Can Dogs Eat Cilantro Leaves, Seeds, And Coriander?

Cilantro is a special herb that is added to meats, soups, rice, and beans. It improves the tastes of everything you eat that is savory and sweet.

Cilantro can even be eaten in a salad with other leafy vegetables.

Your dog can eat cilantro if you use it to spice up a can of meaty dog food. Your dog will smell the food and ask for more.

Can Dogs Eat Cilantro

Can Dogs Eat Cilantro?

As cilantro is a green tasty herbal spice; it can be eaten alone. The best way for your dog to benefit from the vitamins in cilantro is to eat the leaves on a meaty chow from Pedigree. Generally, dogs chew grass when thirsty but they sniff around first before making a choice.

It is unlikely that a dog will go to a bush of cilantro plants and chew a few.

It is also unlikely that a dog will accept a dish of cilantro as a meal. Our Tyson would look up and his eyes would ask, “What else you got?”


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What Are The Types Or Parts Of Cilantro Dogs Can Eat? (Serving Ideas)

There are seven different edible types of cilantro. The leaves are the best parts for dogs to eat. The leaves contain that flavorful taste that every dish needs. If your dog has a sensitive stomach, then adding cilantro to his diet can be very helpful.


Can Dogs Eat Cilantro Leaves?

Cilantro leaves can be eaten by dogs. They will enjoy the taste. However, too much of a good thing is good for nothing. Eating only a large amount of cilantro leaves would be harmful as there would be no assistance from other solid foods to help digestion along.

Eating cilantro leaves can help to refresh your dog’s breath and prevent gum disease. The antioxidants in the raw leaves will help your dog to be healthy without heart disease and other chronic diseases caused by inflammation.

The cilantro will also assist dogs to relieve gas. Small amounts of cilantro leaves can be very helpful to dogs. I am happy to inform you that cilantro has vitamins A, K, C, Calcium, Magnesium, and Iron.

Think of the eyes, blood, bones, skin, joints, and muscles of your dog being in super condition as you feed cilantro to your dog.


Can Dogs Eat Cilantro Seeds?

Cilantro seeds are more suitable for humans than for dogs. The seeds are not as beneficial to dogs as the pure leaves. Keep in mind that other spices like salt, black pepper, ginger, and garlic are not to be added to dog food. It is always best not to use the human seasoning on dog food.

So giving the seeds to dogs would be giving them fewer vitamins and more minerals. As the seeds are less flavorful than the leaves, the dogs may not take to eating cilantro seeds frequently. You can add a can of meaty dog food to the cilantro seeds along with dry dog food.

Another way of using cilantro seeds is to ground them and use them as an ingredient in a doggie treat. That way, your doggie will not chew directly on the cilantro seed.


Can Dogs Eat Dried Cilantro?

Many times we humans dry our cilantro in the sun so that it can last longer. Drying cilantro is a way of preserving the cilantro. Dry cilantro also improves the taste of wet dog food. Dry cilantro can be used to make cooked beef bones for your dog too. Dried cilantro can be mixed into dry dog food.

However, a bit of gravy is needed for dried cilantro leaves so that your dog does not choke. It is always wise to use just a little in the beginning when adding something new to your pet’s diet. Observe for allergic reactions during the first 3 days.


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Can Dogs Eat Cilantro Powder?

Cilantro powder is a lot easier to add to your dog’s food. It can be colorless and your darling pooch will not notice. You may have noticed that I am consistent with the way different forms of cilantro should be served to dogs.

Dogs have sensitive stomachs, so if you perform major changes to their meals, it will wreak havoc on their digestive system. If you love your dog, you will remain consistent with the portion of powdered cilantro (small), and you will not add onions, salt, nature seasoning, or complete seasoning to your dog’s meal.

The purer foods that you feed your dog, the more your dog will maintain a good digestive system. 



Warning! What Type Of Cilantro Are Not Dog Friendly?

If you add garlic to cilantro it makes the cilantro not dog friendly. If you add onion powder to cilantro, it makes it not dog friendly. If you add pepper to cilantro it makes it not dog friendly. If you add nutmeg to cilantro it makes it not dog friendly.


Can Dogs Eat Coriander

Coriander is the complete plant: the leaves, the stem, and the seeds. It is also referred to as Chinese parsley. Some refer to the powdered seeds as coriander. Most dog lovers would not give the entire coriander plant to their dogs.

This would be too much for their sensitive digestive system. So either the leaves and stems or the powdered seeds are fed to dogs in very small portions.

Coriander alleviates nausea; it is anti-diarrheal; it eases intestinal gas; it is anti-parasitic; it helps to increase the flow of milk in lactating female dogs. Be warned to NOT give coriander to pregnant dogs as it will induce labor.


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What Are Some Nutrient Facts Of Cilantro For Dogs?

The 3 vitamins and the 3 minerals in cilantro are as beneficial to dogs as they are to humans. Vitamins can always be received from green leafy vegetables and cilantro is no different. At the same time, minerals help to support the general health of dogs.

  • Vitamin A- Vitamin A in cilantro helps to improve the eyes of dogs. Your dog will be able to see better at night when protecting your home.


  • Vitamin C- Vitamin C in Cilantro is vital to strengthening the core of your dog.


  • Vitamin K- Vitamin K in cilantro will improve your dog’s skin and coat. Hugging will not be a problem as there will be no scabs or dandruff.
  • Calcium- This mineral will improve bone density and joint strength. Your dog will be able to enjoy daily walks and keep you in physical shape.


  • Iron- This mineral helps to strengthen the blood in your dog. Iron helps oxygen to move through your dog’s blood.


  • Magnesium- This mineral helps to regulate the metabolism of your dog. It also helps to send messages from the brain to the nervous system of dogs.

What Are The Health Benefits Of Cilantro For Dogs?

Cilantro is antibacterial so your dog will have antigens to fight the rapid growth of bacteria. Cilantro also has antifungal properties which fight worms and skin diseases. Cilantro has major anticancer boosters that can protect your dog.


Help fight off infections

Dogs suffer infections of the gut, gums, skin, and eyes. Eating small amounts of cilantro can help to fight such infections. Your dog will maintain a healthy gut, healthy gums, and teeth. Your dog’s skin will also be healthy and this will promote a healthy coat.

Infections make dogs fussy and just a few leaves of cilantro can prevent infections and a fussy dog. Dogs that run about in bushy areas can become infested with pests which can also cause infections of their skin and blood.

Keeping their environment clean can help to avoid such infections along with consuming cilantro. 


Improve your dog’s breath

If your dog has a stomach infection or bad teeth and gums, you will have a dog with a bad-smelling breathThese issues can easily be cured by feeding your dog a few leaves of cilantro with his food. Eating cilantro will improve your dog’s breath and his teeth. No dog lover appreciates a dog giving a sloppy kiss with bad breath.

Other dogs would turn their backs on your dog when you take him to the park to play. That would not be a good experience for your dog. Cilantro is natural and has no bad chemical side effects.


A great source of antioxidants

Cilantro is a great source of antioxidants. These antioxidants help the cells in the bodies of dogs to manage free radicals. Hmmm, this means that antioxidants have a defense mechanism against harmful unstable molecules in dogs. Antioxidants also help dogs to prevent diseases including cancer.

With a regular intake of cilantro leaves, your dog will be healthy and you will have fewer visits to the vet. This will give you saved cash to buy him treats and toys. Inflammation of the joints in your dog’s body will be prevented by the antioxidants in cilantro.

Therefore your dog will not be suffering from the pain of inflamed joints as dogs do when they achieve seniority in dog years.


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Help maintain healthy skin and vision

The vision of your dog is very important. He needs to be able to see the smallest movement and to evaluate if the noun behind the movement is a threat to himself or his master/ mistress. To enable your dog to have 20/20 vision, a few leaves of cilantro will be beneficial to the purpose.

Your dog’s skin gets many attacks from minute pests all the time. Flies, bees, and other insects are constantly biting your dog below his coat. This causes your dog to have oozing sores that are not attractive.

To prevent this from happening, a few leaves of cilantro chopped finely then added to a bowl of dry dog food will be helpful to cease such a miserable existence for your dog.


Help with digestive issues

Each dog has a different reaction to food in their digestive system. Some dogs can eat just about anything, including your boots and nothing will happen to their digestive system. Whereas others would just get too many dairy products in their stomach and the entire digestive system would go out of order.

There would be vomiting, diarrhea, cramps in the stomach, bleeding when vomiting, and more. Some dogs stop eating for days if they digest the wrong type of food. This could cause worry on your part and an emergency visit to the vet.

The pain, sorrow, and stress can be avoided with regular small portions of cilantro which will improve your dog’s digestive system.


Helps combat anxiety

Anxiety is a feeling that dogs experience when they are in new environments; when visitors are at your house; when strangers touch their food dish; when other dogs eat from their food dish; or when they are alone for too many hours.

Anxiety can cause dogs to destroy furniture. It can cause them to bite their tails. It can cause them to stop eating as well. There are dog beds for anxiety. However, the beds along with servings of cilantro with dog food are very helpful to combat anxiety in dogs.

The cilantro will cause your dog to become calm and remain friendly as usual no matter the situation. Self-confidence will exude from your dog and people and animals will be happy to share their space with him.


Promotes restful sleep

Have you seen a dog’s body jump while he is sleeping? That means that a particular dog is not sleeping restfully. If a dog jumps up and starts barking every 30 minutes without reason; then that dog is not sleeping restfully. Restful sleep for a dog is necessary for him to sleep lightly when it is time for him to be alert. Such a dog will grow thin from lack of sleep.

His energy will eventually go low and you will have a sad dog. He will no longer run to meet you at the gate or door when you return from work. This can be corrected by giving doses of cilantro in your dog’s food regularly. Your dog will then sleep restfully and be a joy to live with.


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Are You Going To Offer Cilantro To Your Doggy? 

Eating green cilantro will not be a problem for dogs. It has beneficial properties and can be served as a garnish to many meals. Has reading this article given you food for thought when it comes to your dog’s health?

Has any of the topics that I discussed been helpful to you? Is there any topic about cilantro and dogs that I have missed? Please share your answers in the comments section below. I will be so happy to read them.

If you are in touch with other dog lovers please feel free to share this article with them.

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