Top 8 Best French Bulldog Breeders In Alabama (AL) State

If you’re seeking the best quality French Bulldog puppy breeders in Alabama (AL) state, then you’re in the right place!

The French Bulldogs are a goofy but intelligent dog breed. This dog breed is quite popular among pet lovers who want their pets in pocket size.

They are bred as companion dogs. They are lovely as pets for children. They love to be at home and be lazy. But they are great at socializing. They love to sit on the lap of the owners and relax. Their characteristics also include being quirky and playful.

A reason why the breed is getting all the love lately is that the dogs can adapt to any home, even in a small apartment. They fit into a large family as well as in a nuclear family. They do not bark much and are very calm. In addition, they do not need much exercise.

The low maintenance characteristics of the breed are the main reason for their popularity. In 2013, the breed was ranked 11th in American Kennel Club or AKC registrations, but by 2020 it was ranked second.

I can provide you with all of the relevant breeder information if you live in Alabama and are seeking to adopt a French Bulldog puppy. I’ve created a list of the top 8 reputable and AKC-certified breeders in Alabama so you may read the list and choose the ideal French Bulldog puppy for your family.

Wishing you all the best with your adoption!

Find A French Bulldog Breeder Near Me In Alabama State

French Bulldog Breeders In Alabama

#1 Blue Grit Kennel

The Blue Grit Kennel is a family-oriented doggo farm. The owners Andy, Sherry, and Chase Brazelton have over 25 years of experience breeding French Bulldogs. The price of the Frenchies is also within budget. It is based on the bloodline of the puppies. Their dogs have amazing bloodlines.

The owners are very dedicated to their puppies. The puppies have American Kennel Club or AKC registration. They also got a health certificate, veterinary health examination. The puppies are fully vaccinated. The owners will deliver a puppy nanny at additional costs if it is needed. 

Their Facebook page has amazing reviews. One review from their Facebook page says,

“They were great to work with and are clearly passionate about the breed and puppies welfare! we love our little Frenchie girl. she is beautiful!”

Another reviewer wrote,

“100% recommend this Breeder, Love our little Minnie Yoda and felt very satisfied that we found a breeder that cares about the Breed. Andy was very informative and made sure we were totally happy and answered all of our questions, if you are looking for a healthy pup with great bloodlines to back it up, look no further do not pass up these people”

If you want to visit their doggo farm, then you will need to schedule it beforehand. For scheduling and adopting, please contact via the information given below.

French Bulldog Puppy Breeder Information:

#2 Millander Bullies French Bulldogs

The owner Deb Milliander is a small breeder who is from Southern Alabama. She is also American Kennel Club or AKC registered. Her goal is to breed and raise French Bulldogs which will be a perfect addition to your family.

She has been breeding high-quality Frenchies that are great for your companion. The puppies are raised in her home and she loves them as their own. 

On their Facebook page, Kim Hobson reviewed the dogs saying,

“I’ve never known a dog to have so much personality. My sweet little Bruno keeps me entertained daily. If you’ve never had a Frenchie you’re missing out. Amazing breed, and wonderful breeder.” 

Another reviewer wrote,

“Nigel has been an absolute joy! Couldn’t ask for a better pet. He loves watching movies on the couch, going on car rides, and playing in the water at the Florida beaches. He’s so friendly and gentle that everyone I meet loves him. Even folks I’ve never met at my apartment complex know who he is! Thanks for the wonderful companion”

You can visit their website and Facebook page to check out the Frenchies puppies. You can also contact them via the Facebook page and the phone number given below. 

French Bulldog Puppy Breeder Information:

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French Bulldog With Basket Ball

#3 Stargate French Bulldogs

The owner Brenda Walker, with her husband Gary, has been breeding French Bulldogs since 1994. They have been doing so for the past 10 years.

They have an excellent team of veterans, techs, and staff at Animal Hospital where the puppies get help at any time they need. Their objective is to breed and raise dogs who are healthy, hygienic, and happy. They are very passionate about their puppies. 

Heather Richards wrote on their Facebook page,

“I am literally obsessed with your cream puppies!! I love the pictures and videos you post. I have wanted one for sooo long!!”

Another wrote,

“Beautiful mom and babies!”

You can check out the updates on their pups on their Facebook page. You can contact them via their Facebook page or email.

French Bulldog Puppy Breeder Information:

#4 Alabama Frenchies

The Alabama Frenchies doggo farm has the most adorable Frenchie puppies ever! The puppies are up to date vaccinated.  They are even American Kennel Club or AKC registered. They are of high quality and they will be great companions for you and your family.

The puppies have one year of health guarantee. The owners always post updates of their puppies on their Facebook page. They even got a Youtube channel.

London Patience Hope reviewed the puppies saying,

“Loving, adorable and full of characters. The little pup makes a wonderful companion for the right owner! Thanks Tony B”

John and Amanda Higginbotham reviewed them on their Facebook page saying,

“This breeder is full of valuable knowledge and will absolutely walk you through purchasing one and more importantly, help you with your new puppy’s first days at home. I can’t say enough about Alabama Frenchies. 5 stars! Keep it up guys, we need breeders like you! I will post some updated pics of our little bug”

If you have any questions or want to adopt their puppies, contact them via their Facebook page or phone.

French Bulldog Puppy Breeder Information:

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French Bulldog Puppy

#5 Furpect Frenchies

The owners of Furpect Frenchies has started this doggo farm back in 2014. They might be fairly new breeders but they are very passionate and devoted to their farm and puppies. Before even starting this farm, they researched and trained themselves. They are now one of the top breeders. 

Dave Wantatalo reviewed,

“I just got the most beautiful and amazing puppy from them.  I could not be more pleased.  Yes-I would highly recommend them.”

Gretchen Abigail Denio reviewed,

“Just bought a female from these guys they’re so nice And so professional they go above and beyond to make sure their babies find great homes would definitely buy another one in the future from them!!! They do vet checks they keep all of them up-to-date on their shots all their papers are completely filled out and ready to go. our dog was partially housebroken, could walk on a leash, and was loved tremendously before we even received her so she knew how to except people these guys do an amazing job if you’re going to get a Frenchie then you should definitely get it from them!”

To get a puppy from them, please contact them via phone or their Facebook page. 

French Bulldog Puppy Breeder Information:

#6 Anthony’s French Bulldogs

The owner Anthony Thurmond started breeding French Bulldog back in 2017. He might be a new breeder but he is very passionate and affectionate about his puppies and he is a great breeder.

The farm does not have an official website. You can check out their Facebook page. You can also check out the cute pictures they post of the puppies.

Tyler Kelly Lilly reviewed,

“Such great people! I was kept informed and new pictures every week since our puppy was born. (5/13/20 born till 7/8/20 pick up) Quickly respond to all my questions. Our puppy is healthy and very happy when we picked her up. Also very accommodating to meet halfway for pick up. Will recommend Anthony’s French Bulldogs to anyone that is interested in getting a French bulldog! Thank you again for everything, we will keep in touch and send new pictures as she grows!” 

To contact the breeder, you can call them on the mentioned phone number.

French Bulldog Puppy Breeder Information:

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French Bulldog Laughing

#7 Whiteoak Frenchbulldogs

The owners of the farm Whiteoak Frenchbulldogs, Roger Matthews and Vicki Matthews started breeding and raising this breed in 2006.

They are American Kennel Club or AKC registered. They specialize in French Bulldogs. They focus on breeding healthy and happy Frenchies. They breed them according to the French Bulldog Club of America show standards.

To adopt from them, contact them via the given information below. 

French Bulldog Puppy Breeder Information:

  • Name of the owners: Roger Matthews and Vicki Matthews
  • Location: North Alabama
  • Phone: 256-627-5726
  • Website URL: 
  • Email: 

#8 Sweet Southern Charm French Bulldogs

Sweet Southern Charm French Bulldogs has amazing and adorable French Bulldog puppies. The motto of the farm is,

“Sometimes the smallest things take up the most space in your heart.” 

The puppies of this farm are sold with health guarantees. The breeders also do the UC Davis DNA Test on the puppies, which is internationally recognized for its expertise in parentage verification. It is also popular for diagnostic testing.

The owner Renate Turner Ray has been breeding and raising French Bulldogs since 2012, quoting her, with the vision of breeding quality, breed type French Bulldogs in all colors of the rainbow. 

Avery Hudson reviewed,

“AMAZING! Kept constant contact with me about my puppy! They are extremely helpful and patient with all questions and anything you need!! And of course, the cutest pups ever who are happy, healthy, and very well socialized! Would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a Frenchie puppy and forever friend!”

Yvonne Howerton Tafoya recommends Sweet Southern Charm French Bulldogs. She said,

“We picked up our sweet boy today! We are in love already.  He already has a wonderful personality. Well taken care of & awesome bloodline. Surprised & pleased by the care package the ladies gave us. Highly recommend!”

You can contact her via the mentioned information. 

French Bulldog Puppy Breeder Information:

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How much does a purebred French Bulldog puppy cost in Alabama?

In Alabama, though a high-quality French Bulldog might cost you around $8,000, a standard breeder will charge you from $1,500 to $3,000. On average, a pup might cost $2,200 that has genealogy and is full-bred and registered.

Sometimes the owners reduce the price if you have a talk with them. You need to deposit a certain amount to reserve your puppy.

Why are Pure French Bulldog puppies expensive in Alabama?

The French Bulldogs are quite popular and they are one of the most expensive dog breeds. For this breed, naturally giving birth is complicated. That is why they usually undergo C-sections which are moderately expensive.

The breeders also have to pay a hefty stud fee. Since the mothers do not have delivery, they become quite weak after giving birth and cannot take care of their offspring. So, the breeders have to take care of them which is like a full-time job.

The puppies are given necessary vaccinations too in due time. Because of these costs, the breeders charge comparatively more for bulldog pups.

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How do I find a good French Bulldog breeder In Alabama?

Before adopting a French Bulldog pup from any breeder, you should do some investigation on the breeder. You should ask about their breeding and raising process, check if they are American Kennel Club or AKC registered or not.

Ask them questions about the medical history of the puppies and if they got any genetic disorders. You should also check the pedigrees.

You can check the list of breeders mentioned above who reside in Alabama. The breeders are also AKC registered

How do I choose a French Bulldog puppy in Alabama?

When you are planning to adopt a Frenchies pup, you should do some background medical checks on them such as Dwarfism, malformed hips and back problems, eyes if they have cataracts. You should also check the pedigree.

After that, you should choose a pup that you can love unconditionally and can give a new loving home. Do not feel shy to ask any questions related to the French Bulldogs to the breeders.

Why are French Bulldogs So Popular in Alabama?

The frog dogs are so popular because of their ability to adapt to any home, even in a small apartment. Their low energy is also another reason for their popularity.

People like their temperament and size as well.

They are very calm. They have a friendly outgoing personalities. In 2020, the breed has secured second place as AKC’s most popular breed. 

French Bulldog Teething

What is the rarest color of French Bulldog In Alabama? Why Are They Rare in Alabama?

Though blue, lilac, black, tan are not AKC standard colors for French Bulldogs, they are quite rare and popular.

Among these colors, the rarest color for Bulldogs is Blue Merle. These colors are achieved through very particular interbreeding. Because of this, they are quite expensive as well.

What is the Maintenance cost in Alabama to raise a French Bulldog Puppy?

The total cost of owning French Bulldogs might be $79,965 on average for a lifetime. The first-year expense will be around $5,395 for Frenchies and then the expenses will reduce and it will be around $1,090.

In the first year, the cost is more as you need to give the puppies the necessary supplies, visits to the vet, and medical shots. 

How much is a French Bulldog puppy in Alabama without papers?

In Alabama state, a French Bulldog pup will cost you around $800 to $950 or less without papers whereas purebred French Bulldog pups might cost you around $3,000. But the puppies without papers might not even be purebred so be careful of puppies without papers. 

What is the most popular French Bulldog color in Alabama?

The AKC standard colors for French Bulldogs are white, tan, fawn brindle, and a combination of brindle and white. Among these colors, the most popular color is the Brindle French Bulldog. 

French Bulldog At Street

Where can I take my French Bulldog in Alabama?

In Alabama, there are some leash-free dog parks where you can take your French Bulldog pups for a walk or run.

There are,

  • Hoover Dog Park at Loch Haven Park (Hoover)
  • Cooters Pond Dog Park (Prattville)
  • Cahaba Beach Dog Park (Birmingham)
  • Andalusia Dog Park (Andalusia)
  • Hannah Daye Ridling Bark Park (Montgomery)
  • Guntersville Dog Park (Gunsterville)
  • Will May Dog Park (Tuscaloosa)
  • Mill Creek Dog Park (Madison), Julien Marx Dog Park (Mobile)
  • Downtown Dog Spot (Huntsville)
  • Daphne Dog Park( Daphne)
  • Eastgate Park Dog Park (Ashford)
  • Jasper’s Dog Park at Eagles Point Park (Jasper)

When you are out with your doggos, make sure they have collars with tags on them.

Why to avoid puppy mills and backyard breeders while choosing a French Bulldog Puppy In Alabama?

You need to be careful of the puppy mills and backyard breeders. Adopting puppies from them is discouraged because you can never get to know about the bloodlines or any genetic disorders of the puppies.

The puppies might not ever be tested too. So, to avoid them, you need to have enough knowledge about the breeders in your area. Try to adopt from AKC registered breeders. 

French Bulldog Smiling

Is it a good idea to get a French Bulldog Puppy From a rescue center In Alabama? Why Not?

It is up to you if you want to adopt a pup from rescue centers but the thing about rescue center pets is that you do not get to know about their bloodlines or if they have any genetic disorders or if they are infected with any disease.

Try to adopt puppies from breed specific centers and support law by adopting pups that are registered and have papers. 

Over To You

The French Bulldogs are a great choice as companion dogs. The Frenchies are very easy to maintain. The ears of the Bulldogs are like bat ears. The coat of the Frenchies is shiny and smooth. So, these dogs are very easy to groom as well.

The dogs might look tough on the outside but they are very sweet on the inside. The Frenchies thrive for human contact. The clown dogs cannot get taller than 13 inches at the shoulder. This quality makes them a great option for the people who reside in the cities and have less space. 

Do you know any breeder about whom I have not featured in the article? If yes, please let me know in the comment section below. Among the breeders mentioned above, which breeder did you like the most?

Please let us know in the comment section which size, age and color of golden pups you prefer the most.

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