Top 13 Best Pug Breeders In Michigan (MI) State

Do you require recommendations concerning the best kind of Pug breeders? Also, does the location of the renowned breeders need to be in Michigan? Well, you’ve tracked down the right site. 

I can figure out the conflict of whether to spend the hard-earned money on the faulty breeders or save up the money for the future. If you wish, you can rely on me to introduce you to some reputable and trustworthy pug breeders.

I have listed the top 13 Pug breeders in Michigan. I have recently come across these authentic sources. So, I thought it best to share the acquired information with people who might need them. 

Being misdirected and misinformed, a lot of people go through hundreds of sites and pages. Unfortunately, they don’t find satisfying answers on the ethical breeders. However, only a handful of websites can grant you accurate knowledge. Consider us one of them.

Checking the backgrounds, I crossed out every puppy mill and backyard breeder from this list. So, let’s get started.

Find A Pug Breeder Near Me In Michigan State

Best Pug Breeders In Michigan (MI) State

#1 SnugglePugs

Gary and Joan warmly welcome visitors ]to their website whether they want a quick glance over the Pugs or whoever needs an adorable Pug in one’s tedious lifestyle. Their 20 years of expertise in this toy breed will certainly amaze a pug enthusiast.

It all started in 1990 when they brought their very first pug into the home. Since then, they have been in love with the breed and working hard for the betterment of each puppy.

Being members of Pug Dog Club of America, they strictly follow and maintain its principles. Thus their motto hails, ‘Our Pugs are our passion.’

SnugglePugs puppies thrive in conformation, receiving extra-ordinary training from Gary and Joan. Also, they will prove to be great apartment companions to you.

You can derive more useful information on SnugglePugs with the details I’ve provided below. 

Pug Puppy Breeder Information: 

  • Phone Number: +1 (231)-894-4641
  • Address: 6339 Zellar Road, Whitehall, MI 49461
  • Email:
  • Website: SnugglePugs

#2 Roxie Hill Pugs

They started breeding Pugs in 2005 and, since then, tried their best to provide a healthy and loving environment for the puppies. Their dedication to the breed will most definitely surprise you. They even named their facility after their favorite pug, Roxie. 

They vow to better the breed standard with cautious and chosen breeding procedures. They hate puppy mills and other unethical breeding standards.

They take great pride in producing beautiful, healthy, and friendly Pugs. Roxie Hill Pugs pups are reasonably and individually priced due to carefully planned breeding.

If you’re trying to find an ethical Pug breeder in Michigan, you should contact Roxie Hill Pugs.

Pug Puppy Breeder Information: 

  • Phone Number: +1 (269)-615-8010
  • Address: Plainwell, MI 49080
  • Email:
  • Website: Roxie Hill Pugs

#3 S/W Michigan Sky Country Kennel

They are raising not only Pugs puppies but also Corgis, Basset Hounds, Beagles, Boxers, and Doberman puppies on their farm.

Their pups grow up to become sound temperamental and handsome-looking. This farm tends to produce charming and adorable little pooches. 

Sky Country Kennel has been breeding AKC and UKC registered Pugs. Also, the breeders have prepared the pups for conformation, and they turned out to be grand champions in multiple show rings. They ask you to take every precaution not to get into false scams.

They also urge that you stay away from deceitful breeders and sellers. Sky Country Kennel’s Pugs have their dew claws removed.

And they have the important and current vaccines shot and get the worming done. These Pug pups from AKC champion bloodlines will cost you $2000.

You can contact them through the website or other ways provided below.

Pug Puppy Breeder Information: 

  • Phone Number: +1 (269)-628-5421 and +1 (269)-270-8546
  • Address: 35553-M43, Paw Paw, MI 49079
  • Email:
  • Website: S/W Michigan Sky Country Kennel

#4 Casa Blanca Pugs

As a respectable member of Pug Dog Club of America, this facility remains focused on bringing up healthy and quality puppies.

They received numerous accolades ,including ‘Breeder of Merit’ for breeding AKC registered pups to the AKC Pug standard.

You will find the Casa Blanca puppies performing on various conformation events if you care to check the record. 

They strive to breed and show only those pugs that would contribute to bettering the breed. This farm has supplied the pups overseas also, where they conform, perform, and entertain the audience.

Both Barry and Blanca have years-long experience handling and breeding these beautiful pugs. Casa Blanca Pugs gained the honor of being awarded ‘Breeder of the Year’ by Pug Dog Club of America of 2017.

These lovable and gentle-tempered puppies are available now for adoption. Do you think Casa Blanca Pugs meets up to your requirements? Then make arrangements following the given details.

Pug Puppy Breeder Information:

  • Phone Number: +1 (919)-360-9971 and +1 (919)-360-4101
  • Address: Edwardsburg, MI
  • Email:
  • Website: Casa Blanca Pugs
Pug Playing With Ball

#5 Loralar Pugs

Laura has 20+ years of expertise in pugs and their attributes. However, she had shown pugs since 1974 and began breeding several years later. She tries to be selective while breeding and provides pups to a handful of known people or exhibitors.

Come what may, Laura has devoted herself completely to raising, showing, and loving the breed in the last six years. 

Her pugs won 3 championships so far in various show rings. She started off as a hobby breeder but became professional over the years.

Sadie, a pug girl, has enlightened Laura and her world by winning titles in the events. As an ethical and concerned breeder, Laura screens and checks the backgrounds of each buyer.

Do Loralar Pugs interest you? Then contact Laura with the provided information.

Pug Puppy Breeder Information:

  • Phone Number: +1 (616)-340-9676 and +1 (616)-452-8727
  • Address: 1149 Lakeside Drive SE Grand Rapids, MI 49506
  • Email: and

#6 Lowrie’s Pugs

Lowrie’s Pugs breed lovable, great-looking, sweet companions aka pugs. Jackie Lowrie has been breeding and showing pugs for several years. Her beautiful and charming pups participate in a lot of conformation events and bring many titles home.

You can stalk her Facebook profile and acknowledge the winning records made by Lowrie’s Pugs throughout the years.

She specializes in breeding pugs that come from champion bloodlines. Jackie has been presenting these sweet toy dogs with special care in the show rings for a long time.

The facility is a humble abode for pugs. Jackie is careful concerning the breeding procedures and follows AKC breeding standards. 

You can check out this facility and learn more information while contacting the given details.

Pug Puppy Breeder Information: 

  • Phone Number: +1 (616)-836-4786
  • Address: Holland, MI
  • Email:
  • Facebook: Lowrie’s Pugs
Pug Laughing

#7 Wright’s Pugs

Linda Wright spent almost her whole life in Michigan. She is fond of animals, whether they are pugs, Rotties, or Tibetan mastiffs. But mostly she has bred and shown Pugs for quality time.

Her trained pup has made her day in the 2021 Pug Nationals Top 20 Showcase with sound conformation. She loves to capture every moment when the pugs do something exceptional. Her Facebook feed seems blissful with all the cute pug moments.

Wright’s Pugs pups have been praised immensely in the show rings and numerous performance events by the exhibitors and audience. Linda feels proud of her puppies who can steal people’s hearts.

She makes sure to breed those pugs that would be healthy, adorable, and excellent at nature. Also, she hopes to contribute to the breed with better health facilities and sound training.

Hopefully, you will meet the breeder and puppies of Wright’s Pugs and come to a conclusion about whether to adopt a Wright Pug or not.

Pug Puppy Breeder Information: 

  • Phone Number: +1 (517)-881-6113
  • Address: Springport, MI
  • Email:
  • Facebook: Wright’s Pugs

#8 Arvay Pugs

Kelle Arvay is the owner and breeder of multiple show pugs especially fawn and black ones. She is also a blogger who writes on her experience of each pug she ever bred and showed.

Surprisingly, she makes paintings on her pugs and you can buy the original copy or digital prints of these paintings from her website or Facebook art page. 

Kelle has been breeding, training, and showing Pugs for several years. She has gained quite a reputation in show rings as well as conformation and performance events for sound conformation of Avery Pug pups. These toy dogs comprise most of her life.

Her journey with these gentle companion dogs has endured both crucial and happy hours. Buyers are considerably satisfied with Arvay Pugs and are always ready to back up for Kelle.

Kelle encourages all her customers to join the local Pug gatherings for better growth and social skills of Arvay Pug pups. 

Do Arvay Pug puppies interest you? Then you can contact them with the below information.

Pug Puppy Breeder Information: 

  • Phone Number: +1 (989)-280-5433
  • Address: Detroit, MI 48226
  • Website: Arvay Pugs
  • Twitter: Arvay Pugs
Pug Sitting Down

#9 B & B Love Pugs

Who doesn’t fall in love with a toy breed like Pug who can be amusing and fascinating at the same time? B & B Love Pugs is aware of this fact and wants to spread the undisputed love for pugs worldwide.

The facility strives to breed sound, temperamental, healthy, and handsome-looking pug pups. Pugs are basically clowns and comical at heart. The breeders want to keep hold of these particular characteristics which define the breed. 

While checking out the photos and posts on their social media, you would realize how much they try to hang on to the playful nature of pugs. The facility provides all necessary health treatments, vaccines, and other amenities. 

Go through the following details if you want to adopt your pug from B & B Love Pugs.

Pug Puppy Breeder Information: 

  • Phone Number: +1 (989)-681-0221
  • Address: 217 S Lincoln St, St. Louis, MI 48880
  • Instagram: B & B Love Pugs

#10 Puglife Pugs Of Michigan

Pugs are great companion doggos like most other types of toy dogs. The breeders of Puglife Pugs of Michigan have established their firm to be involved in the exceptional journey with pugs.

They are raising even-tempered, beautiful, playful, and exclusive puppies. They follow the AKC breeding standard to better the breed. 

Do you want to know how adorable pugs can be? Well, you have to scroll down their Facebook page to feel the friendliness and companionship Puglife pugs can offer you.

The breeders make sure of spending quality time around these lapdogs. And they offer the love, training, and care pugs deserve.

Also, they play with the pups creating an imaginative and experimental environment. This motivates the puppies to be witty and productive.

How would you find Puglife Pugs of Michigan? Read the following information and contact them.

Pug Puppy Breeder Information: 

Pug Standing

#11 LD’s Pug Palace

LD’s Pug Palace breeders remain dedicated and determined to breed and raise quality pugs. This indicates they are extremely careful with puppies’ health and other issues.

They tend to follow ethical and morally strong training procedures and innovative techniques to work on the betterment of the Pug standard.

Following the ethical standards, the breeders stay careful not to provide any customers with unhealthy pugs. 

Their puppies grow up in their own home in a kind and patient environment. They socialize these lapdogs with strangers, relatives, and other animals. This kind of interaction strengthens their sense of companionship.

You would welcome LD’s pugs with the first set of shots, wormed 3/4 times, a one-year health guarantee, and AKC/CKC registration. The amiable and cute photos of LD’s pugs will surely melt anybody’s heart. 

Do you wish to adopt one of these pugs? Make contact with breeders with the below details.

Pug Puppy Breeder Information: 

  • Phone Number: +1 (989)-472-6760
  • Address: 1301 Allendale Ave, Owosso, MI 48867
  • Email:
  • Facebook: LD’s Pug Palace

#12 Whispering Pines Pets

Whispering Pines Pets specializes in two breeds, Viszla and Pug. But do not worry about the quality of pug pups as the breeders provide equal care, training, and health treatments to each breed.

They have accumulated a fair share of expertise in breeding pugs throughout the years. Whispering Pines has been breeding affectionate, healthy, gentle-tempered, and good-looking companions. 

The comical and playful nature of pugs is the reason that they make great additions to any family or individual. The breeders have kept it easy while ruling out their process of reservation and adoption.

They want you to find your furever friend in an easy, reliable, trustworthy, and transparent way. Your new friend will enter your home with health records of shots and wormings, AKC registration, natural puppy food, training treats, toys, blanket, etc.

If you want to adopt a Whispering Pines pug, schedule a meeting with the breeders through the below information.

Pug Puppy Breeder Information:

  • Phone Number: +1 (231)-924-7556
  • Address: 451 S Comstock Ave, Fremont, MI 49412
  • Email:
  • Facebook: Whispering Pines Pets

#13 Marshall’s Historic Pugs

Pug is supposedly one of the oldest breeds of dogs. It came to light that one of the earliest familiar sources of pugs is China. The breeders of Marshall’s Historic Pugs respect the ancient history of pugs and the place they have come from.

They want to present the classic but gorgeous beauty of the earth, the pugs, to the world by raising and showing the breed to a noteworthy standard. 

Marshall’s Historic Pugs do their best to breed socialized, pleasing, sturdy, and family favorite puppies. The breeders put tremendous effort into bringing up even-temperamental, playful plus outgoing natured, loving plus easygoing pals like pugs.

They also guarantee sound health treatments and current vaccine records before the adoption. You can find Marshall’s pugs in multiple personalities and colors. The facility can supply you AKC bred pugs from champion bloodlines to all localities. 

You can make contact with Marshall’s Historic Pugs following the provided information.

Pug Puppy Breeder Information: 

  • Phone Number: +1 (269)-268-4175
  • Address: 728 E Michigan Ave Marshall, MI 49068
  • Email:
  • Facebook: Marshall’s Historic Pugs

Pug Breeders From Other States:
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Final Thoughts

I understand if you feel worn out going through a long piece of article. Still, you might be wondering to shoot multiple questions while we part away. So, let me provide you with the drills you would need for the yearned queries. 

You are more than welcome to question me on these amazing Pugs, their tireless breeders, or any other correlated aspects about them. Leave your queries or doubts in the comment box. 

I will answer them all just when the notification starts tinging. You can also supply information on other respectable pug breeders in Michigan. Feel free to share your previous encounters with buying or selling puppies.

Are you ready to pick a particular Pug breeder from these most respectable 13 breeders? You don’t have to give an instant answer. It is okay to feel confused over a significant decision like choosing a pet of your life. 

I assure you these 13 breeders are considerably the best of the best among several others. Of course, you have to conduct your own research and gather information from known pug enthusiasts. All the best for that. 

Do let me and other readers know which breeder has interested you the most. And if you have any previous experience with any of these pug breeders, share your views on them.

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