Best Dachshund Breeder In Wyoming (WY) State

If you’re seeking the best quality Dachshund Puppy Breeder in Wyoming (WY) state, then you’ve come to the right place!

Thinking of getting a Dachshund? Before getting a Dachsie dog the first job is to find the right breeder. As there are many puppy mills posing as reputable breeders; you should be careful while choosing your Dachie breeder.

I have conducted plenty of research and found the best Doxie breeder in Wyoming state and wrote everything about them for you. Also, I tried to answer few common questions you may have about Dachshunds doing a lot of research work.

Find A Dachshund Breeder Near Me In Wyoming State

Top 1 Best Dachshund Breeder In Wyoming (WY) State

#1 Doxieville

The one Dachshund breeder in Wyoming state I have for you is Doxieville. They are located in Burns, Wyoming. They produce show-quality puppies and excellent pets as well. 

Doxieville breeds miniature Doxies. Their mini Dachsies are 11lbs and under. They have a range of colors and coat types which include English Creams, Smooths, and longhair. They raise their pups in quite a homely environment.

They produce good family dogs which are well-socialized with people and other dogs also children. All their puppies play in the house. All the Datsuns are vaccinated also have been dewormed. 

The owner of Doxieville is Shirley Bastian. She along with her husband Rich Bastian and sister Sharon have been breeding and showing Dachies for a long time. They have quite an experience in this. They love and raise their puppers like their own kids. 

The breeder will send you your puppy along with a microchip. They hand over puppies when they are 8 weeks old. Once you select your pup, they wil keep you updated on that fluffball. They also offer a 1-year health guarantee.

The health guarantee covers major health illnesses. You can also adopt old Datsuns from them.

To see available Datsuns, go to their website. Fill up the form if you are interested in one or simply just want to have more information. I have gathered all of their contact information here for you.

Dachshund Puppy Breeder Details:

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How much does a Dachshund cost in Wyoming?

A Dachshund usually costs from USD $450 to $1500 with the average cost being $850 in Wyoming.

The wide variance depends on the lineage, location, and age of the dog, along with the availability of the Dachshund’s coat. Limited registered Dachshund puppies that could be raised for pet purposes only cost between $400 and $700.

However, you should budget anywhere from $2,500 upwards to $10,000 or even more for a mini Dachshund with top breed lines and a superior pedigree.

The average cost for all Miniature Dachshunds is $700. A puppy Dachshund, on average, costs anywhere between $200 and $3,500. 

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How do I choose a Dachshund puppy in Wyoming?

Before choosing your forever friend you should check a few things. For instance, you obviously want a healthy Dachsie. Its color should be vibrant. Your Dachsie should have a good temperament. You also want your sausage dog to be well-socialized which means it should be good with other animals, dogs, children, and people.

Your Datsun should be cheerful, bold, and outgoing. Also, Doxies are intelligent dogs with an independent nature and playful spirit. One of the reasons Dachshunds were bred to be hunting dogs is because they are highly intelligent. This can be seen by their innate and instinctive ability to track down exactly what they want.

So you carefully choose your Dachie before getting one. 

How long are Dachshunds in the puppy stage?

Most dogs go through three stages of development as they grow old – puppy, adolescent, and adult – each with their own individual behavioral traits which help accurately place your puppy into one of these stages.

You should evaluate all of these concepts before you begin to determine if your Dachshund is finished growing. Once Doxies are born, the puppies start growing for the first eight months or so.

The long bones in their legs get longer. These keep developing until the growth plates close up, which happens at 10–12 months. Smaller dogs mature earlier in life than larger dogs. There are some discrepancies when it comes to determining when Dachshunds are considered “full-grown” but the general consensus is that they stop growing between 10-12 months old.

Generally, the breeders hand over Doxies to its owners when it is 8 weeks old. 

Dachshund Looking Forward

Are Dachshunds good for first-time owners?

Dachshunds are loyal to their people. They love to snuggle with you on the couch, sleep with you in bed, and follow you around the house. Given a positive outlet for their energy, they make cheerful, loving companions. However, miniature dachshunds hate to be alone or bored.

So if you have a lot of time and space in your life, then the miniature Datsun could be the ideal first-time dog for you. You should never leave adult Dotsuns alone for more than 4 hours at a time. They need the toilet every few hours and daily exercise too.

As pack animals, Doxies can get bored, lonely, and stressed on their own.

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What is the most popular Dachshund color in Wyoming?

There are varieties of colors of this German breed dog. They can be one color, two-colored, or mixed color. They can have different patterns. There are also three coat types of Dachies. 

The one-colored Datsuns can be red or cream. Two-colored Dachies can be any combination of black, tan, chocolate, cream, fawn, grey, or blue. There is also a type of Datsun breed which is called wild boar. Boar is a unique color blend where we can see different colors on each individual hair. For patterns, there are Dapple, Brindle, Piebald, Sable, and Double Dapple. 

The most popular in Wyoming are the patterns and mixed colors. 

Dachshund Loving

What is the difference between Standard vs Miniature Dachshunds?

Dachshunds are bred and shown in two sizes; miniature and standard – each with their own weight and height distributions. 

The main difference between miniature and standard dachshunds is size. Miniatures are noticeably smaller than standards at around 13 and 18 cm (5–6 inches) to their withers, and standards 20–22 cm (8–9 inches) to their withers.

If it says between 13 and 18 cm (5–6 inches), he’s a miniature. There doesn’t seem to be any real temperament difference between the miniature and standard Dachshund.

Spunky, vivacious, courageous, clever, and lively, regardless of their size, the Datsun can make a loyal and entertaining companion.

How to raise a Dachshund puppy?

First off get your Doxin dog it’s essentials like a bed, food, lead, collar, etc. Make sure he’s microchipped and vaccinated and dewormed. Feed him at least twice a day, three times for pups.

Let him out for a wee every few hours. Exercise and play with him every day. Take him out for walks. Keep him clean and groom him on a regular basis. Lastly, give him lots of love and care. Your Doxie needs proper attention and enough of your company.

Dotsuns can’t be left alone, as they are social beings. They can get really stressed out if they don’t get enough of your time and company.

Dachshund Wearing Sweater

Why are Purebred Dachshund puppies expensive in Wyoming?

We all know the law of supply and demand. Well, it applies here. Purebred Datsuns are always so in demand but their supply isn’t that great because of genetic issues. Also, that purebred Datsuns need a lot of care and protection while breeding. And so It gets higher in price.

Some purebred Dachsies are more in demand than others based on their coat textures and colors. The more popular a dachshund breed is, the higher it may cost. Having a playful, cuddly, and adorable Datsun around is such a treat for so many pet lovers out there. 

Purebred Doxies are rare in Wyoming because of their high demand. Because of its high demand, it is high in price too. Also if you want rare colored Dachsie, it will cost you more dollars. 

Is a Dachshund a good family dog?

As family dogs, Doxies are pretty good. They are really cuddly and cute. They will get pretty comfortable with you and your family. At first, it may appear a bit shy to new people; but they will get close to everyone after a good period of time if proper love and respect are given.

If you to be loved and respected by your little buddy, give him proper attention and care and love and respect. Doxins are good watchdogs too. They will be your forever loyal companion if you can gain its trust. They will love each member of the family. If it’s well-trained, they will easily adapt to the new house.

Well-socialized Datsuns are good with other dogs and children too. 

Dachshund Sitting Down

How do I prepare to get a Dachshund puppy in Wyoming?

Before getting your cuddly companion, be sure you are totally prepared to have your pup as it’s no less than having a kid. Get to know everything about the breed before you commit. Make sure you have done all of your homework and know what you are signing up for before you bring one home.

Not understanding the breed’s temperament, traits, and common health issues can be the reason your four-legged friend is not treated properly. You should have a plan for the pup’s health issues. Talk to experienced people for references.

Do a lot of research on the breed and breeders in Wyoming before you are bringing one home. 

Why are Dachshunds So Popular in Wyoming?

Doxies are pretty popular in Wyoming because of their cuteness and cuddly nature. They are mini doggos but act as if they are big dogs. Doxies are lovable and adorable puppers that perfectly blend with their looks. These sausage dogs are playful and happy.

They will easily get comfortable with someone and will make the person fall in love with him. Despite their size, the Dachies are known for their courageous nature. As a small and short breed of dogs, Datsuns sure are brave for this size.

Also, Datsuns are affectionate dogs, and their intelligence and loyalty are all tied to their cuddling behavior. That is why these German breed dogs are so popular in Wyoming. 

Dachshund Puppy

What do I need to know about Dachshund puppies?

You need to know few facts about this hot diggity dog before you get yourself one.

Dachies may go by many names but surely is a memorable dog. These wiener dogs have been popular for decades. Dachshunds are spunky, with a big-dog bark in a little body, and Dachshund puppies can be feisty.

As puppies, Doxies are eager for affection. With a curious nature, Dachshund puppies are ready to test your boundaries and explore their new home with you.

Dachshunds were built to sniff out pesky prey. “Dachshund” is German for “badger dog,” and for 600 years this dog was excellent at hunting underground. From up above, their human hunting partners could locate a Doxie by its loud bark while it went digging underneath the earth.

What is the Maintenance cost in Wyoming to raise a Dachshund Puppy?

There are things you need to spend on for your Badger dog. I have made a quick list that should give you an overview of what to expect. These are the things that are pretty basic for Dachsies.

On average, first-year expenses are around $3,480 and will be about $1,105/year. Through the dog’s lifetime, the average cost of owning a Dotson dog is $17,845. It really depends on a lot of factors such as the Datsun’s needs, the vet clinic where you bring your pup, and the store where you buy your supplies.

You should consider these maintenance costs before you get your lovely buddy. 

Dachshund Puppies

Final Thoughts

Wyoming would be a nice place for your pupper friend to live in. You can get your cuddly little furball here in Wyoming and raise it happily.

So if you have made up your mind to get your Datsun dog, definitely check the breeder I have listed for you.

Don’t get your pup from a puppy mill or backyard breeder. Get yourself a cute furry friend and live happily ever after!

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