Top 15 Best Dog Beds For Chihuahuas: 2022 Buying Guide

If you are in a hurry and just want to find out the best one from all the best dog beds for Chihuahuas we reviewed, then we recommend the Majestic Pet Suede Dog Bed as the best one.

Chihuahuas are known for their spicy personalities, but also their loyalty to their owners. They are a unique breed that originated from Mexico, but have quickly become a popular house dog in countries around the world.

If you are lucky enough to own one of these great dogs, purchasing a dog bed for it may seem like a tricky task! Mainly because Chihuahuas are tiny, dainty, and need the right spot to rest their tiny bodies on.

After doing some research, I have gathered a list of some noteworthy Chihuahua dog beds that I can’t wait to share with you!

Dog Beds For Chihuahuas

In this article, we’re going to review the following dog beds for Chihuahuas:


What to Look for in Your Chihuahua’s Dog Bed?

Before heading out to the pet store to purchase a dog bed, there are several important things you should consider. For example, consider how small your Chihuahua is. This breed generally ranges from tea-cup size to larger sizes of 15 inches tall.

Another important consideration to make is your pup’s hair…is it long-haired or short? 

This is important when it comes to finding a material that allows for easy cleaning when hair gets stuck on it. Let’s dive deeper into these considerations below.


Durable Dog Beds For Chihuahua

A durable dog bed, even for the smallest breeds, is so important. Why spend money on a bed that might fall apart? A dog bed that is made with quality materials and comes with a good warranty in case of incidences out of your control, is what you should be on the lookout for.

Chihuahua’s love to play, chew, and scratch, so make sure you find a dog bed that will withstand these three things. Typically, the bed will have a tag that says chew or tear resistant on it.

If you are unsure if it is durable enough, always check with a pet store worker before purchasing.


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Washable Dog Beds For Chihuahua

All dogs have accidents – some are easier to clean than others! That being said, a washable dog bed is always convenient. The dog bed should be made with a material that is machine washable, dryer friendly (if possible), and one that can be wiped down easily.

Puppies and older dogs are more susceptible to making messes, so make sure the dog bed is simple to keep clean or one that can withstand a delicate washing cycle. Dog beds that are machine washable will always have a sticker or tag that states so.

Alternatively, if the dog bed of your pup’s dream is not machine washable, there are inexpensive covers you can purchase to go over it to protect it.


Quality Fabric

When I purchased my first dog bed, I did not know what fabric was better than others! After owning several dogs over the last few years, I have finally been able to detect a good quality fabric from a lousy one.

The top-quality fabrics to search for are ripstop nylon, microfibers, canvas, faux leather, and even certain brands of mesh. The dog bed you decide on should be tough enough to withstand chewing and sharp nails.

An easy way to find a bed with durable fabric is to look at beds that have a tougher exterior. This does not mean they are scratchy to the touch, but rather, they are sturdy and durable.

If you Chihuahua does not enjoy the stiff nature of nylon or canvas, dog blankets come in handy!


Even though Chihuahua’s have tiny bodies, this does not mean they do not develop issues like arthritis or hip dysplasia. A supportive dog bed will hug your dog’s body in all the right places, allowing it to rest comfortably.

Memory foam is a great option, as it forms to your dog’s shape perfectly, allowing it to feel like it is sleeping on a cloud.

Dog beds with bolsters are perfect too because they act as a barrier or head rest. If your pup loves to rest his or her head, then a dog bed with a built-in pillow or bolsters are ideal. 

If you have an older Chihuahua, then a memory foam bed is the right choice for sore bones or joints. On a side note, you want to find a bed that has even distribution of stuffing; clumping creates an uneven and uncomfortable bed.




Not all Chi’s are purse dogs! Some can reach the size of other small breeds like Pugs or Papillons. Always consider the size of your dog before buying a dog bed. You do not want to buy a bed that is too big nor too small.

A bed that is oversized won’t allow your Chihuahua to feel secure and supported. Moreover, the spaciousness could be overwhelming to a puppy that wants to feel like it is being cuddled as it sleeps. On the other side, a bed that is too small can make for an uncomfortable sleep.

Most dogs love to stretch out while they rest, and if their paws are dangling off or they can’t curl up properly, they may develop a dislike for their dog bed.


Odor Resistant Dog Beds For Chihuahua

Odors range from accidents to natural body oil smells. A clean, fresh smelling bed will make your pup happier than you think!

There are many great odor resistant pet beds on the market. Odor resistant fabrics are crafted with a special antimicrobial component that rids the fabric of bacteria growth that comes from natural sweat or body oils.

Yes, dogs are adorable, but let’s face it… they can smell! Even the tiniest of Chihuahua’s will benefit from having an odor resistant dog bed. And, you should be pleased to know that odor resistant dog beds are generally not much more expensive than regular ones.


When Will My Chihuahua Need an Orthopedic Bed?

As dogs age, they can experience painful joints and bones. This is natural, especially if the breed is susceptible to these kinds of issues.

Chihuahuas’ bones and joints slow down as they age, therefore, an orthopedic bed may be necessary as they reach their senior years.

Orthopedic beds are made with memory foam to hug all of your dog’s curves. Also, these types of beds can be purchased with bolsters – an added barrier for protection and support.

If you are unsure of when your dog will require an orthopedic bed, look out for these common signs: 

  • Avoidance of their dog bed that they used to love sleeping on
  • Chewing or tearing of the bed
  • Painful joints or bones
  • Not as active as they used to be


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The Best Dog Beds for Chihuahuas

Suede Bagel Dog Bed#1 Majestic Pet Suede Dog Bed

Created with premium high loft polyester fill, the Majestic Pet Suede Dog Bed is in the shape of a bagel that promotes cuddling. 

The center of this bed is waterproof, which is ideal for those sneaky accidents. What I like the most about this bed is the wrap around wide bolster. This means, your pup can rest its head anywhere around it while resting. It is machine washable, as long as it is washed by itself. And, it is dryer friendly on a gentle, air dry setting.

The plush micro suede is soft on Chihuahua hair and skin. It is important to consider your dog’s hair and skin type, as certain materials can irritate or damage it. The micro suede texture is soft enough for hairless Chihuahuas and soft enough on long haired Chihuahuas.


  • Sturdy
  • Comes in a wide variety of neutral colors
  • Available in 24 inch, 32 inch, 40 inch, and 52 inch
  • Wide bolsters support spine and neck
  • Filled with polyester fiber fill that is environmentally friendly 


  • Relatively expensive
  • Not chew or tear resistant

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Aspen Pet Self Warming Rectangular Lounger#2 Aspen Pet Self Warming Beds by Petmate

What dog wouldn’t love a heated bed? Especially those with short coats, like a Chihuahua! In fact, many Chihuahuas are accustomed to the heat in Mexico; this is important to remember if you are adopting a Chi from that area of the world.

A warm, snuggly place to sleep is important! The Aspen Self Warming Pet Bed is made with heat-reflecting technology with a Mylar interior that uses pet’s body heat to keep them toasty warm.

There is a slip-resistant bottom that is perfect for playful puppies. Moreover, it is currently available in four sizes:

19.5 x 19.5 x 7 inches,
24 x 20 x 7 inches,
30 x 24 x 9 inches,
and 35 x 27 x 11 inches.


  • Affordable
  • Non-slip bottom that is ideal for slippery wood floors
  • Comfy and provides support for joints
  • Makes the perfect travel bed for car rides 


  • Limited colors available
  • Does not say if it is machine washable
  • Not tear resistant

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Sofa Bed - Southwest Kilim#3 Furhaven Sofa-Style Orthopedic Foam Dog Bed

If your tiny Chihuahua has trouble hopping on your family couch, why not by him or her a couch of their own?

Welcome the Furhaven Couch Pet Bed, an affordable lounge style dog bed that is all about comfort and style. Crafted with a wrap-around bolster, your pup will be able to experience relaxation wherever they rest their head.

What makes this bed ultra-soft is the faux fleece and chenille fabric. This option is perfect for supporting joints, thanks to the egg-crate foam base. No matter where they sleep, their joints will be comfy. Owners can confidently purchase this product because Furhaven offers 90-day limited coverage against material defects. 


  • Affordable
  • Cozy and cuddly
  • The cover is 100% machine washable
  • Offered in an extensive variety of colors and patterns
  • Made with medical grade orthopedic foam
  • Available in orthopedic foam, cooling gel foam, memory foam, or just the cover


  • Not for teething puppies
  • Shipping costs for this product may be high, depending on the area

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#4 Pet Tent Soft Bed

How fun is this pet tent by Best Pet Supplies? Not only is it stylish to suit any home, but your Chihuahua can feel secure while sleeping in it. Chihuahuas love to burrow and hide, and this tent allows them to do so effortlessly. The craftsmanship of this dog bed is what I love the most.

It is made with durable linen, lined with a plush pillow, and stuffed with polyfoam to support your pup in all the right places. The pet tent is ideal for this breed because it is wide enough to fit their small statues, and tall enough where they have enough over space to stand up in it.

The base of the tent is covered in an anti-slip material, so whether your Chihuahua puppy is bouncing around inside or your senior Chihuahua is shuffling out of it, the bed will stay in place. 

One of the best features of this bed is that Best Pet Supplies offers a no-hassle return on this product. This means, owners can confidently purchase it knowing if it doesn’t meet their standards, returning will be simple!


  • Very affordable
  • Available in a variety of sizes: 16” x 16” x 14” and 19” x 19” x 19”
  • Comes in many cute colors, such as dark brown, gray, linen, and plaid (just to name a few!)
  • Offers a sense of security, which Chihuahuas like when sleeping
  • Spacious to fit up to two Chihuahuas!
  • Will not collapse 


  • Currently no available in large size
  • Not tear resistant
  • Not the easiest to machine wash

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#5 Best Friends Deep Dish Cuddler

This dog bed was designed with promoting a healthier and longer sleep in mind. If your Chihuahua is a puppy that struggles to sleep through the night, or your senior Chihuahua desires a more comfortable slumber, this bed is ideal.

The unique part of this bed is the 12” rear wide bolster and the 9” front wide bolster, allowing for your pup to see out the front but feel secure in the back. 

The great thing about this bed is it moves to the shape of your dog; if your pup likes to move around, the Cuddler will hug its shape and move with it comfortably. 

The Deep Dish Cuddler is available in two sizes: standard and jumbo. This means, if you have a larger Chihuahua or two, then the jumbo size will be perfect for them! 


  • Affordable
  • Available in fun colors, such as fuchsia, teal, rose, mint, and black (just to name a few)
  • Filled with virgin AirLOFT fibers to keep the bed’s shape 3 times longer than other beds on the market
  • Sherpa fabric is soft and comfy
  • Dirt and water-resistant 


  • Some dogs may not enjoy how the bed moves around when shifting or stretching
  • While the material is soft, it is not ideal for arthritis or joint pain, since it is not as supportive as memory foam beds.

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#6 BarkBox Memory Foam Platform Bed

This memory foam platform bed will make your Chihuahua feel as if they are sleeping in luxury! The buttery soft memory foam will keep joints and bones healthy, all while promoting a restful sleep.

BarkBox offers this in a small size, which is recommended for Chihuahuas of all sizes. This bed is machine washable and waterproof; simply wash it on a delicate cycle and it will come out looking brand new!

What I love most about this bed is it arrives in a vacuum sealed bag! All you have to do is unwrap it and let it sit for a couple hours to let the foam fully rise. Also, this bed comes with a bonus dog toy…what wouldn’t love this?  


  • Available in a variety of neutral colors
  • Super comfy memory foam
  • Works great on the ground or fitted in a crate
  • Does not lose its shape
  • Easy to machine wash and spot clean 


  • Zipper is not very strong
  • Runs on the smaller side
  • If you enjoy bright colors, this bed does not come in them

>> Check Price On Amazon <<

#7 AmazonBasics Pet Bed

The AmazonBasics Pet Bed is designed with small dogs in mind. With an octagon shape, it is a spacious and comfy option for dainty Chihuahuas. However, there is a round option if you do not like the octagon shape.

This all aside, both beds are crafted with durable polyester sides, the top is a plush flannel, and the overall look is cozy and welcoming. Each side panel is puffy and soft, allowing your dog to lay anywhere they please and still feel supported.

What I love most about this bed is the high back and low front, making it easy for Chihuahuas small legs to hop out with ease. When the bed becomes dirty, I advise vacuuming or rolling the hair off the bed before washing it.


  • Luxuriously soft
  • Has a headrest to support small necks
  • Machine washable and won’t lose its shape
  • Small enough to fit into crates
  • The soft pillow insert is removable
  • Super affordable 


  • Only available in a tan color
  • One size
  • Relatively small

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#8 Brindle Waterproof Bed

The Brindle dog bed is like a mini orthopedic mattress. Whether you are using this as a floor dog bed or an insert into a crate, this bed offers support and true comfort to your Chihuahuas entire body. It is 4” thick and 2” of it is memory foam, so you can see how fluffy this bed really is!

What is especially great about the Brindle bed is the zippered protective cover, as well as the water-resistant layer underneath the cover. 

These two things are so important when raising a young puppy or caring for a senior dog; messes are bound to happen! 


  • Durable fabric that won’t tear from day to day use
  • 3-year warranty
  • 4 inches of support and comfort
  • Material is breathable and will not cause sweating
  • Keeps joints and bones comfortable during sleep and rest
  • Relatively affordable 


  • Water-resistant, not waterproof
  • Small size may be too small for larger Chihuahuas
  • Not chew-resistant

>> Check Price On Amazon <<

#9 BinetGo Donut Cuddler

The BinetGo Donut Cuddler will make your pup feel like he or she is relaxing in a donut…seriously! This Cuddler will hug them in all the right spots, while promoting a healthy sleep.

Chihuahuas are small dogs who enjoy feeling comforted, especially when they are resting. This bed looks puffy and oversized, but it is actually super lightweight. Your Chihuahua will be sitting amongst the clouds, so to speak, when lying on top of this bed.

The BinetGo Donut Cuddler is created with soft polyester, that must be left for 2 days after un-packaging to fully rise. This cuddler allows for easy curling, all while offering a headrest no matter what side of the bed your dog lays on.


  • Inexpensive
  • Super soft and fluffy
  • Machine washable on a delicate cycle
  • Non-skid bottom prevents shifting or slipping
  • Perfect for travelling pups (or those who like to take vacations!) 


  • Not tear resistant
  • Only available in a few colors
  • Not easy to spot clean

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#10 BarkBox Memory Foam Cuddler Bed

Created by the reputable company BarkBox, this memory foam cuddler bed is perfect in the size small for Chihuahuas. If finding a durable and high-quality bed is top on your list, which I think it should be, then look no further!

This product arrives in a vacuum sealed package, for easy shipping. Once you open it, simply let it rise for 1-2 days for your pet to experience maximum comfortability. When your dog gets it dirty, simply remove the zippered cover and wash it in the washing machine.

My favorite part of this item is the bonus dog toy that comes with it – your dog will be excited guaranteed! And, if that doesn’t sound good enough, this bed is designed to support all types of dogs.

For example, those who suffer from hip dysplasia, daily body aches, joint problems, arthritis, and dogs who just want a great sleep!


  • Neutral gray color matches any home décor
  • The small size fits Chihuahuas perfectly!
  • Waterproof
  • Created with 100% memory foam 


  • Expensive
  • Doesn’t state if it is chew resistant

>> Check Price On Amazon <<

#11 K9 Ballistics Deep Den

Who says dainty Chihuahuas don’t like to chew? Their small teeth can destroy even the strongest of beds! The K9 Ballistics Deep Den is crafted out of rip-stop fabric and stuffed with 100% synthetic poly fill.

This formula creates a sturdy but comfy bed for your dog. What is great about this bed is it is safe for puppies thanks to sewn shut and closure free seams.

It can be worrisome with certain beds that are filled with harmful contents and a zipper that is easy to open. 

With the K9 Ballistics Deep Den, this worry is eliminated and your pup can safely rest or play on it. 


  • High bolster walls are extremely supportive
  • RipStop Material is essentially indestructive
  • Durable but soft
  • Recommended for light chewers and diggers (Chew proof rating is 3/5)


  • Expensive
  • Limited color

>> Check Price On Amazon <<

#12 EMME Orthopedic Dog Bed

The EMME Orthopedic Dog Bed is currently on sale for an affordable price. Crafted with polyamide corduroy, this item combines softness with sturdiness to deliver a high-quality bed. The plush faux fur pillow that lines the bed will be enjoyed by Chihuahua’s, as they have delicate skin and bones.

On the base of it, is a layer of non-slip coating to ensure the bed stays in place no matter how much movement occurs on it. 

What I like most about this bed is the half-moon wrap around bolsters that comfort the spine and neck of your pup. The front of the bed is completely open which allows easy exiting. The EMME Orthopedic Dog Bed combines sleek style with practicality.


  • On sale
  • Variety of sizes and colors
  • Orthopedic foam base provides maximum support and relaxation
  • Snuggling feeling provided by the plush fabric 


  • Not machine washable, hand-wash only
  • Not dryer friendly

>> Check Price On Amazon <<

#13 Furrybaby Dog Bed Mat

Don’t be fooled by the mat features of the Furrybaby Dog Bed Mat. This product is padded well to provide all around comfort to your Chihuahua. It is especially designed for dogs who do not enjoy puffy beds, or during those summer months when your pup is desiring a cooler place to lay.

The 3-cm cotton padding soothes sore joints, allowing for a more restful slumber. 

This bed is ideal for dogs who love to sleep on the couch or beds, but who have owners who don’t want to have dog hair on their furniture. Additionally, this bed is perfect for car rides or crates. 


  • Super affordable
  • Machine washable
  • Very soft
  • Ranges in sizes from XS-XL
  • Shed resistant 


  • Not chew or tear resistant
  • Not super puffy

>> Check Price On Amazon <<


#14 AmazonBasics Cuddler Pet Bed

This rectangular shaped bed offers support, comfort, and style in a small package. The inside pillow is removable which makes cleaning easy. And, the dip in the front of the bed allows for easy exit and enter by small legged Chihuahuas.

While the fabric is buttery soft, it is also very durable. The color and design options are amazing, ranging from pink polka dots to floral paisley print.

What is great about this bed is owners can order a specific color and size – there are no limitations. And, if for some reason you or your pet are not satisfied with this item, Amazon offers a 1-year warranty.  


  • Affordable
  • Available in sizes S-XL (I recommend small or medium for Chihuahuas)
  • Funky colors
  • Super soft
  • 1-year warranty means confident buying 


  • Not machine washable
  • Not tear resistant

>> Check Price On Amazon <<


#15 Hollypet Crystal Cave

Crafted with self-warming fabric, this pet bed is perfect for dogs who sleep by themselves. The warm fabric helps promote a long, healthy sleep. The idea of this bed is to act like a house and couch – your Chihuahua can experience the safety of the exterior and the cushiony interior like a couch.

What is great about this product is the cushion mat inside is removable and washable, in the incident your dog has an accident.

Hollypet advises a wash every 2 weeks to keep it fresh and in good shape. The base of the bed is waterproof so no matter where it is sitting, the base will stay dry. 


  • Affordable
  • Self-warming fabric
  • Available in a variety of colors and sizes
  • Soft and durable 


  • Arrives folded so there is a wait time to have it inflate
  • Not easy to spot clean

>> Check Price On Amazon <<


Did You Find a Dog Bed for Your Chihuahua Today?

After reviewing all of these amazing dog beds, the winner is the Majestic Pet Suede Dog BedIt is a clear winner because of the thick memory foam that offers a new level of support to your dog, it is water-resistant, has a 1-year warranty, and is affordable. This is an all-in-one bed and perfect for a Chihuahua. That being said, all of the beds discussed today are great options. 

I hope that your search for the perfect one was made a little easier. It can be overwhelming stepping into a pet store, so the goal of this was to make your trip enjoyable and more informed.

Please let me know in the comments what bed you like best and what one you end up purchasing! Happy shopping.


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