Top 10 Best Australian Shepherd Breeders In Montana (MT) State

If you are looking for the best reputable Australian Shepherd puppy in Montana state and want to take it, then this article is for you.

An Interesting fact about Australian Shepherd: Did you know Native Americans used to consider them sacred? Aussies are herding dogs developed in the 19th century. They can work hard and also be couch potato sitting all day with you. Like any other breed, they need to be bred responsibly to preserve their qualities.

Here are, 10 reputed Australian Shepherd Breeders of Montana state. Let me know if you find what you’re looking for.

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Top 10 Best Australian Shepherd Breeders In Montana (MT) State

#1 Prairie Ridge Ranch

Located at the base of the picturesque Beartooth Mountains in the great state of Montana, Prairie Ridge Ranch is a small hobby ranch where they raise various animals including of course Australian Shepherds. They also have cattle and sheep. The owners of Prairie Ridge Ranch produce working Aussies that can grow up to be great performers and also companion dogs.

Prairie Ridge Ranch has AKC & ASCA registered Australian Shepherds. Their Australian Shepherd’s pedigrees are made from carefully selected foundation working lines. Mary and Rick Moser, the owners of the ranch, want to preserve the foundation of the Australian Shepherds. Their Aussies possess the herding drive, are very protective, and are of loyal nature. They have a proper structure, standard breed type, intelligence, instinct, and great temperament. The owners test the Aussies for OFA, CERF, HSF4, CEA, PRA, and MDR1.

Mary and Rick Moser breed occasionally. So, they might not always have Aussie litters available. If you are interested you can keep an eye on their website to get updates on available puppies. Their Aussies come with DNA certification and AKC or ASCA registration. They had their last litter on March 13, 2021. Visit their ‘puppies’ section to see if they still have available puppies.  

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#2 RanchHauss Aussies

RanchHauss Aussies are located at the base of the Swan Mountains, in beautiful Bigfork, Montana state. The family-based breeders breed AKC and ASCA standard Australian Shepherd Puppies. The breeder of the ranch wants to maintain the quality line of their Aussies. They also have horse and other dog breeds on their ranch, but Australian Shepherds are their primary focus. They breed to preserve the breed.

The puppies from RanchHauss Aussies are not raised like any typical kennel. The puppies are raised in homes and around people. They get plenty of socialization from an early stage and of course lots of love and affection. All parents Aussies are carefully chosen from top-quality lineage and background. They are tested for genetic mutations or any sort of diseases, specific to Aussies to reduce the chance of future issues and ensure quality litter.

As the owners of the ranch breed for quality, they don’t breed often. Their breeding is scheduled twice a year to maintain their quality line. If you are interested in getting an Aussie from them, you can visit their website to see their past and present puppies. They also update their website once they have an upcoming litter on the way. The owners have a Facebook page, follow them for daily updates.

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#3 Dirt Road Aussie’s of Montana

Cindy Forbes, the owner, and breeder behind Dirt Road Aussies of Montana is comparatively a small breeder of Toy and Mini Australian Shepherds. They are located in Ronan, MT. Cindy grew up around dogs and cattle animals, so her love for animals existed since childhood. She bought her first Australian Shepherd, Dally, in 2012. She and her husband have been in love with the breed ever since.

Dirt Road Aussies grow up on a farm with lots of playgrounds and a loving family. The owners do their best when it comes to taking care of their Aussie puppies. All of their parent’s Aussie dogs are genetically tested. The puppies get a lot of socialization, playtime and also are familiarized with household noises. The Aussie pups get their tails and dewclaws removed when they are 2 to 4 days old. They are dewormed at 3, 5, and 7 weeks of age.

If you are interested in a Dirt Road Aussie, visit their website for more information about them and their puppies. The estimated wait time for their puppies is 6 months. They currently have some upcoming planned litters. you can contact them for further details about the puppies. Contact information is available on their website.

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#4 We’ll C Mini Aussies

Located in NW, Montana, We’ll C Mini Aussies is a small breeder of even smaller Australian Shepherd. Glenda Butts, the owner of We’ll C Mini Aussies specializes in miniature Australian Shepherds. She is a responsible and reputed breeder of mini Aussies in Montana state. She breeds top-quality Aussies that are close to their breed standard.

Glenda does genetic testing on her breeding stock to ensure good genetic health in her mini-Aussie puppies. She handles her puppies from the moment they are born and takes great care till they are placed in another loving home. Her puppies are healthy and get their vaccination shots properly. She encourages new pet parents to ask questions about the breed and learn more about them before making a decision to get a mini Aussie for themselves.

Glenda Butts welcomes you to visit her facility and get a closer look at how her mini–Australian Shepherds grow up. You can visit We’ll C Mini Aussie’s website to know more about their mini–Australian Shepherds. Glenda has provided helpful information on her website, from how to take care of the puppies to what to feed them. Contact her if you are interested in getting a miniature Aussie from, We’ll C Mini Aussies.

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#5 Flying Walker Toy Aussies

Flying Walker Toy Aussies are located in majestic Victor, Montana. The ranch is owned by a professional veterinary technician, Kary Stoor. They are a small, family-owned dog breeder. All of their toy Aussies are raised in the owner’s home and the ranch. Kary Stoor breeds for quality, not quantity. So, she might not always have available puppies, but she does, they are top quality.

The toy Aussies of Flying Walker are raised around the owner’s family members and get a lot of socialization from the day they are born. The Aussies grow up with lots of love and affection. They also receive training when they are of age. The adult parents are DNA and genetic health tested. So, you can be assured your puppy is happy and healthy. They are also color tested, they come in various standard colors.

The Flying Walker Toy Aussies are cared for in the owner’s home till they are 8 weeks old and before they leave with you the puppies will get tick and worm cleared. If you want to get one of Flying Walker’s healthy toy Aussies, you can visit their website to know about their puppy’s availability and upcoming litter. Contact details are given on their website.

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#6 Luna River Kennels

Luna River Kennels is run by a family breeder, specializing in miniature and toy Australian Shepherds. The kennel is located in the mountains of western Montana. The owners love the breed and want to share the same joy they feel raising and breeding mini and toy Aussies. They have ASDR registered Toy & Mini Aussies.

All of their Australian Shepherds are raised at home. They are taken great care of and given immense time and love. All of their adult parents, Aussies, have been health tested and cleared for breeding. The puppies get a lot of socialization from an early stage and get to play with the owner’s three children. Their Aussie puppies are raised with ENS (early neurological stimulation). The owners prepare the Aussies for a variety of lifestyles and a smooth transition to your home.

The puppies spend the first 8 weeks of their life with the kennel’s owners. You can take the puppies home on the 9th week. The puppies come with proper vaccination and deworming. The owners also offer you a lifetime of support, if you have any trouble with your mini and toy Aussies. You can visit Luna River Kennel’s website to know more about them and their puppies. contact the owners to hold a puppy or to know further information.

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#7 Big Sky Aussies

Trina Mailloux, the owner, and breeder of Big Sky Aussies breeds for health and temperament. The kennel is located in Park City, MT state. Trina takes pride in her intelligent and athletic Australian Shepherds. They are bred for performance, conformation, and to excel at as a working dog. Australian Shepherds are Trina’s passion and she has dedicated her life to better and preserve the breed.

Trina gives importance to the fact that she is breeding versatile, well-rounded, socialized, and healthy pups. She wants her puppies to go from one loving home to another. And wants the puppies’ owners to be as happy and proud of the Aussies as she is. All of their puppies have their tails and dewclaws removed, and are dewormed at 2, 4, 6, and 8 weeks. The Aussie puppies get their 1st set of vaccination and also a vet check before they are going to your home.

Big Sky Aussies offer a 2-year health guarantee. Their health guarantee covers genetic conditions and defects. If you are interested in getting a puppy from them, you can contact the owner for more information about their Australian Shepherds. Visit their website to get a closer look at their kennel.

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#8 D4R Australian Shepherds

Located in Three Forks, Montana, D4R Australian Shepherds are a home-based hobby breeder specializing in quality Australian Shepherds. They focus on conformation, color, breed standards, and health. Leann, the owner, and breeder of D4R Australian Shepherds have been breeding for 10 years now. Leann is a responsible and ethical breeder of standard Australian Shepherds.

D4R Australian Shepherds try to raise their Australian Shepherds in an ideal environment. The puppies grow up with a lot of love and affection. The health of the puppies is Leann’s top priority. They receive all necessary care and age-appropriate vaccinations. The puppies are trained and socialized with different ages of people and various animals before they are sent to their forever homes.

A health guarantee is included with your D4R Aussie. If you are interested in their Australian Shepherds, you can find them on “GoodDog”. The breeder currently doesn’t have a working website. But you can easily apply for a puppy or get in touch with Leann from GoodDog’s and other puppy listing sites.

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#9 Bear’s Paw Australian Shepherds

Bear’s Paw Australian Shepherds is a veteran-owned business. They are located in Cut Bank, MT. Sarah Hagen, the breeder and the owner of the kennel offers top-quality Aussie puppies for families who are also as passionate about Australian Shepherds as her. Sarah prepares all of her pups to excel in their life. She does everything to breed healthy and happy puppies. She takes pride in her in-home breeding program and her puppy’s temperament and conformation.

Sarah is devoted to ensuring that her puppies are happy and healthy Australian Shepherds. She breeds responsibly and raises her Australian Shepherds to breed standards. Sarah uses ‘Puppy Culture’ as her enrichment method. Her Aussies are easily trainable and have a smooth transition to their new home. The puppies are up to date with their vaccinations and get regular health checkups.

Your Aussie from Bear’s Paw Australian Shepherds will include a 2-year health guarantee, a small bag of food, or a toy with their littermates’ scent. If you are interested in one of their Aussies, visit their website for additional information. Contact details are also included on their website.

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#10 Libby’s Aussies:

Sami Arndt, a small home-based Australian Shepherd breeder from Montana raises quality Aussies. Libby’s Aussies focus on great conformation and temperament. Their Aussies are home-raised with lots of love and affection.

As the Australian Shepherds grow up around family members they get a good start in socialization. The puppies are also socialized with various pet animals. Their puppies are dewormed every 2 weeks and receive their first shot at 8 weeks old. Before going to their new homes, they have their tails docked and dewclaws removed, and a mandatory health checkup.

Libby’s Aussies don’t have a working website at this moment. They operate their business from their Facebook page. Follow them on Facebook for daily updates on their available and upcoming puppies.

Australian Shepherd Puppy Breeder Details:

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Over To You

Australian Shepherds are a great addition to your family whether you’re only looking for a companion or a hard-working herding dog for your ranch or farm. Hope my list of responsible Aussie breeders could help you out a little bit.

So, Which breeder are you getting an Aussie from? What do you like most about Australian Shepherds? Do you plan to breed Australian Shepherds once you get one?

Comment below and let me know your answers.

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