Top 9 Best Dachshund Breeders In Pennsylvania (PA) State

If you’re searching for the best quality Dachshund puppy breeders in Pennsylvania state, then you are not alone in this journey, I’m here with you!

Doxie is one of the cutest and lovable doggo around us. If you live in Pennsylvania and can not decide where can’t decide which breeder to go to?

In order to get a pure breed healthy puppy, find the best breeder is a hectic job. I conducted all the research to locate them.

So, here I make a list of the top 9 reputable breeders in PA for you with some details, so you can get your tail-wagger best friend from the best.

Find A Dachshund Breeder Near Me In Pennsylvania State

Top 9 Best Dachshund Breeders In Pennsylvania (PA) State

#1 Kim’s Lovable Doxies

Kim’s Lovable Doxies is an Indiana-based farm. They built a family home for Mini and Tweenie Dachshunds.

The owner of this farm Clyde and Kim White are married for 39. They got their first doxie in 2005 on Christmas. She was an adorable 3-week old winner named Daisey. They also find a friend for her, Rosco. This couple was the most playful, fun-loving, and enthusiastic. That’s how they started their farm in the first place.

All their puppies and dogs are AKC registered, so you don’t have to worry about any health issues.  

They care for their dogs like their own kids. Breeding dogs are healthy, up to date on shots, and have regular wormings. All have straight teeth and backs, and good temperaments. Puppies are held, loved, and played with to help with the adjustment to a new home.

Puppies are fully weaned and separated from Mom at 6 weeks old. This helps with the adjustment to a new home. They offer true Miniatures, 11 lbs or less at one year of age, and Tweenies, 12 lbs to 15 lbs. at one year of age. 

You will leave with a properly Weaned, Pee Pad Trained, Nails Clipped, Ears Cleaned, Feet & Belly Cleaned, Pre-spoiled, and Loved, Well Socialized, Happy, Healthy Puppy. 

You are very much welcome to visit and make an appointment and place your name on the waiting list. 

Dachshund Puppy Breeder Information:

  • Owner’s Name: Clyde and Kim White
  • Mailing Address: South Central PA, on the Turnpike Fort Littleton, PA 17223 
  • E-mail: 
  • Phone Number: 717-860-2988 
  • Website: 

#2 Happy Dachshund

Happy Dachshund is located in beautiful Chester County Pennsylvania close to Delaware, Maryland state lines. The owner of the farm Melissa & Pete raised their puppies with love and care as their own pet, as part of the family in their home. They mainly breed mini long and short-haired Dachshunds.  

They started breeding for love and joy. They just breed a few litters per year. Your furry friend came home with a health guarantee.  The breeder may replace any puppy should the circumstance warrant replacement within 1 year, such as if the puppy is found to have a serious life-threatening genetic defect. 

Check their website for more information and feel free to visit during normal business hours.

Dachshund Puppy Breeder Information:

  • Owner’s Name: Melissa & Pete
  • Mailing Address: Oxford, PA 19363, US  
  • Phone Number: 410-600-3442 
  • Website: 

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Dachshund Playing With Frisbee

#3 Little Wiener Dogs

Little Wiener Dogs located in northeast Pennsylvania on Lake Wallenpaupack, at the very top of the Poconos. They raise AKC registered mini dachshunds. Their little wieners are raised in their home with them so they can be extra spoiled.

They are well socialized with people, children, other animals and spend a lot of time playing together. A lot of effort goes into these little friends so they are happy and healthy.

They mainly raise long and short coat dachshunds. They have the ability to produce virtually all colors such as reds, creams, black and tans, black and creams, isabella, and blues. Our patterns are equally as diverse, such as solids, piebalds, points, and brindles. They do not breed wirehairs or dapples at this time. 

Due to the limited nature of their operation and the overwhelming number of inquiries, they don’t have any puppies available now. But you can contact them to book a little sausage for you. You can also visit their website to see their beautiful papa and mama doggo.

Dachshund Puppy Breeder Information:

Dachshund Walking

#4 Beaver Valley Doxies

Beaver Valley Doxies is located in Bloomsburg, PA. Lida Bellum is the owner of the farm and breeder of all dogs. Most of their dogs are ACA registered. They got their first dog named Oscar in 2002 and he was meant for just a pet until they got April and they had puppies. They started getting requests for more puppies and had to have more parents.

Some of their dachshunds are from Louisiana, California, and other breeder friends in PA.  

They have 25 in all now and love them like their own children. They are our pets as well as breeding dogs. Their kennel/home is air-conditioned, heated, and has music playing 24/7. They own a 106-acre farm for breeding and other facilities. It is licensed and inspected twice a year by the Pennsylvania dog warden and once a year by the AKC.

All puppies are now microchipped and go home with a goodie bag containing Purina Pro Plan Puppy food, Vitamins, treats, and toys that smell like the kennel, Health record form, registration form, and their microchip registration form. 

Feel free to call and schedule a visit with them to get a furry friend.

Dachshund Puppy Breeder Information:

  • Owner’s Name: Lida Bellum 
  • Mailing Address: 166 Beaver Valley Rd. Bloomsburg, Pa 17815 
  • E-mail:  
  • Phone Number: 570-784-7902 or 570-394-3698 
  • Website: 

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Dachshund Wearing Sweater

#5 Home on the Farm Dachshund Puppies

Home on the Farm Dachshund Puppies is a purebred miniature dachshund breeder. Their family valued having loving pets and preserved a line of purebred miniature dachshunds using responsible breeding practices. Every litter was, is, and will be hand-raised in a farm environment to promote a good temperament, socialization, and well-being.

Responsible breeding practices reduce the probability of birth defects and genetically-induced problems that could impact the health of the dog. This is why Home on the Farm Dachshund Puppies has a limited number of puppies available at any given time and promotes AKC’s position on spaying and neutering. 

At a very young age, my love of dachshunds began. They take great pride in raising well-rounded, healthy puppies starting from the day they are born to the day they go to their forever homes. They are raised in home and given tons of attention from the owner’s family, friends, and children.

They guarantee a healthy happy puppy and assure you that your experience of finding your new addition will be an enjoyable walk through every step of the way. 

You can put your name on the waiting list and when your chosen puppy is at least 8 weeks old, you can pick up your puppy.

Dachshund Puppy Breeder Information:

Dachshund Puppy

#6 My Little Dachshund Heaven

My Little Dachshund Heaven is a Pennsylvania-based doxie breeder. They raised each puppy with gentle care and love from the moment they were born. They can provide you puppies of certain colors, such as English cream, American Cream, diluted or brindle or dapple patterns will have an additional fee. 

They ensure appropriate vet care for all winners. Initial evaluation within 48 hours of birth, between 6-8 weeks of age for health certification makes pups healthy. They are provided regular dewormings, age-appropriate vaccines. They fed a variety of high-quality puppy food once Doxin starts eating.

All puppies will receive a microchip prior to leaving for a new home. Your little tail-wagger will go home with a puppy packet including written documentation on healthcare, dental care, caring for your puppy, housetraining, and much more information.

They also receive a gift packet that includes several toys, food, a halter, a blanket, and an MLDH cloth shopping bag. You are very much welcome to make an appointment and pay a visit. 

Dachshund Puppy Breeder Information:

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#7 Mayder Falk Dachshunds

Mayders Falk Dachshunds is a family-based doxie farm located in Pennsylvania. They are dedicated to breeding and specializing in true long-haired English Cream Dachshunds. Owner of the farm Chrissy, her husband David, and their 12 children run this business successfully for almost 14 years. 

For dogs, they have a big 12×12 foot run outside. Doggos love to play in, where they all play on a daily basis and interact with each other as a pack! They are all well socialized with other dogs, great with kids, and other animals.

All their dogs and puppies reside in their home underfoot and all puppies are handled from birth, to be well-rounded puppies and grow into great tempered adults with awesome personalities. 

All their dogs are AKC registered. They offer a full free set of puppy shots and yearly boosters to every puppy that is adopted from them to make sure their dachshund babies are protected and have a good start in life. They follow their babies for a lifetime.

In the future, at any time if you can no longer care for the dog, regardless of the reason, they will take the dog back, no questions asked.

They do not ship their puppies. You can get one if you live within their 300-mile radius. Don’t wait for too long! Make an appointment and get your desired furry friend home.

Dachshund Puppy Breeder Information:

Dachshund Look At Up

#8 PA’s Darling Doxies

PA’s Darling Doxies is a renowned breeder based in PA. All their dogs are raised in their home as a member of their family. All their dogs spend their time in the yard, they will get a visit to the groomer, they go to the park, they visit other healthy dogs.

They make sure their doggos see children, men, and women of different ages. They will come home with a blanket with the scents of Mommy and their siblings. 

All their dogs go through all the usual and prudent care. They get wormings every two weeks, go to the vet at 6 weeks for the health check, get proper feedings with high-quality food and have plenty of toys, and will be started on potty pads, weigh them at regular intervals to be sure they are developing appropriately, and watch them carefully to be sure they are completely healthy.

But most of all, they love each and every one of them and nurture them with that love. You can visit their website and social page to know more.  

Dachshund Puppy Breeder Information:

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#9 Pine Grove Doxies

Pine Grove Doxies is a loving home for Doxin. They are located in a little town called Wattsburg, right outside the city of Erie, PA. 

Their goal as miniature dachshund breeders is to produce the very best puppies they can, with an emphasis on developing a happy and well-adjusted little puppy ready to go to his or her new home and provide that family with a healthy, lovable, new family member.

They specially breed the Long Hair Doxies. Because they found that they, by far, have the best temperament. They have been breeding dogs off and on for over 20 years. Their puppies are raised upright in their home. Starting with their own bedroom for complete privacy and the calming effect for the mothers. Then they are moved to the dog bedroom for approximately 3 weeks.

Our puppies are handled daily and they have a particular order of raising them up so that they are confident and well adjusted. 

You are very much welcome to visit them and place a request for a new best friend.   

Dachshund Puppy Breeder Information:

  • Owner’s Name: JudyAnn Cook 
  • Mailing Address: 10693 Wildman Rd. Wattsburg, PA. 16442
  • E-mail:  
  • Phone Number: 814-882-2322 
  • Website:   
Dachshund Sitting Down

Over To You

So, what do you think? Did I get them all or miss anyone? Which breeder would you prefer to get a new best friend? Which one is the closest to your place?

Write in the comment box and let me know your preferences. Always try to avoid puppy mills and pet shops for unwanted issues.

A potential breeder is an expert in his field. They always put quality before profit. Get the best puppy from the best breeder.

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