Top 7 Best Doberman Pinscher Breeders in Virginia (VA) State

If you’re seeking the top quality Doberman Pinscher Puppy Breeders In Virginia state, then you have come to the perfect place!

The Dobermann, often known as the Doberman Pinscher. It is a medium-sized domestic dog breed popular in the United States and Canada. The Dobermann has a very long muzzle. It stands on its pads and isn’t usually heavy-footed. They should walk at a smooth, beautiful pace.

You may find hundreds of different Doberman breeders in Virginia State. Doberman pinschers are robust, quick, and powerful canines. I’ve done all the research for you to drop out outdoor breeders and puppy farms.

As a result, I’ve created a list of the best 7 reputable Doberman breeders in Virginia State. I’ve classified the Doberman pups in Arizona by size, age, and breeder popularity. I tried to make it easier for you to choose the best breeder.

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Top 7 Best Doberman Pinscher Breeders In Virginia (VA) State

#1 Gladiator Allegiance 

Gladiator Allegiance, LLC is a qualified and registered military and law enforcement breeder. European Dobermans, IPO German Shepherds are among the breeds they raise. 

They had the opportunity to work with Law Enforcement and detection dogs. They train them for the US Military overseas. They’ve been enthusiastic about clever and strong dogs. These dogs make excellent working dogs, but they can also make wonderful family pets.

They are intelligent, devoted, and will love you forever if you treat them. Working dogs that have been well-bred don’t have to be terrifying. All these have excellent genetics. 

They care about these dogs. They’ve spent countless hours socialize and prepare the pups for their future homes. All the puppies have had all the necessary vet appointments, vaccinations, and certificates. To keep you and your family secure, they train in all areas of protection.

They want to make sure their pups go to the appropriate homes. So please let them know if you’d like to come to see your puppy before you buy. They’d be happy to work with you. They reserve the right to refuse any potential purchasers. They’ll do so if they believe their safety, comfort, or well-being in their new house.

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Doberman Pinscher In Jungle

#2 Joie De Vivre Doberman 

“Zest for Life” or “Joy of Living” is what Joie De Vivre signifies. That’s exactly what you’ll get with their European Dobermans. They defy you to find a dog who is more devoted to its owner than a European Doberman Pinscher. 

The Dobermans show great drive while also being able to go from aggressive to cuddly in an instant. The Doberman’s unrivaled in love, devotion, and devotion. All Dobermans are powerful, robust, energetic, majestic, and dignified. They mix in with any setting.

A European Doberman appears at home chasing horses on a field as he does strolling around the city. It astounds them how lovely and noticeable they are on the street. These Dobermans are some of the most stunning you’ll ever see. All Dobermans are AKC registered and come with limited registration.

Without a doubt, their Dobermans are capable workers. They are all well-trained, ferocious, and aristocratic family defenders. These dogs are champions. Because of their genetic drive and outstanding intellect, along with continuous training. Either as a sport dog or as a full-time guard dog. All their puppies come with lifelong training suggestions and advice. 

The European Dobermans will adapt to any environment if trained. They will be your most loyal friend. The Dobermans have provided them so much joy that they can’t convey it in words. They hope you, too, will have the opportunity to share your life with a Joie De Vivre Doberman.

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#3 Deadwood Dobermans 

Deadwood Dobermans‘s dog breeding company is available to assist you with your needs. All present and retired military personnel are eligible for a 10% discount. They are Exceptional Doberman Pinscher Breeders of Extraordinary Doberman Pinschers. 

They breed champion bloodlines, AKC recognized Doberman Pinscher puppies for family pets. Also for protection dogs, and police work at Deadwood Dobermans. The canines are a part of their family and live with them and their kids in their home.  

They are not a puppy factory, and they do not breed or support the breeding of Z-factor (albino gene) Dobermans.

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Doberman Pinscher Doggy

#4 Ostertag Kennel 

For the past 10 years, Ostertag Kennel has been training and breeding Dobermans. They’re dedicated to upholding the breed’s highest standards and expectations. 

They’re situated on eight quiet acres on the outskirts of Richmond, Virginia. Where their dogs may run around. 

The dogs are not only raised indoors with them, but they are also members of the family.

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#5 Valor Dobermans 

Valor Dobermans strives to provide families with beautiful Doxie Puppies. They breed not only beautiful European Dobermans but also intelligent ones. When you buy a Valor puppy, e not getting a dog. You’re becoming a member of the family. 

The offices are in Gloucester, Virginia, and New Bern, North Carolina. They are one of North Carolina’s top seven Doberman breeders. They’ve had Dobermans since 2012.  

They keep in touch with each of their puppies’ families to see how they’re doing to offer breeder help. Even after they’re placed in new homes, they’re responsible for them. Since they’re the ones who loved them first. The Air Force has now relocated them to Virginia. Where they will continue to fulfill their dream. 

They provide families with clever, strong, healthy, and gorgeous Dobermans. They do tests of all the Dobermans by Vetgen, NSCU, and Embark. They share the data with the Doberman Diversity Project to aid with DCM research. You are welcome to enquire; when it comes to their children, they’re an open book.

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#6 Lexa Dobermans

Catherine Vines owns Lexa Dobermans. They’re based in Smithfield, Virginia. When it comes to breeding great Dobermans, they believe in the whole package. Correct conformation, stable, intelligent, loyal, and loving friend who can do it all. Their dogs compete in dog sports and, loving family members. 

They do not breed white/albino Dobermans. 

They do not condone the breeding of white/albino Dobermans. They start with all things. Like early communication/clicker training, “go potty” on command. Also ex-pen/crate training, resource guarding, as well as car/crate travel.

From they’re 3 weeks old until they go for their new homes, the puppies meet 2 different individuals. And also settings every two to three days. 

Socialized with adult dogs, children, animals, early Neurological stimulation, household touch desensitization. They provide crate training, leash walking, litter box trained, noise desensitization, neural stimulation.

AKC Registration, certificate of health, Volhardt test are all included with puppy packages. They examine female breeding for health for three years before. During and after breeding, as well as 30 days and ten days before whelping. 

Within three days of whelping, they examine all puppies are by a veterinarian. Deworming of the litter begins at 3 weeks and continues every 3 weeks till pickup. Vaccinations are necessary. NLT 3 days before pickup, last regular, and cardiology vet visits. 

They provide an 18-month health warranty. Within the first 18 months, the guarantee covers congenital problems. All recorded and validated by a professional veterinarian.

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#7 Firefly Dobermans

Kristin Davis and Miriam Pike launched Firefly Dobermans in 2008. For years, they’ve been friends and Doberman fans. Miriam’s worked hard since then to breed. She tried hard to own, and train proper, versatile, and healthy Dobermans.

The Cavalier Doberman Pinscher Club, the Mid-Atlantic Kennel Club are all current members.

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May I pick up a Doberman from the shelter instead of in Virginia State?

You can reduce the number of euthanized animals. If more people rescued dogs. Adopting a loving animal and making them a member of your family saves a life. It also frees up shelter space for another animal in need.

You are also free to use my breeder list if you want a cute puppy that you can develop and teach as you see fit.

It’s up to you and your circumstances. Many good dogs have ended up in shelters for no clear reason and are in desperate need of a loving home.

How to Choose a Doberman Breeder in Virginia State?

Finding a reputable breeder is easy. But at the proper moment and within your budget might be difficult. But it is critical for the Doberman breed’s future health and well-being.

How can you be certain to choose the finest breeder? Take my breeder list with you while you’re interviewing breeders. Allow no one to discuss the value of any of these objects with you.

You should do some simple litter research to find the top Doberman Breeders. You should, for example, investigate the trash and its surroundings. You should inquire with the breeder about the ideal puppy for you. You should make certain that you can tell the dogs apart. Make an effort to spend time with each puppy.

Expect to spend money on a Doberman puppy. The cheaper you are with your expenditure, the more money you will save over the course of the dog’s life.

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How much does a Doberman cost in Virginia State?

The cost of a Doberman is between $1500 and $2500. The price will change depending on various factors.

An American Doberman puppy from a reputable breeder costs between $1500 and $2500. Dobie’s display quality is closer to $2500, but anything under $1000 is a warning sign. A European Doberman Pinscher is more costly, costing over $3000.

Doberman Pinscher Puppy

Why Pure Doberman puppies are expensive in Virginia State?

An expensive Doberman Pinscher puppy is well-bred and steady, with a robust temperament. As a result, you can justify the sum you spent on him. A good breeder has a thorough understanding of genetics. So that he can assure the health and wellbeing of their dogs.

Other charges like dewclaw removal and puppy immunizations. As well as ear cropping and tail docking. These might influence the Doberman price. Doberman breeders must cover a variety of expenses. It’ll include feeding, accommodation, medical expenditures, and registration with their country’s kennel club.

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In Virginia State, how much does a Doberman without papers cost?

If the puppy’s certified purebred by a qualified kennel club in your area. If there isn’t a certificate, the dog will be much less expensive. Non-genealogical Doberman dogs reared as pets are expensive. These Doberman pups range in price from $800 to $1200.

They have restricted licensed puppies that do not have AKC papers or ancestry. As a result, they are only ever raised as pets. These Dobermans’re advertised in pet stores and on blogs. 

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Doberman Pinscher Puppies

Final Thoughts

The majority of people make the mistake of purchasing their first dog from a shady breeder. Make sure you don’t hit on yourself. Don’t buy a Doberman from someone who lacks any of these characteristics. Unless you are contributing to the extinction of the breed.  And the necessity for expensive and time-consuming rescue efforts.

There is no greater friend than dogs if you want your family to feel safe and secure even when you are not around. A dog may be your closest companion, family member, and most reliable guardian. So, when it comes to choosing one for your family, go with the greatest option for you.

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