Best Rottweiler Breeder In Rhode Island (RI) State

If you are looking for the best quality Rottweiler puppy breeder from Rhode Island, then you’re in the right place! I have browsed through many different websites. And finally brought you the best breeder of Rottweiler around you. I looked into their history, reputation, goodwill, feedback, testimonies, engagement with people etc.

The Rottweilers are domestic dog which has medium-sized body. They are quite famous for being herding dogs as well as loyal companions. You will definitely want a Rottie to be your loving pet once you get to know more about them. 

I know how much you want to take a healthy and adorable furry friend to your home. So, I tried to make sure that you can skip any backyard breeders, or puppy mills and find your favourite breeder which is reputed and authentic. Every single breeder has some own unique vision but they all are pet lovers. So, you are sure to get your perfect results from my list. 

Find A Rottweiler Breeder Near Me In Rhode Island State

Best Rottweiler Breeder In Rhode Island (RI) State

#1 Von Hirsch Rottweilers

Von Hirsch Rottweilers is from around Sand Plain Rd, Charlestown, Rhode Island. I found that they are a breeder who imports many dogs. Especially the ones with German and Serbian bloodlines. The main focus for breeding is conformation, temperament, and drives!

You’ll find them quite famous for imported Rottweiler around Rhode Island. You will also find them offering world-class bloodlines. Here are some of the names of the bloodlines they carry:

  • Inter-Nat Champion Gil VH Milsped,
  • 2 x World Champion  Burning des Princes d’Aragone
  • CH Faryco Terezsky Dvur
  • Multi -Champion Lennox Haus of Lazic,
  • Multi-Champion Sting Haus of Lazic,
  • 2016 FCI Worlds Best Producer Lex Vom Hause Edelstein,
  • Multi Champion Lucifer Timit Tor,
  • Multi Champion Rex Timit Tor

You’ll totally love these adorable Rotties as they have good temperaments. Also, as these herding dogs are grown at home, they are raised with ample love and care. If you have children at your home, you’ll find these pups quite friendly with your little ones. So, if you are looking for a family dog, Von Hirsch Rottweilers can be your ideal choice. 

If you are worried about their health and other conditions, feel free to ask the breeder about it. Visit their website and contact the breeder. Let the breeder know about your specific needs and requirements. Make sure that you check everything before trying to adopt one. But I think the breeder will help you with many things, so you don’t need to feel much worried. 

Rottweiler Puppy Breeder Details:

  • Location: Rhode Island, US 
  • Address: 130 Sand Plain Rd, Charlestown, RI, 02813
  • Telephone: +1 401-626-1010
  • Website: Von Hirsch Rottweilers  
  • Social Media: Facebook and Instagram 
  • Email:

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How much does a purebred Rottweiler puppy cost in Rhode Island?

A purebred Rottweiler puppy can cost you from $1500 to $2500. And the price can vary depending on many different criteria. For starters, if you are to buy a Rottie from a licensed and reputable breeder, it can cost you around $1500 to $2500. 

An Eight-week-old Rottweiler puppy s likely to cost about $1,500 to $2,500. Additionally, stuffs like special training, and health treatments may also cause you to spend more. And if you want to have annual health insurance for your Rott, you need to spend at least $300.  

There are also special breeds, like a European Rottweiler, which can cost you more than $3000. So, in general, you are expected to spend at least $1500 for getting yourself a Rottie. But any dog below $1000 is not an ideal one and can have issues as well. 

Why are Pure Rottweiler puppies expensive in Rhode Island?

A Rottweiler puppy can cost you some fortune. But expensive Rottweilers generally have a good history of mental and physical health. The breeders take quite some effort to produce puppies that are in good health. The puppies are stable, has a good temperament and have a friendly disposition. 

So, in no way you are at a loss when you pay this much. Rather, you get an expensive Rottie that the breeder has spent quite some time. Especially for ensuring health and welfare. The breeder not only has to have a  solid grasp of genetics but also needs to take care of other matters as well. 

For example, dewclaw removal, vaccinations, ear cropping, etc are taken care of. Food, medical issues, and registration etc can make Rotties expensive.

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How do I choose a Rottweiler puppy in Rhode Island?

While looking for a Rottweiler, choosing a reputable breeder can be quite challenging. Especially when you are doing this for the first time and within your budget. So, before you proceed to buy a Rottie, you should look into the following matters: 

  • At first, find a reputable breeder.
  • Try to visit the breeder physically. 
  • Carefully observe how the puppies interact with others. 
  • Try to spend some time with puppies individually, away from the parents. 
  • Avoid overly dominant or submissive puppies. 
  • Choose the puppy that displays desired physical traits of a rottweiler.
  • Properly observe the size and physical characteristics of the Rottie.
  • Learn about her personality and temperament.

These matters are important for the future, health, and well-being of your puppy. And also keep in mind that, you need to spend a decent amount of money for a healthy and standard Rottie. 

Rotties are quite popular in Rhode Island. The Rottweilers are large dogs with good nature and a calm temperament. They have a strong ability to guard and protect. Even though they are not a high energy breed, they don’t like to sit idle all day either. And a Rottie needs a lot of space to run and play. 

Their natural protective instincts make them popular among police, military, and transportation security. Rotties are excellent playmates, adorable puppies, friendly companions and loyal partners. They are a bunch of smart dogs with big hearts. 

Rotties are famous for being professional puppies as well as funny buddies. So, due to many different good traits about them, the Rotties are quite popular in Rhode Island.

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What is the rarest colour of Rottweiler In Rhode Island? Why Are They Rare in Rhode Island state?

According to experts, rare-coloured Rottweilers are likely to be the result of crossbreeding. One of the rarest colours of Rottweiler in Rhode Island is the red-coated one. And often due to such uncommon colour, they are mistaken as other breeds.

You must know that this is not a standard colour. And they are the most exotic and interesting amongst other Rotties. Some breeders may have such uniquely coloured dogs. But red Rottweilers typically aren’t ethically bred.

What is the Maintenance cost in Rhode Island to raise a Rottweiler Puppy?

According to experts, it can cost you about $1,500 to $2,000 per year for basic ongoing food and care for your Rottweiler. Which excludes emergency veterinary care!

Besides, factors like special training, healthcare etc can also increase the cost. You may also want your pup to have good training at an early stage. And those training to harness her behaviour can cost you $50 to $125 for four to eight weeks of one-hour sessions.

Rottweiler Looking At Up

Why avoid puppy mills and backyard breeders while choosing a Rottweiler Puppy In Rhode Island?

There is a wide range of reasons for you to avoid puppy mills and backyard breeders. The pet shops mostly sell puppies that are supplied from  Puppy mills. Below are some of the reasons that you need to hear about them: 

  • The puppy mills and backyard breeders choose profit over animal health and welfare. The animals seldom receive appropriate veterinary care.  
  • The Rottweilers may seem healthy at first but they will show symptoms of many diseases. For example, congenital eye problems, hip defects, parasites or even the deadly Parvovirus.
  • The Rottie pups from puppy mills are kept in cages that are filthy, overcrowded and unsafe. Even waste management are not done properly. 
  • They face insufficient or contaminated food and water. Which cause them to suffer from malnutrition or starvation. 
  • As the Rottie puppies are detached from their mothers at such a young age, they develop severe behavioural issues.
  • Backyard breeders might seem like well-intentioned breeders. But most of them treat their breeding pair quite badly. They are often confined to overcrowded cages with minimal shelter from extreme weather. 
  • The adult Rotties are continuously bred. And they are destroyed or discarded when they can no longer produce. 
  • And the backyard breeders do not give you assurance or guarantee for the pups they sell. And they do no make commitments to take back the pet at any time during the animal’s life, no matter the reason.

So, it’s evident that the Rottweiler dogs from these places do not come with good physical and mental health. So, you want to avoid these breeders as much as you can if you do not want to have a puppy that has so many issues. 

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Rottweiler Puppies

Is it a good idea to get a Rottweiler Puppy From a rescue centre In Rhode Island? Why Not?

It’s up to you if you want to get a Rottweiler puppy from a rescue centre in Rhode Island. Your support of this attitude can decrease the number of dogs euthanized per year. And more people will be interested to do so once they see you adopting one from the rescue centre. 

I always think that it’s a very noble act of you to adopt a pup into your family. This not only saves that animal’s life but also paves way for other ones too. Besides, you may end up adopting an adult dog who’s already trained. And this definitely saves you the trouble of training a new puppy.

Yet, it may also depend on your luck.  Since not all rescue dogs are properly trained. And many of them may have various issues from their previous experiences. 

If you want to adopt one from a reputed breeder, then please check my breeder list. See if there’s a cute furry little one you want to take your home. But always remember that you adopting a dog from a rescue centre will give a new life to a dog that has been abandoned. 

What do I need to know about Rottweiler puppies?

If you are thinking about getting yourself a Rottweiler puppy, here are some information that you may like to know: 

  • Rottweiler puppies are loving, curious and have goofy personalities.
  • The Rotties are very loyal to their owners and their families. 
  • They are confident, strong, fearless and extremely protective. 
  • The Rotties totally love physical and mental exercise
  • Rotweilers are extremely vocal dogs. They burble, bark, howl to communicate with you. 
  • They make great companions for children and other animals. 
  • Rotties are famous for being agile and athletic despite having a heavy body. 
  • They are known to be intelligent and are quite perceptive of what you expect and want from them.

All and all, these little ones are truly lovable and great pets. So, it’s a good choice for you to adopt one such pup.

Rottweiler Crazy

How to raise a Rottweiler puppy?

Rottweilers are famous for being intelligent and tend to be easier to train. These domestic dogs learn commands quicker than many other breeds of dogs. Here are few matters that you need to consider when raising a Rottweiler puppy: 

  • Make sure to provide high-quality, nutritious puppy food.
  • Take proper veterinary care.
  • Give some training necessary. 
  • Allow your Rottie to have plenty of exercise.
  • Make you pup socialized and help her learn companionship.
  • Provide proper housing and clean water.
  • Raise your dog with plenty of love and attention. 

Your  Rottie deserves to be cherished and loved and hence you should always try to take proper care for her. 

Over To You

I think, without prior knowledge, you might be led to backyard breeders and puppy mills. But I want you to have the best quality ones near you. If you are looking for the finest quality Rottweiler puppies, then my list will help you a lot. 

Do you know any other Rottweiler breeders around your location in Rhode Island? Do you want me to include them in this list? Please let me know in the comment section. 

Also, if you want to know more about these breeders, feel free to contact us. I always love to share my thoughts in this blog. 

I appreciate any opinion from you about the above Rottweiler puppy breeders list. Please do share your lovely ideas in the comment section. Thank you!

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