What Are My Dog’s Exercise Needs?

As a puppy lover, I know a thing or two about caring for them. If you ever had a dog as a pet, you would know how energetic they always are, jumping around and playing with you.

It’s in their nature to be active and fun-loving, and thus as pet owners, we must plan activities with them that can keep them engaged and at the same time tire out their hyper activeness.

Dogs need to exercise daily, mostly due to health reasons because if they do not, they might become obese and eventually can fall sick.

But what comes to mind is how much exercise does my dog needs every day? Well, don’t worry because I have the answer right here!

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Dog’s Exercise Needs

Why Does Your Dog Even Need Exercise?

Exercise is a critical factor in having a healthy, happy, and calm dog. Since exercise is a catharsis for dogs, it enables them to stay fit mentally and physically.

In PDSA’s annual PAW report, it stated that in the UK 1.4 million dogs (16%) are walked less than once a day, and 89,000 are never walked at all (1%). 51% of veterinary professionals say that they have seen an increase in dog behavioral issues in the last two years.

Thus, statistically, we know how important it is for our dogs to get a necessary amount of exercise. If we love our dogs, we should take care of their health and needs as well.

How Much Exercise Does Your Dog Need Based On Age?

As with us humans, the amount of exercise a dog need varies from dog to dog depending on how old he is.

There are a few guidelines I have listed to make sure your dog can fulfill its potential.

Pit Bull Puppy

A Puppy?

Young puppies have lots of energy, but they wear out their energy as fast as it comes. Since they are growing at a fast pace, they tend to take naps and have shorter energy spans.

Thus, puppies need several quick exercises for around 5-10 minutes, after which they need a break.

It’s vital for puppies especially to get outdoor playtime as much as possible like short games of fetch with exercise balls.

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What About in his Adult Years?

For adult dogs, every breed’s requirements are different, but I will talk about that in detail later. For most adult dogs at least an hour’s worth of exercise is needed.

Various activities like fetching, flyball, hiking, relay-race games, and playdates with doggy friends are some things that can give your dog his happy moment.

What About a Dog in his Senior Years?

Just like us humans even dogs’ age, and with age, they become weaker and less agile. Then they should get about 30-50 minutes of exercise broken down into 2-3 parts.

Walks should be compulsory for your furry senior friend but should be shorter in length and at a slower pace.

Another alternative exercise for a senior dog is swimming which can help him relax and will not have much stress on his joints.

How Much Exercise Does Your Dog Need Based On It’s Breed?

As I mentioned before your furry friend will have a different set of requirements depending on his breed. Some breeds are more active than others.

Dr. Susan Nelson, a Kansas State University veterinarian and assistant professor of clinical sciences, tells Science Daily, “A blanket recommendation for exercise time amounts can’t be given as exercise needs vary vastly between individuals, and factors such as age, breed, weather, and general health all influence the amounts of exercise your dog needs.”

Chihuahua Run

The Smaller Breeds

Dogs such as Chihuahuas, Poodles, and Yorkshire Terriers, are considered to be the smaller breed thus tend to be less active.

They are what you call the calmer and lazier breed; therefore, slow walks in the park are perfect for them.

Great Dane Dog

The Giant Breeds

Even though the Giant breeds are bigger in size, they tend to be less energetic. The Great Danes, Mastiffs, and Newfoundlands are all part of the giant breed.

Pug Jumping

The Flat-nosed Breeds

Flat-nosed means the brachycephalic breeds; this means they suffer from breathing and respiratory issues that cause them to slow down and be less active.

This breed includes include Bulldogs, Pugs, and Shih Tzus. For these types, games of fetching are more than enough.

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Labrador Retriever Run

The Active Breeds

This breed needs explicitly lots of activities and exercise, filled with lots of action. The Terriers, Retrievers, Scent Hounds, and Shepherds are part of this category.

These active types usually need 60-90 minutes daily, and this can include dog sports/competitions, hiking, and longer games of fetch.

Working Out With Your Dog

How to Help your Dog to Get the Exercise They Need?

With the information I gave above, you need to find out what age and breed your dog is and accordingly create that specific exercise routine.

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For example, if it is an Active breed of adult age, longer games of fetch can be played with A paraflight flying disk.

But if he is of a smaller breed and a senior in age, walk around the neighborhood, or the park is good enough.

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Indoor Exercises?

Sometimes we might not be able to give our dogs time and take them to the park, but that doesn’t mean that our dogs should sit at home idly.

Use the stairs at your home to the best of your ability! Train your dog to run up and down the stairs, which can help in building muscle.

But this might be challenging for breeds and ages who can’t take strenuous tasks.

Playing Hide-and-Seek goes a long way, with psychical activity it even provides the mental stimulation needed for your dog. So, hear me out, if you have a Treadmill at home you need to use it!

It is the most efficient exercise equipment for Active breeds stuck at home.

With careful training and speed, you can build endurance in your dog, and he will have fun at the same time! 

When it comes to dogs, we train them in various ways.  We even teach how ‘Agile’ they can get. Thus, agility training is an excellent activity for indoors.

Planning a safe indoor course with various home items can do the trick. You can use household supplies, such as broom handles, boxes, Hula-Hoops, and ottomans.

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Aside from physical activity mental stimulation is needed as well.

In particular, puzzles can stimulate the mental side of your dog very well, especially Nina Ottosson Dog Smart Beginner Dog Puzzle Toy.

What About Walking your Dog?

Walking your dog is the best exercise you can give him. Walk him around the neighborhood or go to the park, more so the dog park.

Going to the park is a special treat for him since he can chase squirrels or cats, play around with other dogs, and play fetch as well.

Having a ‘varied walk segment’ can be beneficial for your dog, where you speed walk for 30 seconds then walk at a slow pace for a minute, then repeat again and again.

Try to take your dog to various routes and places, since they have a greater sense of where they are. They like to explore new places and especially sniff around.

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Pomeranian Walking

How Far Should You Walk a Dog?

That solely depends on your breed and age of the dog.

If it’s a smaller breed, you shouldn’t stray far away from your home, but if it’s an active breed, you can probably go as far as you want to.

What Is A Good Exercise Routine for My Dog?

Well, you should mix up all the exercises every day. For an Active Breed, for example, plan one day of hiking, and another day of indoor exercise, then go to the dog park and maybe on the weekend train him in a dog sports arena.

This way he gets the variety and will also not be bored of a monotonous routine.

Where To Get Exercise Outside Your Home, If Needed?

Besides your home, the best place to take your dog is the dog park or the park, even a dog training center.

These places will keep your dog fit and healthy!

Dog’s Exercise Needs FAQs

# Is An Hour a Day Enough Exercise for a Dog?

Again, it depends on the breed and age of your dog listed above.

# How Can I Exercise My Dog in Bad Weather?

Indoor exercises are specifically for bad weather conditions.

If you can’t take your dog out, this can save the day!

# What Can I Do For My Dog Who Can’t Exercise?

The best option for this is to take him to a vet and ask him what kind of physical therapy can you do with your dog.

#What Activities Does Your Dog Enjoy?

Okay so I know for sure your dog will just love spending time with you the most!

You just playing fetch with them, or even training them, basically anything that requires running is going to be the most fun for your dog.

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Dalmatian Running

over To You

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