Top 12 Best Chihuahua Breeders In California (CA) State

If you’re seeking the best quality Chihuahua puppy breeders in California (CA) state, then you’re in the ideal place!

Chihuahuas have been one of the most popular breeds which are AKC registered. With their small size, the big personality they have been in demand in California state since their origin.

Here are the top 12 reputable Chihuahua breeders in California state for you. Let me know what you think of them.

Find A Chihuahua Breeder Near Me In California State

Top 12 Best Chihuahua Breeders In California (CA) State

#1 Sweetie Pie Pets

Kelly Swift, the breeder and owner of Sweetie Pie Pets has raised in inland San Diego County with a farm full of animals. As a result, her love for animals started from a young age. After finishing college Kelly adopted her first Chihuahua. She immediately fell in love with the loving breed.

At Sweetie Pie Pets, they believe strongly in the method of socialization. All of their breeding adults are family pets in loving homes. All of their puppies are born and hand raised in one of their loving Sweetie Pie Pets breeder homes.

Kelly explains how starting at an early age is imperative to interact, set routines, pet, and play with your puppy, basically allowing them to become familiar with your routines. She advises taking your puppy on walks, going to pet-friendly stores, getting him or her accustomed to other dogs, to strangers, to children, etc.

They recently had a litter and currently have some available Chihuahuas. If you are interested in getting a Chihuahua puppy from Sweetie Pie Pets, you can visit their website for more information. They have long coats and short coats of Chihuahuas for adoption with a variety of colors available.

You can pay a deposit of $500 to hold one of their puppies.

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#2 Deb’s Chihuahuas

Deborah Lyn is a retired senior who has over 30 years of experience in the care and breeding of dogs. About 20 years ago she chose to devote herself to one breed, the Chihuahua, She provides the dogs with the love, socialization, and early training they need to become ideal pets for your family.

Their Chihuahua puppies are given a wonderful start in life being born to well-nourished and cared for parents. All of their Chihuahuas are fed high premium food and supplements. All Chihuahuas receive goats’ milk and homemade meals as well.

At weaning their puppies are given rabbit pelts and lambswool for comfort. Chihuahuas are very loving and make wonderful companions and they are very sweet lapdogs if bred properly from quality bloodlines, sound health, sound temperaments.

If you are interested in getting a puppy from them, check out their website. They have some available puppies listed on their website. For further information and discussion, you can contact them. For contact, their phone number is provided on their website.

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Chihuahua With Harness

#3 Natelsong Chihuahuas

Natelsong Chihuahuas is located in Crescent City. Michelle Smith is the breeder behind Natelsong Chihuahuas. She became a Preservation breeder after owning her first Chihuahua and it captured her heart.

Michelle offers top-quality family pets with a focus on health and temperament. Her dogs are bred to the AKC standard for health and temperament and raised in her home with her family.

The owner performs OFA-certified tests on their dogs once they are over the age of one-year-old for their patella, hearts, and eyes. Once they pass, they become part of their program. This helps ensure that they are breeding only the healthiest Chihuahua.

The puppies are socialized and have begun the potty-training process before they leave the owner’s home. Michelle utilizes the following enrichment methods: Human Interactions, Various People, Behavioral Shaping, Confidence Building, Name Recognition, etc.

All puppies get their first deworming and vaccinations before leaving for their new homes.

They offer a 1-year health guarantee. Their health guarantee covers being able to return the puppy in the first 72 hours if it is found to be in poor health by your vet. If you are interested in getting your Chihuahua from them, visit their website for more information about availability and pricing.

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Chihuahua Canine

#4 Honey Bee Chihuahuas

Honey Bee Chihuahuas is the home of the sweet honey AKC apple head Chihuahua puppies, located in Sacramento California. Lisa Harlan is the breeder behind Honey Bee Chihuahuas. She has been dedicated to the Chihuahua breed for years and believes in perfecting the AKC standard breed.

She grew up on a farm and her whole life she has been surrounded by animals. She got her first Chihuahua as a birthday gift and from there her passion has been set on that breed.

At this kennel excellence in temperament, health and quality matter the most. They are AKC Chihuahua breeders with a show home striving to produce Chihuahuas in or out of the show ring to better the breed.

The owner only breeds American Kennel Club registered Chihuahuas with exceptional pedigrees who have the right conformation and are show quality.

Their puppies will all go to your home with a spay or neuter contract. All puppies are listed at a pet price for pet companion homes with limited registration. You can contact Lisa if you’re interested in AKC limited papers.

They currently have some puppies available. Check out their website for more information.

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Chihuahua Run

#5 Teresa’s AKC Chihuahuas

Teresa’s AKC Chihuahuas is an AKC Chihuahua breeder located in Riverside, California. They have been loving the breed since 1997. They purchased their first AKC Chihuahua in 1997.  Ever since their goals are to produce Chihuahua puppies that are healthy, beautiful, well-tempered, and socialized.

Their Chihuahua business is a family endeavor and their dogs and Chihuahua pups are raised with their family.

Chihuahua’s business is based on honesty, reasonable prices, and customer satisfaction. A large amount of our Chihuahua business is returning clients and word-of-mouth. All Chihuahua puppies have their dewclaws removed, worming and shots. Their puppies receive a NEOPAR vaccine at 3 1/2 weeks & 5 wks. Their first (5-in-1) shot at 7 weeks.

Their pups are ready to leave their home from 8 to 10 weeks, depending on how well they are weaning. All decisions are based on the health & welfare of each individual pup.

If you are interested in getting a Chihuahua from them, you can email or phone them and they will contact you as soon as they can. The owners will have questions and suggestions for you to help you find the Chihuahua that is right for you.

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Chihuahua Playfull

#6 Toyville Chihuahuas

Debbie Franklin is the breeder behind Toyville Chihuahuas, located in Merced, CA. he breeds to the standards set forth by the AKC and abides by the ethics set forth by both the Chihuahua Club of America and the Chihuahua Club of Northern California.

Debbie Franklin has been breeding since 1988 and breeds to the standards set forth by the American Kennel Club and the Chihuahua Club of America. He has also been recognized as a “Breeder of Merit” through the American Kennel Club program.

Debbie breeds for health, temperament, type, and soundness, striving to produce the very best puppies possible, in or out of the show ring. Her dogs are health tested for patella, cardiac, and vision. She raises dogs that shine both in and out of the ring. Her dogs are all well socialized and up to date on all vaccines and worming.

All of her puppies are AKC registered and she strives to produce the best puppies possible by breeding for excellent health and sound temperaments.

Debbie offers an 18-month health guarantee. The health guarantee covers genetic conditions and defects. She sends her puppies home with an AKC Registration, Food Starter Bag, Vaccinations, Toy with Littermates’ Scent.

The estimated Wait Time for her puppies is 6 months and the puppies can go home 10 weeks after their birth. Visit their website for more information.

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Chihuahua Stare

#7 Chihuahua Dreams

Chihuahua Dreams is located in Menifee, California, USA. They have around 6-8 liters of Chihuahua puppies for sale per year and strive for the highest quality over quantity. All of their adult Chihuahuas are in the 4–5-pound range and so their puppies are genetically very small as well.

The owner has been a hobby breeder of beautiful Chihuahuas for over 10 years now.

All of their Chihuahuas are part of their family and they treat them as such. The owners strongly feel that no pet can learn any more or any less than the new owner takes time to teach them. The owner’s biggest goal is to place each one into a loving, caring, proper environment with the right family so that everyone is happy.

They have placed puppies in happy homes all across the United States and Canada as well. They currently have some available puppies listed on their website. You can contact them for more information about them.

Chihuahua Puppy Breeder Details:

Chihuahua With Pillow

#8 Fancy Chihuahuas

Fancy Chihuahuas are located in California. Their Chihuahuas are from wonderful pedigree and champion bloodlines. All of their puppies come in multiple colors and coat types including blue merles. They offer long coats and smooth coat Chihuahuas for sale. They also work with quality French Bulldogs.

Their champion bloodlines Chihuahuas & Frenchies have a great temperament. The owners do a very selective breeding program to produce the healthiest and gorgeous puppies. The dogs also get proper vaccination. They socialize with people of different ages and various animals for a better transition.

Their deposits are nonrefundable and go towards the purchase price. If you are interested in their puppies, visit their website for contact details and more information. They ship all over the USA.

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#9 Marli’s Chi’s

Marli’s Chi’s is a mother and daughter team with over 30 years of experience in breeding Chihuahuas. They breed to the AKC standard with a strong emphasis on soundness, temperament, and health.

All of their puppies are raised in their home with a good start on training and socialization. Their available pups are placed in suitable homes on or after 12 weeks of age with shots and a sale contract that includes 14-day health and a one-year genetic or congenital health guarantee.

If you want to get a puppy from them, contact them for more information. Contact details are available on their website. You can also send them an email regarding what you are looking for. So that they can help you to find the right match for you.

Chihuahua Puppy Breeder Details:

Chihuahua Smiling

#10 Lucky Star Chihuahuas

Tera Jameson is the breeder behind Lucky Star Chihuahuas located in Riverside, CA. Her dogs live in her home and are beloved pets before anything else. She makes every decision with the dog’s best interest at heart.

Lucky Star Chihuahuas do selective breeding programs. Their selected dogs come from excellent pedigrees and champion bloodlines. She continues to seek improvement of the breed through health testing and confirmation. She uses Puppy Culture and has seen great success. Their customers are satisfied with their Chihuahua’s wonderful temperament.

She offers a 1-year health guarantee. If you’re interested in getting one of her puppies, visit her website for more information. Other contact details are available on their website.

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#11 A Legacy Chihuahua

A Legacy Chihuahua is located in Visalia, CA. Craig and Belinda McCormick are the breeders behind the kennel. They are involved in conformation and love sharing their lives with their dogs. They also work with rescue Chihuahuas to help the community. They have been breeding since 1998.

Craig and Belinda McCormick mainly breed for perseverance. They show dogs and strive to produce the next best show dog. So, they don’t have puppies available all the time. But when they breed they do everything they can to ensure their Chihuahuas live the comfortable life they deserve. They follow the appropriate health protocols with their puppies. They also prioritize socialization.

Their dogs come with AKC registration. They also provide trained Chihuahuas as therapy dogs to elderly homes. If you want to get your Chihuahua from them, visit their website for more information. You can also contact them through email. 

Chihuahua Puppy Breeder Details:

  • Owner: Craig and Belinda McCormick
  • Address: Visalia, CA
  • Phone: (559)-901-3335
  • Email: 
  • Website: 

#12 Conlin’s Chihuahuas

Conlin’s Chihuahuas aim to produce dogs that are structurally sound, mentally well, and physically healthy. They want their dogs to be intelligent and beautiful. Conlin’s Chihuahuas are located in Visalia, CA. Cynthia Conlin breeds and shows dogs.

Cynthia Conlin likes to breed with the well-being and health of the dog in mind. She is improving the Chihuahua breed with each litter and ensuring the well-being of these dogs for generations more to come. Her puppies are up to date with their vaccinations and regular health checkups. 

Conlin’s Chihuahua’s wait time period is approximately 12 months. If you want to get a puppy from her, visit her website for contact details. Their contact details are available on their website. They also have a Facebook page. You can follow them there for daily updates. 

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Chihuahuas are a great breed if you’re looking for a home pet. They are small and easily manageable. Let me know if you could find a Chihuahua breeder from my list.

What is the best quality of a Chihuahua? Are you a Chihuahua breeder of CA state? What other small breeds of dog do you like?

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