Top 7 Best Dachshund Breeders In South Carolina (SC) State

Need a wonderful, loving Dachshund puppy as a family member? But finding a trusted and best quality Dachshund Puppy Breeders in South Carolina (SC) state is very challenging. Isn’t it?

You may get many but when trust and quality issues are the main fact, won’t you be so confused? Of course, you will be. That’s why I am here to help you. In South Carolina, there are lots of pet rescue, pet farms, and pet stores but the number of breeders is not much. Also, many of them are not trusted.

I listed the top 7 reputable Dachshund Breeders In South Carolina State according to their reputation and puppy quality. And I avoided others except for breeders from my list. Learn more from here. Surely you will get better suggestions from this list.

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Find A Dachshund Breeder Near Me In South Carolina State

Top 7 Best Dachshund Breeders In South Carolina (SC) State

#1 Porth Kennels

Porth Kennels is a trusted and experienced breeder in South Carolina state. They raise their pets into kennels in a home environment.

Generally, they keep adult dogs as their pets. Each dog gets proper attention and care from them as their family member. They have lots of rooms designed for the easement and hygiene of their doggies. Always they give more attention to keeping their kennels clean. 

They have a unique imported “True English Cream”, long coat doxie. This type of doxie has an incredible temperament. Also, they are so sweet and have a beautiful combination that is so rare to find.

Porth Kennels is AKC certified. Since 1998, they have been successfully performing the breeding process of Dachshund puppies. They took breeding as a labor of love, not a profession. Mainly they prefer to introduce themselves as preservation breeders.

They breed their AKC Doxie puppies for conformation and temperament. As they have been doing this for almost 23 years, now they understand genetics, temperament, and confirmation of their dogs very well. Always they focus on propagating healthy, good quality pups and never prefer to compromise with quality. 

Prices of their pups start from $1200-$1400. They give a 2 years health guarantee. If you are willing to buy one, you have to reserve your favorite one with a $200 deposit.

You won’t get any cheaper dogs from them. They discourage their buyers from dealing with this as the price of everything has increased in the last couple of years.  But if you want a good socialized, good temperament and a loving one, I must recommend them.

Dachshund Puppy Breeder Information:

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#2 Graber Ranch

Graber Ranch specializes in mini doxie doggies for sale in South Carolina. They fixed their vision to produce happy, healthy pups. Most of their pups are short-haired. But they also keep long-haired mini dachshund puppies and dapples.

They always take their pups to the veterinarian for a good health check-up. Their puppies have a deworming schedule after a fixed time interval. Altogether they keep their puppies in their main focus point and always try to provide them the best possible care.

Graber Ranch is AKC registered. They are well-experienced breeders who have owned Dachshunds since 1992. This breeder has been performing its breeding process for almost 30 years. There are 4 members in their family.

All of them love their puppies and take great care of them as family members. Also, they are working hard to make their puppies socialized and temperament. 

A buyer has to contact them if he is willing to buy one from them. After some formalities, they deliver their puppies to the purchaser. They send their pups with an AKC registration application and bill of health. 

There are a lot of positive reviews. Maximum customers are satisfied with their service and with the quality of their 4 lagged babies.

Dachshund Puppy Breeder Information:

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#3 Williams Mini Dachshund Pups

Williams Mini Dachshund Pups is a reputable breeder. They are located in Florence, South Carolina State. They mainly breed short-haired miniature Dachshunds. There are many colors available to them such as blue, tan, chocolate, black, and tan, Isabella, and tans.

Also, they have dapples & piebalds of various colors. So you have a better color choice option if you want one. 

Lisa Williams, a well-experienced breeder, is the owner of Williams Mini Dachshund Pups. Which is AKC registered and CKC registered. All of her puppies are registered.

Also, she registers the microchip of every pup. She has been continuing the breeding process for almost 11 years. Her main target is to produce healthy and well temperament puppies. 

Ms. Lisa Williams is an excellent breeder. She always takes great care of her doggies. Her puppies are raised in a friendly environment with love. 

You must require a non-refundable deposit. Due to some bad experiences, they do not accept money orders via mail. You can adopt a dog from them after some formalities. All the processes related to adoption are so easy and clean. At the time of selling, they will provide vaccine records.

Their customer reviews are so positive. Most of the customers are satisfied with their service and consider Lisa as an awesome breeder. They highly recommend Lisa William and her Williams Mini Dachshunds Pups for a better experience. 

Dachshund Puppy Breeder Information:

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#4 Dogwood Acres Dachshunds

Dogwood Acres Dachshunds is one of the best-reputed breeders in South Carolina. All of their puppies remain near to them so that all the pups can get proper care, equal love, and lap time. They have a playground for their dogs.

The dogs play and move there freely in that large fenced area and sleep there at night. They managed climate-controlled kennels also when needed. They have a lot of puppies that are different in color and size. Also, the prices of those vary with the coat color.

Their main focus is to breed good conformation puppies with good temperaments. As reputed breeders, they follow breeding criteria. It helps them to produce healthy, desirable puppies.

They provide important vaccines, dewormings and do regular health check-ups to make sure that their puppies are healthy and genetically good. They are very dedicated breeders and start socializing puppies from their birth.

Dogwood Breeders is a certified breeder from AKC. Their puppies are AKC registered. When they sell any puppy, they write a contract. That is most probably about the health of the puppy for the protection of both breeder and purchaser. You have to agree with this purchase agreement if you are willing to purchase one.

They send their puppies to their new homes when they are 8 weeks old. But they do not prefer to let their puppies go if they are not ready enough to go. At that time they must give you the guarantee of the puppy’s health. 

I will recommend you to start your pet journey from here. They are so much trusted and surely provide you with the cutest member of your home. 

Dachshund Puppy Breeder Information:

  • Website: Dogwood Acres Dachshunds
  • Location: 2009 McKelvey Rd, Fountain Inn, SC 29644, United States
  • Telephone: 1 864-313-6733
  • E-mail:

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#5 SC Palmetto Dachshunds

SC Palmetto Dachshunds is a breeder of Dachie Dogs in South Carolina State. They have miniature dachshunds. They consider dachshunds as a wonderful breed. Good quality and healthy puppies are available to them.

Generally, they breed smooth long hair doxies. Puppies of all ages are available to them. A lot of colors such as black, tan, chocolate, Tan and chocolate, etc are obtainable. Though they mainly breed miniature puppies, you will get puppies of almost all patterns.

They are always aware of their puppies and try their best to ensure that each puppy and pup’s parents are getting proper and equal care. Whether their puppies are happy and have a good temperament or not is their main focus point.

SC Palmetto Dachshunds is AKC certified breeder. They are 100% in agreement with the Continental Kennel Club (CKC) and American Kennel Club (AKC). They are an AKC breed with heart.

They don’t prefer buyers to visit their home before they ensure to purchase one after deposit. They show the reason behind this is the safety of their puppies, dogs, and themselves. They do not hold puppies without a deposit.

This deposit is non-refundable. Visitors can have a visit when they complete their deposit and their desirable puppy is 7 weeks old. 

SC Palmetto Dachshunds provide their doggies after appropriate shots, worming, and veterinary check-up.  They register all of their pups at the right time. When a purchaser confirms to buy a puppy and fix deposit, they mail papered dogs registration certificates to the purchaser. 

They have a Facebook page where they give updates on their puppies regularly. You can contact them on Facebook. Besides, they encourage the buyers to contact them by mail without visiting them if there is any query.

Dachshund Puppy Breeder Information:

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#6 Shady Oaks Dachshund

Shady Oaks Dachshund is a local Dachshund Breeder. They are situated in the Upstate of South Carolina.

Generally, they breed Long Hair dachshunds. There are variations in the colors and size of their puppies. They raise their puppies in the home environment where they take proper care of the puppies. They are very sentient about how to raise the dogs well, Also they give much attention to making the doggies well temperament and social.

Shady Oaks Dachshund is another American Kennel Club (AKC) certified breeder. They have 100% willingness with the AKC and perform everything according to the rules of AKC.  All of their dogs are AKC registered.

They have no website. So if you want to contact them, you have to phone them. For better understanding, you can visit their Facebook page where they give a lot of suggestions if needed. You will get the answers to all of your possible questions from them.

They have numerous positive reviews that come from their customers. It is seen that maximum buyers are so satisfied with their service. They also like the puppies that they purchased from Shady Oaks Dachshund.

I am not highly recommending them but you can choose them. But before that, you should talk with them to know more about their puppies and service. 

Dachshund Puppy Breeder Information:

Dachshund Playing With Frisbee

#7 Four J’s Kennels

Four J’s kennels, a well-known breeder, is located in Upstate of South Carolina. According to them, Dachshunds are a wonderful breed that can be your best friend as well as a perfect pet. Breeding is not only their profession but also a hobby.

Four J’s kennels are determined to breed good confirmation and healthy pups. They train their dogs to make them socialize.

Puppies with different colors are obtainable to them such as red, tan, black and tans, chocolate, piebalds, dapples, and Isabelle’s. The Cream color is one of the desired colors that are not available to them. But they wish to have cream colors shortly. 

The owner of the Four J’s Kennels is Ms. Jackie Hitt. She is an experienced breeder. She has been breeding Dachshunds only for about 30 years. They are certified breeders from AKC. All of their doggies are AKC registered

If you have a plan to buy your adorable best friend, you have to contact them first. They will keep you on their waiting list. When your cherished puppy is available, they will call you to have a visit.

The prices of the puppies are so reasonable. A $150 deposit is generally required for each puppy. But they do not prefer to take deposits prior to their puppies being born.  Though the deposits are not non-refundable, they take that dollar when the puppies are 4 weeks old. Because they think it will help to ensure the hygiene of the puppies.

At the time of picking the dogs, a purchaser gets a health guarantee, 4 generation pedigree, deworming record. The cost of all these things is included with the price of the puppy. Normally they take an extra charge for shipping their puppies. And always they ship their puppies by delta.

Dachshund Puppy Breeder Information:

  • Website: Four J’s Kennels
  • Location: Upstate, South Carolina
  • Telephone: 864-855-1754
  • E-mail:

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Dachshund Puppies

Over To You

I gave many attempts to gather information about all possible reputed breeders. According to you, who is the best breeder? Is there anyone whom I have not enlisted? If there is any, please mention the name in the comment section. I will prefer to enlist him as well.

Which size do you prefer most for your desirable puppy? According to me, it’s Miniature Dachshunds. I like this more than standard Dachshunds. What about you?. Please write your opinion about this article. I am so inquisitive to know that.

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