Top 6 Best Cocker Spaniel Breeders in New York (NY) State

If you are searching for the top quality Cocker Spaniel Puppy Breeders In New York state, then you’re in the perfect place!

In the exquisite City of New York, you may often feel like you are getting lost in the whirlwind of everyday life. Due to its vast size, you may feel like you have no idea where to begin your quest for your perfect furry Cocker Spaniel pup.

Do not worry, as that is why I have this list of some of the best breeders in the entire state of New York. This may help you get a little close in your search for the dog of your lifetime. 

It is indeed difficult to trust breeders with assurance due to how many swindling cases you may hear of, that is why through meticulous research, I have found the best 7 reputable breeders who you can believe to be trustworthy and reliable

Find A Cocker Spaniel Breeder Near Me In New York State

Top 7 Best Cocker Spaniel Breeders In New York (NY) State

#1 Astor Hill Cockers

Astor Hill Cockers is a small but efficient breeder set in Fairport, New York. They take the words of KFC by heart and agree that all Cockers should be merry and happy above anything else, which is why you can be assured that they manage their dogs and puppies with utter devotion and care. 

On top of that, they are active members of three crucial dog clubs, which are, Genesee Valley Kennel Club (GVKC), American Spaniel Club (ASC), and finally Upstate Cocker Spaniel Club (UCSC), making their trustworthiness and efficiency more evident. Undoubtedly, with reassurance, you can put your trust in this respectable breeder.

Another key point is, they solely focus on breeding Cocker Spaniels, which makes their liability of producing magnificent quality pups is profusely high. That is why they are on this list as you can put your trust in them with Cocker Spaniel pups, as they are authentic without a doubt. 

Cocker Spaniel Puppy Breeder Details:

#2 Sportsman’s Kennels

One of the oldest yet reputable breeders on the list, Sportsman’s Kennels is renowned for producing some of the best quality Cocker Spaniels in New York.

They have been breeding puppies since 1962, to provide you with top notch quality Cocker pups. Not only are they reliable, all of their pups are tested genetically so no inbreeding can be assured. All the puppies are primary from champion bloodlines. 

They have a variety of puppies to offer, including Cocker Spaniels, so you can assuredly get your Cocker from a reputed breeder with ease. Other than providing you with top quality dogs and puppies, they even offer boarding, grooming and training to their dogs.

If you desire it, they will aid you to train your dog. So, overall, Sportsman’s Kennel is one of the best to get a Cocker Spaniel pup from. 

Cocker Spaniel Puppy Breeder Details:

Cocker Spaniel Sitting Down

#3 NYC Cockers Place

NYC Cockers Place is located in Staten Island, New York, which also happens to be very close to Manhattan. Undoubtedly, one of the best for people who live near Manhattan, also if you do choose to buy from here, you can rest assured that your pup is not bred in a puppy mill.

They priorities the health of your pups more than anything, which is why not only these puppies are bred with absolute love and care but these pups also get to socialize with humans early on, which makes them less aggressive to people and easy to train.

They also specified the fact that all their puppies are from champion bloodlines and are registered with the American Kennel Club

If you do choose to buy from here, you will get 30 days of illness and injury coverage from the moment you receive the AKC Pet Insurance Certificate.

All the puppies are well-groomed, they also have their tails docked and dewclaws removed. To get a puppy, you should register beforehand so that when new litters are born, you will be on the top of the list which will make it easier for you. 

Cocker Spaniel Puppy Breeder Details:

Cocker Spaniel Smiling

#4 Moondrop Gardens

Moondrop Gardens was initiated by Jennifer LaBarbera, who reveals Cocker Spaniels have been her dream dogs since she was a little girl. She reveals that she is aware of how fragile the temperament of these canines can be which is why she made sure that Moondrop focuses on making sure the puppies that are being bred are healthy 

All the pups here are CERF examined annually, and they are especially aware of cataracts and glaucoma, as Cocker Spaniels are prone to these. On top of that, they even lookout for signs of dysplasia by getting OFA Radiographs and have them registered with the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals.

Another thing they always look out for is the patella, for which they are registered with OFA. Overall, the health of these canines is maintained with the utmost attention. 

Many times you may feel skeptical whether you can truly trust a breeder, but that suspicion is futile in the case of Moondrop Gardens.

They treat their puppies like family, and always maintain a healthy balanced diet for the pups to grow strong and healthy. You can check it out yourself by contacting them directly by the information given below. 

Cocker Spaniel Puppy Breeder Details:

Cocker Spaniel Puppy

#5 Eine Kleine Kennel

A trustworthy breeder set in New York, one of Eine Kleine Kennel’s specialties is to provide you with the finest quality Cocker Spaniels. They can assure you that all their pets are regularly checked by qualified vets, which is why they are reassuring you about the quality of the pups.

Eine Kleine Kennel strongly stands against animal cruelty and encourages others to treat their pets more like a furry family member than an animal. Due to their animal-loving nature, they take utmost care of their pets, which is why you can definitely trust them in regards to quality. 

They primarily sell Cocker Spaniels and AKC poodles, regarding nurturing the puppies, they gave incredibly detailed guidelines about the things that you need to maintain to make sure your pup grows up healthy.

Cocker Spaniels differ from other dogs, you need to make sure your puppy’s ears gets treated for any inflammation as they are quite prone to it due to the floppy nature of the ears. They have listed down several other key points, which you can find in the link below. 

Cocker Spaniel Puppy Breeder Details:

Cocker Spaniel Explain Joy

#6 Myrdin Cocker Spaniels

Another wonderful breeder set in New York, Myrdin Cocker Spaniels claim that they prefer quality over quantity. They have also been officially recognized as AKC Breeders of Merit, which verifies their authentic quality.

They are located in Hudson Valley, approximately an hour away from New York City.

For a happy, healthy and easy to train Cocker pup, Myrdin Cocker Spaniels is a good choice to get your lifetime companion as their pups are not only properly bred but Mydin Cocker Spaniels are also recognized as AKC Breeders of Merit, which indicates that they excel at what they do.  

Cocker Spaniel Puppy Breeder Details:

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Cocker Spaniel Walking

Things you should be aware of: Puppy Mills or Breeders

While buying a puppy, you should be cautious whether they are indeed from authentic breeders or are the pups from puppy mills. To know whether they are from puppy mills or now, you need to keep on your guard and ask them about the environment the pup is accustomed to.

If you notice reluctance in their behavior while answering questions regarding the puppy’s parents or the environment, then there is a chance that the breeder is not authentic.

Also, if the breeder seems untrained regarding the AKC standards, and does not know details regarding the breed then that may be a red flag as well. Differentiating between an authentic breeder and a puppy mill is not too hard, but you need to stay on your guard and ask all forms of questions.

How to tell if your Cocker Spaniel Puppy is a purebred

Understanding whether your puppy is a purebred or not may seem like a difficult task, but here are some ways in which identifying will become easier for you.

Firstly, make sure to ask the breeder about the parents of the litters, and see them yourself.

Secondly, do a DNA test on your dog, if the DNA of the parent dogs do not match then your dog is not a pure bred but if it does match then it is a purebred.

Thirdly, check all forms of pedigree papers, AKC certificates are very important as AKC registered purebreds.

If they can not provide you with any papers, then your dog may not be purebred. All can be assured if you stay on your guard and do thorough research.

Over To You

I am aware of how difficult it might be to find the perfect breeder in the enormous state of New York, which is why to help you at your quest I have a list of the breeders that I think may help you. 

Cocker Spaniels are indeed wonderful breeds, but why do you want this specific breed to be your forever canine, what is it about it that made you fall in love with it? Do share your experience and knowledge with us.

Also, feel free to share your own experience with Cocker Spaniels breeders, and if you think I missed out on anyone who deserves a spot on this list then do share in the comments below.

If you think the readers should know certain details that can help them find their forever furry friend then definitely do share your knowledge with us in the comments.

Also, do you think grooming for Cocker Spaniels are different from other dogs you may have experienced? How so? Please share. 

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