that includes heated floors, air conditioning, and all-one-building so that the puppies can be fit both physically and mentally.

Each of their puppies has a different personality. They breed different colors of Frenchies, such as lilac, lilac and tan, blue merle, blue merle and tan, chocolates, and also AKC approved all the standard colors.

If you want to take any pup from them you have to deposit $500 and have to fill out a form that will fix a schedule so that you can visit their kennel and get your preferred pup.

This breeder has 12 years of breeding experience. Their pups are AKC registered. They mainly focus on providing an informative experience to the customer so that the customers can get their perfect matching pup easily. This breeder contains a perfect and vast knowledge about the breeds.

I am attaching their details below so you can visit their website and get to know about them more.

French Bulldog Puppy Breeder Details:

  • Name of the owner: Jake, Liz Stoltzfus
  • Mailing Address: Lititz, Lancaster County, PA
  • Web Link:
  • Phone number: 717-945-2779

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Final Thoughts

I’m sure you have already been so bored in this quarantine and I’m telling you, French Bulldogs can be your best friend to light up your world and can change the test of life at a glance!

So what are you waiting for? Just grab your preferred one right now and get an amazing companion for a lifetime by having a French Bulldog as your best friend, I promise.

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