Top 6 Best Australian Shepherd Breeders In Oregon (OR) State

Finding the perfect and best quality Australian Shepherd breeder is no easy task, but it’s even harder when it’s a grand state like Oregon. Here it’s possible you may find all forms of backyard breeders who use illegal and unethical methods to breed their litters, this is something you must thoroughly avoid.

So, to help you find a breeder that is authentic, I have listed down the top 6 reputable breeders in the entire state of Oregon. These breeders have not been picked on a whim, instead, they have a history of being outstanding and providing people with some of the best quality Australian Shepherds. 

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Top 6 Best Australian Shepherd Breeders In Oregon (OR) State

#1 Bright Eyes Aussies

Breeding Australian Shepherds since 1980, Bright Eyes Aussies is a great breeder who strives to breed puppies that are structurally correct, have great temperament and have perfect health. Their main goal is to focus on health, temperament, and longevity. During the first 8-9 weeks, they make sure their puppies get the very best care, mental and physical stimulation, and plenty of socialization.

They are extremely passionate about breeding and this is why they treat their puppies as their own families and believe that their new homes will do the same. 

With their great reputation, you can be sure that your puppy has been brought up with utmost care. Moreover, they have great customer service as they are always available to answer your queries.

As they provide their puppies with the best treatment they expect you to take care of your puppy with utmost care and attention. You can undoubtedly trust a breeder as well-reputed as theirs. 

Australian Shepherd Puppy Breeder Information:

  • Owners Name: Susan Nelson, Heather Tefft
  • Address: Myrtle Point, Oregon
  • Telephone: 541-250-9853
  • Email:
  • Website:
Australian Shepherd Dog

#2 Rockhill Australian Shepherds

Rockhill Australian Shepherds is always striving and working hard to improve their breeding. They breed to ASCA and AKC standards and are determined to produce dogs suitable in all sectors, obedience, health, agility, working capability, herding, therapy dog as well as great family dogs.

Their Aussies are an excellent choice if you are looking for a family-friendly puppy that loves children.

They research extensively and carefully when choosing parents and their pedigrees. They use the Puppy Culture Program, Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS) exercises, and Past Hastings “Puppy Development” with their puppies which always results in puppies of the best quality and temperament.

Furthermore, you will be provided with a 3-year health guarantee and a lifetime of guidance that you may need for your new puppy. All of their dogs are fully tested and have their hips and elbows OFA’d. With a record like theirs, you can rest assured that your puppy is coming from one of the best places. 

Australian Shepherd Puppy Breeder Information:

#3 Three Hearts Aussies

Three Hearts Aussies is a small breeder located in Tualatin, Oregon. They are extremely well handled and socialized from birth as the puppies are raised in the breeder’s own home. All of their puppies are eligible for AKC and ASCA registration. The breeding dogs are also MDR1, HC and PRA cleared.

Furthermore, all of their hips are OFA checked. They make sure their puppies are free from any form of health issue and breed them to result in the perfect health, structure, and temperament. 

Since they deeply care for their puppies, they advise their customers to thoroughly research the breed and make sure that Australian Shepherds are the perfect breed for them. As a breeder who is very efficient and careful with their breeding methods, they are one of the best options for you. 

Australian Shepherd Puppy Breeder Information:

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#4 D and B Australian Shepherds 

D and B Australian Shepherds has been devoted to breeding quality, happy, healthy, and loving Australian Shepherds since 2012. Their puppies are born in their own house and handled perfectly with love and utmost attention inside their homes for the first four to five weeks.

Afterward once the puppies are old enough to adjust to their surroundings, they move their puppies outside to explore and play. Their puppies receive plenty of care and socialization every day.

All of their dogs have had genetic testing. This breeder also has great customer service as they will always try their best to solve all your queries. 

This breeder applies perfect breeding techniques and methods while treating their puppies as their own family. All of their puppies are ASCA and AKC registered. They also offer a 2-year genetic health guarantee.

If you wish to have an Australian Shepherd puppy of great quality and health benefits, then they may be perfect for you. 

Australian Shepherd Puppy Breeder Information:

#5 High Desert Aussies

Located in Central Oregon, High Desert Aussies has been breeding high-quality Australian Shepherds for almost 30 years. They make every essential effort for resulting in healthy, smart, and well-socialized puppies.

They especially raise their puppies so that they excel in obedience, agility, tracking, service work, and the perfect family companion. They spend hours efficiently socializing their puppies before they are ready for their new homes. 

Their puppies are all AKC and ASCA registered. One of their owners was a Vet-Tech for several years so this breeder has excellent experience and knowledge regarding healthy breeding. That is why, if you want a healthy, happy, and smart Australian Shepherd, you can trust this breeder to get your perfect puppy. 

Australian Shepherd Puppy Breeder Information:

  • Owners Name: Johanna, Dave, Brody, and Nora Trass
  • Address: 62360 Deer Trail Rd
  • Telephone: (541) 420-1580
  • Email:
  • Website:
Australian Shepherd Canine Smiling

#6 Crystal Canyon Australian Shepherds

Crystal Canyon Australian Shepherds is one of the best and most experienced breeders in town. Working hard to accomplish their goals for over 23 years, they are deeply committed to this breed’s integrity. They mainly focus on producing a long-lived, healthy dog with perfect temperaments.

Moreover, they feed their dogs a quality vet formulated raw diet, prepared with fresh human grade ingredients which result in their dogs having outstanding health. 

They strictly believe that breeding shouldn’t be commercial so they have never mass-produced litters of puppies. They only breed healthy dogs that are over 4 years old with OFA Good or Excellent hips and Eyes Cerf clear.

They are AKC/ASCA registered and a copy of their Volhard Puppy Aptitude test form is included with every puppy along with their Cerf paperwork, pedigree, and registration forms. They also make sure their puppies receive enough socialization and leash and crate training. 

Australian Shepherd Puppy Breeder Information:

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Why to avoid puppy mills and backyard breeders while choosing a Australian Shepherd Puppy In Oregon?

While buying puppies you may often encounter breeders who are shady, these breeders use illegal and unethical methods to breed their puppies, which is why often the puppies from such litters are sickly and aggressive. That is why you should avoid such backyard breeders as you can never get any healthy puppy from them.

They may end up having genetic disorders, personality issues, and temperament problems, and no matter how much you take them to the vet, the chances of them getting rid of such issues are minuscule. That is why you should thoroughly do your research before purchasing puppies from any shady place.

As if you don’t do your research, you may end up with a puppy that has such issues. A dedicated breeder will always condemn such illegal breeding processes as they know the standard to breed top-quality Australian Shepherds. 

How much does a purebred Australian Shepherd puppy cost in Oregon?

There are several reasons why some dogs may cost more, and especially if they are from a good breeder.

Generally, the cost of an Australian Shepherd should be from $1500 to $1800. It may seem like it’s expensive but getting a good quality puppy will be more expensive than buying one from pet stores and backyard breeders.

If you choose to purchase a puppy for $300 then there is absolutely no way that puppy will be of top quality, so it would be best for you to purchase a puppy that is more expensive to avoid further health complications. 

Australian Shepherds are beautiful dogs that come in a variety of coats. Their most popular color is the black tri-coat, it consists of black fur with highlights of gold and white. Other than this coat, the other colors of coats are black-bi color, which is also quite common but not as much as black tri coats.

Then, tan and black is a beautiful combination but it is one of the more rare colors, along with a solid black coat. Other than black, there are also other colors of coats, such as solid red, blue merle, solid blue merle, red tri Australian Shepherd, red Merle, etc.

Some of these coats are extremely rare while others are more common, the rare coats would definitely be more expensive. 

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Australian Shepherd Dog Smiling

Australian Shepherds are some of the most popular breeds in Oregon, and there’s a lot of reason why this breed is as popular as it is. One of the main reasons why they are so popular is because of their beauty and variation in coats, again, their active nature and cute demeanor made them one of the most popular breeds in the country.

Also, their size makes them perfect for both apartments and houses, as they are not too big or small, so they are easily one of the most flexible pets you can get. 

How do I find a good Australian Shepherd breeder In Oregon?

Finding a good breeder in Oregon is indeed a difficult task, especially considering how easy it is to get duped and shamed by backyard breeders and illegal breeders.

So, the question is how will you know whether your breeder is authentic or not? To know that, you only have to keep a few things in mind. Firstly, you need to ask them lots of questions, questions regarding the environment of the litter, and about the parents of the puppies.

If they are reluctant to answer your question, and on top of that they are not able to give answers regarding the AKC standards of the breed, then too you can understand that your breeder is not an authentic one.

Another pivotal point is if your puppy is incredibly cheap, it is impossible that a purebred and healthy puppy will be cheap, so it is better to purchase a healthy puppy with more money. 

Where can I take my Australian Shepherd in Oregon?

There are countless places where you can take your dog in Oregon, as it is a huge state with many beautiful locations.

There are many dog parks in Oregon such as Sandy rivers delta park, Sellwood riverfront park, Mt tabor park, chimney park, etc. Other than parks, you can take your puppy out to dine as there are places such as Tin shed garden cafe, Astoria brewing pup, Maggie’s on the prom, etc.

Then, you can also take your doggo to Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument, or to Mt. Hood National Forest for hiking and swimming, or to have an overall adventurous day. 

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Australian Shepherd Stare At You

What is the Maintenance cost in Oregon to raise an Australian Shepherd puppy?

Maintaining a puppy will definitely cost quite a sum of money as you would want to provide them with the best of things, so to maintain a puppy in Oregon your total cost of maintenance will be approximately $200 to $700 depending on certain circumstances.

Breaking this amount down, you will need toys, food, grooming materials, etc, again other than these, medical check-ups and vaccination is also a crucial point, which might cost $50 to $100.

Again, other things such as beds and leashes which need to be bought yearly might cost approximately $500 to $800 in total. 

Over To You

Finding a good Australian Shepherd in Oregon is definitely no easy task, that is why I hope that the given list will be beneficial for you to find your ideal dream doggo.

Do you think there’s any breed that we missed? Do you think you’ve had an amazing experience with another breeder that has not been listed down below? Then surely tell us about it in the comments section. Any information or experience that you share with us regarding Australian Shepherds and their breeders will be greatly beneficial for us.

Our goal is to provide our readers with the most authentic and informative news regarding their dream puppies, so your reviews are greatly appreciated.

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