89+ Remarkable Famous Boxer Dog Name Ideas

89+ Famous Boxer Dog Name Ideas


Famous Characters And Personalities Inspired Boxer Dog Names


  Name Meaning / Inspiration Gender
#1 Ali After Muhammad Ali, the greatest heavyweight boxer of all time Male
#2 Mosley After Shane Mosley, four-time, three-weight world champ, light, super, welter Female
#3 Walker After Edward “Mickey” Walker, World Middleweight champion Male
#4 Pep After Guglielmo Papaleo, aka Willie Pep, held world featherweight champion twice Female
#5 Chavez After Julio Cesar Chavez, considered the greatest Mexican boxer of all time, six-time, three-weight world champ Male
#6 Tyson After Mike Tyson, undisputed world heavyweight champ, youngest to win it at 20 years old Male
#7 Evander After Evander Holyfield, first and only undisputed champion of both cruiserweight and heavyweight divisions Female
#8 Clay An incredible heavyweight boxer, Cassius Clay Male
#9 Saddler After Sandy Saddler, two-time featherweight champ, one-time light featherweight champ Female
#10 Cassius After Muhammad Ali, aka Cassius Clay Female
#11 Marcel After Marcel Cerdan, considered the best French boxer Male
#12 Sam After Sam Langford, considered one of the all-time greats Female
#13 Hagler After Marvin Hagler, undisputed middleweight champion Male
#14 Morales After Érik Morales, first Mexican-born boxer in history to win titles in four weight classes Female
#15 Foreman After George Foreman, two-time world heavyweight champ and Olympic gold medalist Male
#16 Liston After Charles “Sonny” Liston, held the heavyweight title multiple times Female
#17 Pacquiao After Manny Pacquiao, only eight-division title winner, 11 total titles Male
#18 Sugar After Sugar Ray Robinson, considered the best pound-for-pound boxer of all time Female
#19 Griffith After Emile Griffith, world champ in welterweight, junior middleweight, middleweight Male
#20 Hearns After Thomas Hearns, first boxer to win world titles in five divisions Male


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  Name Meaning / Inspiration Gender
#21 Laila After Laila Ali, American television personality and former professional boxer Female
#22 Balboa After Rocky Balboa of the Rocky series Female
#23 Monzon After Argentine boxer Carlos Monzón, held undisputed world middleweight champion for seven years Male
#24 Saddler After Sandy Saddler, two-time featherweight champ, one-time light featherweight champ Female
#25 Butkus After Sylvester Stallone’s famous dog Butkus appeared in the original movie “Rocky” and again in “Rocky II” Male
#26 Duran After Roberto Duran, four-weight world champ, light, welter, light middle, middle Female
#27 Whitaker After Pernell Whitaker, competed 1984 to 2001 Male
#28 Alexis After Alexis Argüello, Nicaraguan three-weight world champion Female
#29 Pernell After Pernell Whitaker, four-weight world champion Female
#30 Hopkins After Bernard Hopkins, multi-title world champ in two weight classes Male
#31 Barrera After Marco Antonio Barrera, multi-title, three-weight world champion Male
#32 Holyfield After Evander Holyfield, competed 1984 to 2011 Female
#33 Jack After Jack Dempsey, world heavyweight champion Male
#34 Sonny After Charles “Sonny” Liston, famous repeat contender Female
#35 Arguello After Alexis Argüello, competed 1968 to 1995 Male
#36 Dempsey After Jack Dempsey, world heavyweight champion from 1919 to 1926 Female
#37 Conn After William “Billy” Conn, light heavyweight champ, known for fights with Joe Louis Male
#38 Ruben After Ruben Olivares, considered greatest bantamweight champ ever Male
#39 Gans After Joe Gans, considered the greatest lightweight boxer of all time by Ring Magazine’s founder Nat Fleischer Female
#40 Mayweather After Floyd Mayweather Jr. or Sr., both decorated contenders in their time Female


  Name Meaning / Inspiration Gender
#41 Langford After Sam Langford, called the “Greatest Fighter Nobody Knows” by ESPN Male
#42 Wilde After Welsh boxer Jimmy Wilde, first official flyweight world champion Female
#43 Blackie After Jack Dempsey, aka Kid Blackie Male
#44 Hoya After Oscar de la Hoya, won multiple titles in six different weight classes, Olympic gold medal winner Female
#45 Louis After Joe Louis, world heavyweight champion from 1937 to 1949 Male
#46 Mickey After Edward “Mickey” Walker, World Welterweight champion Female
#47 Lennox After Lennox Lewis, three-time world heavyweight champion Male
#48 Ketchel After Stanley Ketchel, known as one of the greatest world middleweight champs in history, murdered at 24 Female
#49 Kid After Ted “Kid” Lewis, two-time welterweight champion Female
#50 Benny After Benny Leonard, 5’5″ powerhouse lightweight boxer Male
#51 Ezzard After Ezzard Charles, world heavyweight champion, defeated numerous HOF fighters in three different classes Female
#52 Floyd After Floyd Mayweather Jr. Male
#53 Napoles After José Nápoles, world welterweight champion Female
#54 Olivares After Ruben Olivares, member of boxing hall of fame Female
#55 Emile After Emile Griffith, world champ in welterweight and more Female
#56 Frazier After Joe Frazier, world heavyweight champion 1970-1973, gold medal winner in ’64 Olympics Male
#57 Tunney After James “Gene” Tunney, world heavyweight titleholder 1928-1928, two-time light heavyweight champ Female
#58 Ray As in Sugar Ray Robinson, won both welterweight and middleweight titles Male
#59 Rocky After Rocky Balboa of the Rocky series or Rocky Marciano, world heavyweight champion from ’52 to ’56, undefeated Female
#60 Robinson After Sugar Ray Robinson who competed from 1940 to 1965 Male


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  Name Meaning / Inspiration Gender
#61 Bomber After Joe Louis, aka the Brown Bomber Male
#62 Marvelous As in Marvelous Marvin Hagler, undisputed middleweight champion 1980-1987 Female
#63 Max Goof After “A Goofy Movie” Male
#64 Bayard After “Alice in Wonderland” Male
#65 Verdell After “As Good As It Gets” Unisex
#66 Jenna After “Balto” Female
#67 Beatrice After “Best in Show” Unisex
#68 Odie After “Garfield” Female
#69 Grace After “Kitt Kittredge” Female
#70 Lady After “Lady & the Tramp” Female
#71 Daphne After “Look Who’s Talking Now” Female
#72 Genevieve After “Madeline” Unisex
#73 Andrew After “Mary Poppins” Male
#74 Moses After “Meet the Fockers” Male
#75 Angus After “Mr. Magoo” Male
#76 Tito After “Oliver & Company” Unisex
#77 Fifi After “Open Season” Unisex
#78 Nana After “Peter Pan” Unisex
#79 Greta After “Play Dead” Female
#80 Luiz After “Rio” Unisex


  Name Meaning / Inspiration Gender
#81 Bonny After “Seven Psychopaths” Unisex
#82 Daisy After “Snatch” Female
#83 Nevins After “The Cat in the Hat” Male
#84 Beast After “The Sandlot” Unisex
#85 Toto After “The Wizard of Oz” Unisex
#86 Cora After “To Dance With a White Dog” Female
#87 Spike After “Tom & Jerry” Unisex
#88 Shoeshine After “Underdog” Unisex
#89 Evie After “We Think the World of You” Female
#90 Lucy After “Wendy and Lucy” Female
#91 Maggie After “Wild River” Female


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