Top 10 Best Doberman Pinscher Breeders in Tennessee (TN) State

Do you want an agile Doberman Pinscher in your tiresome life? Are you seeking the best quality Doberman Pinscher Puppy Breeders In Tennessee state? then you’re in the perfect place!

Well, you can rely on me since I have prepared a list of quality Dobermann breeders within your region. Also, I can lessen your anxieties about whether the list has any puppy mill or backyard breeder.

Don’t freak out since I have finalized my listicle with convincing backgrounds of the top 10 reputable Doberman Pinscher breeders in Tennessee. You can start choosing your new family member from my arranged list right away.

So, stay with me till the end.

Find A Doberman Pinscher Breeder Near Me In Tennessee State

Top 10 Best Doberman Pinscher Breeders In Tennessee (TN) State

#1 Sunnyhill Dobermans

Sunnyhill Dobermans a proud small breeder, Ronnie Arnold believes in quality rather than quantity. So, all of you can look up to this farm in case you want a healthy-looking, loyal, and loving Dobie.

Ronnie grew up breeding family puppies (Shetland Sheep Dogs) with his grandfather, worked with him since 1989, and started his very own breeding business with a female Doberman Pinscher in 2012.

He was so sure of breeding Dobes after the sweet introduction with a Dobie called ‘Duke’ in a friend’s place. He has loved them since then. 

Ronnie studied and analyzed thoroughly about the breed before his small startup. His devotion towards raising European smart canines, with attention and interaction from day 1 defines him as a specialist. He suggests the passionate new owners first ensuring a happy life for doggos. 

I guess you’re wondering if you will meet your future Dobie here on this farm. Thus, you’ll need the breeder’s information given below.

Doberman Puppy Breeder Details:

Now if you feel you need to know more about puppies, you can contact him anytime.

#2 Sierra Dobie Farms

Sierra Dobie Farms is the finest breeder located in Tennessee, The Pereira family hails the theme, ‘One time Doberman, Always Doberman.’ While working as a kennel boy during high school in 1963, Steve Pereira encountered Dobies and instantly fell for the entire breed.

Now 57 years later, his whole family works ardently as a breeder to provide lovely, amiable, and faithful Dobermanns to people. They wish to fill your life with the utmost sincere companion you never had before and in return, the puppies would get a happy home.

They work with like-minded Dobe breeders consisting of the family both old and new friends to provide wholesome Dobies to responsible human beings. They specialize in European Doberman Pinschers that come with great temperament, superior intelligence, and athletic ability.

Visit their puppies who need your attention. They are always awaiting your knock on their door.

Doberman Puppy Breeder Details:

  • Name of the Owners: Steve and Mark Pereira
  • Phone: 901-355-3718
  • Website:
  • Email:
  • Address: 6734 Whitten Grove Cove- Memphis, TN 38134
  • Hours of Operation: 10 am to 9 pm central time
  • Days of Operation: 7days per week
Doberman Pinscher Puppy

#3 Oldfort Dobermans

Oldfort Dobermans is one of the reputable breeders in Tennessee, You want athletic pups to become your protector? Then you must check out the Dobies in this farm-turned into-home institution.

The owners have come up with their farm’s fundamental focus to love, train, and raise a quality Doberman Pinscher with passion. They follow disciplines strictly to maintain health testing, competition, and selective breeding.

You won’t have to compromise with your pup as they breed the puppies in a homely ambiance with the lessons of obedience, agility, rally, coursing ability, and fast CATs. 

Oldfort Dobermans strongly considers breeding to the AKC standard. Thus, they allow no oversized or giant dogs as the Dobie is a medium-sized breed that performs best in its usual size. 

The farm doesn’t support or raise dilutes, melanistic, Z factored Albino or white Doberman Pinschers. The puppies go through multiple tests for mental soundness and trainability by earning many performance titles.

The breeder currently trains and attends classes at Play Dog eXcellent (PDX) and recommends them to Chattanooga residents for providing a socialized structured environment to train their pups. 

They take care of their puppies physically and mentally by testing several disease statuses (like vWD, DCM1, AND DCM2, DM) through an OFA-approved lab. Also, they apply the Holter process to the doggies yearly through Alba medical and complete full thyroid panels by the University of Michigan  

Looks like a responsible breeder, don’t they? Well, you can most certainly find out by yourself while contacting them.

Doberman Puppy Breeder Details:

  • Email:
  • Address: TN 37362 

Hope you find your most desired ‘The One’ Dobie soon.

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Doberman Pinscher Dog Playing

#4 House of Hoytt

House of Hoytt is another breeder in Tennessee, Barrie Hoytt promises world-class Dobermanns as companion guardians and or competition Dobes to you. He remains concerned about capturing the greatness of the Doberman Pinscher genetically and cultivating the mind of the Dobes through education.

Hoytt had grown up with the company of doggos since childhood. And he would retire with the two of his most faithful Dobies. You might feel amazed learning that the Hoytt bloodline Doberman is purebred Dobies with no import influences since the early 1950s with 100% German breeding.

It is the longest/oldest continually operating Doberman Pinscher kennel in breed history. 

Its protocol is to secure great minds, excellent appearance, unsurpassed medical program, and extensive health protocols before shipment of each Doberman.

This kennel is the only breeder in the world to develop a private line of Dobies. They have been specializing in this particular breed for 70 years. That’s made them perfectionists as a breeder. Does imagining those whole seven decades of breeding Dobes give you goosebumps?

Doberman Puppy Breeder Details:

If you are searching for a pureblood Dobermann, you can look up to them.

#5 Smoky Mountain Dobermans

Smoky Mountain Dobermans carry on breeding hale and hearty European Dobermann. They have been dog-breeding since 2004. Being experienced in this field, they have raised loyal and fearless Doberman Pinscher throughout these years. And thus, have been providing energetic pups to responsible people they come across.

If you cannot find a happy and healthy bloodline elsewhere, you should probably come to Smoky Mountain Dobermans.

The authority uses only high-quality Doberman bloodlines to achieve the best temperament, health, and work quality Dobies. 

They test all their doggos for Hip Dysplasia, DCM1, DCM2, DM, Eyes, Von Willebrand’s Disease.

 You are about to know the way of approaching them.

Doberman Puppy Breeder Details:

  • Phone: 352-238-4872
  • Address: Newport, TN 37821
Doberman Pinscher Doggo

#6 Empire Dobermans

Empire Dobermans is the finest breeder located in Tennessee, Dobies share the same house as their breeder. A true family it is. The breeder wants to improve the Doberman Pinscher breed with well-measured procedures and guaranteeing them longevity.

He keeps up-to-date records for health testing to ensure all the litters can have a blooming life without any complications.

Doberman Puppy Breeder Details:

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Doberman Pinscher Doggy

#7 Nevaeh Dobermans

Sherry Doyle, the person behind the Nevaeh Dobermans, focuses on producing quality working/show Dobies that also make great pets. She has a history of raising Dobies even before this farm. With previous experience with Dobes, she started this farm out of love for them.

Certainly wanted to make a difference for the breed by breeding for quality and longevity. Her objective seems to be building a family around doggies and puppy owners for life. It’s good for you to know that this farm doesn’t breed dilutes.

She is breeding fully health-tested dogs to better the breed in terms of health and longevity. There are also a multitude of champions and titled pups in their lineage. Some even went to World Competition for Schutzhund!

Nevaeh Dobermanns has the following options available for getting your new puppy home. Either visit the breeder in person to pick up your dog in Portland, TN. Or, meet the breeder at Nashville International Airport.

To get a puppy from Sherry, you’ll need to apply, wait for the right match, check availability. You may have to wait 9 months during the process.

The organization offers a 2-year health guarantee. 2-years. Any Genetic disorder. There are disclaimers for early spay or neuter.

This breeding facility’s mission is to produce Doberman Pinschers that adhere to the United Doberman Club and Doberman Pinscher Club of America health testing recommendations. Its preference seems to put healthier Dobies into the gene pool and add longevity to their progeny.

With that, the buyers of puppies should have them a nice long time.

Doberman Puppy Breeder Details:

  • Name of the Owners: Sherry and Jerry Doyle
  • Phone: 615-429-7705
  • Email:
  • Address: Portland, TN

You would feel welcomed by the facility anytime.

#8 Animal Country Club  

Animal Country Club has been breeding for 30 years. Leslee Edgar is currently breeding AKC large, healthy Blacks and Reds breed for temperament and size.

You can see parents. All of the puppies shots and wormed. Tails, dewclaws, and ears Trimmed. Dobes are ready for loving homes.

Do check them if they fulfill your requirements. 

Doberman Puppy Breeder Details:

  • Name of the Owner: Leslee Edgar
  • Phone: 865-548-9205
  • Address: 2759 W. Lamar Alexander Parkway, Friendsville, TN 3777
Doberman Pinscher Puppies

#9 White Doberman Pups

The White Doberman Pups has come a long way since Padula’s Queen Sheba, the first white Doberman Pinscher, born in 1976.

The authority has been seeing with good breeding practices and health testing, a White Dobie can also be healthful and live a healthy life up to 10-14 years. They conduct health tests on parent dogs for breeding the healthiest pups possible. 

White Dobermanns can be as resilient as other colors. But just like with many other purebred breeds, even this particular type can be prone to some genetic disorders and diseases. Conducting health tests regularly is a vital part of keeping them in good health.

They can be in sunlight although should not face it for quite a long period without protection. These doggies need sunblock and access to shade. They must avoid full-time outside living.

White Dobermans, or any breed, in that case, might show signs of aggression if they are inappropriately socialized and trained. It is necessary to begin socialization and training early on to help prevent these signs of aggression.

They try their best to point out several methods of getting your puppy to its forever heaven-like home. They would arrange air travel, delivery of your puppy by car depending on the distance of your location from the US in Bean Station, TN. Distance and the current fuel rates would comprise the delivery charges.

You are more than welcome to pick your puppy up directly from the breeder. You will need to schedule a pickup date and time beforehand in that case.

Doberman Puppy Breeder Details:

  • Phone: 865-202-7260
  • Email:
  • Address: Bean Station, TN
Doberman Pinscher Funny

#10 Alcher Dobermans

Cherryl Green has bred and showed dogs with the exact high passion over 40 years. Alcher Dobermans made its journey in 1972 introducing Green to bred and owned over 150 champions, including Dobes, Whippets, Pointers, Great Danes, and Shih Tzus. Mainly these did puppy shows by Green himself and other top handlers. 

He always gives his all credits to his lovable puppies who supported him in need and made him successful.

Recently, he shifted his attention to bring Alcher back to work and life continuing breeding Dobies of top quality for both show and companionship. Green is undoubtedly excited for the future generation of obedient and confronting puppies.

If you are planning to have a quality Dobermann, I guess you can wait a little bit and meet these amazing pups.

Doberman Puppy Breeder Details:

You can always have a Dobs who not only be a protector at home but excels in conformation and obedience show rings from Alcher Dobermans.

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A Few Elementary Queries You’ll Need to Have Knowledge of Before You Seek Your Desired Doberman

Why are Doberman Pinschers so popular in Tennessee and all over the USA? 

Dobermanns are intelligent, energetic, athletic, devoted, easily trainable, excellent guardian companions with an average lifespan of 10-13 years. Comparatively being a new breed, they have earned popularity so much that currently, it has scored the 16th most famous breed of America. Just think of the qualities that earned Dobies great fame.

One of the reasons complies with the fact of their versatile work field. Dobes would certainly impress you as a dutiful and loving pet, a search and rescue ally, an agile champ in shows, a service or therapy worker, an able help in police or military mission and what not. 

Their intelligence and challenging spirit made them known to the people of Tennessee, all in all, in the USA. Do you feel excited for that precious moment when you will experience your own pup’s abilities? Then pay a visit to my suggested breeders and get yourself that one Dobe fast.

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How much does a purebred Doberman Pinscher puppy cost in Tennessee? 

Well, seems like it depends on your desired type of Doberman. The cost ranges from $500 to $3500 based on the pet quality, show quality, American variant, European variant, different colors, and so on.

But you should carefully check upon the qualities of the dog if the low price(under approximately $1000) gives you a headache of its questionable standard.

An American Doberman from reputable breeders can cost you between $1500 and $2500. The price gets high in case the doggo is more like a show dog than a domestic companion. Further, the Dobermann would make you pay $3000 just in case you choose to be with a European Dobe.

You can check the price at to gain a general idea of buying price of Dobermanns of Tennessee that ranges from $1500 to $2200.

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Doberman Pinscher In Jungle

Over To You

I believe I have taken you on a happy tour of Doberman Pinschers in Tennessee. I’ve made sure to gather all impactful data I could manage that would reach your knowledge through this article. Thus, I urge you should look through this one before purchasing a Dobie.

We should conclude the piece including your answers to some of my queries. By far which breeder’s location is reachable to you in the easiest way? When you will comment the answer that can help us if we had been able to assist you conveniently.

Which breeder makes you engaged in his tale of a small startup? Let us know the most engaging story in the comment section.   

Even you may help others with your questions in mind and people will appreciate the truth. So, deliver your inquiries in the comment section.

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