Top 11 Best Golden Retriever Breeders in Alabama (AL) State

If you are looking for the top quality Golden Retriever Puppy Breeders In Alabama state, then you are in the right place!

The Golden Retriever is a medium-sized shotgun dog. In the older days, people bred it to hunt. Because of its soft mouth, the term “Retriever” relates to the breed’s ability to return shot game uninjured.

You’ve come to the right place if you’re seeking the greatest Golden Retriever breeders in Alabama (AL). I’ve created a list of the greatest 11 reputable Golden Retriever breeders in Alabama (AL). It’ll assist you in selecting the finest one

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Find A Golden Retriever Breeder Near Me In Alabama State

Top 11 Best Golden Retriever Breeders In Alabama (AL) State

#1 White Sand English Golden Retrievers

In the United States, they breed AKC English-type Golden Retriever puppies. They are also known as White Golden Retrievers, English Golden Retrievers. People know them as English Cream Golden Retrievers, and British Golden Retrievers too.

Although they are all Golden Retrievers. They want to breed puppies with good temperaments, good health, good structure. 

They have spent a lot of time looking at pedigrees to get puppies from the top lineages in Europe. They import all English-type Golden Retrievers from reputable European kennels. They visit or meet at dog exhibitions.

It establishes professional ties with champion breeders at home and major dog shows. It fosters a strong community. It builds trust in their own breeding program.

Please check their website for extra information. They only allow visitors with an appointment. 

Golden Retriever Puppy Breeder Contact Details:

Golden Retriever With Jacket

#2 Sweethaven Kennels

Sweethaven Goldendoodles, Poodles, and Golden Retrievers are reputable breeders. They have healthy, gorgeous Goldendoodles, Poodles, and Golden Retrievers. Sweethaven is a little town nestled amidst the sloping farmland and pine trees of the South.

They are a dog-loving family whose goal is to better households “one puppy at a time.”

You’ll find puppies from Sweethaven all across the United States. You’ve discovered a fantastic pet with a superb temperament and exceptional genetics! They guarantee every puppy they produce to be healthy. Their Sweethaven Families receive lifetime breeder care.

At Sweethaven, they give vaccines to pups. They get a comprehensive vet checkup. They’re microchipped and come with a Health Guarantee. They also deal with low-cost Flight Nannies. It’s applicable for in-cabin delivery or ground transportation throughout the United States.

Golden Retriever Puppy Breeder Contact Details:

#3 Southland Goldens

Since 2012, Southland Goldens has been a professional breeder of English Cream Golden Retrievers. They have the greatest pedigrees, temperaments, and health certifications in the Retriever breed. They are a small family kennel that treats all its dogs as members of the family. Their aim is to provide each family a happy, healthy dog. 

They will brand each youngster with a distinct colored collar. They give out weekly recordings so you can see the puppies develop once they are born. The selection procedure starts at 6 weeks. It’s based on the order in which they receive your deposit. At 8 weeks old, puppies will be ready to go to their everlasting homes.

Golden Retriever Puppy Breeder Contact Details:

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Golden Retriever Playful

#4 Summer Brook Acres English Golden Retrievers

Summer Brook Acres English Golden Retrievers’ puppies come from European lines. They are also known as English Cream Golden Retrievers. They breed and train their English Golden Retriever pups.

They focus on finding excellent English Golden Retriever pups. For families searching for a healthy, trainable, and attractive companion. All their lovely dogs are health-tested, have titles, wonderful temperaments, and excellent pedigrees.  

Summer Brook Acres is a premium English Golden Retriever breeder and trainer. Yet, they have a larger goal than selling English Cream Golden Retriever Puppies For Sale.  They’re concerned with pairing excellent English Cream Golden Retriever puppies with families.

They’re nicknamed “English Cream Golden Retriever Breeders” by some. When they talk about the dogs we breed, they avoid using the word “cream.” Color is not the core of their program, even if they favor lighter hues. Summer Brook, their family, and their breeding program are all featured on their website.

All their breeding dogs have demonstrated to have stable temperaments. At the very least, they all have a CGC title. This is the first stage towards becoming a therapy dog or a competitive obedience dog. All dogs hold advanced obedience titles above half of them. 

Golden Retriever Puppy Breeder Contact Details:

#5 Kathy’s Golden Retrievers

Kathy’s Golden Retrievers is the Champion family. They live in Jones, Alabama, which is roughly 35 minutes north of Prattville. Their Golden Retrievers are the family pets, and they live on a 6-acre property.

All their pup have grown up, and their pups socialized with their grandkids since birth. They were smitten with the Goldens’ gorgeous eyes and kind demeanor. They are, of course, the ideal family pet. They want all the lovely families to adopt all their infants. 

Both of their parents are Golden Retrievers. They adore their personalities. They’re gentle and devoted to one other. 

Golden Retriever Puppy Breeder Contact Details:

Golden Retriever Laughing

#6 The Golden Court

The Golden Court’s located in the Appalachian area of northern Alabama. They began their breeding program to spread the Retriever breed’s brilliance.

Their litters are one-of-a-kind. Because they combine the finest of the English and Golden lineages. Gentle by nature, with silky coats and pleasant souls, they are eager to learn and pay close attention.

Their aim is to produce healthy puppies that meet all Retriever breed criteria. They chose both the Judge and the Jury to be certified, well-trained service dogs.

As a result, they each have a distinct personality. It anchors in their genetic composition.

Golden Retriever Puppy Breeder Contact Details:

#7 The Golden Life

In Ohatchee, Alabama, The Golden Life is a tiny, family-owned breeding program. They are very devoted to the breed and wish to share their enthusiasm for golden retrievers. They are pretty determined to provide healthy, attractive, and well-socialized puppies.

All their Golden Retrievers are AKC recognized and 100% purebred. All puppies come with restricted AKC registration papers. They give full registration available for an extra charge. Every year, we have three to four litters. All their dog parents have had their health evaluated.

At the age of 7-8 weeks, they release the puppies to their new families. Before you take your puppy home, it will have age-appropriate dewormings, coccidia prevention. They’ll provide its first round of vaccines. As well as a health assessment from their qualified veterinarian.

They provide all pups with a take-home package. It contains puppy food, a blanket, toys with the fragrance of their mother and siblings. They’ll also provide a medical record, 30 days of free pet insurance, and more!

Golden Retriever Puppy Breeder Contact Details:

Golden Retriever Doggy

#8 Allday Golden Retrievers

Allday Golden Retrievers is currently located in Selma, Alabama, besides the Alabama River. For an extra fee, they have a puppy flown to their new family (through Delta Pet Services).

They will contact you in the weeks following receipt of your deposit. So that they can set up an appointment for a puppy pick-up weekend. The first contact will inform you of which weekend to book.

The second call will set up an hour-long appointment time. They’ll email exact GPS coordinates and directions the week before puppy pick-up weekend. It’ll ensure no problems for locating them.

The best reason is every Golden Retriever puppy that leaves here will provide years of joy to some family, and vice versa, which makes them happy. They have seen a lot of smiles and happy families over the years. They have gained a lot of lasting friends in the process.

Golden Retriever Puppy Breeder Contact Details:

  • Breed Owner: Alabama Homebuilder
  • Address: Selma, AL, P.O. Box 1287
  • Phone: 36702-1287
  • Email: 
  • Website:  

#9 Golden Retriever 4 You

Larry and Lola Ellis are the owners of Golden Retriever 4 You.  They are in the little town of Verbena, Alabama, in Central Alabama.

In 2009, Larry’s father (Forrest Ellis) gave them the kennel. They have been raising Golden Retriever pups for many happy homes since then.

Raising these amazing dogs has been a true joy. Their easy-to-train disposition. The American Kennel Club ranks them #4 among all dog breeds, while Animal Planet ranks them #7. It makes them the ideal family dog.

Every happy memory they have of these wonderful puppies is golden. This is how Golden Memories Kennel got its name.

All dogs are all AKC registered and well-loved.

Golden Retriever Puppy Breeder Contact Details:

  • Breed Owner: Larry and Lola Ellis
  • Address: 658 Co Rd 503, Verbena, AL 36091, USA
  • Phone: 205-294-1397
  • Email:  
  • Website:  
Golden Retriever In Street

#10 Eastern Shore Goldens

Eastern Shore Goldens is a small family hobby breeder of English Cream Golden Retrievers. They love and care for their dogs as if they were members of their families. They only have a few litters every year. Since they are pretty dedicated to improving the Retriever breed as a whole. 

All the Goldens on the Eastern Shore are AKC recognized and have European genetics. They take all the Retrievers to the vet for health. They’ve gone to doctors to make sure they don’t have any genetic flaws. They examine all Goldens’ hips and elbows by OFA or FCI. Their Retrievers are all covered by a warranty.

If you do not live in the Fairhope area, they would meet you along the route to deliver your furry buddy. If you live further away, they can also transport your Golden Retrievers. It is usual to ship pups, and it is not detrimental to the dogs. The cost of shipping is always determined by the flight, crate, and mandatory health clearances.

Their office is in Fairhope, Alabama, which is across the sea from Mobile. They raise their pups as part of the family in their house. They live on 2 acres of land in Fairhope with lots of space for them to go about. They only give the finest to their Golden Retrievers.

They have discovered to be big breed Blue Buffalo dog and puppy chow. You can find more images of these pets on their Facebook page.

Golden Retriever Puppy Breeder Contact Details:

Golden Retriever Walking

#11 D&J Golden Retriever puppies

They have been breeding Golden Retriever pups for almost 15 years at D&J Golden Retriever Puppies! They began with toy breeds, such as Yorkies, Papillions, and now Golden Retrievers.

Golden Retrievers are hands down the finest family dog, period, in their opinion. She is intelligent, kind, and loyal, and she adores children and other animals. They have never seen or heard about aggressive Goldens in their life.

The puppies are not inbred, and they do not operate puppy mills. They treat their children as members of the family.

They try to breed the ideal family companion at D&J Golden Retriever Puppies. They have two stud males, both of whom have undergone genetic testing. Champ is DNA certified and OFA certified in the hips and elbows.

They test all the Goldens for paw print genetics and are AKC registered. At 6 weeks, they give all pups vet-transferable immunizations. They are vet-checked and dewormed.

Golden Retriever Puppy Breeder Contact Details:

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What is the price of an Alabama Golden Retriever?

A Golden Retriever costs somewhere between $500 and $3000. The pricing might change depending on a variety of circumstances.

A Golden retriever puppy may cost anywhere from $500 to $7000. If you buy from a reputable and certified breeder.

Why are Pure Golden Retriever pups in Alabama (AL) so expensive?

A well-bred and steady Golden retriever puppy with a good disposition is usually pricey. As a result, the sum you spend will be worthwhile to him. To maintain the health and safety of the pup, a responsible breeder must have a thorough grasp of genetics.

Other expenses, such as puppy vaccines, are among the many that might affect the total. Food, lodging, medical bills, and registration are all expenses for a pup. All Retriever breeders must handle these.

Golden Retriever Dog

Final Thoughts

The vast majority of individuals make the mistake of purchasing their first doggy from an unknown breeder. If you get a Golden Retriever pup from someone who does not meet all these requirements.

You are contributing to the extinction of the breed. Also reducing the necessity for costly and time-consuming rescue efforts.

If you want your family to feel secure and comfortable even when you are not around, dogs are the best friend. A dog may be your closest companion, family member, and devoted protector.

So, when it comes to selecting one for your family, go with the greatest option available to you.

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