Top 5 Best Doberman Pinscher Breeders In Michigan (MI) State

Are you excited to have your powerful Doberman puppy? If you’re seeking the best quality Doberman Pinscher puppy breeders in Michigan (MI) state, then you’re in the perfect place!

Doberman Pinschers were developed around 1890 in Germany. In 1908 the breed was brought to America. Dobies are a popular breed right now. Many breeders are now choosing this breed due to its workability and usefulness as home pets. There’s a handful of Dobermann breeders in Michigan state.

I’ve shortlisted the top 5 reputable Doberman Pinscher breeders for you here. So, if you’re looking to get a dog for your home security or as a working dog look no further!

Find A Doberman Pinscher Breeder Near Me In Michigan State

Top 5 Best Doberman Pinscher Breeders In Michigan (MI) State

#1 Doberman Home Security Dogs    

Doberman Home Security Dogs have two branches. Ginny Witte operates the Branch in Michigan. Doberman Home Security Dogs are specialized in providing working dogs with the ability to rescue, search, home protection, and on top of that they are great companions. The kennel has been operating since 1972.

They guarantee the quality of their dogs and assure you the dogs will be a great addition to your family. The dogs love spending time laying and touching your feet while relaxing with their owner. Dobie Home Security Dogs mainly breed European Dobie as they have a higher drive over American bred.

As the breeders mainly focus on breeding dogs that are able to rescue, search, and other similar types of work, these bred are ideal for military or police work. European Doberman is much more likely and quick to react to threatening situations.

So, they can also be useful in protecting their owner in a domestic environment.

If you want a puppy from Doberman Home Security Dogs you have to contact them Through their website. You can also email them.

A deposit of half down is required to hold a puppy. All of the puppies are given physicals and first shots from the veterinarian.

The records and receipt from the vet are included with each puppy on the website. And the owners are vaccinated too. But if you want to buy from home, the bad news is there is no shipping available.

Doberman Pinscher Puppy Breeder Details:

Doberman Pinscher Puppies

#2 Lyndobe Dobermans

Lyndobe Doberman targets for Type, Trainability, and Temperament. Lynne A. Coleman, the owner of the kennel, breeds quality Dobermans.

They mainly produce champions and show quality Dobes. Lyndobe Doberman has been operating since 1967. They have multiple accomplishments for champion Breeders and performance Dobies. They have produced 35 AKC Champions and 5 Grand CH’s to date.

Lyndobe Doberman assures you of their quality breeding. The litters are all home-raised and extra care is taken to make the dogs friendly and comfortable in front of people.

The specialty of this kennel’s dogs is that they are raised with ‘critical periods’ in mind. Meaning, the pups are introduced to all sorts of sights, sounds, and situations they may encounter in the future. This training is done so the dogs are prepared for their new life.

The dogs are regularly checked by a veterinarian. If you’re looking for a healthy champion or a performance Dobermann that is obedient, agile, and capable of rally titles, you can certainly look into Lyndobe Doberman. They also have many happy customers and great reviews.

To get a puppy you can contact Lyndobe Doberman through their website or you can directly call them. You have to pick up the puppy from their kennel as they don’t ship puppies. All pet puppies are sold based on limited registration.

Doberman Pinscher Puppy Breeder Details:

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Doberman Pinscher Doggo

#3 Bolero Doberman Pinschers

Bolero Doberman Pinschers, from Fenton, Michigan, breeds with utmost care and strictly adhering to the DCPA Doberman standard and code of ethics. Nancy Danny, the owner, expresses how her family fell in love with the Dobie breed when they got their first Dobermann, “Flash” in 1991. They produce very limitedly but quality Dobes litters.

They have an amazing record of breeding and owning 20 AKC conformation champions. As well as RATI and RATO titles.

They’ve also produced best in the show, multiple puppy champions, and Futurity winners. The kennel breeds for longevity, health, conformation, and temperament. They assure you the right balance in their Dobermans as the dogs can work also suitable to live with. Their goal is to breed dogs with the right balance of care and training.

They have many happy owners. You can see the owner’s accomplishments on their website. When you’re purchasing a Bolero puppy the price also includes their support, knowledge, and guidance.

All the puppies are cropped and docked according to the DPCA standard for Dobermanns. They also offer food for several days, old and new toys to take home with your new puppy. If you want to get a healthy Doberman, good news for you, Bolero is planning a Fall 2021 litter.

So, you can go to their website and fill out the puppy inquiry form to see if you’re eligible. You can also contact them via phone.

Doberman Pinscher Puppy Breeder Details:

  • Owner’s Name: Nancy Danny
  • Address: Fenton, Michigan, USA.
  • Website:
  • Email:
  • Phone no: (810)-632-9606
Doberman Pinscher In Jungle

#4 Andella Kennels

Andella Kennels were established in 2013. Comparatively new in business, Andella kennels produce high-quality Doberman Pinschers. Even though the owner, Andria Carpenter, grew up with horses, her interest shifted when she got her first show dog ‘Snow’.

Andella Kennels started breeding Whippets after a few years of showing Dobermanns. Andria Carpenter expresses how she is passionate about whippets and Doberman Pinschers. And her love for these dogs can be seen in her training and breeding program, which makes her kennel special from others.

They are renowned as responsible breeders based in Charlotte. They produce both Dobies and Whippet. They prioritize temperament, conformation, and structural soundness. Andella kennel is also open for training and boarding. The dogs are regularly health tested and trained with care. The dogs compete in AKC and UKC events.

If you want to get a Doberman from Andella Kennels the estimated wait would be 3 months. The go-home date is 9 weeks after birth. You can apply directly through their website. You have to choose your desired breed and include your information with the application. The owner will review your application and get back to you.

Doberman Pinscher Puppy Breeder Details:

Doberman Pinscher Doggy

#5 Melrae Doberman

Melrae Doberman started with Sookie in 2010. Sookie was purchased as the owner’s first show dog. She waited for a while for a male but that didn’t pan out. Then she got to know about ShoMe Dobermans. And got her first dog from there. She convinced the owner of ShoMe Dobermans and got a pick dog that was meant for keeping.

Thus, beginning the journey, we are now with Melrae Dobermans. Melrae Doberman’s co-breeder is Tami Lane, owner of ShoMe Dobermans.

Since starting, Melrae Dobermans already has several champion dogs of AKC, CKC, and UKC. They also offer working dogs, therapy dogs, and junior show dogs. They’re very satisfied with their breeding and in a very short time, they’ve earned their name for breeding wonderful and happy Dobermanns. They are also been a member of DPCA since 2010, DPC of Michigan Member since 2015.

Melrae Doberman assures of their quality and exclaims how their dog is an intelligent, working breed and is naturally inclined to be very protective over their family and home.

As it’s a commitment of a lifetime Melrae Dobermans strongly encourages you to do your homework and educate yourself on exactly what kind of responsibilities you will be taking on as a new Dobe puppy owner.

If you want to include one of Melrae Dobermans in your family, you have to contact them through their website. You can also call them or email them with your information to get your desired Dobie.

They are also active on their Facebook page. To know more about them or see their adorable puppies you can follow them on Facebook.

Doberman Pinscher Puppy Breeder Details:

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How much does a purebred Doberman puppy cost in Michigan State?

The cost of a puppy is hard to predict accurately. Also, there are many aspects to be considered. If you want to buy a puppy or an adult dog in Michigan state, the expenses of veterinary services, training, food, etc. are some aspects to be considered.

If you want to get a purebred Doberman Pinscher from a reputed breeder you have to count $1500 – $2500. If you want a show dog the price starts from $2500. These prices are for American bred.

European Doberman Pinschers can be far more expensive. If you want to buy European bred Dobermanns the price can be $3000 or more in MI state.

Why are Pure Doberman  puppies expensive in Michigan State?

Doberman Pinschers in MI state are quite expensive. The dogs often come with ear cropping, tail docking. There are also costs of dewclaw removal and puppy vaccinations etc.

Dobies in the Michigan area are considered a luxury dog breed as their daily food, housing, and checkups are quite expensive. And show Dobermanns are more expensive than a regular house pet breed. As they are also very capable.

So, buying a Dobe in Michigan state is more like an investment.

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How do I find a good Doberman breeder in Michigan State?

If you want to buy a Doberman Pinscher a good place to start is to list reputed breeders in MI state. Reputable breeders who hold themselves and their dogs to the highest of standards are also trustworthy. You can find these breeders through AKC (American Kennel Club) or the DPCA (Doberman Pinschers Club of America).

The list above shows all of the reputable kennels in Michigan state, who are listed in AKC. You can also find multiple AKC and DPCA champions in my list.

How do I choose a Doberman puppy in Michigan State?

It is important to choose a good puppy from the breeder while getting a Doberman pinscher. You have to keep in mind a few things when choosing a well-bred puppy in Michigan. Like

  1. Coat: Regardless of basic coat color, purebred Dobies have a characteristic pattern of markings. Look for them. Also, you should run through the puppies’ fur and see if you can find any bald spots. Healthy and well looked after puppies shouldn’t have bald spots. It should be even and soft.
  2. Ears: Examine if the puppies have clean ears. Clean ears indicate if the owner maintains hygiene of the puppies. Also, if you’re buying a purebred puppy the ears of the puppy should prick up. If the puppies are above 12 weeks old and their ears still don’t prick up it can mean the puppy is weak. It is notable that during teething the ears can go up and down.
  3. Eyes: Healthy puppy’s eyes should be clear. It shouldn’t be runny. Sometimes young puppies have blue eyes that change with time.
  4. Dewclaw and tail docked: A good breeder will take care of the puppy from an early stage. If you’re getting a Doberman Pinscher puppy you should notice if the puppy’s dew claws have been cut. If tail docking is necessary for the breed, it should be done by the breeder.

Why are Dobermans So Popular in Michigan State?

The Doberman Pinschers were the AKC (American Kennel Club) recognized in 1908. The breed originated in Germany and quickly gained popularity in other countries for its courage, intelligence, and loyalty.

In recent decades, according to AKC Doberman Pinschers is the 17th most popular dog breed. Dobies are recognized for their agility and intelligence in MI. A Dobermann can be useful as a working dog and they are also good as a family dog.

If you want to get Dobe just as a family dog it can use its agility to protect you and your family from threatening situations. This is why they are very popular in Michigan state.

What is the rarest color of Doberman? Why Are They Rare in Michigan state?

You can find a black or red Doberman in any kennels in the Michigan area that produce Dobie breeders. But blue Dobermans are quite rare to find in the MI area. But this color is often disqualified by the organizers.

So, many breeders avoid breeding blue Dobermans. Especially if their goal is to produce show-quality Dobermans. Fawn or Isabella-colored Dobermanns are the rarest, according to American Kennel Club.

All black and white Dobes are also very rare and are not accepted as a breed standard for either the American or European variety, since both require the typical rust-colored markings, which these dogs often lack.

What is the Maintenance cost to raise a Doberman Puppy in Michigan?

Dobermans Pinschers are an expensive breed. But they are also worth the investment.

If you’re wondering how much does it take to maintain a healthy lifestyle for a Dobermann in Michigan state, here are the numbers. First-year of getting a Doberman, the expenses are around $4,225 and will be about $1,750 per year after that. In the dog’s lifetime owning a Dobie would cost approximately $21,725.

Apart from the numbers, Dobes are some of the lowest maintenance breeds of dogs. They are very pristine, neat, and remarkably clean.

Doberman Pinscher Puppy

Over To You

This concludes everything you want to know about Doberman Pinschers breeders in MI state. Dobies are popular all over America right now. I tried to include the best breeders in Michigan state in this article.

Do you think I missed any breeder? Are you looking forward to getting a Dobermann Pinscher?

Which breeder would you choose from this article?

Let us know in the comment section. We would be thrilled to know your opinion.

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