Top 7 Best Pit Bull Breeders In New York (NY) State

Let me guess, you are looking for the best Pit Bull Puppy Breeders in New York state. And you want to avoid a pet shop that wants to sell random Pitbull puppies without having any breeding history! You also want to avoid puppy mills and backyard Pitbull breeders as well. 

Trust me, you are not alone! In fact, you may feel better to know that you’re in the right place. 

I already have done the research for you. The most important factor I focused on is the experience, reputation and the quality of the Pitbull puppy breeder. 

After some research, I found the top 7 reputable Pit Bull Terrier breeders in New York state, You may like to collect some high-quality fur babies of pure American Pitbull Terriers from any of them

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Top 7 Best Pit Bull Breeders In New York (NY) State

#1 Big Baller Kennels 

Peter Barkas, the owner of Big Baller Kennels is a genuine dog lover. He starts breeding as a hobby and now it is recognized as a global breeding kennel.

Peter’s genuine love for American Pit Bull Terriers represents through the stunning names each of them possesses. The Red Sea, berlin Wall, Darth Vader, Dragonfly, Mammasita etc are some of the names. Besides, his whole life and lifestyle revolve around breeding and spending time with them. He also trains them to become athletic, sporty, and loyal.

Big Baller Kennels own one of the rarest bloodlines of these canines which help them to stand out from other dog breeders. It is the breeder’s personal desire to make people familiar with the breeds of Pit Bull. I found them trustworthy. You can visit their website and take a look at the positive reviews given by people all over the world.

The website of Big Baller Kennels contains several pictures and videos of their puppies. Detailed information of their height, color, bloodline is also given along with the pictures. 

If you are interested in their Pit Bulls, you can simply fill out the form given in the website. You can also mail them at their given email address if you have further questions.

Pit Bull Puppy Breeder Details:

  • Name of the owner(s): Peter Barkas
  • Address: 500 Park Ave, New York, NY 10022
  • Telephone: +12034969910
  • Website URL/ Link:
  • Email: 
Pit Bull Puppy

#2 Clase Pitbull Bullies

Clase Pitbull Bullies family breeds XL blue nose Pit Bulls since 2003 and is on the program for over 18 years now. They are situated in Upstate, NY, and in Long Island, NY.

Apart from XL blue nose Pit Bulls, they also produce fawn, black, red and Tri Colored American Pit Bulls. Everyone in the Clase Pitbull Bullies family treat them as family members. XL Bully American Pit Bulls Terriers are their most favorites. Razors Edge, Gotti, Greyline, Ganghis Kon etc all bloodlines are here in one place.

The breeders bring up their dogs in a family environment from an early age which makes them social and friendly.

They also provide other facilities such as training dogs which come in packages. For this, they use certified master canine trainers. I think it is a very helpful training program. Clase Pitbull Bullies encourages this program a lot as they believe mannerism is one of the most important features of a dog.

Clase Pitbull Bullies discourage people to buy Pit Bulls unless they are entirely sure. They want people to do thorough research on the breed and bloodlines they want to have. If you visit their Facebook page you can find the wonderful feedback of their buyers. 

So, if you are entirely sure about it, only then contact them. You may have to go through an in-depth process if you want to adopt from them. I believe it is pretty normal to want to know about your detailed information as they give away their family members to you.

Pit Bull Puppy Breeder Details:

#3 Top Blue Kennels New York

Paul Rummel, the owner of Top Blue Kennels is a family man. It is fascinating to me that he breeds his American Pit bulls in a family environment, around children and other dogs from the very beginning.

Top Blue Kennels breed xl and xxl Pit bulls which are just larger in size, weight and height from the regular Pit Bulls. These dogs are well-trained and well-mannered. They are located in New York and very much demanded by buyers all over the world.

Professional athletes, MMA fighters rank Top Blue Kennels as number one. Not only are they bigger in size, but they can also do all the things as a small American Pit Bull Terrier. Visit their YouTube page to get a better picture of what I am saying. 

Besides, Top Blue Kennels provide other services too. If you want to initiate or add to your existing breeding process, they can supply their rare bloodlines. Apart from these, they own a store where they sell hoodies, t-shirts, mugs, hats etc with their logo or printed Pit Bull pictures on them.

The website of Top Blue Kennels contains all the necessary information one needs to know. It also contains all the reviews given by the buyers about their wonderful experiences. If you are interested, go check out their website, Facebook page and YouTube channel. Contact them via email or phone call if you want to proceed further.

Pit Bull Puppy Breeder Details:

Pit Bull Pup

#4 Blue Passion Kennels

Blue Passion Kennels, run by Eddie, Erica and Rain, breed American Pit Bull Terriers since 1993.

From the observation of other breeding programs, Blue Passion Kennels decides to take distinct initiatives to create the program. According to them, most breeders start this business with unqualified dog breeds. Blue Passion Kennels, on the other hand, believes in quality before anything else. 

They examine the pups at a young age. Only if the dogs meet the required level, they take them for breeding and training. As a result, they own strong and athletic American Pit Bull Terriers because of their strong descendants. 

What I like most is that Blue Passion Kennels believes in newness. They are always up for taking new ideas and perspectives into account for the betterment of the breeding program. Their goal is to create the best American Pit Bulls nationally with noticeable features.

The website of this kennel provides all the necessary information of this breed extensively. I want to recommend you to visit their website even if you just want to get a general idea about this breed and breeding process. A lot of positive feedback from the buyers are also there. 

The open hours and prices are given for your convenience if you decide to buy from them after your research.

Pit Bull Puppy Breeder Details:

  • Name of the owner(s): Eddie, Erica & Rain
  • Address: Joseph D Kollar Rd, Freehold, NY 12431
  • Telephone: (845) 399-2540
  • Website URL/ Link:
  • Email:

#5 Devil’s Den Kennels 

Devil’s Den is one of the most popular homes for Pit Bulls in my list. You can meet Mike Gallo, the owner of the kennel who likes to breed Pit Bull as well as American Bullies. I like Devil’s Den’s 30 years old breeding reputation in Staten Island, isn’t that amazing?

They raise their kennel dogs as no less than family members. At the age of 14, Mike brought his first American Pit Bull into his home. This is the beginning of the journey of Devil’s Den. Today, it is a well-known kennel for Pit Bull Terriers in the United States.

Devil’s Den is the kennel of the breeders of American Pit Bull Terriers. The motto of the breeders is to train these dogs to become extremely powerful. As a result, in canine shows you may come across a lot of Pit Bulls which are originally from here. If you visit their YouTube channel, you may get a better understanding of it.

Devil’s Den trusts that American Pit Bulls can become good companions if trained in a friendly environment. 

What I like most is, their training programs. These depend on the nature of the pup and get them prepared for the dog sports. They even ship these mutts all over the United States and Canada.

Currently they are running the 10th and 11th generation of their kennel dogs. Once the puppies are 8 weeks old or more they give them for adoption to the interested people. The kennel requires the owners to take care of all the responsibilities of the puppies after the adoption.

Before adopting from Devil’s Den, you must visit their website and other social media sites. All the necessary information is given on their website. After thorough research, if you think you are ready give them a text on their given cell phone number. That is the best way to reach them. 

Pit Bull Puppy Breeder Details:

Pit Bull Smiling

#6 Blue Fire Pits

Blue Fire Pits, the home of Blue Nose American Pit Bull Puppies, run this business since 2005. It is located in Upstate, New York. The journey starts with the owner having two females and one male dog which is now a well-known breeding program.

Blue Fire Pits breeders mostly like the blue or gray coat color American Pit Bull Terriers for their appealing looks in their curriculum. Apart from this, they also produce a number of other colors which include fawn, brindle, white, black, and variations of tricolor. 

Gottiline is their preferred bloodline, but they are not limited to that. Currently, they are focusing on producing Xl UKC American Pit bull Terriers with magnificent elegance.

Blue Fire Pits believes in top quality breeds. What makes them different from other breeders is the fact that they provide two years health guarantee in all of their sales. They provide shipping to deliver their dogs all over the United States, Canada, Mexico and Paris.

I like the fact that they clarified their breeding process on their website. The breeders use both natural and artificial insemination (Ai) in their breeding program and consider both as useful. They prefer Ai when it comes to dogs with potential but in need of guidance.

As they sell sized blue nose Pit Bull puppies, you can get any of your desired sizes from this place. Their website provides all the necessary information for the ones who want a blue nose American Pit Bull of their own. Although it is a lengthy process, they guarantee you a good experience.

Pit Bull Puppy Breeder Details:

#7 Pack of Pitts Kennel

Pack of Pitts Kennel, a well-recognized kennel, maintains a dog breeding business since 1985. They are located in Buffalo, New York.

Pack of Pitts Kennel prides themselves in breeding UKC & ADBA registered American Pit Bull Terrier, American Bully, and Amstaff Dogs. They raise their puppies with great care in a family environment. They have Blue, Blue Fawn, and Champagne pups.

The pictures of the available Pit Bulls are given on their website. Besides, to get a better look at their canines, you can also visit their YouTube page.

They recommend the inexperienced trainers to attend an obedience school to learn to be better at handling their American Pit Bull Terriers.

According to them it is a place that can be both beneficial to your pup and you. They also suggest you take your Pit Bull to a puppy school if any behavioral issue arises. To guide in this matter they have also given a number of tips and links of dog behavior, training, books etc.  

Email them if you want to get updates on their latest litters. You can also contact them through their given telephone number.

Pit Bull Puppy Breeder Details:

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Pit Bull Playing With Ball

Final Thoughts

I hope the above list lessened your workload to some extent. I am eager to know your thoughts.

You can also let me know if you want to see any of your favorite breeders of New York in the list. 

Leave your valuable feedback in the comment section. Do let others know too about your experience.

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