Top 4 Best Pug Breeders In Wisconsin (WI) State

Do you need a little Pug tail-wagger as your best companion? If you do, straightway this article is for you.

Pug is a very famous breed of dog that originated in China. They are known for their physically attractive features of a wrinkly, short-muzzled face, curled tail, and glossy coats. Pugs can be your loyal companion forever.

If you have made up your mind to get a pug puppy and looking for the right breeder for your puppy buddy in Wisconsin, this is the right place for you. Here I have enlisted the best 4 breeders of Pug in Wisconsin with all of their contact information. Go through the list and you will find the right breeder for you.

Find A Pug Breeder Near Me In Wisconsin State

Top 4 Best Pug Breeders In Wisconsin (WI) State

#1 B&G’s Pugs

The first breeder I have for you is B&G’s Pugs. B&G’s Pugs breeds and raises top-quality standard Pugs. They strive to produce beautiful, healthy Pugs with plenty of wrinkles.

B&G’s Pugs has basically all colors of Pugs. They raise puppies with champion bloodlines. All of their dogs are beautiful looking with a lot of wrinkles. Not to mention, the dogs and pups are healthy too. The breeders take special care of both the mental and physical health of their dogs. The pups are well socialized so there won’t be problems with other pets, animals of your home. All of their Pugs have very gentle sound temperaments.

Becky & Gary Hlinak are the owners and breeders of B&G’s Pugs. They along with their children take care of the beautiful Pugs. They own a place of 40 acres where they home raise their Dutch Bulldog. They have experience of breeding Pugs of 10 years. The pups are treated by the breeders like their family members. They live with all of their Puggies in the home. They take very pride in their wonderful Pugs.

All of the Pugs are health tested. They are vaccinated and dewormed before they go to their forever homes. The pups come along with a health guarantee as well.

Pug Puppy Breeder Details:

#2 LilyLou Pugs

The next breeder I have for you is LilyLou Pugs. They are a very reputable breeder of Pugs. They are dedicated to producing beautiful Pugs with wonderful health and temperaments.

LilyLou Pugs basically breed Pugs of all colors in various coat types. Their Pugs are from a very good breed line. All the pups are friendly, lovely, loyal, active, happy. In a word, they have amazing temperaments.

The breeder takes special care of the health of the Pugs and so they grow full of their potential. They regularly take the pups and dogs for exercise, play with them spending plenty of time. The breeders introduce the pups to different noises and environments. So the pups will have an easy transition to their new homes.

The breeders of LilyLou Pugs are passionate about this breed of dogs. They take care of their Pugs like their own pets, considering them as their family members. They raise the pups and dogs in their home and handle them daily.

LilyLou Pugs strive to breed Pugs with their full potential. They will help you to find the best Pug for you that fits you and your family. Generally, they give you the Puggie puppy after eight weeks of their birth. The puppies come vaccinated and dewormed.

Pug Puppy Breeder Details:

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#3 Trollway Pugs

Trollway Pugs breeds and raises high-quality Pug puppies. They make sure their Pugs are beautiful looking, well rounded, and healthy. They strive to bring out the core potential of the breed in their dogs. They produce Pugs with show quality and for pet purposes as well.

The breeders do everything for the well-being of their pups and dogs. They make sure their puppies are well socialized. As a result, the puppies have easy transitions to their new homes. They get along well with other pets, children of the house. The breeders take special care to keep the Pugs healthy. All of the Pugs have sound temperaments. 

Bill and Chris McInnes are the breeders behind Trollway Pugs who are in love with this amazing breed of dogs. They have been breeding dogs for nearly 50 years. Thus they know a lot about this breed and how to raise them. They travel to dog shows with a 33-foot fifth-wheel RV called the “Pug Cruiser”.

The breeders raise their Pugs in their homes. Their Pugs are part of their family spending all the time with them. The breeders camp, travel and play bagpipes with their Pugs. They will make sure that you get the right puppy that best fits you and your family. They also offer a 5-year health guarantee along with their Puggie puppies.

Pug Puppy Breeder Details:

#4 FairDai Pugs

The last breeder I have for you is FairDai Pugs. They are a reputed breeder of Pugs raising top-quality Dutch Bulldogs. They are dedicated to providing families with the best Pug possible. The breeders focus on bringing out the best of their Pugs.

FairDai Pugs has Pugs of fawn and black colors. The Pugs are well-rounded, happy, loyal, friendly. Basically, they have wonderful temperaments. The breeders train their Pugs to be well socialized in all environments and places. The Pugs are introduced to different noises and activities. However, the puppies are very healthy. They have very good physical structures. The mental well-being of the puppies is taken care of as well.

Jennifer is the owner and breeder of FairDai Pugs. They raise the dogs in their home taking extreme care. Though their breeding program is now having a few years of experience, they make sure their breeding line meets all the requirements. Their dogs are like their family members rather than pets.

They will help you to choose your Puggie puppy. The pups are vaccinated and dewormed before they go with you to their forever places. FairDai Pugs will also provide you with a health guarantee for your Puggie taken from them.

Pug Puppy Breeder Details:

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How Much Does A Pug Puppy Cost In Wisconsin?

A Pug puppy can cost you anywhere between $600 and $1900 in Wisconsin. The average price of a Pug puppy in Wisconsin is likely to be $1175.

However, the price of a Pug pup really depends on the breeder and their breeding line. Different breeders prices their Pugs differently. Also, prices of show-quality Pugs and family pets vary accordingly. Generally, show-quality Dutch Bulldogs costs a lot more than pet pups.

If you want a rare color Pug or rare coat type, you need to spend extra bucks. Well-trained Pugs also cost more. In short, your Pug puppy will cost you according to your needs as well as the breeder in Wisconsin.

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What Is The Most Popular Pug Color in Wisconsin?

Pugs do not come in a wide variety of colors. They do come in four different shades of colors with different coat types. The four colors of Pug are black, fawn, apricot, and silver fawn. Generally, pugs have solid any of these four colors. All four of the colors are pretty charming on Dutch Bulldogs.

The black Puggies are the strongest and rule over the other color Pugs. The reason is the dominant gene of the black color Pugs.

However, the most popular color of Pugs in Wisconsin has to be the fawn. Here the reason is the fawn color preference of the breeders. The breeders mostly tend to breed fawn color Pugs.

What Is The Rarest Color Of Pug In Wisconsin? Why Are They Rare In Wisconsin State?

Among the four-color types of Pugs, two colors are very rare in Wisconsin, however, in all of the USA. To name the colors, Silver fawn and apricot Pugs are very rare to find. These two colors of Pugs are not so common because of the rare gene. 

Silver fawn is a rare color of Pugs. You will not see Pug with this color very often. The color is very light; likely to be silvery cream. This is the lightest color you will see in this breed of dogs.

Apricot or apricot-fawn Pugs are pretty rare as well in Wisconsin. These color Dutch Bulldogs have a cream-colored coat with warm, shiny orange undertones. By now you understand why it is so rare.

Are Pugs Good Family Dogs?

Pugs are quite good with families regardless of their physical outlook. They are very playful and friendly with humans. Their beautiful history of intimacy with humans makes them suitable for families. 

Pugs are very affectionate to the children of the family. Pugs have trouble delivering an aggressive bite because of the shape of their mouth. And so they are considered a kid-safe breed of dogs. They get along with humans pretty well. Therefore it is easy to train a Puggie.

Pugs are loyal too which makes them nice companion dogs. If you are looking for a dog companion for you and your family, you can definitely get a Pug puppy.

Are Pugs Good For First-time Owners?

Pugs are one of the best breeds of dogs for first-time owners. They do not need high maintaining. They will be your cute little obedient friend. With proper training and socialization, they will act just like a little baby being your companion.

Pugs are mostly popular for their friendly, funny, loyal, adorable nature. They are easy to take care of which makes them ideal for first-time dog owners. Pugs need to be walked regularly like all other dogs, but apart from that, they are not athletes.

They will spend most of their time curling up on your couch. They won’t go out of their minds without exercise. All of these qualities make Pugs good for first-time owners.

How Do I Find A Good Pug Breeder In Wisconsin?

You must choose the right breeder for your forever Puggie. However, finding the right breeder is challenging. The right breeder will be able to provide you with the best Pug. You need to ask your breeder the right questions.

First of all, make sure the Pug breeder knows about the breed in detail and how to raise them. He should be knowledgeable about breeding Pugs. You can go to veterinarians for good Pug breeder recommendations. Ask your friend and family who have got a Pug earlier for breeder recommendations. You can also use different social media platforms to investigate Pug breeders in Wisconsin.

The breeders should be willing to have you visit their dog breeding area. Make sure the Pugs are raised in a healthy, clean environment. The puppies should be happy and friendly for having good temperaments and well socialization. Lastly, check if the breeder asks you questions about you and your family. This way you will get to know if the breeder cares for his Puggy.

How Do I Choose A Pug Puppy In Wisconsin?

You will get to see many different Pugs with versatile characteristics. But you need to choose the right Pug puppy among all. Choosing the right Pug puppy is very important.

Check your Pug’s eyes, breathing, and gait. They all should be very good. Select the puppy with the right temperament. As you interact with the puppies, look for a good temperament. You want a puppy that’s not too shy, but also one that’s not overly rambunctious.

You should select a puppy that is friendly but relatively relaxed. You should request the breeder for health certificates and pedigrees. Check them all well before you get your Pug puppy in Wisconsin.

Pug Puppy Smiling

How Do I Prepare To Have A Pug Puppy In Wisconsin?

Before getting a Pug puppy in Wisconsin, you should take some preparations too. Owning a puppy is like having a kid, it needs special care. You must not get a Pug without taking preparations and leading the pup’s life in misery.

First of all, learn about the Pug breed. Learn everything you need to know about the breed before you get one. You should know how to raise a Pug puppy. Confirm your purpose of getting a Pug before getting one. Be patient with the breeders.

Check the pugs carefully when to get them. Fix a veterinarian in your area before getting your pup home. Make sure you can provide proper nutritious foods for your little friend. Make sure you take all these little preparations before bringing your puppy home to Wisconsin. 

Over To You

What are you still waiting for? Get a happy Pug puppy and enjoy the happiness forever.

Wisconsin is a perfect space for getting a Puggie and raising it. You can definitely consider this list of the best four Pug breeders in Wisconsin for getting one.

I have conducted a lot of research to prepare this list. You will get no puppy mill or backyard breeder on this list.

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