Top 6 Best Dachshund Breeders In Montana (MT) State

Dachie dogs are one of the most popular puppies in the world. This dioxin doggy is of German origin. Do you wish to have a Weiner mutt and looking for the best quality Dachshund? I highly recommend you to have these joyful, adorable dogs.

I research a lot to find the best of the best 6 reputable breeders. In this list, you can find Montana’s best breeder and kennel. This breeder and kennel are AKC registered. Here in this list, I avoid all the puppy mills, puppy shops from my list to give you faithful information.

You can take help from this writing to find the best breeder for finding your dioxin doggo. These doggies are very emotional and faithful, you fall in love with these special canines. If you want to bring happiness and joy in your life then you can have these human best friends. I just hope you find your best doggy.

Find A Dachshund Breeder Near Me In Montana State

Top 6 Best Dachshund Breeders In Montana (MT) State

#1 Benderdachs

Do you want nice quality and healthy pets? Benderdachs breed to provide nice quality and healthy pets. They are small in-home breeding. These people are not a kennel or a facility. 

I think breeding and raising dogs is very hard work! Because in the breeding business there are few vacations and there are a lot of sleepless nights. I think this breeder loves their Dachshunds as their own family. They prefer to give special attention to all of their Datsun. They love their Doxie very much. 

Benderdachs have dachshunds in Cream and Black & Cream, Reds and Black & Tan Dapple, Brindle & Piebald patterns.They are AKC registered.

This breeder prefers the longhair variety, with an emphasis on “English Cream” heritage, because of their gentle nature and extreme beauty.

This breeder also has SMOOTH doxies because of their huge popularity and fun-loving personalities! They love their German breed dog very much.

They can deliver puppies to Billings or into Hardin or Custer for free! Depending on their schedule and weather Long Distance Delivery is Possible. These are the locations they can deliver pups: Livingston, MT~ Harlowton, MT~ (for Great Falls Buyers) Miles City, MT~ Sheridan, WY ~ Cody, WY~.

If you are a Dachie lover you can contact them. Beth Bender is the person who owns this wiener dog breeding farm.

Contact Details of Dachshund Puppy Breeder:

  • Website:
  • Mailing Address: 1. PO Box 71   Hardin MT, USA ; 2.Hardn, Montana, USA
  • Email:
  • Phone Number:(406) 679-1219
Dachshund Playing With Frisbee

#2 Teckelwood Farms 

Do you need a miniature German breed dog? Then you can contact Teckelwood Farms. They are an AKC registered kennel, And this Teckelwood farm is owned by Amanda Hodges. She is very kind to her canines. She is very fascinated by her doggies. She loves them so much.

Amanda is a member of the Cascade Dachshund Club in Washington and the Five Valley Kennel Club in Missoula, Montana. She is a life member of the Dachshund Club of America and a National Miniature Dachshund Club member.

If you want? Please check out the pictures of their puppies, champion stud pups, champion brood bitches, and performance pooches. They have beautiful miniature longhairs, miniature smooth and standard longhaired Dachies.

Every Doxie mutt is different from each other. These pups are very loving. If you desire to have this man’s best friend? then you can talk to Amanda. Dogs have a quality that can release your depression. If you spend your time with this pup you feel joyful.

Breeding a puppy is very hard work. If you wish to find the best breeder? then you have to be concerned. There are many scammers in this breeding business.

So it is necessary that you have to be a good researcher for finding and bringing your Doxie dog. They trained their doggies very carefully. Do you want a trained doggy? If yes, you can contact them.

Contact Details of Dachshund Puppy Breeder:

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Dachshund With Cat

#3 Vindachs Miniature Dachshunds 

Do you know Vindachs Miniature Dachshunds breeder is AKC registered and owned by Twyla and Megann? they are a proud member of Gallatin Dog Club, National Miniature Dachshund Club, Dachshund Club of America.

They currently breed and show both smooth and long hair miniatures Datsuns. There are some beautiful colors they have: black and tan, red and cream. Vindachs also have the dapple and brindle patterns of Doxies.                          

Vindachs doesn’t send this puppy. And they really encourage you to meet these puppies and their parents. This breeder location is South of Helena, Montana. You can easily contact them.

Vindachs Miniature Dachshunds breeder is a good breeder I can assure you. They have good knowledge about dogs and they love their doggies very much. I visit their website and that is pretty much an informative website.

If you are trying to purchase a Datsun? Try to find a healthy wiener dog with great comfort and good health for the best pets in the family. Vindachs breeder’s goal is to produce quality miniature Dachsie mutts that are physically and mentally sound with minimal risk of genetic problems. They have high-quality males and female German puppies.

Vindachs Miniature Dachshund breeders try to produce badgers who fit closely to the standard set by the Dachshund Club of America. To ensure that their wieners meet this standard, they utilize parents who exhibit these qualities. 

Contact Details of Dachshund Puppy Breeder:

  • Website:
  • Mailing Address: South of Helena, Montana
  • Email:
  • Phone Number: (406) 558-9847
Dachshund Sitting Down

#4 Davis Doxies Mini Dachshunds

Davis Doxies Mini Dachshunds are a Military family with a small, in-home miniature dachshund breeding program. This breeder loves all of their dogs like family and spends as much time with them.

All the family members help to take care of the fur family, so all of the canines they send to new homes will come properly socialized with a variety of animals, big and small, as well as children. Doxie doggies always love places to snuggle

Davis Doxies Mini Dachshunds breeder has Mini Doxin pups available.  Prices will vary based on the individual characteristics of each puppy. All of the Mini Dachsie dogs are AKC or CKC registered. The Davis family is very understanding about clients’ needs for a dog.  They are very kind and helpful! 

All of their pets and children are so amazing together, this breeder truly feels they are blessed to have so much love in their lives!  Don’t forget to check out their Facebook page to see the latest updates of Davis Doxies Mini Dachshunds family and puppies!

Sad to say, at this time Davis Doxies Mini Dachshunds breeder does not ship the pups. All meeting times are at their discretion. If you cannot travel but would still like to have and want to purchase a mutt, they highly recommend you contact a third-party transportation service for a quote.

Contact Details of Dachshund Puppy Breeder:

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Dachshund Walking

#5 FleuryDachs

FleuryDachs is a Montana miniature Dachshund breeder neighboring Glacier National Park’s border, they breed and raise miniature Datsun puppies. They have several decades of breeding experience. This breeder is very fascinated about their Dachsie pups.

They are dedicated to raising healthy and well socialized Doxie dogs. This German breed doggy will bring you a lifetime of love and happiness. They take their dog camping cause this breeder thinks these canines are a part of the family. Each of the puppies goes home with a basket of puppy supplies.

All of these doggies are raised inside the home and as a part of their family and are de-wormed, have dew claws removed, vaccinated, and are microchipped. And come with a written health guarantee. All of their doggos are DNA tested for all Dachshund diseases, colors, and characteristics including dilute.

One of their adults is unregistered so they occasionally have pet pups available without registration, but after 2021, all of the canines will be AKC registered only.

FleuryDachs are not just a Montana miniature Doxie breeder, but they are also proud to answer questions and offer support and advice to all puppy families. Every Doxie dog deserves a loving forever family and home! You can pick your doggo up in person.

You can follow their blog. FleuryDachs will share advice, product reviews, amusing stories, and adorable pictures.

Contact Details of Dachshund Puppy Breeder:

Dachshund Look At Up

#6 McDoxies

This is about McDoxies the Dachshund dog breeder. If you open their website you can see they are humbly welcoming you.

They are a family with 3 members and their loving dachshund. This breeder lives near Billings, Montana (In Hardin) Raising and breeding Doxie dogs is a family adventure for them. They are small Breeders, having just a few litters a year.

Lindsey loves her Doxies very much. Her husband, Michael, is retired from the Air Force. They are enjoying this family adventure together! Both of them love their hot puppies a lot. Their little son also helps them to take care of their bow-wows.

All of them are very careful about their pooches. They take care with love and joy. They think dog breeding is an adventurous job. With this job, you have to have lots of patents and love.   

McDoxies Puppies come with a 12 Month health warranty, they offer this as a credit of the purchase price of the puppy towards another doggo of the same sex from a future litter.

Their canines love to Hang out with family and watch TV! Longhair canines tend to love playing in the snow with their family. These mutts are very joyful; they have the power to make you laugh.

They are dedicated to raising healthy and socialized pooches at reasonable prices, without compromising the quality or the care of their loving Sausage doggy.

Contact Details of Dachshund Puppy Breeder:

  • Website:
  • Mailing Address: Hardin, Montana
  • Email:
  • Phone Number: (406) 679-6525

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How much does a purebred Dachshund puppy cost in Montana?

If you want to have a Dachshund puppy the first question is how much they cost. It is very costly to have a Doxie dog.

The average cost of a Datsun doggy in Montana is between $200 and $3,500. You can see there is a huge difference between the cost. There are some reasons behind this cost. The more popular the breed, the higher the cost. Taking care of a Doxie dog is also very costly.

The wide variance depends on the ancestry, and age of the dog, location, and the availability of the dachshund’s coat. Ethical breeders feeding higher quality food, socializing the litter from a young age, screening each doggy taking care etc. 

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How do I find a good Dachshund breeder in Montana USA?

If you want to have your dachshund from the best breeder then you have to research a lot because there are lots of scammers you will find in this breeding business. You need to be careful.

In online research, you can get so many results. Find the best one, read about their history. Read how they started breeding and how long they are in this business. Ask them about their puppy and how they are taking care of it.

Every responsible breeder asks you about your home and family. Make sure the breeder asks you questions about your home and family. Try to have your doggies from repeated and AKC certified breeders.

What Are the Standard Dachshund Colors?

I would love to inform you, generally, there are 15 Dachshund colors which include black and cream, blue and cream, blue and tan, black and tan, chocolate and tan, black, cream, fawn and cream, wild boar, fawn, and tan, wheaten, chocolate and cream, chocolate, fawn, and red.

There are some colors recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC): The standard colors are black and tan, blue and cream, cream, chocolate and cream, black and cream, blue and tan, chocolate and tan, fawn and tan, fawn and cream, wild boar, wheaten, and red. Non-standard colors are fawn, chocolate, and black.

Different varieties of dachshund

Three are three main varieties: wire-haired, long-haired, and smooth-haired. Smooth-haired dachshunds are the most popular ones. Each of these varieties has its own personality traits.

The smooth-haired Dachsie puppy is the more stubborn of the other two. The wire-haired is meant to be the most energetic and the best hunters of the three. And the long-haired is thought to be the sweetest and quieter.

I can honestly say they love everyone and everything. If you desire to bring the happiness you can adopt a Doxie dog.  I can assure you once you have a canine you will not be able to stop there because they are very adorable so you will want to get a second. 

Dachshund Puppy

Avoid puppy mills while choosing a Dachshund Puppy?

There are a few three shady things pet stores don’t want you to know. Some people still don’t know that pet stores are bad places to acquire a dog, these harmless-looking stores can be a very shady and often cruel industry. 

So many people don’t know, most pet store puppies come from puppy mills. Most pet store pooches are from commercial dog breeding operations. Many of them don’t follow the rules. Even though Mother doggies are bred constantly, without any rest or screening for diseases.

Because of this, dogs can suffer serious health and behavioral problems that are expensive and difficult to treat. I advise you to get your pooch from kennels or breeders.

Over To You

Do you like this article? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below. Do you find any breeder’s history or information interesting? Which one? 

Which color dachshund do you love to get? I really want to know. What sized Doxie dog do you want to get? I would love to learn.

Which German-originated pup breeder or kennel is closest to you from my list? Did I miss any reputable breeder to mention in the above list? Put your comment in the box and feel free to write about it.

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