Top 6 Best Boston Terrier Breeders In Washington (WA) State

Who doesn’t want to have a partner who’s smart, playful, intelligent and protective at the same time? If you prefer such a type then I guess I have got your back. You must be thinking about Boston Terrier Breed right?

Yes, This is a breed which can fulfill all of  your demands and requirements regarding having the best kind of partner. If you ask me which breed I prefer the most then surely I would go for the Boston Terriers. They just need some free space to breathe in and to play.

If you are a first time owner then you must go for this breed. For your ease I have enlisted top 6 best breeders existing in Washington state. Do have a look to grab yours!

Find A Boston Terrier Breeder Near Me In Washington State

Top 6 Boston Terrier breeders in Washington

#1 Eq Bostons

This breeder has been breeding for 15+ years. He has a lot of experience of breeding. They breed for producing a better breed, not for supplying any type of pup or dog to people.

For this reason they don’t have puppies available always, when they can breed perfectly they provide puppies. They are way too conscious about the quality of the breed.

He has got a lot of responses and overwhelming concerns from the people for his Boston Terrier breeds. Their location is Eastern Washington near Spokane, their pet puppies are mostly placed in the Seattle or Portland area.

All of their pups meet AKC and BTCA standards and conditions. They are also very conscious about the health condition of their pups. All of them are genetically tested and declawed.

They do not support breeding of fad colors. Their breed are fully health tested by BAER,CAER annually, Patellas, JHC, Cardiac. They are the member of Boston Terrier Club of America and the Boston Terrier Club of Western Washington.

They are also a merit AKC breeder. They do not provide puppies which have disqualifying markings. They also have a return home policy and registration policy if you want to neuter or spay your pup.

They also have a pet travel service. You can contact them if you need any kind of travelling service regarding your pet. They have currently closed their services due to their lack of communication on replying messages.

But soon they will be back. For your better knowledge, I am attaching their website below, kindly have it a look.

Breeders Details:

  • Contact: (509)-270-4003
  • Email:
  • Website: Eq Bostons

#2 Mountain View Boston Terriers

This kennel has stood one of the best Boston Terrier Kennels existing in Washington state. They are way too humble and honest about their service. Their first priority is their customer’s satisfaction.

All of their pups meet the AKC standard,and are genetically tested. Their pups are well socialised which make them more friendly and awesome to bet pet on.

If you are willing to get your pup from them kindly visit their website and contact them. I have attached their website and details below.

Breeders Details:

  • Owners Name: Cathy and Jeff Jones 
  • Contact: (360)-398-8196
  • Email:
  • Mailing Address: Ferndale,WA
  • Website: Mountain View

#3 Zuran Show Dogs

This breeder has a very good reputation on breeding. This kennel has  the merit of 3 AKC breeds. Also the owner is an AKC, UKC judge, retired professional handler, breeders of best in show, international, national, speciality and world champions.

They professionally deal with the breed Boston Terriers and are committed to give you the best kind of Boston which is also applicable as a show dog.

They give health guarantees and certification about their pups. Have a look on their details to get your preferred pup from them.

Breeders Details:

  • Owners Name: Kristie and Verona. Wheeler
  • Contact: (509)-262-9706
  • Email:
  • Mailing Address: Deer Park, WA
  • Website: Zuran Show Dogs

#4 Beaux Bostons

Their puppies are simply beautiful in one word. They are very much conscious about the mental health of their pups. All of their pups have been raised as their family members and very well socialised.

Their puppies can easily mix up with children and other pets. They also focus on the health issues of their pups, so they are well tempered, meet all of the AKC standard, DNA tested and declawed.

They also have their youtube channel where you can see the daily activities of their pups. If you want to grab one from them, here you can visit their profile which i have attached below.

Breeders Details:

  • Contact: (360)-281-6402
  • Email:
  • Mailing Address: Vancouver , WA , USA,98662
  • Website: Beaux Bostons
Boston Terrier At Hill

#5 Touch Of Magic Bostons

Their name reveals their quality. They focus more on quality over quantity. They breed less puppies due to maintaining the standard quality of the Boston Terrier breeds.

Their Boston is famous for the standard quality and good health certification. All of their pups are committed to meet the standard of the AKC breed.

They also focus on the mental health of their pups that’s why they have raised their pups as their family members.

All pups are well socialised and friendly. If you want to take a pup from them you can visit their website below and contact them-

Breeders Details:

  • Owners Name: Diana
  • Contact: (253)-203-8874
  • Email:
  • Mailing Address: Spanaway,WA

#6 Skymeadow Farm

This is a registered farm since 1983. The owner has been farming and selling the productions from the farm since 1970.

Not only Boston Terriers, They also breed French and English bulldogs, horses, lamb and sheeps. Recently they have been switching their farm into a new place but they hold a very good reputation while breeding.

Especially breeding Boston Terriers. They are very much well reputed and have multiple good reviews on their service .

Their pups meet AKC standards and have a very healthy condition. All of their pups are well socialised and very friendly. You will surely fall in love if you meet them.

Recently, for switching their position they have stopped their service but soon they will open up their service again so that you can buy your sweet little companion from them as soon as possible. 

Till then you can check out their other pages to stay updated and to know about them more. Here I have attached their details below so that you can catch up with them easily.

Breeders Details:

  • Owners Name: John
  • Contact: (360)-499-9069
  • Email:
  • Mailing Address: Freeland,WA,98249
  • Website: Skymeadow Farm
Boston Terrier Dog

How Much Does A Purebred Boston Terrier Cost In Washington State?

The average price of Boston Terriers in Washington is $1000-$2000. But if you are willing to buy it from a reputed breeder then it may cost like $4500.

Why Are Pure Boston Terrier Puppies Expensive In Washington State ?

Generally the expensive price also depends on the availability of Boston Terriers. Like, They are available in the USA but they are comparatively rare in other countries or states.

That’s what makes them more expensive, also breeders reputation is a fact to make them expensive too.

How Do I Choose A Boston Terrier Breeder In Washington State ?

If you want to buy pup then you must follow and observe some specific facts about the breeders. Like, everyone wants to buy the best kind of pup from the breeder. A good breeder contains some features such as:

He must take care of his pup like a family member, will provide a good environment to his pups, will give health insurance etc. These are some features which will help you in choosing the best breeder.

Why Are Boston Terrier Breeders So Popular In Washington State ?

Boston Terriers are very friendly, adoptive, sportive and also very protective. That is why owning a Boston is like owning everything you need.

This is one of the main reasons behind the popularity of Boston in Washington state.

What Is The Rarest Color Of Boston Terrier In Washington State? Why Are They Rare ?

Liver, cream, browns and red coat color are the rarest colors in Washington state. Not only in Washington state but all over the world.

Also these colors don’t match the AKC standard. So breeding these colors is prohibited. These rare colors contain rare genetics which cause different kinds of diseases. 

Are Boston Terriers High Maintenance ?

To be honest, Boston Terriers are not that high maintenance dogs. Average amount is needed to groom them up.

Their coats need regular grooming, but also they don’t need regular bathing, so it’s easy to maintain them. Do Boston Terriers shed ?

The coat of the Boston Terrier is very smooth textured and short. So they don’t shed this much like any other breeds.

But they need regular grooming up a little bit. If you take care of them properly and continue the regular grooming up process then they will shed a little.

Are Lilac Boston Terriers Rare ?

This color of Bostons is not rare. Because this color has been intentionally breed. For marketing purpose this color has been genetically plotted by the human being.

This color has a very high demand. That’s why it cost higher than the other colors.

How Can I Know If My Boston Terrier Is Purebred ?

To determine the purebred you must need to check the white markings in the breed. A full white muzzled band will be visible, which will continue from the eyes to head.

Also in collar and forechest. These are the prime marks of a Boston Terrier. Moreover there can be a white mark in legs also, but it is not necessary.

Are Boston Terriers With White Eyes Okay ?

Generally the yee color of Bostons are brown. The American Breeder Society says the color of the Boston’s eyes shouldn’t be blue as it does not meet the AKC standard.

Do Boston Terrier Swims ?

Yes, Boston Terriers swim. They swim at a moderate level. They are not the best swimmer or the worst swimmer.

But they don’t have hydrophobia so they can easily swim and cop up in a lake, you don’t need to save them or jump with them. They are brachycephalic and natural swimmers.

Boston Terrier With Ball

Why Avoid Puppy Mills And Backyard Breeders While Choosing Boston Terrier In Washington State?

Puppy mills and backyard breeders are not safe to be honest. Because their pups are not AKC registered and most of their pups suffer from different kinds of disease.

It is very rare to find a pup of good health from them. Moreover they don’t breed by loving the breed they breed for money. Money is the main thing to them that’s why they just breed pups and sell them.

In Washington, the really worst kind of experience has been gained by the people after taking pup from puppy mills and backyard breeders.

You can’t get any type of services,consultation or can’t complain about them if you get any kind of flaws in your pup after taking from them as they are not registered by AKC.

At What Age Boston Terriers Are Fully Grown Up ?

Typically Boston Terriers are fully grown up at 10 to 14 months old. Other large dog breeds take generally 2 to 2.5 years to be fully grown up, but Boston Terriers need very less time to be fully grown up.

How Long Do The Boston Terriers Live ?

The life span of the Boston Terriers are 13 to 15 years. If they are groomed up properly and taken care of properly they live for a long time.


Boston Terriers are way too intelligent to cope up and understand you well. They are one of the well socialised breeds that exist. Having a Boston Terrier is like having a bundle of fun with you.

Nothing can be best than the Boston Terrier if you are a first time owner. They are enough to make your day and turn your hectic day in a blust for sure.

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