Why Do Bernese Mountain Dogs Bark So Much? 6 Ways To Make Them Less Bark!

Out of curiosity, I always wanted to know why Bernese Mountain is somehow fond of excessive barking. I kept looking for an answer but my luck hardly favored me. Afterward, I thought to do some research to find a valid answer for me as well as for you.

So, Why does your Bernese Mountain Dog bark so much? Bernese Mountains are sometimes seen barking when they are happy. And sometimes they bark due to some serious health problems. Though barking is not harmful, it can be a sign of internal injury. You need to be careful because they may get triggered and cause self-harm which may lead to a quick visit to your vet.

You will be glad to know that I have come up with 10 interesting facts about the habit of barking of your Swiss dog. Some of them are interesting and some are alarming for your little pup. As per my research, there are few solutions to your problem and those are quite easy to try at home. If you read my entire article then you will get away to overcome your problem and it will save your time too.

Please read this article for the betterment of your Bernese mutt. Your fur baby might be suffering from pain. Your pup cannot say but show it through the action of barking.

Do Bernese Mountain Dogs Like To Bark A Lot?

Bernese Mountains are large canines. They do not like to bark unless they feel excited or any kind of threat around.

Sometimes your farm dog needs a lot of stimulation of energy for which they bark. Often you will find your mutt sniffing around. If they find something interesting they inform others by barking.

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What Does A Bernese Mountain Dog Bark Sound Like?

As a result, large dogs like Bernese Mountain create a wide range of vocalizations. These include barking, whining, howling, and growling.

They generate tone whines from birth. While atonal barks and grunts begin in the first few weeks of life. These noises might be relatable to a dog’s internal motivation or emotional condition.

High-pitched and more tonal sounds, for example, express warmth and connection. Whereas low-pitched and less tonal sounds express violence.

Why Do Bernese Mountain Dogs Bark So Much?

10 Common Reasons: Why Does Your Bernese Mountain Dog Bark So Much?

Your Bernese Mountain has almost ten different reasons to bark. You need to know them all. Some reasons are entertaining but some are quite alarming.

#1 When Your Bernese Mountain Dog See a Stranger or Another Dog

You should train your Bernese Mountain to be pleasant, self-assured, hospitable to strangers. If your little doggo senses any danger then it will bark in presence of any outsiders.

The majority of Bernese Mountain Dogs get along well with other animals. Some Bernese males are violent against other male dogs. In a mood of violence, they start barking at other dogs.

#2 Bernese Mountain Dog Being a Guard Dog

Your Swiss Mountain dog is not very aggressive. But its size and loud bark can scare strangers. The Bernese mountain dog is an excellent family watchdog as well as a loving and faithful friend. It will guard your house even if you do not need that.

Your pup will feel the need to protect your family always like its own family. If it senses any danger then it will bark to alert you or to scare away the unwanted person.

Bernese Mountain Dog In Water

#3 Does Your Bernese Mountain Dog Get Excited?

Whenever you get rewarded for doing something good you express your joy with a little scream. This is exactly what your Bernese mutt does but instead of screaming it likes to bark to express its joy.

Your doggy likes to play different games like Frisbee. When it can catch the Frisbee then it gets so happy at its success. As a way of celebrating its joy, it may start barking.

So, next time if you find your mutt succeeding in any of its actions then let it bark. Through this, it can express what it feels inside somehow.

#4 Does Alarm or Fear Make Your Bernese Mountain Dog Bark?

If your guard dog is afraid, it may bark to let you know. This might happen at home or away and refers to anything that makes your Berner nervous. It might be a person, a loud noise like fireworks, or an unusual (or novel) scenario.

Your dog uses alarm barking for more than only protecting territory. When they feel scared, their ears will go back and their tail gets tucked. Try to divert your canine’s mind to some other activities if barking goes beyond the limit.

#5 Is Your Bernese Mountain Dogs Territorial or Protective Approach?

Have you ever noticed your Sennenhund barking in the presence of a new visitor? If yes, then you can be sure that your little pup is trying to do some self-defense activities. Bernese canines are aggressive.

If your pup fears territory violation, it will bark to warn someone. At this point, you should leave your hound alone and wait for it to come down. This is a strategy they use to defend their pack, whether it’s other mutts or humans.

You should not let your farm dog get into aggressive mode. Because it can be risky for you too as well as the little ones in your house.

Bernese Mountain Dog In Ice

#6 Is Your Bernese Mountain Dog Bored?

If your dog barks a lot while you’re gone then it can mean your Bernese is feeling bored. You should give extra activities or companionship to play with them for at least an hour a day. Providing your dog with something to do during the day might also assist.

Consider placing out a few food-dispensing toys in various shapes and sizes. These can keep them occupied for several hours, after which they will most likely sleep.

#7 Is Bernese Mountain Dog Trying To Seek Your Attention?

Barking is often a means for your canine to express its fear or a need for affection. Your Bernese Cattle Dog needs care from you as well as from its friends. It will bark to let you know it doesn’t want to feel alone and unwanted.

The attention-seeking bark is often regarded as a way of getting you to come running. At some point, it may stop barking if you do not respond and come up to look for you. What is that you should respond to its barking as soon as possible. Because your little pup deserves all your love without any delay.

#8 Is Your Bernese Mountain Dog Dealing Separation with Anxiety?

If your Swiss mountain dog is barking due to some kind of odd situation like separation anxiety. Then you will have to change your canine’s mood. This is not easy to do, but you can keep trying. All you can do is make your hound busy with other activities or take it out for a walk.

Your doggy with this severe anxiety will generally display extra obsessive habits. These include chewing or clawing furniture, walls, and doors, besides repetitive barking.

Symptoms of Separation Anxiety in your Bernese Mountain Dog

  • You will find your watchdog barking or barking when you are not around your fur baby.
  • Your Berner will pant itself though it is not hot at all.
  • Sometimes you may find your fur baby shivering which can be a symptom of anxiety.
  • You may find your mutt running away and/or cowering in the corner of a house.
  • You will find your doggy digging ground for no reason which is a sign of anxiety.
  • At most your canine can start self-harm. It includes excessive licking or chewing which is a matter of tension.
Bernese Mountain Dog In Beach

#9 Is Your Bernese Mountain Dog Trying To Reduce Frustration?

Swiss Mountain doggos are watchdogs. They bark whenever they get frustrated. This can be due to separation from their pack or feeling lonely. As a response to frustration, your mutt starts barking. This is how your pup sends a signal to its missing pack.

They can trace the location following the bark and reunite. If your doggy is alone for an extended period of time, then it can adopt this behavior. Yet it may cause some trouble for your housemates if this turns into a habit for your Berner.

#10 Do Bernese Mountain Dogs Bark Because Of Medical Issues?

Sometimes your little fur friend barks and the reason can be more serious than you can even imagine. Your bloodhound may bark when it is suffering from physical problems. These are Arthritis, hip dysplasia, cruciate ligament rupture, malignant histiocytosis, mast cell tumor.

As a result, if your mutt is barking on a regular basis, it is important to get veterinary attention. If you delay then it can be threatening for your doggy.

You are well aware of the fact that your hound is not able to speak to you and tell you about all its pain. This is why your farm dog keeps barking until it gets relieved.

How Do You Stop A Bernese Mountain Dog From Excessive Barking?

As you know your Bernese Mountain barking is a means of communication so you may take this as normal. If your Fido’s barking becomes regular then you need to figure out what’s behind its barking and take action. Whatever the cause, you can crack his bad habit with wisdom and determination

  • Ignore your Berner’s barking for attention. Then at some point your canine realizes that this will help to get rewarded and it will stop.
  • Reward your dog for being quiet and the unexpected treat will help reinforce good behavior.
  • Train your dog to be quiet in a common way like  “hush!” or “quiet!” and if it does then give it a treat.
  • If your pup barks due to a case of separation anxiety, then consult the vet.
  • Spend quality time with your dog. This may help reduce its separation anxiety and barking behavior.
  • If you can’t find out reasons for your canine’s then it may be a health problem. Get your pup examined by a doctor to see if they’re barking due to sickness or accident.

Bernese Mountain Dog’s Related Questions

Are Bernese Mountain Dogs Vocal?

Bernese Mountain Dogs barks with different pitches. These mutts are great watchdogs, but that also means they have a tendency to bark. And if they are very sweet when mature, they may want to chase smaller animals and play rough.

This may seem to make them more suited for big rooms, but they tend to live in large spaces and are not advised to do so. These canines are ideal for those who are susceptible to loud noises.

Are Bernese Mountain Dogs Cuddly?

Bernese mountain pups enjoy cuddling and bonding with their families and owners. With enough love and care, cuddle time may increase. Yet, this action is dependent on the doggy and the trainer. By approaching your friend in the right way, you will turn him or her into a cuddly sort.

He likes to lean on you or next to you while you’re on the sofa. Also, nuzzle your hands and legs, lean into you, lick your hands and legs, curl up into you, sleep with you. To express love, these mutts enjoy cuddling with their owners and family members.

Do Bernese Mountain Dogs Shed A Lot?

Bernese Mountain Dogs have a double coat that is thick and long. With so much fur, it’s no wonder that this coat sheds a lot, particularly in the spring and fall. Bernese Mountain Dog shedding can be extreme. Especially if the mutt isn’t groomed on a regular basis.

Bernese Mountains do not need regular trimming or clipping. Yet their glossy coats do need frequent grooming to maintain their natural sheen. This massive doggy sheds throughout the year, but especially in the spring and fall.

Bernese Mountain Dog In Garden

Over To You

I hope you got a lot of useful information from this article. That will help you to take proper care of your Bernese Mountain dog. Yet, I would love to know which part was helpful for you the most. If you knew some of these facts before then let us know what those facts are.

I went through a lot of research. Yet if I have missed any fact that you are well aware of please do mention that in the comment section. Remember, the comment section is always yours and you can share your feedback there too. Share this article with your friends who own a Bernese Mountain dog too. The more you share the more you get a chance to help others to take care of their little ones.

Feel free to ask any questions and I will get back to you with a proper answer as soon as possible.

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