Top 9 Best Australian Shepherd Breeders In New Mexico (NM) State

If you are looking for an intelligent, easy to train, easy to groom the sniffy dog in New Mexico, hence this article is for you. I highly recommend going through the article.

Despite their name, the Australian Shepherd dog breed originated in the western United States, not Australia, around the time of the Gold Rush in the 1840s. They are also known as family pups. They are very good companions and loyal to their owners.

I have covered the 9 best Australian breeders for you to help you get an energetic Aussie. I hope this article helps you find the high-quality Australian Shepherd breeder in town and that you get your new furry friend as soon as possible.

Find An Australian Shepherd Breeder Near Me In New Mexico State

Top 9 Best Australian Shepherd Breeders in New Mexico (NM) State

#1 Eagle Creek Aussies

Eagle Creek Aussies breed Miniature Australian Shepherd. They are located in the southeastern area of New Mexico near Ruidoso. Eagle Creek Aussies strive to raise dogs that are of outstanding conformation and temperament.

Pam Allen is the owner, and breeder of Eagle Creek Aussies. Her goal is to raise Miniature Aussies that fit the needs of each prospective owner and household. 

Her interest in working dogs began when I searched for the best buddy, companion, and roommate.

In my search, she considered various breeds and sizes and settled on adding an Australian Shepherd Dog to her home. 

Their pups have been carefully selected from championship bloodlines to produce puppies that will grow to be handsome and wonderful companions.

Their dogs have been health tested to assure they are clear of health issues. As their program grows, they are excited about their future as well as the one you will have with your Eagle Creek Aussie puppy.

The Puppies page announces next litters, gallery of existing and past litters, and walks you through the purchase steps.  

Australian Shepherd Puppy Breeder Details:

  • Name of the Owner: Pam Allen
  • Address: P.O. Box 236 Capitan, New Mexico, 88316
  • Website:
  • Phone Number: 157-593-74870
  • Email:

#2 Desert Rose Aussies

Jacque Steinbicker is the owner of Desert Rose Aussies. They are located at Bosque in New Mexico.

These Puppies will BE Registered in AKC and ASCA with DNA Certification. Health guarantee as well as a moderate disposition suitable for children and family life. They strive to raise quality working pups out of proven foundation bloodlines. 

Offering full registration for show or breeding or limited registration for a pet in AKC and ASCA. Pedigree contains show champions out of Hall of Fame Kennels

They sell their puppies with a lifetime guarantee. Parent’s dispositions are moderate for work or companionship. 

Confirmation, health, intelligence. and temperament is high on their decision to breed these unique and awesome canines.

They are more than happy to answer any questions that you may have for them. 

Please contact them if you think you may be interested in a Desert Rose Aussie puppy. 

Usually, they have a spring litter and late fall each year. They know that you would be very pleased with the quality and soundness of their pups. 

Australian Shepherd Puppy Breeder Details:

  • Name of the Owner: Jacque Steinbicker
  • Address: 477 NM 116 Bosque, New Mexico,87006
  • Website: 
  • Phone Number: 505-980-5790
  • Email:
Australian Shepherd With Flower

#3 Lazy D Ranch

Lazy D Ranch is a working and breeding facility located in beautiful Tularosa, NM. The ranch sits on a twenty-acre horse farm surrounded by farmlands and pecan orchids.

They have been raising and training Australian shepherds of all sizes since 2006

All of their pups are trained in basic obedience, they are extensively socialized and all are trained in agility and herding. 

Since 2005, Lazy D Ranch has bred pure family dogs of classic beauty, intelligence, and character. These special pooches deserve special owners.

Lazy D Ranch Aussies share a national and international reputation for excellence on the ranch/farm, in the field and the show ring, at home, and in service.

Their pooches are confident and affectionate companions and trustworthy, capable partners. Lazy D Ranch Aussies are of moderate height (15 to 20 inches at the shoulder) and weight (30 to 55 lbs).

Aussies are perfect for people wishing to own a highly trainable, versatile, smart dog that can work/play “till the cows come home.”

If you have the time and commitment for an Aussie, you won’t be disappointed.  

Australian Shepherd Puppy Breeder Details:

#4 Desert Willow Aussies

Desert Willow Aussies are located in  New Mexico. Desert Willow Aussies are registered with AKC & ASCA Kennel.

They test all their puppies to properly place them into the right homes for their temperaments and drive according to your needs.

Theresa Gorduyn is the owner and seller of their Aussies and works meticulously to choose breeding lines that will produce puppies with healthy eyes, hips, and excellent temperaments. 

They are microchipped and vaccinated. Every adult and Aussie pooch chooses their new homes with great care. They are the largest kennel in Valencia County, and are most likely the cleanest!

They breed for 12 years. They feed quality food and use holistic care when possible. 

DWA guide for placing puppies: At birth, the observation begins. About two weeks of age, they begin temperament testing.

It is of the up-most importance that they place the right puppy with the right parents. They call their puppies “Bullet Proof“. 

Australian Shepherd Puppy Breeder Details:

#5 Baker Leather & Australian Shepherds

Baker Leather & Australian Shepherds is a family-owned and operated saddle shop, located in Lemitar, New Mexico.  They strive to provide customers with amazing custom-made projects and customer service, as well as repair work including, but not limited to saddles, tack, boots, and other leather goods. 

They added the  ASCA registered Australian shepherds in January of 2019.  With their background in veterinary medicine and love for this particular breed of dog, they have decided to produce high-quality companions and working pooches.

They currently have a 2-year-old registered, black and white female with an outstanding working pedigree. With the assistance of long-time breeder, Jaquie Stienbecker, from Desert Rose Australian Shepherds, and her outstanding red merle male “Chili” they have their first registered litter. 

All puppies will have a 1-year genetic health guarantee

If a genetic defect is diagnosed by a veterinarian and you would like to return the puppy, they will offer a replacement, if available, or a refund of the purchase price in exchange for the animal. Shipping fees will not be refunded.  

Australian Shepherd Puppy Breeder Details:

#6 Foxwood Kennel

Foxwood Kennel is home to both family dogs and Irish Wolfhounds. They are committed to their breeds.

They’ve been involved with sniffy pooch since 1983 and with hound breeds since 1977. Their primary focus is the mental and physical health of their dogs for longer lives.

They fully support open registration and reporting of all health tests and results. For the working dog, they breed in accordance with the ASCA and AKC breed standards and they are an OFA, CHIC, and 10-Step participant and supporter.

Their love of dogs started with search and rescue work in Idaho. The breeder’s first two sniffy mutts were backcountry search and rescue for your little friend.

Mike’s first bloodhound, Rebel and his mother Bonnie, set legal precedence in the State Courts of Idaho for the admission of bloodhound evidence.

Their current canines compete in multiple venues, conformation, obedience, herding, tracking, coursing, and agility. Sometimes these aptitudes cross over, they have coursing Aussies and a talented, herding (instinct tested) wolfhound.

They are happy to answer any questions you might have about their individual pooches or their breeds. 

Australian Shepherd Puppy Breeder Details:

  • Name of the Owner: Kim Monti, Michael Gates
  • Address: Corrales, New Mexico
  • Website: 
  • Phone Number: (505).890.6150
  • Email:
Australian Shepherd Look back

#7 Legends Australian Shepherds

Legends Australian Shepherds are producers of sniffy canines titled in working, herding, tracking, obedience, rally, flyball, agility, conformation, ranch work, companion, and many competitive and/or winning at the Finals level and listed in the Merits.


Hall of Fame Excellent with the Australian Shepherd Club of America & Hall of Fame with the United States Australian Shepherd Association.


Hall of Fame Excellent with the Australian Shepherd Club of America

You’ll also find some of their dog’s therapy and/or service and/or search & rescue certified. They consider those who own our lines family. Join us at Facebook – just put in Legends & StarN dog/puppy owners & stud users in the Facebook search.

They are no longer producing litter. But if you are looking for their lines, they are happy to refer you if they know of a litter planned or on the ground carrying their lines.

They have one intact sniffy mutt: Rhett – he stands at stud to a limited number of qualified bitches

Australian Shepherd Puppy Breeder Details:

#8 Riata Australian Shepherds

Riata Australian Shepherds is a family-owned and operated breeder of sniffy canines and puppies right here in Roswell, New Mexico. 

Their first sniffy canine was given to them by an old cowboy who broke his hip after he was bucked off of a colt while working wheat pasture cattle in Clovis, NM. 

His family dog, the Sissy, stayed by his side until his wife came looking for him. That injury ended his career as a working cowboy.

To make a long story short…they ended up with Sissy. Sissy sold us on the breed…that loyalty…that awesomeness. 

why not good-bred Australian Shepherds and why not show Australian Shepherds. With that, came the research. They narrowed their search down to Briarbrook sniffy dogs in Carthage, Mo. 

So now she had her first show bitch. New to the dog show world, she joined their local kennel club and was reacquainted with Jeanne Lahrman, an attorney who she worked for many years ago.

She wanted to start showing canines because of my love of sniffy mutts.  The Aussie, as they’re nicknamed, are happiest when they have a job to do.

Australian Shepherd Puppy Breeder Details:

Australian Shepherd Smiling

#9 Whitney Hill Australian Shepherds

Whitney Hill Australian Shepherds are situated in a mora-census designated place in New Mexico. All of their breeding dogs have hips and elbows approved by OFA.

All their dogs have full panel health tests and are clear. Prices of Puppies start at $600.

Their Puppies are home-raised and handled daily by breeders and a parade of children. They are well socialized.

Their mom is wormed at 3 weeks after whelping, the pups are wormed at 5 & 7 weeks.

Pet quality canines are sometimes available and are $400.  Pet quality mutts have solid pink noses.

One in a million blue-eyed tris come along, those pups are rare and prices start at $1500.  It is a trait they have bred for in their line.

There is usually a waiting list for pups so don’t delay if you’ve been waiting for a particular color.

If you are waiting for a herding or Service canine you should wait for the Aptitude test for 49 days and a deposit is required to be put on that list.

Australian Shepherd Puppy Breeder Details:

  • Name of the Owner: Maggie Mulligan
  • Address: PO Box 582, Mora NM 87732
  • Website: 
  • Phone Number: (575)-779-9690
  • Email:

Why Are Australian Shepherds So Popular In New Mexico?

In 2016 the American Kennel Club (AKC) ranked the Australian Shepherd the 17th most popular breed in the United States. 

Many generations of selective breeding have resulted in a canine that has energy, speed, stamina; and is intelligent, obedient, and independent with the ability to handle severe weather. 

They can be wonderful family companions if their intelligence and energy are channeled into dog sports or activities. They are very intense.

He’s loved by many and enjoys his life as a family companion, protector, and herding mutt. Some mutts are perpetual puppies — always begging for a game — while others are more serious and sedate.

How Do I Choose An Australian Shepherd Puppy In New Mexico?

All of the questions below should receive a “Yes” response, and a responsible breeder will be very happy to answer these questions for you. If you receive negative responses, or if a breeder is unwilling to answer, look elsewhere for a puppy.


  • Has the puppy been well socialized and exposed to a variety of new experiences?
  • Does the mother of the puppy have a friendly, confident personality?
  • Has the breeder discussed with you the high activity level of an Aussie and their exercise needs to avoid destructive behavior?


  • Has the puppy received at least one “puppy shot”?
  • Have both the sire and dam of the puppy had appropriate health testing and has documentation been provided to you? (minimum tests are OFA Hips & elbows)
Australian Shepherd Look Up

Over To You

Which breeder did you like most from the above list? Let me know in the comment section. Which size of puppy do you want to collect?

As a writer, I would prefer a medium-size sniffy mutt. Did I miss any breeder living in New Mexico? If I missed it please let me know. What color would you prefer in Aussies? As I think blue merle is a nice color of a sniffy dog puppy you would have.

Feel free to ask any relevant questions about Aussie Shepherd. Let me know in the comment section.

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