32 Dog Beds Made From Barrels

What do Diogenes, Huckleberry Finn and Copper from The Fox and the Hound all have in common?

They all lived in barrels at some point! Your dog probably has the most in common with Copper.

Some people have made dog beds from barrels. Let’s look at a few.


Top 32 Dog Beds Made From Barrels


From: BobVila.com

#1 Work With A Wine Barrel

The legendary Bob Vila advises you on how to convert this wine barrel into a handsome dog bed.


Little Fluffy Ears here seems to like the made in England pillow.


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From: HomeCrux.com

#2 Good Morning to You!

This little Corgi looks happy and excited to start the day!

This bed looks like it was raised up a bit to keep it out of drafts. Just like that barrel is out of drafts! 


From: Medium.com

#3 Time for Night Night!

This Beagle, on the other hand, wishes the paparazzi would just go away so he can take a nap in peace.


Perhaps he’s more like Diogenes the Cynic. (Incidentally, “cynic” is Latin for “like a dog”.)


From: GoodsHomeDesign.com

#4 A Dog’s Bed is his Castle

This bed looks a lot like the battlements on the turret of a castle.


The old oak finish adds to the old fashioned rustic look, harking back to a time when dogs gathered in feasting halls to eat the bones tossed aside by the king’s retinue.


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From: GoodsHomeDesign.com

#5 Ich wurd germacht in Deutshland!

Beer is considered a serious thing in Germany. So is recycling.

So is dog ownership. (Yes, what isn’t treated seriously in Germany?)


All three right here!

These two Schnauzers look serious but their little house has a fun paw print.


From: GoodsHomeDesign.com

#6 A House Inside a House

Some dogs like something cozy and enclosed to sleep in. This bed looks a lot like those old fashioned root beer barrel candies.


Only this one has a little doggie in the center. 


From: GoodsHomeDesign.com

#7 How Plush is Too Plush?

Could anything be furrier and fluffier than a toy poodle on a velvet blanket?


A sawed off barrel creates a little round bed to keep Fifi’s blanket in. 


From: PotomacPointWinery.com

#8 Barrel Stave Dog Bed

Potomac Point Vineyard and Winery has used their barrel staves to make a bed and feeding station for a dog.


The dog didn’t want to be photographed, so this stuffed friend had to do it.


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#9 How to Make Pet Bed Out of Whiskey Barrel Planter

ImaJawNation shows you step by step how to make a dog bed out of a whiskey barrel planter like the kind sold at Lowes or Home Depot.


You can stain it to match your furniture. 


From: DiyJoy.com

#10 The Meaning of a Barrel

In many cartoons, poverty is symbolized by showing someone wearing a barrel.


Ironically, in dream interpretation a barrel symbolizes prosperity, provided the barrel is full. What’s more prosperous than a cute little doggie? 


From: DiyJoy.com

#11 Rustic Pet House Made From A Wine Barrel

Some dogs like a private little den to get away from it all. Here’s a little dog house made out of a barrel.


Pro tip: If something goes missing, check Fido’s den. He may have thought it was his. 


From: AtticMag.com

#12 It Can Also Be Used as a Shelf

This barrel was the erstwhile property of the now defunct R. H. Phillips winery.


Now, it serves as a canopied dog bed. Said canopy is a handy place to put dogs and potted plants. 


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From: StyleMotivation.com

#13 So Much Scottish Pride In One Picture

In the spirit of Scotch frugality, we have not only plaid but two acts of conservation of materials.


Not only is a wine barrel reused, but the leftover material for the cushioning was used to make a stuffed bone for Fido. I wonder if the barrel held Scotch?


From: SawDustGirl.com

#14 Love those Plaids!

Strictly speaking, the fabric for this pillow is closer to a madras pattern originating in India than the traditional Scottish tartan.


The interior looks a little weather beaten. Perhaps held Burgundy at some point. 


From: FamilyHandyMan.com

#15 Looking for the Honest Dog

Patch here will find one before he finds an honest man!

All that was needed to make this dog bed was a jigsaw and a blanket or two.


That’s more than Diogenes had!


From: AbdurRahim.info

#16 Rock A Bye Puppy

This yellow lab is a bit big to be called a puppy, but they’re all babies at heart!


A barrel was repurposed to make a cradle style bed for someone’s fur baby. 


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From: AbdurRahim.info

#17 That Ain’t no Matter

At the end of Mark Twain’s The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, Tom’s friend Huck decides he just can stand “civilized” living with the Widow Douglas and goes off to live in an old barrel by the tannery.


This dog gets the best of both worlds. 


From: AbdurRahim.info

#18 A Furry Little Throne

This cute little French bulldog just needs some alone time.


A wine barrel lined with a furry textured material makes a cozy place for Fidèle.


From: AbdurRahim.info

#19 The Rustic Russel

This little Jack Russel terrier likes his little donut bed with the multicolored stripes.


The repurposed, weathered old barrel the bed is in adds a rustic look. 


From: AbdurRahim.info

#20 You Mind? I’m Trying to Sleep!

This Springer Spaniel just wants to be left alone to finish his nap!


A big pillow inside what was once a barrel is sure to bring pleasant dreams of chasing the game.


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From: AbdurRahim.info

#21 Living the Pug Life

This cute little pug feels secure in his bed ringed by two steel staves and several planks of oak.


He keeps his bed near the fireplace, sure to be toasty warm at night. 


From: AbdurRahim.info

#22 More Fun Than A Barrel of Pugs

A lot in a little. That’s how you describe a pug! They’re a lot of personality in a little dog.


At one time “pug” was a word used for a monkey so its fitting one uses a barrel as a bed. 


From: AbdurRahim.info

#23 Who Let the People In?

This sweet little terrier is a bit perplexed that anyone would want to see where she sleeps.


The saying “bottom of the barrel” usually means the worst, but it’s the best in this case! 


From: AbdurRahim.info

#24 A Lot of Bull…Pitbull!

Pitbulls have a bad reputation that they don’t really deserve.

They’re just big sweeties if you let them be.


This one has a bed made out of an old barrel.


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From: AbdurRahim.info

#25 See You Later Alligator!

The pillow in this bed looks like alligator leather, perhaps faux alligator. (Touching it is the only way to tell the difference.)


It goes great with that polished oak!


From: AbdurRahim.info

#26 Another Pitbull

This pitbull has a little house that used to be a barrel. It’s on a stand to keep it from rolling away.


That’s no way to make a mobile home!


From: AbdurRahim.info

#27 Black and Blue and So Very Sweet

Black dogs don’t get adopted often because people think they’re scary looking.

Look at this. Is this scary? Clearly not.


The periwinkle blue plush she’s laying on makes her look even less terrifying. 


From: AbdurRahim.info

#28 Looks Like a Chocolate Dipped Strawberry


The contrast of pink and dark brown in this picture brings to mind chocolate covered strawberries.


Unfortunately, this is the only kind of chocolate a dog can have.


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From: AbdurRahim.info

#29 Into the Great Wide Open

Sometimes Fido just wants to lay out in the warm sunshine.


The owner took Fido’s bed out here on the lawn so he can. And we get to see it in natural lighting. 


From: FamilyHandyMan.com

#30 A Husky Home for a Husky Dog

Huskies are hardy dogs who like to sleep cool so a barrel is a perfect home for one.


This one looks like he’s trying to smell something.


From: DiyCraftSY.com

#31 Why May Not Imagination Trace The Noble Dust Of Alexander Till He Finds It Stopping A Bunghole?

That line is from Shakespeare’s Hamlet. Yes, a bunghole is a real thing! It’s a hole in the side of a barrel.


Hamlet was moping over how even the most respected persons can come to an ignoble end. 


#32 DIY Wine Barrel Dog Bed

Mallory Jane shows you how to do it!

He would like to remind you that when you are refurbishing a barrel to make a dog bed you should spray the inside with a clear sealant so it doesn’t smell like wine or whatever was in the barrel. 


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Which Barrel Dog Beds You Liked Most?

Disney’s The Fox and the Hound features an Irish wolfhound named Chief and a Bloodhound pup named Copper who use old barrels as beds.

The last scene of the film is a now grown Copper laying in his barrel and remembering his childhood friend.


Which of these beds did you like best? Which have you tried?

Please feel free to respond in the comments below and share this article if you liked it. 

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