23+ Dog Names Inspired By Secret Life Of Pets


Dog Names From The Secret Life of Pets

Dog Names Inspired By “Secret Life Of Pets”


  Name Inspiration
#1 Tattoo A dull-witted domestic pig and one of Snowball’s chief enforcers
#2 Hu A gentle but destructive baby white tiger that was rescued from the circus.
#3 Norman A guinea pig who keeps getting lost trying to find his apartment
#4 Ozone A hairless Sphinx cat who Max and Duke encounter in the alley
#5 Mel A hyperactive Pug and one of Max’s friends
#6 Max A Jack Russell terrier, and one of the two protagonists of the movie
#7 Katie A kindhearted human girl and Max and Duke’s owner
#8 Buddy A laid-back Dachshund and one of Max’s friends
#9 Duke A large, brown, shaggy Newfoundland and the other protagonist of the movie
#10 Ricky A male duck who was a member of the Flushed Pets before dying prior to the events of the film
#11 The Viper A massive, one-fanged snake who initiates new recruits into the Flushed Pets by biting them
#12 The Wolves A pack of identical looing black wolves that serve Sergei

  Name Inspiration
#13 Tiberius A sardonic red-tailed hawk who helps Gidget find Max
#14 Rooster A sheep dog that works at a farm and helps Max get over his fear
#15 Ripper A silent, perpetually frowning English Bulldog and one of Snowball’s chief enforcers
#16 Sweetpea A small parakeet and one of Max’s friends
#17 Daisy A small, caring Shih Tzu who enlists Snowball in helping her rescue the young tiger, Hu
#18 Gidget A white Pomeranian who has romantic feelings for Max. She leads the pets to find Max and Duke
#19 Snowball
A white rabbit. After he was abandoned by his magician owner, he went crazy, and leads a pack of other abandoned pets plotting to take revenge on humankind, deep down in the sewers
#20 Sergei An abusive and cruel circus ringmaster
#21 Pops
An elderly Basset Hound, who is paralyzed in his back legs and helps Gidget and the pets find Max and Duke
#22 Chloe An obese and apathetic grey domestic short-haired cat, and one of Max’s friends.
#23 Fred Duke’s old owner
#24 Little Sergei Sergei’s pet monkey named after him



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