Top 11 Best Australian Shepherd Breeders in Michigan (MI) State

If you are seeking the best quality Australian Shepherd Puppy breeder in Michigan (MI) state, then don’t worry, I am here for you!

The Australian Shepherd is a herding dog breed native to Australia. People say this breed descended from several herding breeds including collies. People bred these pups for the first time in California in the nineteenth century. They may survive and be your best mate for up to 9-13 years.

One of the most popular breeds for adoption is the Australian Shepherd. It may serve as a security dog, a buddy, and a protector all at once.

I’ve created a list of the top 11 reputable Australian Shepherd breeders in Michigan (MI). Take a look here!

Find An Australian Shepherd Breeder Near Me In Michigan State

Top 11 Best Australian Shepherd Breeders In Michigan (MI) State

#1 Premo Creek Puppies

Premo Creek Pups has been matching puppies with loving, caring families. They adopt healthy breeding procedures, resulting in healthier and happier puppies. Get in touch with them today to locate your ideal dog! Check out the tips area for information on how to care for their dog breeds. 

All their puppy parents purebred dogs that tested. The puppies nurtured in their house. They’re nurtured as members of their family, allowing them to transition to yours.

Because their goal is to improve the breed one puppy at a time. Their breeding family only starts with registered and tested puppies. Dave and Deb raise pups in the hopes of finding families that share their desire. To not have a puppy in their lives but to have a puppy become a member of their family.

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#2 Dapper Dingo Australian Shepherds

Dapper Dingo Australian Shepherds is a family-run business. They’re dedicated to assisting you in finding the ideal Australian Shepherd. The Dingo Australian Shepherd Mix is a hybrid dog. It’s created by crossing the Dingo with the Australian Shepherd breeds. An Australian Shepherd Dingo Mix is another name for them. 

People know Aussies for being loyal and obedient dogs. So if you’re searching for a new family member, an emotional support/service dog, or a farm dog, look no further! You can give them a call.  

All their Aussies have been health checked, and both parents have excellent hip x-rays. They’ve also been puppy cultured and house trained at 8 weeks.

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#3 My Toy Aussie

You’ve come to the correct place which is My Toy Aussie if you’re seeking a playful dog who will also make a wonderful family member. Miniature Australian Shepherds are available from My Toy Aussie.

They are a tiny dog breeder specializing in pet grade, health-tested Australian Shepherds. They’re located in Fremont, Michigan, 45 minutes north of Grand Rapids.

Aussies are, in their opinion, the ideal companion animal. The smaller Aussies feature many of the same attributes as the bigger Aussies.

It makes them ideal for families or outdoor adventurers. They are intelligent and athletic, as well as devoted guardians of their herds and people. As a result, they make wonderful farm dogs and family companions.

Miniature Australian Shepherds are intelligent, loyal, and obedient dogs. These thugs will follow you around everywhere you go. They adore riding in your pickup, tractor, or quad. Many people like fetch and going for walks or runs. Tricks and command words taught. Kids can use them as 4-H projects or agility dogs.

Your puppy will come from parents who are the best. They do screen test all pups for the genetic illnesses found in Australian Shepherds. Guaranteed, your puppy will be free of these hereditary illnesses. Fremont Animal Hospital vets all their puppies. They do all their pediatric spay/neuter surgeries, dewclaw, tail removals, and vaccinations.

All their preventatives are also prescribed by them. They’ll examine your puppy by the veterinarian at least three times before leaving. So that they can ensure he or she is healthy.

Their puppy price is unusual. As ethical breeders, they Include the cost of spaying or neutering your pet in their package. They spay each of their pups at the age of eight weeks and are ready to go home between the ages of nine and ten weeks.

The American Stock Dog Registry (ASDR) registered all the puppies. They’ll issue a certificate in your name and mailed to your address; this is also included in the price of your pet. 

They give pet diets that are devoid of inflammatory grains and modified organisms. They do not ship puppies since they believe it is too stressful for them at such a young age. They prepared to drive part of the way for an extra cost, depending on their schedule.

Australian Shepherd Puppy Breeder Contact Details:

  • Breed Owner: Bob and Marta Yeakey
  • Address: Ashland Township, Fremont, Michigan 49412
  • Phone: (231) 215-8377
  • Mailing Address: PO Box 131, Newaygo, Michigan 49337 
  • Website:  

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#4 Moran Acres

Moran Acres is a 10-acre property in Stanton, Michigan. Every year, they have a few litters of Miniature Australian Shepherds. They rear all pups and dogs in their house and consider members of the family. They socialize and adore all the puppies. They provide vaccination to all puppies.

Also, they’re dewormed, and vet examined before going to their new homes. They will be ASDR-registerable.

They are a tiny hobby farm in Stanton, Michigan, nestled in a rural area. All pups and dogs socialized and treated as members of the family.

Australian Shepherd Puppy Breeder Contact Details:

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#5 Blu Horizon Aussies

Blu Horizon Aussies breed standard Australian Shepherds and based in Webberville, Michigan. Their goal is to raise healthy and happy puppies. To assure breed standards, all dogs are AKC certified. They’re health and color checked, tails docked, and dew removed.

Temperament, variety, and friendship are all factors they consider while breeding.

Our Malibu, Jaxson, Arrow, and Rainy were the backbone of their company.  They had some fantastic litters with them, for which they are always thankful.

They’ve produced some incredible offspring. That has gone on to compete in agility, herding, therapeutic work, and be family pets. They adore the dogs and can’t imagine living without them. All dogs are AKC (American Kennel Club) registered.

To assure breed standards. All their dogs are yearly evaluated by a veterinarian. They are up to date on immunizations, heartworm, rabies, and deworming. They are also health tested and color tested. All their dog’s red factor and blue eye carrier/producers. This means they may produce red puppies as well as blue eyes. 

They have blue-eyed tris and blue-eyed merles here that do produce blue eyes. But they don’t breed for eye color. They breed for personality, temperament, and variety first, with blue eyes as a bonus. Eye color can vary up to two years of age, thus they can’t guarantee it. 

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#6 Ross Ranch Aussies

Ross Ranch Mini Aussies‘ located in the little town of South Branch in lower Michigan. This is the ideal location for them to raise their tiny Australian Shepherds. Because there they have plenty of areas to run around. They take their dog camping, swimming, and on family adventures. As well as local pet stores and establishments. 

They are proud of their modest breeding program, in which each dog’s treated as a member of the family. All their pups are health checked. If they weigh more than 30 pounds, they give hip x-rays to ensure healthy puppies. All their dogs are ASDR registered. The pups and canines range in height from 14 1/2″ to 19″.

They also have a few therapy dogs that they use to aid people in their neighborhood. That is why they devote more time to caring for and training our pups and dogs. 

At 6-7 weeks old, all their pups see the veterinarian for their first vaccine and vet checkup. As well as microchipping and regular dewormings. Adults, children, cats, and other dogs are all socialized with them. 

They begin crate and toilet training with them, and they leave the house by ringing a bell to go outdoors. They provide ongoing support to our puppy purchasers. They don’t breed their dogs until they know there will be a market for the puppies. They allow invited individuals to visit their Ranch with safety safeguards in place.

Since they do not want the dogs to become infected with Parvo or other illnesses. They keep the right to deny any puppy sale at any time.

Australian Shepherd Puppy Breeder Contact Details:

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Australian Shepherd Dog

#7 Star Australian Shepherds

Star Australian Shepherds are honored that people recognize them as a Breeder of Merit by the American Kennel Club. They are quite proud of this achievement.

They are also a proud USASA member (United States Australian Shepherd Association). They want to breed Aussies that are suitable for the average household. First, they consider temperament.

Even though they exhibit their Aussies, they prefer to place the pups in homes with families. Where they will be the Princesses and Princes of their new castles.

They feed the dogs a Prey Diet, which means they eat RAW meat. They also believe in the use of only a few vaccinations. With the help of the veterinarian’s advice, they give a 5-year cancer guarantee. As well as a 2-year warranty on hips, elbows, and eyes.

Australian Shepherd Puppy Breeder Contact Details:

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#8 Best Day Australian Shepherds

Best Day Australian Shepherds‘ mission is to promote and maintain the Australian Shepherd breed. They breed healthy, well-behaved, and attractive dogs. After two years of age, all dogs receive genetic testing. As well as yearly CERF eye tests and OFA hip and elbow examinations. 

When Australian Shepherds have a task to do, they are the happiest. Their dogs are always involved in agility, conformation, and obedience competitive training. They also like hiking, swimming, and a decent deal of old-fashioned shenanigans.

They use their breeding method to remedy breed and individual flaws. Then match puppies with busy families searching for clever work dogs. For testing and screening, they follow the AKC breed standard and guidelines. 

They also use other methods, like research, to make breeding decisions. Their ultimate aim is to have such an effect on the breed. So that Australian Shepherds are healthy, flexible, working family members in 100 years. 

Australian Shepherd Puppy Breeder Contact Details:

#9 Misty’s Toy Aussies

Misty’s Toy Aussies is a small, home-based hobby breeder of companion dogs. The dogs are healthy, well-mannered, balanced, affectionate, and foundation trained. The lovely puppies are always nurtured in a loving and supportive indoor environment. This is as part of a responsible breeding program.

Aspects of their breeding program that are important to them include quality, temperament. 

Also, that includes attractiveness and health. In producing and nurturing these adorable tiny puppies, they aim for perfection. 

Their breeding program places a premium on quality, temperament, and health. Every litter that Misty’s Toy Aussies’s blessed with, strive to improve these attributes.

Australian Shepherd Puppy Breeder Contact Details:

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#10 One River Ranch

One River Ranch‘s situated on Michigan’s northern lower peninsula. They breed beautiful pups with exceptional loving and loyal attitudes and outgoing personalities. They are a 100-year-old ranch that breeds Australian shepherds. They provide you with a well-established and reliable service. Their dogs are like family to them here at the ranch.

The goal is to produce obedient dogs with good temperaments. Service, therapy dogs, working farm dogs have all come from their previous litters. Their dogs are obedience and agility competitors, and cherished family members. They have Black tricolors, black bicolors, red tricolors, and red and blue merle hues.

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#11 Palace Pups

Palace Pups is the finest breeder, All their pups are always nurtured in a family setting and are part of everyday activities. Members of the family and visitors handle and play with them. 

They’ve been always reared on a part of high-quality dog food. 

The foods are free of corn, wheat, and soy, and they’ve had their first round of vaccines.

They are ready for you to finish their training and start life as a happy, healthy, and socialized puppy. 

Australian Shepherd Puppy Breeder Contact Details:

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What are the costs of Australian Shepherd puppies in Michigan?

The normal price of an Australian Shepherd is between $1500 and $2500. The price of a commodity will fluctuate depending on several factors.

When purchasing an Australian Shepherd puppy there is a wide range of fees to expect. (1,500 to 2,500 dollars).

Purchasing an Australian Shepherd that meets pet standards is less expensive. But purchasing a show-quality Australian Shepherd is expensive than others.

Final Thoughts

Many individuals make the mistake of purchasing a newborn pet in the first place. Don’t be a fool by the sound of things. You are responsible for the demise of the breed. And also the necessity for costly and time-consuming rescue procedures.

A consistent breeder will be well-versed in the many types of Australian Shepherds. And he will take great care to place their puppies in loving homes.

If you buy an Australian Shepherd from someone who does not meet any of the foundations, you will lose money.

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