Top 7 Best French Bulldog Breeders In Louisiana (LA) State

Looking for a companion? A French Bulldog is a wonderful choice. You can check out the Top 7 French Bulldogs Breeders in Louisiana (LA).

Below is a rundown of all French Bulldog breeders in Louisiana (LA). With this list, you can locate breeders near you without searching for each one.

Find A French Bulldog Breeder Near Me In Louisiana State

Best French Bulldog Breeders In Louisiana (LA) State

#1 Frenchies 2 Luv

They are a hobby breeder who desire to produce healthy cobby bodied, AKC French Bulldogs that match the AKC breed Standard.

They breed for quality, stocky, beautiful, and above all healthy AKC registered french bulldogs puppies near New Orleans, Louisiana. With over 25 years in the professional pet care industry, they have become acutely aware of how important breeder integrity is.

The foundation stock was chosen for overall health, temperament, and appearance to ensure the best possible puppies come from their breeding program. 

Since having beautiful, friendly, healthy puppies makes the breeder very picky about where the puppies will be going.

They have professional pet care experience as vet tech and a grooming shop owner, which have given them valuable insight into what it takes to raise this breed. 

The puppies are all vaccinated and vet checked at the age of 6 weeks, and they are dewormed every 2 weeks from birth. 

They are not a kennel. The puppies live in their home as their family babies. Even though many of their puppies are show quality, they prefer them to homes as pets. 

French Bulldog Puppy Breeders Details: 

  • Address: Farmsite Rd, Violet, LA (Louisiana) 70092
  • Website: Frenchies 2 Luv
  • Phone Number: +1 (504)-913-0341
  • Email:

#2 Big Easy Frenchies

They are a family based and located in New Orleans, Louisiana. They have been doing this for 13 years and counting.

They raise these babies in their home and strive for high-quality and healthy Frenchies. They started breeding after falling in love with their first brindle-pied French Bulldog.

Frenchies are an amazingly unique breed and they love a lot and provide lots of daily laughs. They are a companion breed. They have big and different personalities.

The breed has a desire to please its owner and thus will shadow you as well. They raise their puppies and socialize with other animals and around kids. 

French Bulldog Puppy Breeders Details: 

#3 Louisiana French Bulldogs

They are a small home breeder who have a couple of litters a year. They are located in West Central Louisiana and sell their pups to the surrounding area.

They are willing to travel to Texas and most of the state of Louisiana to meet with their clients.

All customers are welcome to visit their home to see where they raise their Frenchie babies. Their goal is to raise happy healthy puppies to share with other families who want to add loving fur babies to their homes.

They strive to improve their puppies with every breeding. Each pup comes with a health certification from their licensed veterinarian and a health guarantee. They have references available upon request. 

French Bulldog Puppy Breeders Details: 

#4 Crescent City Frenchies

They are a boutique breeder and operate a small detail oriented operation. They focus on producing quality dogs and providing round-the-clock care instead of just making as many puppies as possible. 

They focus on one or two litters at a time. Their end goal is to produce french bulldog puppies that you can be sure were cared for at the optimum level of love and at a great value. 

A champion bloodline female dog has produced healthy and beautiful french bulldog puppies. Her champion bloodline goes all the way to Hungary, the foundation of everything that is crescent city Frenchies. 

Reserving one of their puppies starts with the application process. None of their french bulldogs are sold without answering the questions provided and multiple phone calls. 

They don’t mind video chatting to show a puppy. It also allows them to see the environment the puppy would potentially be in.

Once the application is completed and accepted, you will be sent a formal contract and can reserve your puppy with a deposit. 

French Bulldog Puppy Breeders Details: 

French Bulldog With Basket Ball

#5 Vixbull 

They have a small and select AKC French Bulldogs Breeding program in Louisiana. Above anything else, the Frenchies are a member of their family.

Their beds are their couches, their rooms are their living rooms and bedrooms and they thoroughly enjoy their company. 

They always aim to improve the breed by planning mating according to the breed standard proposed by the American Kennel Club (AKC), Health testing their Frenchies, participating in dog shows, and working on their puppies being excellent companion dogs above it all. 

French Bulldog Puppy Breeders Details: 

  • Website: Vixbull
  • Phone Number: +1 (985)-981-4988
  • Email: 
  • Address: Southeast Louisiana, USA 

#6 Bandog French Bulldogs

Bandog French Bulldog Is located in the Greater New Orleans Area. They are not a kennel , but are dedicated to breeding a small number of very high-quality dogs.

They choose not to tout their individual dogs but let their photos and accomplishments do it for them.

If you are interested in a puppy or more information about Bandog Frenchies, please feel free to call or email them. 

With a very limited breeding program, Bandog has accomplished Over 100 AKC Championships of Record. Five French bulldog Club of America National Speciality Best of Breed wins.

They also got two awards of Merit, Winner, Reserve Winners, Stud Dog Class and Best In sweepstakes wins at the FBDCOA National Speciality. 36 AKC all-breed best in show wins.

Over 300 AKC Non-Sporting Group One wins. Many of these wins were breeder owner handled. 

French Bulldog Puppy Breeders Details: 

French Bulldog Laughing

#7 Fulghum Safe Haven Kennel 

Turn to Fulghum Safe Haven Kennel to choose one of their french bulldog puppies to become your new friend. 

They have a few of these wonderful pets for sale. Short in height, the stocky pups will grow to be 1’ to 1.5’ tall, making them the perfect size for any family. 

Additionally, none of their dogs have the same personality. While generally playful, sweet, and cuddly, bulldogs have their own character. Interacting well with families that have older and more mature children and teenagers.

All their puppies receive the proper love and care they need, their health is maintained by a referral based veterinarian. If you would like, you can call them and verify their vets credentials. 

Because bulldogs are low maintenance, their short hair can be easily groomed. No matter the color of their coat , they can be cleaned the same way. 

While in their care, the puppies for sale are housed in kennels that are cleaned daily. Additionally, they let the puppies play every day so they can interact with each other. This playtime helps improve their temperament with other dogs. 

As an experienced dog breeder, they make sure the puppies’ parents are loved, the proud mother and fathers receive good food, health care, attention and loads of playtime. They are especially there for the moms during their pregnancies. 

To keep them safe from weather, they house the parents in comfortable kennels. These shelters are in their backyard, surrounded by a 25’ x 65’ privacy fence. There is also a huge dog house that we purchased and assembled for them in their backyard. 

One of their top priorities is to keep their canines in good health. For this reason, all of their pups receive regular checkups. 

During these examinations, their furry friends are checked from head to tail, as well as de-wormed by a reputable veterinarian who they have worked with for over 30 years. This way, their future owners can adopt them with a clean bill of health. 

In addition, they don’t allow the dogs to touch the ground right after birth. They are only allowed on the ground once they’ve gotten their second round of shots.

They hold a higher standard for the Quality of their living and care for their dogs. They clean the kennels daily, and the kennels feature besh fencing with a sturdy metal framed roof overhead that is raised high up.

Their dog houses are 12 feet tall and 24 feet deep. They also provide a large play area with a privacy fence for the dogs. 

French Bulldog Puppy Breeders Details: 

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What Is the Average Price Of A French Bulldog Puppy In Louisiana?

French Bulldogs undeniably make top-notch pets. For this purpose, many humans love this breed and need to take one home. However, they can be quite luxurious.

A usual breeder in Louisiana might price you around $1500-$3000. Thus, the common fee would be around $2200.

Further, a few top-fine puppies with incredible breed traces can value up to $5500-$ten thousand. Such charges exclude the items you need for the canine, including food, domestic, grooming equipment, toys, or even visits to the vet.

For this reason, it’d be great to prepare a pretty price range in case you want to take a Frenchie home.

How To Choose A Good French Bulldog Breeder? 

While all French Bulldog domestic dogs are extremely good pets, you could nonetheless go wrong in case you pick the wrong breeder. 

If you want satisfactory care and assistance for your puppy, you furthermore may want to find a respectable breeder. It’s handiest through those people that you could get a pinnacle-satisfactory Frenchie that acquired the affection and care it merits.

A respectable breeder would be proud to expose all the paperwork it has for your puppy. It includes the pedigree and health clearances.

An official breeder could want to make sure that the puppy might have a good home that’ll make it experience secure and at ease, far away from demanding environments.

A reliable breeder might need to recognize extra about you to look in case you’re in shape to be a paw figure. Thus, it’s going to ask all varieties of questions.

An authentic breeder will assist you in recognizing in case your pet suffers from any fitness problems. It consists of all kinds of issues, and it will usually have a vet’s explanation for it.

A professional breeder might normally require you to visit their place in more than one instance to bond with your puppy. They shouldn’t surely take hold of your money and supply the Frenchie away.

A reliable breeder could be proud to show the feedback and stories of different customers. In reality, he or she will even display a connection to different breeders and vets.

A reliable breeder might show the puppies in diagnosed affirmation. Further, she or he needs to have sturdy connections with different breeders. A respectable breeder shows its knowledge if their attention is most effective on a single breed and not multiple ones.

French Bulldog Smiling

What Are Some Tips When Bringing Home French Bulldog Puppy?

If you already offered a French Bulldog pup, you must put together your own home earlier than taking it with you. This way, you may ensure that your new puppy might be relaxed and will have all it needs at home.


The first element you’ll need to prepare is your pup’s space and device. Space can be whatever, like an entire room, crate, cage, or simply a part of the condominium in which you’ll keep its bed.

It could be great for the vicinity to be spacious enough. This way, the dog can live in it even after he is fully grown.


The subsequent issue would be to put together yourself for the next few days. Remember, all young puppies form a bond with their circle of relatives and a preceding owner.

Thus, separating a two-month-vintage Frenchie can be disturbing, not handiest to you, however broadly speaking on your puppy.

Whatever the breed, they are still percent animals, which means they want their dad and mom to survive inside the first few months.

The separation from their mother and father can imply threat. Thus, it might be nice to put together yourself for nights of whining, howling, squealing, and restlessness.

The first few nights are probably virtually hard. Still, attempt your nice to preserve it and place the pup in an area wherein it’s going to now not sense on my own.

It might also be exceptional in case you make a timetable with your family for the primary few days. You can decide who among your family will play with the puppy.

Giving the domestic dog lots of attention will relieve the separation anxiety and make the burglary procedure much more green.

Vet Inspection

If viable, it might be great to have your vet observe the doggy at the same time as still with the breeder. 

If you don’t have one yet, you want to do one of the things as coaching. You can also take it to the vet’s health facility for a general exam. This manner, you could make certain the puppy is healthy.

A reliable breeder would make sure you get all of the stuff you need to recognise about your doggy. 

For this reason, continually make certain you keep in mind and comply with all instructions. This way, you could take care of your puppy easier.

Final Thoughts

On the off chance that you’re searching for a French Bulldog breeder in Louisiana, you can’t turn out badly choosing a Breeder from our rundown.

I’ve researched many various raisers in this bright state and limited our rundown to the top 7 French Bulldog Breeders in Louisiana (LA).

I enthusiastically suggest that you pick a Breeder that is recorded from the AKC since they need to give thorough wellbeing checks and office checks to be certified.

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