Top 12 Best Dog Beds For Havanese: Reviews and Buying Guide For 2022

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Why Your Havanese Pup Needs A Dog Bed?

Havanese dog owners are well known for their pupper’s unending want of attention. If you pet one, you will find it snuggled up in your bed most of the time for love and affection. This is why your Havanese pup needs a dog bed that is comfortable and durable at the same time. A good dog bed not only reduces the joint pains of your pet, but also helps it to have a good sleep or even play for hours on it if your pet is one of the “stays clean all the time” ones. 

Important Features You May Want In Your Havanese Dog Bed

When the matter comes to your dog’s comfort, you just can not sit still! There are some key features which are must to check before choosing a bed for your pet.

The following points will help you to surf through different dog beds and save time as well:


“Durability” is a must when you are out there choosing the perfect dog bed. The Havanese dog breed is very playful and dogs tend to play a lot on their beds when it’s comfortable. So, make sure the dog bed you are choosing is durable and sturdy enough to handle all that jumping, screeching, scratching and chewing  whenever your pet is overflowing with excitement or anxiety. 

A lot of playing may make the bed fabric delicate and damaged. So if you check the durability of the dog bed before choosing, make sure you ensure the premium quality materials, good fabric, good stitching and sturdy cover which will save both of your time and money in the long run.

A Removable and Machine-Washable Cover

A healthy Havanese pupper needs a clean bed. Maintaining hygiene is a must when you are thinking about buying a dog bed for your pup. Although Havanese dogs are less likely to play outside and more likely to stay inside the house, their beds get dirty with dirt and long hair strands which definitely needs a good cleaning from time to time.

What comes to your mind when you think about cleaning your dog bed?


Well, Relax a bit! because you do not have to go an extra mile to clean your dog bed now. Choosing a quality dog bed with a removable cover for your Havanese dog will save you from extra work. You can simply remove the cover and put it in the washing machine. Voila! Your dog gets a clean bed and you get to maintain hygiene properly.

A Non-Skid Bottom

You do not really need to worry about the bottom of your dog bed if your house is carpeted or has a rough or non-slippery surface. But, it is a matter of concern when your house has tile, hardwood or linoleum floor which often makes dog beds with non-skid bottoms slide to one side which is quite hazardous for your dog’s health and physical safety. 

Finding a premium quality dog bed should not be your only criteria while buying a dog bed for your Havanese dog. Checking the bottom of the bed and making sure it’s a non-skid one will save it from getting damaged easily and will make it last longer. If you choose a dog bed with a non-skid bottom, then stay tension free because it won’t lead your dog to joint pains ever.

A Manufacturer’s Warranty

Going for cheap or expensive dog beds is a different issue, however it is always safe to look out for the manufacturer’s warranty when you are buying a bed for your pet. Some dog beds get damaged easily and you need to go for a new one but some tend to last for the lifetime of your pet if you know what to look for in the manufacturer’s warranty. 

Some manufacturers do not tell much or give a warranty for your dog bed which may compel you to buy a new one when there are holes or the fabric gets brittle due to excessive chewing. However, it is best to check the warranty which covers stitching damages, cover damages and discoloration so you don’t have to spend extra bucks for a replacement.

Your Havanese Dog Specific Considerations

Along with everything that should be kept on mind while choosing the perfect bed for your dog, it is recommended to look for what the precise breed exactly needs to maintain a healthy life, As for Havanese breed, the owners should keep their nature, characteristics and types of activities on mind so that the bed becomes a comfortable place for them to rest whenever they need to!

Your Havanese’s Behavior And Activity level

Havanese dogs love to entertain. They are people’s dog and require a lot of attention, and that “ a lot” means literally a lot! They are more prone to suffer from potential separation anxiety as in boredom and sadness if they are left alone for too long. So, make sure you give them their desired amount of attention because the boss should always be happy!

Although Havanese dogs do not need regular heavy exercise due to their small size, just thirty minutes of walking and running outside is all okay for them. Havanese pups are well known for their fondness to stay inside at home, always around people. They take a lot of rest and love to play a lot on their bed. So the owner should keep this particular traits of the Havanese pup in mind before buying a comfy bed for it.

A Memory Foam Core

Havanese pupper needs proper rest even though they do less heavy exercises compared to other types of toy poodles. If you are a Havanese Pup owner, then a dog bed with memory foam core should be on your checklist. 

While choosing a bed for your Havanese dog, you should check  the materials that are used in the mattress. Memory foam core gives your pupper the best relief when it comes to problems like joint pains, anxiety and sadness. It is better to buy a dog bed with a full and single sheet of memory foam rather than buying a bed full of little pieces of memory foam. The latter one with shredded pieces often tends to make the bed uncomfortable for the pet.

Bolsters Are a Bonus

Havanese dogs need a lot of affection and attention. They are very dependent although some individuals proved to be independent in some cases. Dog bed with bolters is a good pick for the Havanese breed as they will have the feeling of being with someone all the time.

A Havanese dog is more likely to suffer from separation anxiety if left alone or they are kept away from their owners for too long. Chewing and barking are results of venting out such anxiety attacks of this dog breed. A Bolster dog bed is a savior in tackling situations as such. Most owners opt for a three-sided bolster dog bed for their dogs and besides that one-sided bolster bed is better than no-bolster at all.

Havanese Shed A Lot? A Cover That Matches Your Dog’s Coat

The Havanese dog breed does not shed much. Yes! You heard it right. Havanese dogs are easy to maintain as shedding is little in their cases. Although, their long coat makes everyone think they are really high- maintenance dogs and they shed a lot, but actually it’s nothing but a myth.

The Havanese dog breed has a long coat and it needs to be groomed regularly, Many owners keep their coat short in order to style it but some like their silky long coat as it is. Regular grooming is a must for the Havanese dog breed. You need to comb the long coat regularly to keep it tangle-free and organized. 

Although Shedding is little when it comes to Havanese dog breed, but they do shed. To keep the bed off that shedding is next to impossible but a simple trick can save you from embarrassing situations. Buy a dog bed cover that matches your Havanese pup’s coat! For example: If your Havanese pupper is chocolate in color, then go for a chocolate-colored bed cover, so that the shedded coat does not make the dog bed look more filthy than it actually is!

The Bed Should Be Warm

Havanese dogs are blessed with long coats to fight the shivering cold of winter. However that does not mean they should be left outdoors or without blankets. Havanese pets like heat and love to snuggle up in beds. So, keeping that in mind, you should choose a dog bed that is warm and cozy. 

A warm bed not only is a source of comfort for Havanese dogs, but also it gives warmth that helps their bodies to prevent cold and unwanted allergies. There are different types of dog beds that can generate warmth by charging and electricity, besides that there are dog beds made with premium materials to retain the body heat of your Havanese dog so that it does not fall ill due to disparity of temperature. So, the owner should definitely look out for a warm bed that will provide the desired amount of comfort a Havanese dog needs!

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