18 Incredible Irish Setter Mix Breed Dogs


18 Irish Setter Mixes

Irish Setter Mix Breed Dogs


#1 Golden Irish – (Irish Setter x Golden Retriever mix)

Golden Irish DogFrom: Pinterest


#2 Irish Afghan Setter – (Irish Setter x Afghan Hound mix)

Irish Afghan Setter DogFrom: Pinterest


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#3 Irish Bostetter – (Irish Setter x Boston Terrier mix)


#4 Irish Dachshund – (Irish Setter X Dachshund Mix)


#5 Irish Dobe Setter – (Irish Setter x Doberman Pinscher mix)

Irish Dobe Setter DogFrom: Imgur


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#6 Irish Doodle – (Irish Setter x Poodle mix)

Irish Doodle DogFrom: Pinterest


#7 Irish Setter Australian Shepherd – (Irish Setter X Australian Shepherd Mix)

Irish Setter Australian Shepherd DogFrom: Imgur


#8 Irish Setter Beagle – (Irish Setter X Beagle Mix)

Irish Setter Beagle DogFrom: Imgur


#9 Irish Setter Border Collie – (Irish Setter X Border Collie Mix)

Irish Setter Border Collie DogFrom: Imgur


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#10 Irish Setter Boxer – (Irish Setter X Boxer Mix)

Irish Setter Boxer DogFrom: Imgur


#11 Irish Setter Cocker Spaniel – (Irish Setter Cocker Spaniel Mix)

Irish Setter Cocker Spaniel DogFrom: Imgur


#12 Irish Setter Dalmatian – (Irish Setter X Dalmatian Mix)


#13 Irish Setter Great Dane – (Irish Setter x Great Dane Mix)

Irish Setter Great Dane DogFrom: Pinterest


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#14 Irish Setter Newfoundland – (Irish Setter X Newfoundland Mix)


#15 Irish Setter Rottweiler – (Irish Setter X Rottweiler Mix)

Irish Setter Rottweiler DogFrom: Pinterest


#16 Irish Setter Springer Spaniel – (Irish Setter X Springer Spaniel Mix)

Irish Setter Springer Spaniel DogFrom: Pinterest


#17 Irish Shepherd – (Irish Setter X German Shepherd Mix)

Irish Shepherd DogFrom: Pinterest


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#18 Lab Setter – (Irish Setter X Labrador Retriever Mix)

Lab Setter DogFrom: Pinterest



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