Top 11 Best Australian Shepherd Breeders In Maine (ME) State

If you are looking for the best quality Australian Shepherd puppy in Maine state and want to take it, then this article is for you.

Aussie is currently at the very top of popularity in the Maine State. Many people want to take it because of its good nature.

Backyard breeders, puppy mills, and puppy shops have been omitted at the time of writing this article. I have researched and made a list of the top 11 reputable and purebred Sniffy canine breeders only.

Find An Australian Shepherd Breeder Near Me In Maine State

Top 11 Best Australian Shepherd Breeders In Maine (ME) State

#1 Milkyway Aussies

Milkyway Aussies is a small purebred Australian Shepherd breeder located in Garland, Maine (ME). They breed doggies with full tails. They use puppy culture protocols for raising their puppies. Their goal is to produce a well-tempered family companion.  

If you want to have a mutt from Milkyway Aussies, you will have to spend $1500 in 2021. At present they do not accept deposit money until the dog is born.  After the tail-wagger is born, they take a refundable deposit of $300 and keep the pooch with them for 8 weeks of age. The remaining $1200, they take in cash after reaching the bowwow owner. 

All their doggies are genetically tested. 

If you are interested in Milkyway Aussies, feel free to contact them. You have to fill up a form if you want to be on their waiting list. You can call them from 2 PM to 10 PM (EST) Monday to Friday and find them by calling them from 5 PM to 9 PM (EST) on Saturday and Sunday. They have a good review about their service. 

Australian Shepherd Puppy Breeder Details: 

#2 Sandy River Aussies

Sandy River Aussies is an AKC registered family breeder of Australian Shepherd near Augusta, Maine. 

They raise their pup in such a way that it can become loyal, playful, and perfect friends for your family.

They provide their puppies with completing all required tests like vaccinations, preventative shots, scheduled deworming, heartworm prevention, parasite control. They send their doggy with a health certificate from a licensed Veterinarian.

They give a 1-year guarantee for genetic disorders. You can change your pooch with a new one carrying the same sex and color as previous. They give an extra year guarantee if you keep your doggy in NuVet and if you keep your doggo in Life’s Abundance food, you’ll get an additional 4-year guarantee.

When ordering, They take a non-refundable deposit of half of the purchasing price. You can use Credit Cards, personal checks, cash, cashier’s check, and US States Postal Service.

They keep you doggo for 7 days with them. And after 3 days they will charge you $8.00 per day and necessary requirements and medical services. 

For more information-

Australian Shepherd Puppy Breeder Details:

Australian Shepherd Stare At You

#3 Kicks and Giggles Mini Aussies

Kicks and Giggles Mini Aussies is a Miniature Australian Shepherd breeder. Cathay Lewis is the owner of Kicks and Giggles Mini Aussies. She started her journey 8 years ago. 

She deals an agreement with the buyer. The pup needs to be registered with AKC or ASDR. The papers need to be including the doggie’s name and the ‘Kicks and Giggles’ kennel name. 

They ensure the good health of their doggo. According to the agreement, the buyer must have the pooch examined by a veterinarian within four days of purchase. If a problem arises, the buyer may exchange the bowwow for another one. The cost of returning the previous tail-wagger will be borne by the buyer.

The seller and the buyer both have to sign the contract paper.  

If someone is unable to keep the doggy, he can return it. If the breeder can resell the dog within 6 months, the previous buyer will get a 50 percent refund.

If you are interested in them and you want to know more about Kicks and Giggles, you can join their private Facebook group or can visit their website.

Australian Shepherd Puppy Breeder Details:

#4 Bear Pond Aussies

The owner of Bear Pond Aussies is Heidi Naylor. The farm, located in Turner, Maine, breeds Miniature Australian Shepherds. They are AKC-registered breeders.

You can see pooches here from the age of 5 weeks. But you have to wait till 8 weeks of age to buy.

Prices for doggies range from $2,000 to $2,200. First, you have to wait for a $200 deposit money. The deposit money is non-refundable. After giving the deposit, you have to wait for about 6 months for the selection of the bowwow.

They give all their pups and mutt parents all kinds of health checks and vaccinations. The genetics of the parents are also tested with the help of the Wisdom Panel. They give a 1-year health guarantee to the customer.

When sending puppies, they send AKC Registration, Blanket with Mom’s Scent, Certificate of Health, Food Starter Bag, Microchip, Vaccinations.

You can meet the breeder directly, visit Portland International Jetport or pick up the dog through cargo at an airport near you.

Their pooch size: Miniature (20 lbs -40 lbs)

To know more about them follow the details given below.

Australian Shepherd Puppy Breeder Details:

#5 Lakeside Aussies

Lakeside Aussies is a Miniature Australian Shepherd breeder. They also breed Standard Australian Shepherd. They are located in Charlotte, Maine (ME).  

They produce happy, healthy, well-socialized mutts. They give all necessary papers to the customer. 

They have a great review about their Sniffy pooch and their service. 

You can visit their Facebook page for more details. I am providing you with the breeder details beneath.

Australian Shepherd Puppy Breeder Details:

#6 Breezmore

Breezemore Acres is primarily a dairy farm. In addition, they breed mini (small) Australian Shepherds. Their goal is to breed a beautiful, healthy, good-tempered mutt.

This is an AKC registered breeder. They produce AKC-registered Australian Shepherds.

They nurture them carefully at home. They send dogs to many places along with Maine.

If you want to take a pooch from Breezemore, you have to contact them and include your name on the waiting list. When the next litter will come, they will contact you. You can pick the one you like.

If you do not find what you are looking for then they will give you a chance to choose first from the upcoming litter.

If you want to confirm your name on the waiting list, you have to pay a deposit.

They got great reviews for their service. Visit their website to learn more about Breezemore and to get in touch.

Australian Shepherd Puppy Breeder Details:

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#7 Blue Rock Australian Shepherds

Blue Rock is an Aussie breeder located in Limerick, Maine. They place the greatest importance on the mutt’s temperament. Their doggies are obedient, agile, tracker, rally-o, dock diver, etc. 

They do all kinds of medical check-ups on doggies. They do not sell pooches before the age of 7 to 9 weeks.

Blue Rocks provide health certificates and AKC and ASCA registration papers to the customer.

They provide health guarantees for their puppies to their customers.

Prices for their tail-waggers start at $2,500. A holding fee of $200 is charged to finalize the order. 

Blue Rocks prefer to hand over the bowwow directly to the customer. They do not send canines in air or cargo. If you want, you can arrange to bring a doggo by road.

To have a dog from Blue Rock you have to call or mail them. And visit their website to know more about Blue Rock.

Australian Shepherd Puppy Breeder Details:

#8 Stonecircle Australian Shepherds

Stonecircle Australian Shepherds is an Aussie breeder based in Waldoboro, Maine. Their first canine was born in 1988. They breed champion Sniffy mutts. Their tail-waggers have won many kinds of awards. You can find out more about these by visiting their website.

If you want to know about Stonecircle Australian Shepherds champions, visit their website and if you want to contact them, you can email them.

Australian Shepherd Puppy Breeder Details:

Australian Shepherd Playful

#9 Whimbrel Australian Shepherds

Whimbrel Australian Shepherds, Aussie breeding kennel located in Central Maine. Their goal is to breed Sniffy canines with intelligent, healthy, good temperaments and personalities. 

Their pooches tend to be social because they have a daycare center for the kids in their house. That’s why their mutts grow up in contact with humans and develop socially. They examine and clean the bowwow’s eyes, hips, and elbows before breeding.

On their website, they provide all the necessary information about this doggy for your favor. If you want to know all this, you should visit their website.

Contact them if you want to take a dog from them. For your convenience, I have provided the contact details beneath.

Australian Shepherd Puppy Breeder Details:

#10 Maine Australian Shepherds

The Maine Australian Shepherds started their journey in 2010. Michael Lodge is the owner of Maine Australian Shepherds. They have two branches. One is located in Aroostook County, Maine. Another is located in Park County, Colorado. They provide canines in these two places with their crew.

They keep all the pooches at home. Their puppies are healthy and strong.

Aussie is not perfect for everyone. This doggo is for you if you have the ability to give proper care, time, training.

They have 2 to 3 liters a year. If you order now, you’ll get the doggy in mid-January. Because it takes a Sniffy pup 2 months to give birth. In two more months, they will prepare the mutt for you.

A deposit of money is required to confirm the order. Their bowwow’s temperament tested and proper conformation.

Are you interested in taking Sniffy tail-wagger from Maine Australian Shepherds? Then contact. You have to fill up a form to be on the waiting list. Be sure to include your location and phone number when contacting. I’ll give you the contact details in this article.

Australian Shepherd Puppy Breeder Details:

  • Name of the owner: Michael Lodge
  • Address: Aroostook County, Maine 
  • Website:
  • Email: 
  • Cell: (970) 901-5105
Australian Shepherd Dog Smiling

#11 High Hills Aussies

High Hills Aussies is a family breeder based in Unity, Maine. They breed healthy, loving, intelligent, and trainable Australian Shepherds. Erika Pelkey is the breeder behind High Hills Aussies.

Their goal is to breed good family pets, companions, K9 athletes, and conformation dogs. Their canines tend to be social. They raise doggies with a lot of care at home.

They test the health of all mutts. They do a DNA test to see if there is any disease. The dog’s parents examine the hip and elbow through the OFA. Also, they clear parents’ eyes every year.

They have written all the test results of each of the pooches and all the information about that Sniffy dog on their website. They give a 3-year guarantee for the health of their pup.

According to reviews from their previous customer, all customers are happy with the bowwow from them. They have a great review about their puppies.

You can also choose High Hills Aussies for a tail-wagger. You can find out more about their contacts by visiting their Facebook and website. And if you have any questions, you can do so.

Australian Shepherd Puppy Breeder Details:

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