Top 3 Best Pug Breeders In Maryland (MD) State

If you are looking for the best quality Pug pup breeders in Maryland (MD) state then yes! I have got your back here.

Since childhood, I have had a dream of a dog who is very playful, friendly and also sharp, and intelligent at the same time! So after plenty of research, I guess I found my preferred dog which is none other than Pugs! I’m sure those who are already owning a pup among you have the most amazing experience of owning a dog who is also a friend and watchdog at the same time and also remains calm and quiet to give you some good moods!

I have enlisted the top 3 reputable breeders of pugs existing in Marylands so that you can get your desired pup as soon as possible! So what are you waiting for? Have a visit to an individual’s website.

Find A Pug Breeder Near Me In Maryland State

Top 3 Best Pug Breeders In Maryland (MD) State

#1 Pony Tails Dog Kennel

I have kept Pony Tails Dog Kennel breeder on the top because of their experience, passion, and consistency.

The breeder Lisa Cooch has been breeding for 15 years along with her husband and two daughters who are 14 and 23 years old. She designed this website in 2009. Her farm is family-owned and the family cooperated and she breeds multiple types of breeds.

Among them, their primary breeds are Pugs and Boston Terriers. All of their pups are AKC, ACA and UKC registered and the last inspection by AKC was done in November of 2013.

They offer a puppy package where health certificates, initial veterinarian exams, up-to-date shots and deworming, and 72 hours guarantee are included. 

Currently, they are not allowing many people to their farm for Covid-19. They are appreciating less human interaction. You can only have a visit to their farm if you want to meet any pups of 8 weeks old and for the reservation purpose, you need to pay an advanced $200 for reserving your preferred pugs.

So if you are willing to have a friendly, family-owned pup to bring some joy to your life then I have got their details for you which I am attaching below-

Pug Puppy Breeder Details:

  • Web Url:
  • Name of the organization: Pony Tails Dog Kennel
  • Name of the owner: Lisa Cooch
  • E-mail:
  • Phone: 301-908-1806
  • Mailing address: 1617 Carrs Mill Rd, Woodbine, MD 21797

#2 Pugs By T & N

Pugs By T & N breeder is a small family breeder. All of their pups are family-raised and AKC registered.

Pugs are regularly checked by vets and come with a health guarantee. They also offer 1-year health insurance, and they only give puppies when they are 4,6 or 8 weeks old and they are dewormed every 2 weeks of their birth. They are very concerned about their puppies so they don’t give their puppies to such people who will give their puppies a poor home.

They are very much conscious about ensuring the right kind of family-friendly home for their pups. They take $2500 for full AKC registration, and you need to give them a $200 deposit in advance for the reservation of your preferred pug.

The breeder only allows visitors to meet their pups and visit their farms after booking an appointment. Without an appointment, they don’t allow any kind of visit. So you have to contact them or email them before you want to visit their pups.

Most importantly you need to inform them about your preferred sex, color, and also your cell phone number so that they can give you a proper guideline about your preferred pug.

They ensure the proper health and environment of pups. Their pups are healthy, intelligent, and well socialized. If you want to get your cutest friend from them so here I have got their details for you. Below their details have been attached-

Pug Puppy Breeder Details:

  • Web Url:
  • Name of the organization: Pugs By T&N
  • E-mail:
  • Phone: 301-751-6845
  • Mailing address: 5245 Port Tobacco Road, Nanjemoy, MD 20662

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Pug Sitting Down

#3 Maryland Puppies Online

Now I’m going to introduce you to a very reputed online breeder Maryland Puppies Online.

They have been breeding since 2004 and opened this online platform in 2017. Their puppies have been family-owned since 2008. Their puppies are not only adorable but also they are dewormed and vaccinated. They offer purebred and hybrid pugs. They use names to tag their puppies instead of tagging them with numbers.

All of their doggies are microchipped, have been through the frontline application and they also offer unconditional replacement guarantee and care package options.

Their puppies are best because the pugs are family-owned, healthy, friendly and they do care for them like a family. they don’t only breed the pugs, they breed multiple breeds such as Australian shepherds, Bernedoodle, Bichon, Boston terrier, Boxer, Cavachon, Cavapoo, Chihuahua, Cockapoo, Dachshund, Goberian, Doodle, English and French Bulldog, German Shepherds, Golden Doodle, Golden Retriever, Havanese, Havapoo, Havashine, Husky, Labradoodle, Maltese, Papichon, Papillon, Morkies, Poodle, Pug, Rottweiler, Shih Poo, Siberian Husky, Teacups, Yorkies, Yorkie Pom, Shorkies and much more breed are also available.

If you want to get one from them you need to go through a procedure which is you need to choose your puppy at first and then contact them and adopt or give a reservation for $200.

They train their puppies with the focus of socializing, making them playful and affectionate. They also offer a 1-year health warranty certificate. The pups are well-tempered, free from allergies, and very intelligent as they ensured proper training for their pups.

Their reviews are amazing I must say when it comes to describing their services. So I have got their details for you below if you want to get your best friend for them!

Pug Puppy Breeder Details:

  • Web Url:
  • Name of the organization: Maryland Puppies Online
  • Phone: 443-752-2264
  • Mailing address: 227 Gateway Dr D,Bel Air,MD 21014

How much does a purebred Pug puppy cost in Maryland state?

If you take your pug from a reputed and AKC registered breeder then it will cost around $1750-$1900. But on average, the price starts at $600.But averagely you can get it in $1100-$1200 even.

How do I choose a Pug Puppy breeder in Maryland state?

Before choosing a breeder from whom you want to take your pug you must need to know enough information about them first. Like if they are AKC registered or not, how many years of health guarantee would they like to provide along with the health and environmental condition of your pups are also very important.

So considering all these things you should choose a breeder because a well-reputed good breeder will have all of the above criteria.

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What is the rarest color of in? Why are they rare?

The rarest color of pugs is Brindle color. Brindle color is like it is the stripe of light and black colors alternatively. It is not a solid color, It is kind of a patterned coat.

They are rare because the gene brindle is not common in pugs. In every 100 pugs, there are 1 brindle gene holder pug can be found. moreover, AKC doesn’t recognize them as purebred so they are not allowed by AKC so not pet owners or breeders don’t want to breed them

Additionally, the brindle-colored pugs have some common health problems such as Brachycephalic syndrome, Encephalitis, Hip Dysplasia, Obesity, and Cherry eye. They do have their heavy shedding period every summer and winter.

As they are the rarest, they cost so much. Generally, a brindle pug costs $2000.

The most popular color is the Fawn color. It is like a creamy, tanned, and coffee-type color. And the mask the pugs have in their face along with ears are mostly black. This color is most popular because AKC only recognizes only two colors when in the case of pugs they are Black and Fawn color.

Moreover, some colors are also common such as Apricot, silver, and smuttiness. But this fawn color also has some variations such as apricot fawn, Dark apricot fawn.

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Pug Dog

Where can I take my Pug in Maryland?

Guess what? I have enlisted the top 20 veterinary hospitals in Maryland (MD) state so that you don’t need to worry anymore about where you can take your pug in case of any emergency! I got your back here and here is the list of top 20 hospitals which ensure proper medical services to the pets.

  • Hunt valley animal hospital (11206 York Rd, Cockeysville, MD 21030, United States)
  • Prince George’s Animal Hospital (7440 Annapolis Rd, Hyattsville, MD 20784, United States)
  • College park animal hospital (9717 Baltimore Ave, College Park, MD 20740, United States)
  • Olney-sandy spring veterinary hospital (1300 Olney Sandy Spring Rd, Sandy Spring, MD 20860, United States)
  • Highway Veterinary Hospital (2604 Crain Hwy, Bowie, MD 20716, United States)
  • Green valley animal hospital (2910 Prices Distillery Rd, Ijamsville, MD 21754, United States)
  • Anne Arundel veterinary hospital (4800 Ritchie Hwy, Baltimore, MD 21225, United States)
  • Everhart Veterinary Hospital: Goodman Robert Z DVM (4005 Ritchie Hwy, Baltimore, MD 21225, United States)
  • Eastern Animal Hospital ( 6575 Eastern Ave, Baltimore, MD 21224, United States)
  • Dunloggin Veterinary Hospital (9105 Frederick Rd, Ellicott City, MD 21042, United States)
  • Charm City veterinary hospital (3600 O’Donnell St #160, Baltimore, MD 21224, United States)
  • Rosedale animal hospital (7611 Philadelphia Rd, Baltimore, MD 21237, United States)
  • Northeast animal hospital (1771 W Pulaski Hwy, Elkton, MD 21921, United States)
  • Greater Annapolis veterinary hospital (1901 Generals Hwy, Annapolis, MD 21401, United States)
  • Fulton animal hospital (11845 Scaggsville Rd, Fulton, MD 20759, United States)
  • Timonium Animal Hospital Inc (2411 York Rd, Lutherville-Timonium, MD 21093, United States)
  • Stevenson village veterinary hospital (46 E Sudbrook Ln, Baltimore, MD 21208, United States)
  • Falls road animal hospital (6314 Falls Rd, Baltimore, MD 21209, United States)
  • Main street veterinary hospital (11617 Reisterstown Rd, Reisterstown, MD 21136, United States)
  • North Laurel veterinary hospital (9105 All Saints Rd # P, Laurel, MD 20723, United States)

You can take your pug for any kind of emergency or medical issues to them. They have the best kind of reviews for their servicing and dedication. So you can contact them whenever you need them. They are 24/7 available to provide you their service.

Pug Laughing

Is Pug  good for a first time owner?

Of course! Pugs are one of the best dogs existing for first-time owners. They are having a separate fanbase even. They are so popular and most welcomed among first-time owners because they are way too socialized, playful, enjoyable, and cherishing.

Also, their sharpness and intelligence are also praiseworthy. Their humble behavior makes their owner more affectionate to them. They behave like a best friend if you give them your love, care, and attention from time to time. Most importantly they are very easy to care for.

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What do I need to know about Pug puppies?

The foremost thing you need to know before getting a pug is they are way too clingy to their owners. So they love to follow their owner everywhere.

Sometimes they go with some uncommon health problems which are not severe but don’t happen generally with pups. Such as food allergy, eye scratches, tendency to react with vaccines, breathing problems.

They need and want attention and love mostly as I said before they are way too clingy to their owner. They are not athletic and sportive but they are not couch potato type also. They need a certain time to walk or play every day. They shed a lot when it is the time of summer and winter. They can eat almost anything, and they are very smart.

The pugs are very much willful in their decision so it is sometimes challenging for their owner to train them that is why sometimes it takes some time to train them. And lastly, the most important thing you need to know about them is they just love bugs so all they want is love and attention from you.

Pug Puppy Teething

How long are Pugs in the puppy stage ?

The pugs have 5 puppy growth stages. they are-

  • Newborn stage
  • From birth to 2 weeks old stage
  • Transitional period
  • 4 weeks old
  • Socialization stage starts from 3 weeks and continues till 12 weeks old.

After that, your pug will stop growing. so we can consider the pug’s puppy stage up to 12 weeks old.

Over To You

Pugs are such dogs which have different personalities. Sometimes so playful and cherishing and sometimes very calm and quiet. They are sometimes very willful which creates challenges for their owner to train them. But pugs can be anyone’s best kind of companion for sure.

From the above 3 breeders, I have liked the Maryland puppies online the most as you know due to Corona we can’t move anywhere.

Did I miss any well-known breeder in Maryland state that you know? Let me know below in the comment box. I’ll be happy to note it down.

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