Top 5 Best Dachshund Breeders in South Dakota (SD) State

If you’re seeking the best quality Dachshund Puppy Breeders In South Dakota state, then don’t worry you’re in the right spot!

Dachshund Puppies are very popular in South Dakota State. It’s a breed of German origin. Do you want to have a Weiner dog? I’ll highly recommend you select a breeder from the list.

I’ve done all of the research on different breeders and tried to highlight the best of them. Get top 5 reputable breeders of Doxin pups in South Dakota.

If the Doxie dog breeder looks like a puppy shop, puppy mill, or backyard breeder, I removed them from my list.

Find A Dachshund Breeder Near Me In South Dakota State

Top 5 Best Dachshund Breeders In South Dakota (SD) State

#1 Grand River Dachshunds

Grand River Dachshunds is a good Badger pooch breeder located in South Dakota state. Its owners are Dana and Denise Gehring. Their goal is to produce a healthy canine like the strong traits that characterize an adult dog. They also supply doggies in California. 

They start training when the Weiner dogs are 3 days old. They only breed a litter every 1-4 years once. Before they plan to breed-specific mutts, they do OFA eyes, hearts, patellas, and Embark DNA tests. They test their breeding stock to know what kind of characteristics the breed carries.

They can pair them with canines that do not carry the same characteristics by doing this. They do Lafora testing with Genomia for breeding dogs in the UK.

Grand River Dachshunds offers a 1-year health guarantee for their mutts. They vaccinated all their pooches under Dr. Dodds. They send their wiener doggies with an AKC registration, certificate of health, Breed club registration, and other various accessories.

If you want to have a mutt from Grand River Dachshunds, you have to apply first. Then they will proceed into the next steps with you. Their viewers are great and they have many happy buyers. 

Grand River Dachshunds breed size:

  • Miniature (11 lbs and under)
  • Standard (16-32 lbs) 

Dachshund Puppy Breeder Details: 

Dachshund Playing With Frisbee

#2 J & G Dachshunds

J & G Dachshunds offers AKC registered long-haired miniature and small Dachshunds. They are a small family breeder. They breed one or two litters a year. They try to produce standard size longhaired wieners with good health and nice coats. They also strive to create good temperaments for German dogs. 

J & G Dachshunds have two locations. In Arizona and Frankfort, South Dakota. Anita Clark is the breeder in Arizona and Julie is the breeder in South Dakota. Julie likes to play and love on her puppies. And Anita Clark likes to train and show canines.

They started their journey in South Dakota in April of 2018. They relocated from New Jersey to South Dakota. All of their pups are handled from birth, have been wormed, and have their first shots. They provide a health certificate for the weiners to their buyers. They have a great review about their pups.

If you want to know more about them and have a bowwow from them, you have to contact J & G Dachshunds. You can visit their website or Facebook page. You also can call them or send a message via email. I’ll provide you the contact details below.

Dachshund Puppy Breeder Details: 

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Dachshund Looking Forward

#3 Doxikota

If you want to have a trained competitor Dachshund, Doxikota is for you. Pam Bethke is the owner of Doxikota. He has been showing wieners since 1990 in AKC events.

He started showing in Weiners and it opened the door to all other events Doxin pups are capable to compete in Conformation, Obedience, Agility, Earthdog, Field Trails, Rally, and Tracking. 

Pam believes in trying hard for a well-balanced breeding program. They offer miniature Weiner dogs. If they took the breeding, they expect the puppies in the middle of March. They expect smooth coats for their wieners in red, and possibly wild boar or black, and tan.

The motto of Doxikota is Conformation-Performance-Companionship. According to Pam, the proof of a balanced breeding program of Doxikota is in the titles earned. 

There is some information about Doxikota’s champions; Strauss-mouse is working obedience, and agility and bred by Kassey Hill. Payton is an adorable girl and bred by Dawn-Rence Mack.

Doxikota also has dual champions. Currently, they have 11vdual champions. Wiener pups who have earned both Field championship title and Conformation championship. A dual champion has a “DC” in front of its name.

DC Rosan Hill Kirby is the first dual champion of Doxikota. Unfortunately,  Kirby passed away in June 2008 at the age of 11 1/2.

To know more about their champions and doggies, you can visit their website.

Dachshund Puppy Breeder Details: 

  • Name of the Owner: Pam Bethke
  • Website:
  • Email: 
  • Cell: 605-351-5879
  • Address: Dell Rapids, SD
Dachshund Loving

#4 Doxie Angles

Doxie Angles is a family breeder. They have been breeding “Home Raised AKC Miniature Dachshunds”. They are breeding for over a decade. They are proud of delivering genetically sound, well socialized, fur-loving, kid-tested, and mother-approved baby possible. Their pooches have good pedigrees.

They breed all of their tail-waggers in the house and are underfoot. They consider the puppies their children. And raise the canines as their child. 

Doxie Angles provide all of their and pooches on Purina Pro Plan Dog food. They also provide an “ALL NATURAL SUPPLEMENT”. They test the health and some times color of their pups. They have taken all of their tail-waggers from very well-known breeders. And keep the tail-waggers from one of their litters. 

They supply their Weiner dogs to the buyers with health checkups, first booster, dewormed, microphone, a toy, a homemade fleece blanket, a collar, and a starter pack of food. They provide receive papers on tail-waggers if one buy full rights. They do not ship their puppies’ cargo. They use transport at the buyer’s expense. They give home delivery.


  • Shorthaired Dachshunds: $2200.00
  • Longhaired Dachshunds: $2400.00

If you are interested in buying a Badger mutt from Doxie Angles, you can contact them.

Dachshund Puppy Breeder Details: 

Dachshund Sitting Down

#5 Rapid City Kennel Club

If you are searching for a reputable breeder of Datsun bowwow, The Rapid City Kennel Club, Inc. will help you to reach them. 

The Rapid City Kennel Club, Inc. (RCKC) is a non-profit organization. They serve the people of Western South Dakota. They are American Kennel Club (AKC) licensed. RCKC obey with all AKC rules and regulation. 

You can meaningfully interact with your doggo by going through RCKC’s dog training classes, workshops, and seminars for Canine Good Citizen (CGC), conformation, obedience, responsible bowwow ownership.

They take Rapid City Kennel Club (RCKC) general membership meetings at 7.00 pm every 4th of January, March, May, July, September, and October.

The RCKC started its journey in 1961. Their purpose is to protect and advance all purebred tail-waggers and provide all necessary training for good pooch ownership. 

They do not directly sell puppies. But will help you to find your expected one in South Dakota. They do not provide any health warranties of any animal and do not take any liability to anyone who purchases an animal from their referred breeders. 

I provide contact details of The RCKC for those who are interested in know more about The Rapid City Kennel Club, Inc.

Dachshund Puppy Breeder Details: 

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How much does a Purebred Dachshund puppy Cost in South Dakota?

According to information published by The Time of Publican, Doxie canine costs from $200 to $3500 and up. It will cost $1200-$2000 or $1500-$2500 on average if you buy them from a American Kennel Club registered Weiner pooch. The price may vary from breeder to breeder.

Here is an example for you pricing your Dachie mutt. The litter, your doggo comes from is $4000. Each litter contains 6 pups. That means one pooch costs $666. Breeders will add 20% profit. The price will rise to $780.

Breeders will charge a bit of money for their afford on breeding and other costs. And after all this, the pup’s price is $1200.

Why are Pure Dotson puppies expensive in South Dakota? 

The popularity of Doxin pups is high. It is 13th on the popularity list. Due to its popularity, it’s a very expensive breed. Badger bowwow breeders breed seasonally and usually have 1-3 litters per year. There are1 to 6 dogs per litter, which is less than the demand of the buyers.

The price goes up as the supply is less than the demand. This makes it expensive. It is more expensive due to many other factors like social media groups, celebrity people’s famous Dotson canine, many have decided to have a Badger pup in 2020 lockdown, etc.

How do you find a good Dachshund breeder in South Dakota?

If you want to have a Weiner pooch, you can check my list. I have done a lot of research and tried to find the best out of them. If you choose one of the breeders on my list, you will find a good Doxin doggy breeder. Besides that, you can also search on google for a good Sausage canine breeder in South Dakota.

You can ask other breeders, they might help you to find out a good German doggy breeder. Or you can contact a known person of yours who has a Dotson doggo. 

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Why are Dachie mutts so popular in South Dakota? 

Dachshund is a very popular breed. Most people like to have a Doxin canine. Wiener pups are very versatile. They are hunters of tunneling animals. rabbits, foxes, and other animals. Wiener canines are excellent family companions. People can have their dogs participate in various events.

Weiner tail-waggers are popular for their characteristics like clever, playful, devoted, courageous, stubborn, etc. Many reasons like this make Dachie pooches so popular in South Dakota.

Dachshund Wearing Sweater

What is the most popular Dachshund color in South Dakota?

Badger mutts are of different colors. They are Black & Tan, Chocolate & Tan, Chocolate & Cream, Blue & Tan, Cream, Tan, Red color. But in South Dakota, the most popular Weiner colors are Black & Tan, Red, and Tan.

Beyond that, other colors are also available. But these three colors are the favorite of most people. You can have your likely Badger doggy color.

Are Blue Dachshunds rare in South Dakota State?

Blue German breed canines are quite rare in South Dakota State. Easily available colors of Weiners in South Dakota are Black & Tan, Red, And Tan. Weiner dogs are blue but not easily found in South Dakota.  If you want to have a blue Weiner dog, you have to find a lot. 

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Dachshund Loving

Why avoid puppy mills while choosing a Dachie canine in South Dakota?

You should avoid puppy mills while selecting a Weiner pup in South Dakota State. Mutt mill operator’s main target is to make a profit. Animal Cruelty is a regular incident in puppy mills. They don’t study genetics or pre-testing parent mutts for health.

Doggo mill operators do not socialize their new puppies. Their goal is to raise pooches at a low cost and make them fat for profit. That’s why you shouldn’t choose a puppy mill for a Dachie doggy in South Dakota. 

Why avoid backyard breeders while choosing a Dachshund puppy in South Dakota State?

Backyard breeders are generally casual breeders. They do not think their pooches are their own and not a part of their family. They breed and treat canines only as a doggo. Their Weiners may not be purebred.

They try to recoup their caring cost and make a profit. So it is better not to choose backyard breeders for Dotson mutts in South Dakota. 

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What is the maintenance cost in South Dakota to raise a German Puppy?

After purchasing a Badger doggo and finishing set up,  it’ll cost you a minimum of $65 per month. It will cost over Rs 11,000 in its entire lifetime.

Ongoing costs include food, healthcare, health checks, vaccinations, and regular flea and worming treatments, and other accessories such as toys, grooming accessories, and other things that the doggy needs. Other costs need like basic training, boarding, etc.

Basic training is needed for developing behavioral problems. And if you want to go on a vacation you’ll cost a boarding fee also. 

Dachshund Puppy

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