Top 9 Best Dog Trainers Near Santa Clara In California (CA) State

In the human world, dogs are emotional, expressive, living, breathing beings. Dog trainers assist you in understanding your dog’s requirements and in providing for them in a manner that is practical for your daily activities.

Finding the right trainer for your pet is crucial if you want to teach them to behave the way you want them to. The human-animal link is strengthened via training, which also improves self-esteem and mental acuity.

Dogs are always seeking new adventures. I’ve made an effort to compile a list of Santa Clara, California’s top dog trainers below. I sincerely hope that helps.

Find A Dog Trainer Near Me In Santa Clara

Best Dog Trainers Near Santa Clara In California (CA) State

#1 Bay Area K9 Association LLC

According to the Bay Area K9 Association, every dog and handler pair is a special unit that needs special care. Each member of the Bay Area K9 Association undergoes thorough training in all facets of canine behavior.

And they arm you with the information required to forge a productive bond with your dog. They combine their practical expertise with a solid core technique to regularly deliver enduring and dependable benefits for dogs and the owners from all walks of life!

In order to offer top-notch instruction to all dogs and handlers interested in discovering the finest ways to work with their dog, Steve established the Bay Area K9 Association in 2014. He trains Dogs of diverse kinds and temperaments.

Steve has extensive knowledge. Every team Steve works with receives his heart and soul, and he takes great satisfaction in his ability to deal with dogs of every lineage or living situation.

Business Details:

  • Owner’s Name: Steve Kenzler
  • Address: 1089, Memorex Dr, Santa Clara, CA 95050, United States
  • Phone: (408)-482-2846
  • Website: Bay Area K9
  • Facebook: Bay Area K9
  • YouTube: Bay Area K9

#2 Aligned Private Dog Training

Aligned Private Dog Training trains dogs of all kinds, sizes, and ages, but training small pups and teenagers is their absolute favorite! The bulk of their clients have teenage dogs who are energetic and also many not so wonderful ideas.

And they have personally reared numerous puppies. Despite the behavioral difficulties that come with all of this age, they really like working with customers to help them appreciate their dogs despite these two groups being the most difficult.

The owner, Eve Ferguson holds professional certifications as an AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator and Animal Behavior College Trainer. Dog walking and dog sitting are other services she provides.

She coaches people as well as dogs. Her goal is to enable dog owners to have a contented and joyous connection with their pets.

She provides both face-to-face dog training sessions and online dog training courses. Gain confidence in your ability to train your dog etiquette and deal with disruptive behavior.

Become proud of and happy about your connection to them. Also they Discover methods to improve your dog’s life while maintaining your sanity because life is hectic!

Business Details:

  • Owner’s Name: Eve Ferguson
  • Address: Santa Clara, CA 95050
  • Phone: (650)-744-2802
  • Website: Evefergie
  • Email:

#3 From Head To Tail

From 2015 until 2019,from head to tail was in Santa Clara. In Fremont, California, Rebecca King, a licensed animal trainer and certified canine massage therapist (CCMT), founded From Head to Tail.

Rebecca developed a passion for animals from a young age. Rebecca began her professional career in animal training and behavior after earning a degree in biology from the University of California – Santa Cruz. Rebecca is committed to the mental and physical health of dogs “from head to tail.”

She emphasizes that effective training helps you and your dog have better communication and a stronger bond. She employs techniques that your dog will like to get the desired results.

Rebecca both participates and instructs in dog agility. Rebecca can assist you in achieving your agility objectives, whether you just want to have enjoyable or get you and your dog ready to participate in the sport.

Additionally, Rebecca offers massage treatments with the intention of reducing tension and discomfort. Massage, coupled with routine veterinarian treatment, is an excellent approach to maintain your dog’s health.

Business Details:

#4 Companion Canine

Companion Canine provides training with a clear, dependable, and rewarding method of communication that benefits both the dog and the owner. This approach of compliance allows for behavior adjustment in addition to building confidence and trust.

Their expertise is in transforming household canines into canine friends. They impart a method of communication that is unambiguous, effective, and dependable.

Along with building trust and enabling you to guide your dog through daily activities, this foundation of obedience also makes behavior correction possible.

Giuseppe takes great satisfaction in dealing with dogs and puppies of various breeds and temperaments and has more than 9 years’ experience expertise.

His goal is to make people and their dogs’ lives better by creating an effective obedience training program that benefits both the dog and the owner.

Business Details:

Havanese Sitting Down

#5 RFRD Academy

A client of RFRD Academy shares his wonderful experience from beginning to end. Though she now presents herself to the world as a charming, intelligent, and sensitive lady, their dog wasn’t always that way.

The training of RFRD enhanced general obedience, sustained attention, self – control, and focused attention of their pet. The fact that they paid attention to the customer’s particular requirements.

The team never gives up on any situation, and customer’s always feel like they have their back when things get tough. All the animals who train and board with David and his colleagues receive sincere care.

To top it all off, they also provide a diet plan. All of the trainers are extremely competent and really concerned for your pet. Very kind and helpful people work there.

They truly take the time to get to know your dog in order to design a training program that’s beneficial for your pet. They provide you tasks to exercise with your pet, and it improves your relationship with Coop.

Business Details:

  • Owner’s Name: David
  • Address: 1269, E Santa Clara St San Jose, CA 95116
  • Phone: (916)-716-4346
  • Website: RFRD Academy

#6 Aubrey Marie Dog Behaviorist

Aubrey Marie, Dog Behaviorist supports you in gaining love, respect, and trust. You’ll unintentionally create a healthy and balanced synergy in your family’s ecology if you do this.

The owner, Aubrey Marie also fosters a connection between people and animals by assisting people in understanding the underlying issue(s) and helping them work through unwanted behaviors.

They also teach people how to read their dog’s body language, gauge their energy levels, and maintain a pack of members who are Calm, Confident, and Balanced. They use their concept to establish harmony in your home habitat.

For each family, they work together to develop a special tailored training plan. The finest part is that obedience is a part of behavioral training.

They respect the uniqueness of your dog and meet them where they are. They don’t want to change their spirit, but they can teach them what the rules, limits, and restrictions are in your pack.

By learning to trust, love, and admire you and your family, your dog will not only get support but will also feel at ease and self-assured.

Business Details:

#7 Town and Country Dog Training Club

Town and Country Dog Training Club, Inc. offers weekly dog training sessions all year long for dog lovers in the communities of Santa Clara, San Jose, Campbell, Willow Glen, and Los Gatos.

They aim to offer small, affordable sessions as a non-profit organization with more than 40 years of expertise to assist you in raising a well-behaved and content dog using only positive reinforcement based (R+) training techniques.

They intend their training session to assist your dog not only become a Very Good Citizen but also form a close friendship with you.

AKC Obedience, AKC Rally, Agility, and Scent Work are just a few of the advanced classes they provide for dog sports.

Business Details:

#8 A better dog trainer

In comparison to many of the current “threat training” systems, the trainers operate at a higher level of obedience training at A Better Dog Trainer. They  make the comparison between being a good parent and being a good dog trainer.

Their approach builds a respectful, deep connection among all members of your family and your dog by utilizing its intrinsic desire to obey rules and seek out authority. They assist all breeds, ages, and issues with dogs.

For the worst issues like aggressiveness, barking, digging, separation anxiety, and more, they offer tried-and-true treatments. John, the owner, has more than 17 years of experience teaching dogs and resolving the toughest behavioral issues in the Bay Area.

John has extensive knowledge of all purebred and mixed breed animals, as well as rescues and therapy dogs that help people with PTSD, TBI, and mental illnesses.

Taking care of animals is Karen’s, the other owner, first love. Karen is available for private consultations and tailored instruction in the fundamentals of agility, competitive obedience, and more.

Business Details:

#9 Santa Clara Dog Training Club

Established in 1954, the Santa Clara Dog Training Club has been preparing canines and their handlers in the South Bay for more than 50 years. The Santa Clara Dog Training Club contributes to more calm homes throughout the years by raising well-behaved companion dogs.

They give those canines and their owners innumerable Canine Good Citizen examinations. In addition,they give almost as many Therapy Dog International examinations, allowing new trained therapy dog teams to go out into the community and soothe those in need.

Some of the Search & Rescue dogs in their area take advantage of their  training sessions to hone their fundamental obedience abilities. Obedience, conformation and therapy dog work are just a few of the activities our members engage in with their dogs.

They also offer Weekly obedience and conformation training sessions along with an annual agility and obedience competition.

Business Details:

Bullmastiff Walking


One of the most fulfilling experiences in life is owning a dog. Like in every successful collaboration, it is a two-way street. Your dog offers you a lot of things, including constant love, dedication, and friendship. You are joyful and grinning because of your pet.

You must also perform actions for this creation that will improve their ability to be understood, amiable, and loving. To establish a solid bond with you and your house, your dog needs more than just training. Additionally, you should speak with a dog trainer to learn about strategies that might improve your interactions with your dogs.

I hope the list has a trainer that will be ideal for your pet and matches your preferences. If you use the services of the enlisted trainers, please share your experience with us. Please inform me if there are any more trainers in the area that I should have included.

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