Top 2 Best Rottweiler Breeders In New Hampshire (NH) State

Do you want to purchase a Rottweiler puppy? But confused about which breeder to contact? Then I have the best solution for you.

Here is the best quality Rottweiler Puppy Breeder in New Hampshire state, grab your sweet Rottie pup!

There are not many Rottie breeders in New Hampshire State. Still, I have found the best 2 trustworthy breeders who answer you quality.

I have listed the top 2 reputable Rottweiler breeders in New Hampshire based on their reputation, location, quality, and authenticity. Hope you will be able to find a breeder who can give you the best service.

Find A Rottweiler Breeder Near Me In New Hampshire State

Top 2 Best Rottweiler Breeders In New Hampshire (NH) State

#1 Frontier

Frontier is owned by Diane Richardson. It is located in Georges Mills, New Hampshire. They have raised Rottweiler dogs at home since 1985. 

Their goal is to produce genetically healthy, standard correct dogs that are highly intelligent, trainable, and family safe. All their puppies have sound and healthy minds and bodies.

Each puppy comes with the first dose of the DPv vaccine, a legal veterinary health certificate, and a microchip. They also have a cardiac auscultation exam. All the mutts come with a health guarantee or warranty for the initial 48-hour. 

The pups remain with them until 10 weeks. They also provide pedigree, collar, crate training, leash training, house training, and lifetime support. The price range of their canines is between $1800 and $2500. 

They are not accepting any new applications currently. But, if you are interested in their puppies then you can contact them through email. Do visit their website for more details.

Rottweiler Puppy Breeder Details:

  • Name of the Owner: Diane Richardson
  • Address: Georges Mills, New Hampshire
  • Phone number: 603-568-3233
  • Email:
  • Website Link:
Rottweiler Lick

#2 New Hampshire (NH) Rott Dogs:

New Hampshire (NH) Rott Dogs is located in Danbury, New Hampshire. It is owned by Jeremy. They are also a five-star breeder.

Their goal is to breed some of the best Rotties in New England. They mainly operate their business from their Facebook page. They have 1,003 people on their page. They are also AKC registered.

They breed healthy pups with full health checkups. Their mutts come with a health certificate, first shots of vaccine, microchip, health clearance, and deworming. The price range of their puppies starts from $1200. 

Their Facebook page has 5 out of 5 reviews based on the opinion of 16 people. They have a great impression on their clients and the owner is also respected. Their mutts are highly recommended.

If you are interested in their puppies then you can contact them through their email or phone number. For more details, you can visit their official Facebook page. 

Rottweiler Puppy Breeder Details:

  • Name of the Owner: Jeremy
  • Address: 91 Millstone Drive, Danbury, NH 03230
  • Phone number: 603-568-3233
  • Email:
  • Facebook page link:

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How much does a purebred Rottweiler puppy cost in New Hampshire State?

Rottweilers are wonderful pets since they are loyal, gorgeous, and friendly. They are one of the most costly breeds in New Hampshire. A Rottie costs between $1200 and $2500, if you purchase them from a respectable breeder.

A respectable breeder charges more because they provide additional benefits like license, insurance, and health guarantee.

The cost will be roughly around $2000 on average. The cost is determined by the color, size, age, and quality of the puppy. But, if you purchase it from a rescue Centre or a backyard breeder then the mutt will be less expensive, they may have health issues. The purebred pups are more expensive than the others.

I recommend that you get a puppy from a trustworthy breeder. 

Why are Pure Rottweiler puppies expensive in New Hampshire State?

The purebred Rott canines are very expensive due to their popularity. Rotties are amazing pet dogs, companions, and guards.

The true-bred pups are more adaptable than the other breeds, that is why they are more expensive. They adapt well to apartment life, have a high level of sensitivity, can handle being alone, and can survive cold and hot weather.

Purebred mutts are also healthier, easier to groom, and attractive. They are also easier to train than the other breeds. Also, their color and texture can make them more expensive. The biggest advantage of owning a purebred dog is that it is less prone to diseases and health issues.

I would suggest you purchase a purebred Rottweilers doggy because of its special characteristics. 

How do I find a good Rottweiler breeder In New Hampshire State?

In North Hampshire, finding a good breeder is extremely tough. However, if you want to buy a Rottie then you must first locate one. You must first locate a reputable breeder before bringing a new puppy into your home. A reputable breeder can give you are healthy pup with different facilities.

The best way to identify a breeder is to use trusted web tools to search for a breeder. After you have located the grower, you can speak to them and ask the appropriate questions.

You can pay a visit to the mutt and evaluate its living condition to double-check. And make sure that the breeder asks questions about you.

If you stick to this method, I believe you will be able to identify a great breeder quite quickly.

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How do I choose a Rottweiler puppy in New Hampshire State?

Choosing a Rott pup is never an easy task. Before receiving your first puppy, you must first decide which mutt you want. It can be tough to find the perfect Rottweiler. You must gather all information about the dog from the breeder before beginning your hunt for the ideal canine.

The ideal approach to choose a Rottie is to perform some basic research on the breed, virtual inspection of the doggy during the first visit, and conduct a series of temperament tests on each pup.

If you are purchasing a mutt for the first time, I recommend that you take your time and choose the best breeder. 

Why is Rottweiler So Popular in New Hampshire State?

Rottweilers are very popular in North Hampshire. The breed is well-known for spreading happiness. Rottie is actually intelligent, compression animals, loyal, and an excellent family dog. They are, without a doubt, the best pets that men can raise at home.

The puppies are very loyal and friendly so they are loved by all adults and children. They are lovable because of their physical appearance and friendliness. Rott doggies are well-known in New Hampshire, as well as other states.

I believe all this contributes to the popularity of this German dog.

What is the rarest color of Rottweiler in New Hampshire State? 

In New Hampshire, Rottweilers come in different colors and textures. The rarest color of Rotties is red. Purebred Rotts are known for having tight breeding requirements. But, their breed standards allowed for color and length variations. Red Rottweilers are the result of cross-breeding.

A purebred red Rott is just like a standard black and tan in every other except. If the breeder cross-breeds the Rotties with any other breed or different colored Rotts then the new puppies can be red in color. It is very difficult to find a red-colored pup in New Hampshire and also in other countries.

You can ask your breeder to breed a reb mutt for you if you are really interested. I would suggest you buy other colors as it is rare.


What is the Maintenance cost in New Hampshire State to raise a Rottweiler Puppy?

The cost of these German dog breeds varies greatly from one breed to the next, but the expenditure does not stop there. A Rottweiler dog’s maintenance cost can be high.

The puppy comes with a monthly upkeep fee. You must be aware of all the additional costs that you have to bear. A Rott mutt will cost you roughly around $1500 a month to maintain. You will have to pay for things like spaying, medical tests, vaccination, insurance, license food, and dog bed, among other things.

If you are ready to buy Rottie, you also need to be prepared to pay for all the additional costs. I will recommend you ask your breeder about the cost of maintenance ahead of time. However, to keep a pup you must be financially stable. 

Rottweiler Doggy

How much is a Rottweiler puppy in New Hampshire State without papers?

When you buy a Rottie without paper, the price is lesser. When you buy a puppy from our respectable breeder with papers, they are pricey. Although purchasing Rott mutts without a license is less expensive, all other prices stay the same.

A Rottie without papers might cost anywhere from $500 to $1000. But, I am sure they will have some health problems or other injuries. If the puppies have health problems or any other issues, you will have to spend more money. If you buy the puppy from a reputable breeder, it will be expensive, but you will also receive certain benefits.

It is not advisable to purchase a puppy without a license or papers, as this might be dangerous. I do not recommend buying a canine without papers.

Are blue Rottweilers rare in New Hampshire State? Why are they rare?

Yes, indeed. Blue Rotties are the last color available, and they are also quite rare, do not as rare as red Rottweilers. The blue dog is prone to health problems, making it an unlucky color to purchase. The dilute recessive gene, which is very seldom found in parent dogs and it is responsible for the blue hue.

Furthermore, the blue puppy can take on the appearance of grey, slate, or even silver at times. Blue Rott mutts are not the most common either.

If you want a blue hue, you can ask your breeder to look for one for you. If it is not available, I recommend purchasing one of the other colors, as all of the pups have the same features. 

Rottweiler Canines

What is the most popular Rottweiler color in New Hampshire State?

Black-colored Rottie is the most popular and well-known Rottweilers in North Hampshire. The puppies are not completely black, they have a shade of brown. Almost every family in NH has one of these puppies. Black eyes, black noses, and black nails are our common features among these pups.

The black Rotties are very attractive and energetic like all other dogs. They also have great personalities and pleasant temperaments. In my opinion, they are the most attractive of the other colors.

I prefer black-colored Rottweilers and urge that you purchase one. However, I will suggest you buy a black pup as it is available everywhere.

Why avoid puppy mills and backyard breeders while choosing a  Rottweiler Puppy In New Hampshire State?

Backyard breeders and puppy mills are untrustworthy, so stay away from them. Because, often dogs have health issues, and puppy mills frequently have the cheapest mutts for sale. They do not do health exams on the pets since they only want to make money.

Rotties may suffer from health issues, inbreeding issues, and injuries as a result of their poor living conditions. The standards governing responsible dog breeding are regularly broken by backyard breeders. They are inexperienced and simply breed dogs to sell, so they are unconcerned about the health of the puppies.

Purchasing Rottweilers from mutt mills or backyard breeders is, in my opinion, a horrible decision. 

Rottweiler Puppies

Is it a good idea to get a Rottweiler Puppy From a rescue center In New Hampshire State? Why Not?

No, it is not correct. It is not a smart idea to get a Rottie from a rescue shelter. Puppies who are homeless and have special needs are usually found in rescue centers. A Rott mutt from our rescue Centre is not a good option because there is no guarantee that the puppies are healthy. There is always a chance that the canines can be injured.

However, you can help the rescue shelter by adopting a pup, but the puppy can be unwell. You must pay at least $300 to $400 to adopt a Rott doggy from a rescue center but there will be some health issues.

So, I will recommend you purchase Rottweilers from a reputable breeder rather than a rescue shelter. 

Rottweiler Looking At Up

Over To You

Do you know any other breeders in New Hampshire that are not mentioned here? Feel free to share in the comments section.

Which color of Rottweiler do you like? I personally like the color black because they are more attractive. Have you ever seen a red-colored Rottie? I have never seen one.

Let me know your answers in the comment box and also share your views.

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