Top 3 Best Australian Shepherd Puppy Breeders In New York (NY) State [2022]

Are you looking for an amiable canine friend who will not only accompany you but also will stay up till he makes sure everything’s safe? Then, I bet you’re looking for the best quality Australian Shepherd puppy breeders in New York state!

Australian Shepherds are famous for their extreme fondness for family members along with their energetic nature. This dog breed brings joy and ensures the security of your family and household.

So hop on further without wasting any time because I have got you covered with the list of the top 3 reputable Australian Shepherd breeders in New York who solely dedicated themselves to maintain and produce quality Australian Shepherd puppies for your home sweet home!

Top 3 Best Australian Shepherd Puppy Breeders In New York (NY) State


#1 Watermark Australian Shepherds

Located in the mesmerizing Finger Lakes region in New York, Watermark Australian Shepherd breeders always strive for producing a healthy and sporty next generation of this particular breed. They believe a good dog has to have sound health and a cheerful mind which only stems from the truest and purest moderations.

Every dog is just like their own child to Watermark Australian Shepherd breeders. They are kept and raised in a very friendly and homely environment.

While breeding, the first and foremost priority to Watermark breeders is the good health and temperament of every Aussie. Watermark breeders do not litter puppies to make extra money or to compete with others.


They take the dogs and the litters as their family and ensure the puppies get the best care until they find a new home and a family. Then comes the correct structure and the exquisite movement of dogs that ultimately helps them to produce healthy litters who grow up as energetic and beautiful individuals! 

So, In search of petting a healthy pup? You know, Watermark Australian Shepherds is the answer.

Watermark Australian Shepherds Breeder’s Details:

  • Address: 662 Goodrich Hill Road, Locke, NY 13092
  • Website:
  • Email:
  • Phone number: 607-592-6260

#2 Snow Ridge Australian Shepherds

Breeding healthy Australian Shepherds to exemplify the standard structure and to maintain the pure bloodline is the only goal of the Snow Ridge Australian Shepherds Breeders’.

Australian Shepherds are farm dogs but if you are planning to pet one, make sure they are exercising properly. Due to their high energy levels and zeal to work, they require a lot of exercise to stay active.

Snow Ridge Australian Shepherds is dedicated to raising dogs with good physique and joyful temperament so that your home gets an active mate for life! Snow Ridge is located in the hills of Cazenovia, New York.


They focus on breeding pure Australian Shepherds so that the litters can have a strong structure along with maintaining the perfect temperament of individuals.

Australian Shepherds are the best for your family because they love to be around family members. They are friendly and keep entertaining everyone with their brilliant activities. Looking for an Australian Shepherd breeder in New York?

Trust me, Snow Ridge Australian Shepherds breeders will not disappoint you.

Snow Ridge Australian Shepherds Breeder’s Details:

#3 Breezy Woods Aussies

Breezy woods Aussies breeders are one of the best Australian Shepherd breeders located in Central New York. Australian Shepherds are naturally brilliant and intuitive. They need constant attention as a family pet. Australian Shepherds naturally have an affectionate and loyal temperament.

Although Aussies are not aggressive, insufficient training and separation anxiety can cause some individuals to act otherwise.

Purebred Australian Shepherd is slightly expensive from the toy or other size variations of this breed as it takes a lot of perseverance to keep the bloodline of a particular breed clean.

It is better to avoid puppy mills and backyard breeders as inbreeding and unhygienic breeding conditions can lead to behavioral disasters of the Australian Shepherd dog.


Breezy Woods Aussies breeders are solely dedicated to breeding pure Australian Shepherd puppies to ensure the best structure and temperament of the upcoming puppies.

All of their dogs (Adult males and females) come with full clear and tested health panels and they do regular checkups of their dogs and puppies to ensure their health condition is in the best manner. 

Looking for pure Australian Shepherd breeders in central New York? Breezy Woods Aussies got you all covered!

Breezy Woods Aussies Breeder’s Details:

How to choose Australian Shepherd in New York state?

Before deciding to bring an Australian Shepherd to your home, there are several criteria you must check to give yourself the best gift of your life:


A little research saves a lot

Doing your research will always save you from unwanted expenses in New York. If you want to pet an Australian Shepherd in New York state, then firstly, research the breeders near you.

Secondly, go for what this particular breed needs in order to stay with a family or its owner.

What are the do(s) and the don’t(s)? What color do you prefer? and lastly about the temperament of the dog to prepare yourself for the behavioral pattern of your pet.


Your Budget

 If you choose to pet an Australian Shepherd in New York, then make sure you go for its papers. If you want to buy an Aussie without papers then it is less expensive than the ones with papers. But, there’s a risk as you won’t have the ancestral and bloodline information of your pooch.

If you go for already papered Aussies then you will have all the explanations about the particular dog that you’re buying.

The male Australian Shepherds are bigger in size than the female ones and the former one is more expensive than the latter.


Besides, the tri-color Australian Shepherd is the most sought after and is comparatively expensive than the ones with solid one or two-color coats. Blue Merle Australian Shepherd is also a darling for dog lovers due to its elegant features and dominant Merle gene.

This kind is very rare and is quite expensive in comparison to most other Aussies in New York.

However, you will have to shop for bedding, toys, a leash, a crate for your house pet, so always check your pocket before going for it. Trust me, you will thank me later.



References from friends, colleagues, and family members will always help you to reach the perfect place to buy or adopt your desired puppy. Australian Shepherds are amazing family dogs with joyful temperaments.

It loves to be around children all the time. Before choosing Aussies as your pet, always seek advice from your acquaintances as a fault in choosing the wrong breeders or buying dogs from puppy mills may create big trouble for you in the future.


Medical issues and check-ups

Before bringing your puppy home, make sure it has clearance from its vet.

Although Aussie breeders, like all other breeders, get their pups and adult dogs the regular health checkups; but it is always better and safer to ask for the medical records. And periodical vaccinations of your pooch so that you can stay alert about its allergies and possible diseases in order to take immediate action in a situation.


Watch out before choosing your Australian Shepherd breeder!

A sensible way to choose your lifetime canine friend is to choose good breeders first. The  following points will help you to choose the perfect breeders for your Australian Shepherd pet:


# Know your breeder: Before choosing your breeder, do a little research about them. Know them from close, this will help you to understand their style and attitudes with dogs.

Although due to Covid-19, it’s quite tough to meet the breeders in person; but there’s always a solution! You can meet the breeder and the puppies over video calls and several other social media sites whatever is easy for both parties.

Knowing your breeder and their breeding system will always help you to determine the type of Australian Shepherd dog you want to pet!


# Ask questions: Ask your breeder genuine questions! Ask about your puppy’s temperament, medical records, habits, reactions, behavioral patterns.

It is better to know the parents of your Aussie puppy, so ask about them, their abilities, everything! Questions always clear out confusion regarding your pet.


# Previous litters and wins: Before choosing any breeder, please check out their previous records. Previous records include their previous litters, type, and health of their litters, licenses from certified American dog organizations, registrations, and wins from contests which tell a lot about a breeder.

The information that I’m talking about is easily accessible on the websites of the breeders. If not, check their other social media platforms as well to get a clear understanding of their reputation and work.


# Reviews from customers: Reviews and pictures from previous customers and their puppies will not only help you to choose the best Australian Shepherd breeder in New York but also will help you to get a clear understanding of the health of previous pups.

So, look before you leap. A good puppy will represent its breeders. You will get dozens of Australian Shepherd breeders around you, in New York; but only a few of them love their dogs and do not treat the dogs as products.

Breeders that provide a homely and free environment to their dogs always produce brilliant dogs with great structure. That’s why my research will help you to choose authentic breeders for your Aussie in the empire state.


Places to find Australian Shepherd Breeders in New York state?

Research! Research and Research! I’m not kidding, you have to go for thorough research when it comes to where to find your Aussie pooch in New York state. There are numerous options to choose from but you will never regret selecting one of the breeders from the list given above.

However, the option for your research is always open so best of luck with your choices!


Pure Australian Shepherds are the life of your family! This breed never fails to amaze anyone with their charisma. If you are looking for a standard Australian Shepherd with a pure bloodline, always go to breeders with authentic history or adopt a rescue dog. 

Never, I repeat, Never choose your Australian Shepherd (or dog from any breed) from puppy mills and backyard breeders. The following explanation will help you to understand why:


Puppy mills

More like commercial breeding centers where they only focus on using the dogs to produce as many as puppies possible. The dogs are locked up in big cages for life and often are forced to make puppies in unimaginable ways.

The dogs are treated as machines and are often tortured if they do not make it up to the expectations of the owners of the puppy mills. These dogs often suffer from mental illnesses and tend to develop aggressive behavioral patterns.

Dogs suffer from malnutrition and starvation due to no care at all and are forced to live in overcrowded and confined cages. Sick and adult dogs get no vet care and are destroyed once they are no longer of no use.  Or in short “ no longer a cash crop.”


Backyard Breeders

Backyard breeders are scrupulous people making money by churning out puppies out of dogs irresponsibly. They are hard to identify as they have the face of friendly neighbors next door! They only focus on making money and they tend to sell a lot of purebred and “designer” hybrid breeds at less than six weeks old.

Whereas, authentic breeders keep puppies with the mother dog and littermates for at least 2 to 3 months before giving them to the new family.

Backyard breeders do not go for genetic screening for defects or possible disastrous outcomes. They simply believe in making money by putting two or more dogs together carelessly.

So, Make sure you check from whom you are getting your Australian Shepherd pup for the rest of your life.


Final Thoughts

Australian Shepherds have always proven themselves as the perfect family pet. They have always been the best at tackling livestock as they are very intuitive when it comes to controlling a herd.

The Australian Shepherds are the best fit for your farm and home. Having been blessed with a friendly temperament, Aussies tend to love being around people all the time. They are affectionate, brilliant, and protective and all of these traits develop when they get nurtured in the hands of expert breeders.


The three famous Australian Shepherd breeders in New York mentioned above treat their dogs as family members and take nothing for granted when the matter comes to these pups.

My research will guide you to choose your Australian Shepherd companion from the trusted hands in New York state on whom you can rely with your eyes closed!

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