Top 2 Best Doberman Pinscher Breeders In Iowa (IA) State

Are you exploring the good-quality Doberman Pinscher Puppy Breeder in Iowa State? then you can read this article for more information.

Doberman Pinscher is an excellent and intelligent breed of dog. They can be your best friend and a good companion.

I made a list of the top 2 reputable and well-known breeders of Iowa. I categorized them based on the quality of their puppy, customer reviews, and customer service.

Also, you will get more information about Doberman from here.  Hope it will be a proper guideline for you.

Find A Doberman Pinscher Breeder Near Me In Iowa State

Top 2 Best Doberman Pinscher Breeders In Iowa (IA) State

#1 Horn’s Dobermans

Horn’s Dobermans is an AKC-certified breeder of Iowa. They breed both American and European Dobie. They live in a large area. So, they have a lot of room for their puppies to run and move freely. 

Horn’s Dobermans is not a huge kennel. And they do not prefer to over breed their dogs. Every year, they raise a limited number of puppies. They mainly take this as their family project. Besides profession, breeding is their hobby as they want to see others happy with this wonderful smart canine.

They have healthy, International bloodlines. So, you will be able to know about the parentage of the puppies. 

Their dogs are socialized and well-trained from an early stage. They always try to keep a low cost of their pups. The price for each puppy has been fixed at $1200 or $1800 according to AKC.

If you buy your pet from them, they will ensure that your puppy has taken the proper vaccination and deworming process. Also, they will remove dewclaws and will dock the tails of the puppy.

Their customer service is so satisfactory. If you stay out of Iowa, they will ship your puppy through airlines. But you have to pay $350 extra for that.

After seeing a lot of positivity among the purchaser, I highly recommend this breeder. Furthermore, you can contact them for more inquiries. 

Doberman Pinscher Puppy Breeder Information:

  • Website: Horn’s Dobermans
  • Location: Iowa
  • Telephone: 515-868-7220
  • E-mail:
Doberman Pinscher Doggo

#2 BR’S Dobermans

Do you want a quality beautiful Dobermann breeder in Riverside? Okay, then BR’S Doberman can be the best option for you to choose your desired pup. They breed large black and brown Dobie. Normally they sell their puppies on a first-come, first-served basis.

From an early age, they start training for the pups to make them well-socialized and have a good temperament. So, you can believe them without any doubt. 

BR’S Doberman is a very experienced, caring, and professional breeder in Iowa. They are certified also. They know how to treat and take care of their puppies. They are so health-conscious. Maintaining puppy hygiene is always the main priority for them. Their experts will ensure that every puppy is getting the equal love and attention that is needed for their growth. 

Before buying a puppy, they always consider whether the new house is comfortable or not. If they find the new house uncomfortable for their puppies, they do not like to send them. 

BR’S Doberman breeders give their customers a lot of suggestions about how to raise their pups, how to train them more, and of course about maintaining good hygiene. They will make you sure that the Doberman is a perfect fit for your family.

Their customer reviews are good. So, you can consider them for getting an intelligent, alert, and companion dog.

Doberman Pinscher Puppy Breeder Information:

  • Website: BR’S Dobermans
  • Location: 1355 Tulip Avenue, Riverside, IA 52327
  • Telephone: 319-530-0230

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Doberman Pinscher In Jungle

What do you need to know about Doberman?

Need a friendly and trustworthy dog? Then you can keep Doberman on your top priority list. But there are so many things that you should know about this breed-

  • Naturally, Doberman is aggressive.
  • They are needed to undergo early socialization and training. 
  • You have to make sure that your dog is responding to your commands. 
  • You have to give priority to where you are buying your puppy.
  • Which variants of Doberman are suitable for your home.
  • Doberman’s hygiene changes with the coat color.
  • You have to know which types of food are needed for maintaining good hygiene.
  • Be conscious about deworming, vaccination, and medical treatment of your dogs.

Are Dobermans good for the first-time owner?

Dobermans are friendly and they love human companionship. Despite this, they are not a suitable breed for children. Mainly everything depends on a good training and socialization process. They are aggressive by nature. As a consequence, they may be more aggressive if proper training is not given. 

Maximum time Dobermans are considered bad for the first-time owners. But it should be considered bad when an owner is not eager to give proper time for training his dogs. If an owner can provide enough time, undoubtedly Doberman can be a good choice for him. 

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Doberman Pinscher Dog Playing

Is it a good idea to get a Doberman Puppy from a rescue center in Iowa?

Several options are available for you to get a puppy in Iowa. You can buy or adopt one for you at a low price. The rescue centers collect the dogs that are injured, shelterless, ill, or badly treated. They get treatment, shelter, and intensive care from the rescue center. When they recover, they are adopted or sold. 

But most of the time it is seen that the maximum rescue center can not manage a veterinarian to examine the doggies and give the vaccination. Also, there are some health issues often.

 Mainly if you have a low budget, it’s a great option to choose a puppy from a local animal shelter or rescue organization. 

Why avoid puppy mills and backyard breeders while choosing a Doberman Puppy in Iowa?

There are many reputed breeders, puppy mills, puppy farms, or rescue centers in Iowa. But why avoid one while several options are available?

Well. Puppy mills and backyard breeders choose profit over animal welfare. They do not take proper care of their puppies. Puppies are not taken under proper vaccination and medical care. Even they do not provide healthy food. Also, Backyard breeders are not knowledgeable enough to breed. 

You may get a healthy puppy when you buy. But after a certain period, you will observe many serious defects.

And this is the actual reason why I always discourage people from buying puppies from puppy mills or backyard breeders.

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How much does a purebred Doberman puppy cost in Iowa?

The range of the prices of Doberman is from $500 to $3500 in Iowa. But when the price is under $1000, it may be a warning for quality. Prices depend on two cases- from where you are choosing or which types of the variant you want to buy.  

In Iowa, the average cost of a Doberman is between $1500 to $2500 if you buy from a reputed breeder. Price will be less if you adopt or buy one from a rescue center or puppy mills.

Among the two variants of Doberman, European Doberman is quite costly than American. You can purchase an American Doberman at $1500 to $2500. But a European will cost upwards of $3500.

Why are pure Doberman puppies expensive in Iowa?

 A breeder has to spend a lot of money raising, feeding, housing, covering medical bills, and registering the puppies. All the expenses are also included with the price. So pure Dobie seems quite expensive in Iowa.

If your puppy comes from a bloodline of Dobie that has won a competition, the cost will be more.

Puppies that are certified will cost more. When the parents are certified, it will cost slightly less. But a non-certified puppy costs less.

You have to pay more if you get a puppy with ear cropped, tail docked, and without dewclaw. 

If vaccinations and medical testing of the puppies are done, it also increases the cost.

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How do you find a good Doberman breeder in Iowa?

Do you live in Iowa or beside Iowa and want to buy a smart canine? Then you have to find a trusted Doberman breeder. Undoubtedly, buying a dog from a reputed breeder except for a puppy mill or puppy farm is the best option. To find a Dobie breeder, you should consider the following things-

  • You should consider your location as well as the places located beside your state.
  • You can search for a reputable breeder through the AKC.
  • Read a lot of articles that contain information about the certified breeders of Iowa.
  • Do a lot of research on the characteristics of the breed.
  • Explore and analyze a lot of reviews that come from different purchasers.

Why are Doberman puppies so popular in Iowa?

Doberman Pinscher is one of the most popular breeds in Iowa state. Dobermans are some of the quality and trustworthy dog breeds. They are so smart and intelligent. These specialties have made them so popular among the people of Iowa.

They are excellent family dogs. Interesting thing is that they are so protective of their family members. They can do anything if their owner is in great danger. Even, they do not hesitate to sacrifice their lives if necessary. 

If Doberman is trained and socialized properly from an early age, they will follow your every command. So, they can be your best friend and can give you company in your free time.

What is the maintenance cost in Iowa to raise a Doberman Puppy?

Mainly the maintenance cost depends on the owner of the puppy. You can make your dog cheap if you want. But if you want to care for them properly and maintain their hygiene, then maintenance will of course be expensive for you.

Good shelter, healthy food, and good treatment are always necessary. And, a lot of money is spent here. But who does not want a healthy puppy?

The average cost of a Doberman is almost $21725. You have to spend more in the first year than in other years. The maintenance cost is $4225 in the first year. From the second year, you need $1750 as a maintenance cost per year, $146 per month.

Doberman Pinscher Puppy

How much is a Doberman Puppy in Iowa without papers?

Reputed breeders are certified and they spend a lot of money registering, feeding, raising, housing, covering medical bills, vaccination, and different cases.

All the expenses are also included in the price of the puppy. They will show you papers, documents as proof when you decide to buy one from them. 

But some non-reputable breeders have limited registered puppies and no AKC documentation. These puppies rate from about $800 to $1200.

You may get a puppy at a cheaper rate but there is no certainty that your puppy will not face several disorders shortly as they never provide you any documents or bills of medical treatment and vaccinations.

What is the most popular Doberman color in Iowa?

The most popular color of Doberman in Iowa is black and tan. It’s also known as black and rust. Some reasons that make this color so popular among Doberman lovers. Dobie with black colors is born and seen more.

Also, they have fewer health issues. Most people have less idea about others’ color of Dobie. That’s why breeders also choose this For breeding purposes. 

Mainly 5 colors Dobie is available in nature. Among them, White, blue, and fawn color Dobie are less popular. Though they look attractive, they have many health issues such as vision problems, sun sensitivity, different disorders, etc. AKC has also given restrictions on breeding them.

Are blue Doberman rare in Iowa?

Yes, blue Doberman is rare to find in Iowa. Due to their attractive coat color, many dog lovers are fond of them even though they are not fans of Doberman.

The Doberman blue coat color is distinct. Because most of them face many disorders after a certain period. Blue Doberman Syndrome is one of the most serious diseases that has made them distinct species. It is a genetic disorder that causes hair fall causing the new hair to grow improbable.

Maximum time affected dogs have to face death. Unfortunately, there is no treatment for this disease.

Over To You

Only a few Doberman breeders are available in Iowa State. And, it’s a great matter for the interested buyers to find one from them. So, I tried my best to feature the available Dobie Breeders.

Do you know any other reputable breeders in Iowa State? If yes, Please feel free to leave a comment in the comment section. I will love to feature them as well. Besides, it will be helpful for Dobie lovers who want to buy one.

Which coat color of Dobie do you like most? According to my, it’s blue. It attracts me a lot. Please let me know about yours. I am eagerly interested to know that.

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